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  1. BRAVO Steve !!! BUT you forgot the best part of ALL ! MADE IN THE USA. Thanks for the details on the 24K.
  2. GP3500 2nd owner. Nice Clean Machine $1500.00 Call or text Frank 928 303 8474Doc's GoldScreamer battery system with built in amp. 2 batts, DC/ Dual AC Chargersand Control box cover.Doc's Carbon Fiber Upper Rod & Bungy systemStereo Mono Headphones dual volume.11" Minelab DD coil14" Coiltek Mono14" Coiltek DD 1 X-tra lower rodOwners ManualMinelab bag has bad zipper.Original Bill of Sale from Rob's Detectors $3,500.
  3. Steve Thank you for taking the time to respond, appreciate it. Simon, my 1st nuggets were with a GMT. Matter of fact there were 3 1st nuggets 1 right after another that day. Then I proceeded to detect over 60 from the same patch with the Whites. I have to admit I want to try out the 24K, but haven't had the opportunity. Been without a VLF for years , however life has a way of "coming back around" as we age.
  4. Steve, question for you, as I have not had the opportunity to use either the 24K or the new Monster and you have how would you say they compare to each other in terms of small nug and depth capability responses on similiar sized nugs ????????? Inquiring minds want to know .
  5. I agree with Fred, they could be anywhere. Speaking from experience, I discovered a "cold find" while detecting for gold nuggets. A pleasant surprise it was. Existing strewnfields are your best bet to lay your hands on one. However it does no harm to "search" where ever you have the opportunity to do so. Having a small "sample" will increase your chances of identifying one in the field. Perseverance is the key.
  6. Thank You, and where to get a meter like the one pictured ?
  7. The cylander loaded with 6 batts , in the picture with the green box lid,...………. looks like a speed loader for a wheel gun. ! 😁 WHERE can I get one like the black box that holds 40 and has the slide lever meter ? I like it !
  8. Yeah them zinc pennies self destruct in no time an disappear completely shortly after that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Happy Turkey Day you Turkeys !
  9. The Vampire Nugget 2011 2.49 Oz. Truly a set of fangs this was ! My good friend 'Bunk" from "Bunk's Arizonas Prospecting" got this photo minutes after I dug it up. I'll say we partied hearty with a steak dinner that night and caused a modern day gold rush at an old worn out area when word spread ! You MUST "BELIEVE" when hunting nuggets ! If you don't "believe" might as well leave it in the closet to gather dust. Hapy Huntn. Frank C.
  10. I would expect no less from a man of your caliber Norm, fantastic rewards for your perseverance. Hapy Huntn.
  11. I have detected many that share the "looks" and magnetic qualities (some weak some strong) of the ones you posted, while at the basin over the last 14 years Sir. I would back up the opinion of "sorry" don't think so by the photos alone. I also say this on the basis of having detected and handled many pounds of the actual space turds. Perserverance and Hapy Huntn Frank C.
  12. GB, can you tell if its plastic or fiberglass composition ?
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