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  1. Vegas is hacked they can't even collect parking fees, and slots are hand pay amongst other trouble.
  2. I had the pleasure of being invited to Bob's house one day. Bunk an I stopped to visit, it was a great experience he was a tinkerer as was and am I we talked drywashers construction and local to him mining most the afternoon I enjoyed my visit immensely that day.👍🤠
  3. So what were you using on this latest detecting session in NV. ?
  4. Had me a "Polarized" Ranger XP sxs. It developed some intermittent ⚡ electrical problem. Upset me 1st because I bought a Polaris because they are supposed to be built for Military Reliability standard. 2nd because this ol crow don't do flat tires or Breakdowns 🙄. Therefore next up for a SxS will be a new Honda fer sure ! I'll give one of them a chance to perform flawlessly for me before any other venture in ATV/UTV manufacturers.đŸ‘âšĄđŸŽ¯đŸ§
  5. AKA Dirtman, Ol Yeller, from the ol "Drywashing" days đŸŽ¯ 👍.
  6. You don't remember me I take it. When you 1st came to Arizona I met up with you from the Forums and showed you around Meadview claims. Brought you to yer 1st gold finds in Az I believe with your ML 2300. 👍🌄 Frank C.
  7. Nothing lasts forever, cept the Earth & Sky đŸŽ¯đŸ‘
  8. There's a literal TON of Solid information on there for people that want to learn about prospecting/detecting/and Meteorites. I've been on it since 2004.
  9. Jerry what's yer best approximation of total depth from 1st swinging above the surface and getting a signal ? 🤔
  10. Pairadiceau &1515art Thank you 2 for the comradery & hospitality in getting me behind the controls of a New Garrett Axiom 👍⛏ī¸đŸ¤ đŸ˜Ž. Had the pleasure this weekend of getting a hands on experience to gain an initial opinion on the latest design. Absolutely more time is warranted in my book to spend on the Axiom 🤔👍😁
  11. If u can't fix it with a 🔨 hammer, it must be an electrical problem 👍👍👍đŸ¤Ŗ
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