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  1. Thank You, and where to get a meter like the one pictured ?
  2. The cylander loaded with 6 batts , in the picture with the green box lid,...………. looks like a speed loader for a wheel gun. ! 😁 WHERE can I get one like the black box that holds 40 and has the slide lever meter ? I like it !
  3. Yeah them zinc pennies self destruct in no time an disappear completely shortly after that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Happy Turkey Day you Turkeys !
  4. The Vampire Nugget 2011 2.49 Oz. Truly a set of fangs this was ! My good friend 'Bunk" from "Bunk's Arizonas Prospecting" got this photo minutes after I dug it up. I'll say we partied hearty with a steak dinner that night and caused a modern day gold rush at an old worn out area when word spread ! You MUST "BELIEVE" when hunting nuggets ! If you don't "believe" might as well leave it in the closet to gather dust. Hapy Huntn. Frank C.
  5. I would expect no less from a man of your caliber Norm, fantastic rewards for your perseverance. Hapy Huntn.
  6. I have detected many that share the "looks" and magnetic qualities (some weak some strong) of the ones you posted, while at the basin over the last 14 years Sir. I would back up the opinion of "sorry" don't think so by the photos alone. I also say this on the basis of having detected and handled many pounds of the actual space turds. Perserverance and Hapy Huntn Frank C.
  7. GB, can you tell if its plastic or fiberglass composition ?
  8. I'm in N.W. Arizona. You will LOVE the 7x14, I have had mine for many years found LOTS of nuggets and meteorites with it. If yours is "white" its an "SL" NF (Super Lite) I owned 1 of those also and it is great. I sold my SL to my best bud here and its been bringing him plenty of targets too. You can run them wide open with power and get great depth while remaining quiet also. Hapy Huntn , Frank C.
  9. 😎 Got out detecting yesterday for the 1st time in many moons ! Had fantastic weather all day and dug some deep ones. Caught a 149 grammer at the end of the day. Totaled out over 200 grams 5 pieces. Used the 7 x 14 N.F. Advantage on the 4500 with Black Widows. My buddy nailed 4 and 2 nuggets to boot ! Hapy Huntn.
  10. If Mr. Bronson was still around, he's the kind of guy I would be inclined to let handle the situation, for sure. Hate them thieves.
  11. You mentioned NW Az, I have a feeling this is around Dolan Springs an Gold Basin/Meadview area. I look at the local Craigslist frequently, I will keep an eye out and send you a link on your messages here if I see something that may appear an akward sale advertised. Its a very disheartening situation when someone invades your personal property. Good luck with rectifying the situation.
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