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  1. Alaska doesn't have sales tax some cities do have a local tax no state tax here either I have traded gold in the past for items so where you buy some things tax makes a difference when we bought our motorhome in Arizona the tax was over 10,000 dollars
  2. currently +18 snowing heavily with 36 inches on the ground with 12 more expected in Wasilla Alaska its been a real cold winter its been in the -40s in Fairbanks area all month hasn't gotten up to freezing for more than 90 days every one take care doug
  3. we are leaving Alaska heading south to Nevada and Arizona for two months do we need to watch out for snakes and creepy crawlers leaving Wednesday thanks doug
  4. merry Christmas to all from alaska
  5. up here in Alaska starting Sunday the bottom is going to fall out of the thermometer the forecast is up to -55 I hope the cold don't get down there
  6. merry Christmas everyone from Wasilla alaska
  7. thanks for sharing you have more snow than we do in Wasilla Alaska although its -8 below zero thanks doug
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