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  1. Ghosttown Books are SOLD 12/3/18
  2. The 2 large hardcover "ghost town" books are sold pending pmt. 11/29/18.
  3. dirtman

    Dumb Question

    Not really 1 of your better ideas Brian ! 🙈🙉🙊 💩💩💩
  4. If you see something you can use, or are interested in the WHOLE lot message me here , we'll work something out. 😎
  5. dirtman

    Quick Late Arvo 2 Hour Detect

    Beautiful scenery and great beeping ! I especially like your scoop ! I have several worn down to a straight edge it reminded me of ! Hapy Huntn.
  6. I suspected I was correct in my answer. One thing I would like to pass on to the general public viewing here, I am a 13 year resident of Arizona, I have had a couple of business dealings with Jim M. over the years and would like to convey my experiences/opinions "Jim is a man of his word". And in todays world, that's a Top Notch Reference ! Hapy Huntn All. Frank C. aka "Dirtman" aka "Ol Yeller"
  7. dirtman

    Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    W0W, YA mean their even stealing book rights and pasting em on youtube ! wat a freakin world.
  8. dirtman

    Finds Pouch

    nail bag prolly.
  9. Got out for a couple hours yesterday morning. An old haunt that gives 1 up here an there. Some fresh erosion from the last couple rains gave up a 2/10ths grammer with the ML 4500 and 13x17 Evo at a few inches of depth. Check the O out in Evo ! Still swinging lookin fer that "retirement" nugget. Hapy Huntn.
  10. Congrats Good Stuff ! Hapy Huntn.
  11. dirtman

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    Can you post a pic of the cover of the 8th I have a bunch of his books I'll look thru em inside covers for 8th edition.
  12. dirtman

    Goldmaster 24K

    I have some meteorites an nugs to test it on.
  13. dirtman

    Goldmaster 24K

    Let me know when you get it I would like to see it first hand.
  14. Possibly tboykin may be able to find out if there is going to be a "Christmas" Special that will include the 24K ?? Inquiring minds want to know. Hapy Huntn Dirtman