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  1. The headphones that come with the 600 are cheap throwaways. You will likely want to upgrade to something better. The Trond V4.2 Bluetooth phones work great both wired and wireless. I've had mine for two years. They were about $70 on Amazon. I also have the Trond V5.0 transmitter which allows me use these headphones with all my other detectors and make them wireless as well.
  2. I was asking if Bluetooth needs to be turned on (top button/left side of control pod) in order to use the module. Since the module runs on wifi, I'm guessing it probably doesn't. Thanks to Valens for explaining that. I didn't know that you have to go through the initialization process again when going from the module back to Bluetooth headphones. That explains why I wasn't able to get my headphones to pair the other day.
  3. Does that mean that the Bluetooth transmitter on the detector does not need to be turned on while using the module? If so, good to know.
  4. I tried the counterweight for a few hunts and didn't like the extra weight and extra length it adds to the detector. I can understand how it might make your slop problem worse. From what I've heard, the counterweight works best when combined with the carbon fiber rod.
  5. I actually prefer using the module. To me it has better sound quality than the Bluetooth in the headphones.
  6. I haven't worn a watch since I got my first cell phone almost 20years ago. 🙂 To me, using the strap allows me to have a much lighter grip on the handle. When I need to use both hands, I can let go without worrying about the detector falling on the ground. The strap is also useful for setting the detector on the ground or picking it up.
  7. Most people would say my arms are long and skinny. My forearm where it goes though the arm cuff measures 10 inches around and I don't have any slop at all with the strap pulled tight. Just out of curiosity, what is the circumference of your forearm where it sits in the arm cuff? Do you have the cuff adjusted all the way back on the rod? It might also be the way you swing the detector. If you swing with your arm bent, there will be more side to side movement in the arm cuff than if you swing with your arm straight. A friend of mine insists on swinging with his arm bent and has wo
  8. Mounting the handle on an S-Rod would raise the control pod about 5 inches. All it would take is some drilling and installing a grip if it doesn't already have one. You would then hold the detector by the S part of the rod instead.
  9. I'm using the green Energizer Vision HD + LED headlamp. I got mine at Walmart for $17. You can also find them at Home Depot and lots of other stores as well as Amazon. I like everything about it but mostly I like that is has the red light for night vision. Energizer makes a wide variety of headlamps to choose from. https://www.energizer.com/lighting/headlights#vhdplh I have two of those tactical flashlights. One is rechargeable and the other isn't. They are sold under many names and have subtle differences. I think my rechargeable one is waterproof. They are both very bright but wo
  10. It's most likely a large, very deep piece of metal or hot rock.
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't know how I missed that. I always do a ground balance when starting up the machine. It only takes a few seconds so I figure why not. I don't have much mineralization where I am so the affects of ground balancing on depth is not likely very dramatic. Our beaches are fairly quiet too.
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