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  1. a few more photos in the first photo the ground was so good you could pick out nuggets in the bank, second photo is the first trommel we built, third and forth photo is the larger trommel , feed hopper, and stacker conveyor we built thanks doug
  2. bag balm you can get it in Walmart pharmacy it cures my dry hand cracks while mining doug
  3. I believe the stamp means its platted
  4. more ice june second and third photos are elevated sluices from the early 1930s in the head waters of mastodon creek had to take 4 wheelers to get there thanks doug
  5. It all started about 40 years ago i got bit by the gold bug in Colorado then we moved to Alaska in 92 bought a little 2 1/2 inch dredge found gold in reserection creek so bought a new 4 inch from Steve Herschbach at mining and diving . Attended a couple of outings down at crow creek with Steve Herschbach doing detector classes wife and i were hooked . Was able to buy 5 mining claims on silvertip creek dredged there for several years bought a 6 inch dredge from mining and diving we did ok there but i always wanted to try dredging up north Fairbanks area i saw a claim on eBay up near central but
  6. Since we are all bottled up inside staying out of the cold maybe this will warm up our insides for the winter. thanks Doug
  7. looks like there was a vein that it come out of and the host rock was broken off of it just my opinion doug
  8. i had a camel we tried using it for dredge clean ups about one half of the gold went out the back this was about 15 years ago they might of change things but i got rid of mine now i use a gold cube which i am very happy with i do clean ups coming out of our trommel that we run 40 yards an hour
  9. Alaska doesn't have sales tax some cities do have a local tax no state tax here either I have traded gold in the past for items so where you buy some things tax makes a difference when we bought our motorhome in Arizona the tax was over 10,000 dollars
  10. currently +18 snowing heavily with 36 inches on the ground with 12 more expected in Wasilla Alaska its been a real cold winter its been in the -40s in Fairbanks area all month hasn't gotten up to freezing for more than 90 days every one take care doug
  11. we are leaving Alaska heading south to Nevada and Arizona for two months do we need to watch out for snakes and creepy crawlers leaving Wednesday thanks doug
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