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  1. I didn't have time to read everything here but if no one mentioned it, when just starting out, the best way to avoid digging iron is to focus more on the sound than the numbers. Dig only clear, repeatable, 360 degree signals. Walk around the target and if they sound smooth all the way around with no low tones mixed in, it is more than likely non-ferrous. Some large iron might also sound good but the target profile will be large in pinpoint. Most non-ferrous targets like coins will have a small profile. Once you get familiar with the sounds, a lot of iron can easily be avoided. You definitely want to dig the pull rings and lead because they could also be gold or hammered silver.
  2. If that's India, why isn't he speaking English? Traditional languages are generally not used much there. India is said to be the second largest English speaking country.
  3. The stock 11" coil is a throw away IMO. It came on my T2, Gold Bug DP, and F-75 and they all had very poor performance in my test garden compared to aftermarket coils. FT makes some pretty good detectors but they suck at designing coils. The stock 11" has not changed since the original design. The ears are extremely thin and brittle, and snap off very easily if you don't remember to use the special red washers that come with it. That should have been corrected after the first year of production. If I were to buy an F-75 today, I would toss the stock coil and get an SEF. Maybe this new coil will be an improvement.
  4. I think most would agree that the AQ would not be the best choice for coin hunting. You'd be much better off going with a Minelab Equinox. Even if you were set on buying the AQ, it may be years before it is released if ever. They made 100 prototypes over a year ago which are still being offered. Apparently they have not yet decided whether to put a final version into full production or scrap the project. Hence the silence.
  5. It has nothing to do with strain from the magnet. More likely, the cracks happened during the manufacturing process. They might have used a weak formula in the plastic. Then it cracked when it was stamped together. That's my guess.
  6. I wonder if anyone at the event will ask Russ when the new AQ will be available. 🙂
  7. I'll bet Minelab is regretting marketing the Equinox as a water hunting machine. I wonder what percentage have leaked since the beginning. All I had to do was trip and fall once with mine and it broke it open enough that I could see the electronics inside. I imagine that just a slight tweak or bump of the control pod could easily pop the seal enough to make it leak and you would never know it until you enter the water. The Equinox is simply too fragile to be used for water hunting after the warranty is up.
  8. It's funny how TNSS stays within the range of 5-7 and I primarily use just 4 or 8. If the 800 had only two recovery speeds, those would work fine for me. In iron laden sites, I use both. 8 for separation and 4 for depth. Most sites with iron have occasional spaces between the iron where the deeper setting of 4 can pull out targets that 8 can not reach. I generally use Field 2 in iron for good separation or sometimes 20/40 kHz. Gold mode is also worth a try but I usually find that it falses too much on the iron.
  9. On which video was it and at what part is it mentioned? Edit - Found it. The video is "an evening with joe beachnut!!" and the AQ is mentioned at 11:20. It will be interesting to see if what Russ told Jeff is true. What does Jeff mean when he says that when he gets his AQ he'll be giving people the mumbles?
  10. I would not trust anything from Kellyco. If I was in charge at Fisher, I'd be saying publicly that the AQ is expected to be available at such and such a date. Or the AQ project has been delayed or put on hold and give the reason why. Most importantly, I would be honest with my customers.
  11. My gut feeling is that they have scrapped the idea. If anything was in the works, they would be letting the public know about it. I think the rumors of its iron ID capability were mostly hype. It may have excellent depth in all metal but it's not worth $2000. Those who got the Limited got a good deal and an opportunity to try new technology.
  12. I don't know much about electronics but was thinking, maybe you could just connect four of these to the two wires in the detector. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=9V+Battery+Clip+Connector&i=industrial&ref=nb_sb_noss
  13. If I find any, I'll be sure to toss it in the nearest trash.
  14. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.ebay.com/itm/252678175953 Or is that the guy who ripped you off? I see no bad ratings for the seller. $40 + shipping is a bit steep though. Apparently, he sells all kinds of Fisher stuff as well as other brands. https://www.ebay.com/str/dmoutstandingbargainxchange
  15. Lithium batteries don't like to be stored fully charged. Ultimately, they should be kept between 20 and 80% charged if the device is not going to be used for a week or more. Then charge the battery the day that you go detecting. They also should not be discharged until dead. If that happens, put it on the charger as soon as possible but only charge it to two bars, then charge it to full when you want to use the machine.
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