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  1. Its always nice to fire up we got froze out about 45 days ago wish our season was longer thanks for the nice stories thanks doug
  2. the top photo almost looks like a old cap gun a kids toy?
  3. take 2 pieces of number nine copper wire 2 ft long bend them in an L and walk you will witch them it will find them down 10 ft it truly works thanks doug
  4. our summer turned ok so so took 3 weeks of digging ice so we could get in up to 15 feet thick the cut we stripped last fall was good pay for about 100 ft then nothing we reclaimed it then started a new cut that was pretty hot for a while about 2oz per hundred yards we are on a bench the gravel keeps going into the bank but there is 14ft of frozen muck over it ooh well next year you can see the frozen muck in the photos then it started to rain aug 7th it rained for 30 days then turned cold sept 7 nite time 15 day time 35 starter went out on the big excavator while stripping for next year sept 24th snow 6 inches so we left and came home went back up to put the starter in sept 25th 20 degrees 20 mph winds the creeks were freezing up had to bust overflow to get in with the wheeler put every thing away home safely . take care Doug
  5. we have a 15hp gas motor belt driven to chains and sprockets for gear reduction the trommel barrel has 3/8 bolts 3inch apart sticking out 1 inch the chain is an ag chain with 3 inch centers so the pitch is right it took a little bit to get the pitch right ended putting a 1/8 inch spacer around the barrel . we use to use 5/16 bolts for the drive they would only last maybe one season the 3/8 bolts helped we run it about 16 revaluations per min the gas engine runs about 1/4 throttle the engine uses about 3 gallons of gas a day its a be engine from aih 15 hp its ran 7 years so far with out a problem the trommel barrel is a propane tank 42 inch in diameter 16 feet long the barrel is some times about 1/4 full of rock it still turns fine 24 inch wide sluice 11 feet long we run about 35 yards an hour
  6. Chicken has some pay to mine that is fair ground right in chicken once there you might be able to talk to miners and find some ground petersville has a rec area the road into there is not so good if its wet north of Fairbanks is real remote with frozen ground most places around mile 57 of the steese highway there is open ground right along the road I've talked to people that have dredged there and done fairly well at mile 67 there is a abandoned state gravel pit area its like 200 acres people do pretty good there its open to the public its along the river just remember that Alaska is big things are far away with few people from Fairbanks north bound when you leave fox at mile 10 of the steese highway the next gas is at central mile 132 up the haul road north bound from fox the next gas is at the yukon river bridge about 200 miles
  7. there is some claims for sale on this site in mining claims for sale
  8. Our bed rock is garnet schist its like a clay the gold does not go into it we take about a foot of it we have run tests with only bed rock there is nothing in it lower on the creek they have a quartzite bed rock there's is real blocky they take about 8 feet of it to get most of the gold we have a real mineralized layer that is real hot when we find it when we do a cross cut we see old old creek channels in the cut the old channels are gold free meaning the gold was put in before the old channels came into play we have found a few old fossilized bones but no tusks yet that would be a real trophy hoping that it melts the snow and ice soon I'm so ready to get up there we are almost to eagle summit take care doug
  9. lets all hope for a good season with good gold prices and lower fuel prices
  10. We have from 1 foot to 4 feet of muck then we hit gravel top of gravel to bed rock is about 8 feet some times more hardly any big rock in the gravel . The big rock has been pushed up to the top due to the frost with the freeze thaw most of our gravel is thawed if we strip off the muck in the fall the blue berry bushes will have solid ice under them I don't even know how they can grow we always hit flowing water when we get close to bed rock
  11. Don't come to early its been being -10 in the mornings up into the teens in the afternoon with 2 feet of snow still on the ground in Wasilla Alaska thanks doug
  12. In Alaska they still wont let you through Canada for leisure only essential don't think they will let you through with vaccine shot you can go to Seattle and ship your vehicle up tote is running a special right now ship on Wednesday or Thursday car in anchorage Monday or Tuesday they are suppose to look at the travel restrictions to go through Canada on the 24th of march i hope they will change it we would like to go to the lower 48 come fall for a trip thanks doug
  13. a few more photos in the first photo the ground was so good you could pick out nuggets in the bank, second photo is the first trommel we built, third and forth photo is the larger trommel , feed hopper, and stacker conveyor we built thanks doug
  14. bag balm you can get it in Walmart pharmacy it cures my dry hand cracks while mining doug
  15. more ice june second and third photos are elevated sluices from the early 1930s in the head waters of mastodon creek had to take 4 wheelers to get there thanks doug
  16. It all started about 40 years ago i got bit by the gold bug in Colorado then we moved to Alaska in 92 bought a little 2 1/2 inch dredge found gold in reserection creek so bought a new 4 inch from Steve Herschbach at mining and diving . Attended a couple of outings down at crow creek with Steve Herschbach doing detector classes wife and i were hooked . Was able to buy 5 mining claims on silvertip creek dredged there for several years bought a 6 inch dredge from mining and diving we did ok there but i always wanted to try dredging up north Fairbanks area i saw a claim on eBay up near central but it was pulled of eBay after i bid the owner emailed me asking if i would be interested in the four claims above i said yes his family was just trying to get rid of them due to hard times. Well the dredging was terrible because the creek was froze after a couple of feet. So i bought a small excavator built a small trommel got a plan of operation started digging dirt the trommel maybe would run 5 yards an hour but i was in good gold so we built a larger trommel out of a huge propane tank also built a feed hopper with a conveyor this plant will run about 35 yards an hour at but at this time we still had day jobs i worked for the Alaska railroad but 2 years ago i retired from the rr after 27 years. well last year with the virus we went up early mid may spent 3 months up there we are 100 miles north east of fairbanks no cellphone no internet gods country so i mined wife made quilts ,hunted Cariboo ,met some locals but the gold was good first photo june 28 2017 still ice in creek bottom second photo boss searching for heart shaped rocks third photo and forth is stripped for this coming season what is truly amazing about this valley the gold is just on the left side of the valley thanks doug
  17. Since we are all bottled up inside staying out of the cold maybe this will warm up our insides for the winter. thanks Doug
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