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  1. Thank you rick for answering because I don't always know all the answers from a commercial point of view...
  2. Yes, we take into account all the messages and we modify. We lengthened the lower shaft a few inches.
  3. She may only be waiting for one thing is that we put gold on her fingers !
  4. How much do scuba drysuit cost in the USA? What is the best quality / price ratio?
  5. Yes, but you have to count the time for the nap! It is not good to return to the humidity right away
  6. Whoever does 10 hours a day does not detect in water, because 10 hours in water you end up like a pudding. So if you are not in the water you can have 4 small 18650 cells on you to interchange. It is true that you will not be able to make several days with a set of 4 cells 18650. But I do not find that annoying. It must be recharge at each cession. 😉 Batteries recharge in less than 2 hours during the lunch (1 hour 30) I speak about the final version.
  7. The searchcoil have a good buoyancy point, even if it is very light 230grs without the coil cover, 60grs more with the coil cover. It must imagine that the mechanical parts around are heavy enough to bring the searchcoil towardsgood buoyancy point. (example the searchcoil coil cable)
  8. The loss of sensitivity will be limited compared to the 12 '' on larger gold targets. It will consume slightly more than the 12 '' with all the advantages ... 15% more consumption. I think he will make you happy.
  9. These wire mesh are very special. I have never met one on our European beaches. If they are closed in the form of rings, I think you would not be able to discriminate them with impulse AQ. It's the same with a VLF or BBS, it detects iron buckles or horseshoes ...
  10. The Jag never digs ferrous... But there will always be some weird finds that will be dug. But its ratio is low. I have seen it dozens of times, if not hundreds of times in the beach with him. I can't seem to reach his ratio. It is a matter of self-confidence. We have to convince ourselves that we are doing better than a VLF or BBS would do with our ears. I saw hundreds of gold rings not detected by VLF and BBS due to their shape their carat placed on the sand surface. When we have seen this it is also difficult to trust them. Certainly we do not dig any more iron but
  11. Indeed on beach 2, you should not be far from the gold rings! Personally I will have switched directly to All metal and made the sorting by ear after finding this lead
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