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  1. You can't say yes it works or not it doesn't work for all PIs, it's very complex. It depends on many parameters of the PI detector, here is a small exhaustive list: - Number of PPS - Coil size - Pulse delay - Recovery speed (Internal integration) - Power (Eddy curent inside target When all the parameters are good, it becomes very easy to recognize them even at 95% of the maximum detection depth. For example with audio sampling that follows the 10,000 PPS of the coil, it even becomes easy to recognize the pulltab of the gold ring of the same conductivity. Those who hav
  2. Because we want to guarantee waterproofness, and apart from the SOURIAU brand, I don't see any other serious diving connector on the market with physics parameters that perform! https://usa.souriau.com/en-en/products/connectors
  3. Platinum, palladium, rhodium, are very low conductors, they will always be accepted in tone mode. In tone mode, you have always a limit 24K < 10 grs 22K < 15 grs 18K < 30 grs It all depends on whether you overdo the rejection setting.
  4. It is well known, the longer it is the better it is .... There hasn't been a Marketing launch yet, the day it happens, at that point you can really talk about the hype ... I would try to do my best. I suggest you go see the last video of our friend Joe with the iron on the surface and the ring detected without problem 17 '' below. We can shout to whoever wants to hear it "Vive equinox" (long live equinox in English), until proven otherwise this one is incapable of having such results. This is called iron masking. Steve had announced the resale of his Impulse for the ne
  5. Joe may be near you ... If you are lucky enough to have a regular prospector wityh a Impulse, take advantage of it. Otherwise you risk doing a PI test like you would a VLF test. That is to say without having the right sweep, understanding the right settings, and recognize the audio responses of targets.
  6. If you want comparison videos don't worry we have created them during many years. We will publish as and when the Impulse AQ is released, it is too early to embark on a comparisons war. I haven't really done any marketing until today, the enthusiasts and experts at the beach came very quickly and did their own tests, there are many topics on this forum. Steeve handled this very well, he created threads with reminders and knowledge databases. The detector has evolved well but not yet produce in the final version. A lot of people were skeptical before the first tests started, an
  7. It's nice for the offer but the testing phases are over, we have all the testers we need, in Europe and the USA. I often hear about the Tarssacci, but as already described, it is incomparable because the Impulse AQ in its basic version achieves a simple to double the performances in depth on gold jewelry compared to these detectors ....
  8. Because a marketing person will never say they don't know, even if they don't know It shouldn't have happened, it's on her own initiative.
  9. It's simple, because a Marketing person will never say they don't know, even if they don't know.
  10. Impulse AQ limited sells at almost factory cost. Numerous mechanical modifications were made to the new model, more injection molds. The 18650 li-ion batteries are in the upper shaft, all at a cost upgrade. And many of the things that I can't name yet The new design is beautiful. (for me) I repeat the price for the new version has not been decided nor considered yet.
  11. Yes that's what we all want, but it's hard to get or manufacture a new lamborghini car for the price of a new ford car.
  12. There isn't just one company profile, let's look at the jewelry world. You can find companies that make a lot of low cost gold rings, but you can also find companies that make high quality and expensive jewelry in weak quantity. But for all that, the turnover is higher at CARTIER in Paris than in the WALMART jewelry stores. Here Cartier USD 45 000
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