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  1. Hello, a video today fore you, look the speed of swing Now you can change the headphone if you want 2'' more on the US nickel and obtain a better audio volume response
  2. I found this video on YouTube First "error", you sweep the target below the searchcoil without ever leaving it, the ATS therefore takes over and the detector ends up absorbing the small variations in the target. (recalibrating) Second "error", we don't ear the audio threshold so we can not ear the small target variations. The audio threshold must adapt to the listener, here it is the camera, we must hear the audio threshold through the video recording. Of course if you put it on your ears it will be too strong it will have to be reduced for adapt to the ears. Always a faint hum. Third "error" it is necessary to adapt to the standard sweeping speed of approximately one meter per second. So you have to go back and forth below the searchcoil (while leaving the detection zone of 1 meter per second).
  3. Unlike VLF or multifrequency which decides for the user what is good or not and loses a lot of sensitivity. The analog PI transcribes all electrical variations into an audio signal. You decide, not the machine ! All of the following conditions will lead to loss of sensitivity if they are not respected: - Audio Threshold too high: masks the small target variations so deep variations. - Headphones with low gain on the piezo or speaker: performance may be reduced by 15 cm on the US nickel. The audio gain directly becomes the detector gain. - Too strong EMI, in general they are linked to human activity, can mask small variations and cause the detector to lose 50% of its sensitivity. - A sensitivity that is too high depending on the search areas can generate a lot of EMI and you fall back on the case of appearing explained previously.
  4. There is a buck boost, the power supply is maintained continuously at 15V, if the battery is at 16.8V it lowers to 15V and if the battery is at 12V it increases to 15V. Thus there is no loss of sensitivity over time. You have the same performance until the complete discharge of the battery pack. The detector is not designed to be used near residences, yes it is an EMI problem and you will not be able to cancel it near residences. Too high sensitivity is the enemy in this case as your target signal will be hidden by EMI In my laboratory it's different I canceled a very large number of noises generated by household electrical appliances. But I admit that for me it behaves 5 times better than a VLF at the same place. If you used a VLF under the same conditions at 100% sensitivity it would be even worse I guess. The offset frequencies cover 50hz and 60hz but there is no miracle for all sensors around electrical devices. (motor, fridge, freezer, neon tubes, neon lamp, leds, various electric dimmer etc...) It's a wet sand beach design only.
  5. Hello Joe, Sorry I thought you solved your problem. Can you give me your address, I will ask the after sales service to contact you ? Regards Alexandre
  6. I'm no more informed than you, I'm on vacation but I saw it on facebook https://www.facebook.com/myers.printing/posts/10226545879494119
  7. Hello Joe, Yes that is what I am trying to get for you, as the mechanical changes will take time. (fews weeks minimum)
  8. Hello, I am sending them an email on the subject now. Sorry I work from my laboratory in France. I am not there inside the factory. They said they were dealing with the situation, which was not done. The problem has been identified and will be resolved for the future. While waiting for a final resolution I will ask them to send you a new one lower rod unmodified. Alexandre
  9. Great finds! well done Thank you for your detailed report. Here are the purchase prices in Europe (net) With the currency conversion this is 1837 USD, it's not bad! In any case it is more than the price of the AQ limited and that just only one month!
  10. Yes there is an importer in Europe who takes care of this. It is he who will manage the exchanges and guarantees. It is located in eastern Europe.
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