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  1. dirtman

    Smallest Bits Detected.....???

    All that GMT gold was with the factory stock elliptical not a smaller round. Supertuning the GMT is and was it was all about. Once you learned that nuggets rolled in, many larger ones also.
  2. dirtman

    Smallest Bits Detected.....???

    Whites GMT, Many Years before the Monster was even a dream in a designers mind !
  3. Ghosttown Books are SOLD 12/3/18
  4. The 2 large hardcover "ghost town" books are sold pending pmt. 11/29/18.
  5. dirtman

    Dumb Question

    Not really 1 of your better ideas Brian ! 🙈🙉🙊 💩💩💩
  6. If you see something you can use, or are interested in the WHOLE lot message me here , we'll work something out. 😎
  7. dirtman

    Quick Late Arvo 2 Hour Detect

    Beautiful scenery and great beeping ! I especially like your scoop ! I have several worn down to a straight edge it reminded me of ! Hapy Huntn.
  8. I suspected I was correct in my answer. One thing I would like to pass on to the general public viewing here, I am a 13 year resident of Arizona, I have had a couple of business dealings with Jim M. over the years and would like to convey my experiences/opinions "Jim is a man of his word". And in todays world, that's a Top Notch Reference ! Hapy Huntn All. Frank C. aka "Dirtman" aka "Ol Yeller"
  9. dirtman

    Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    W0W, YA mean their even stealing book rights and pasting em on youtube ! wat a freakin world.
  10. dirtman

    Finds Pouch

    nail bag prolly.
  11. Got out for a couple hours yesterday morning. An old haunt that gives 1 up here an there. Some fresh erosion from the last couple rains gave up a 2/10ths grammer with the ML 4500 and 13x17 Evo at a few inches of depth. Check the O out in Evo ! Still swinging lookin fer that "retirement" nugget. Hapy Huntn.
  12. Congrats Good Stuff ! Hapy Huntn.
  13. dirtman

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    Can you post a pic of the cover of the 8th I have a bunch of his books I'll look thru em inside covers for 8th edition.
  14. dirtman

    Goldmaster 24K

    I have some meteorites an nugs to test it on.