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  1. Are stray voltage and EMI the same thing?
  2. I just switch to a quiet frequency and problem solved.
  3. I might take it. If not, I'm sure somebody will. Thanks for the kind gesture.
  4. Nice looking rings. It's been a while since I've found any gold.
  5. Wow, I can definitely see where some notching would help in that situation. I don't encounter many pull tabs or pull rings so I don't need deal with it much. As a relic hunter and beach hunter, I'm used digging anything non ferrous and never notch any specific targets. When I want discrimination, I just reject everything below 17.
  6. I wouldn't really call that separation. I'd say it has more to do with target ID accuracy. If you want better iron ID, raise the bias. Lowering the setting will improve your non-ferrous signals but in doing so, iron targets might give off more high tones.
  7. That doesn't sound right. Why/how would Iron Bias affect separation? The iron signal hasn't changed in relation to the targets around it. All Iron Bias does is change the tone of some iron by leaning one way or the other in relation to its conductivity. The masking of adjacent targets isn't affected at all. As you raise the IB, iron tones improve while non-ferrous tones get slightly worse. It's a trade off. That's why many keep it set at 0. Iron Bias means that as you raise the setting, the detector is more bias in favor of iron identification.
  8. Why are you interested in aluminum nuances? Are you trying to avoid digging aluminum? That has always been a waste of time to me. If you don't dig the aluminum, you'll miss the gold and many other good targets. Also, those pull tabs could be masking even more good targets. My testing has shown 4 & 5 kHz to favor the high conductors. That could be why low conductors like pull tabs might have more of a sound variance in those frequencies.
  9. I was on the list for months before I eventually withdrew and I haven't gotten a single solicitation from FT.
  10. They said at the very beginning that they wanted input from the users. Where better to get that information than the forums? It would be crazy to not be interested in what people have to say about the product.
  11. From the manual. - "Iron Bias is only available when the operating frequency is Multi."
  12. Is the AQ loud by design, or loud because you have the volume set to be loud? I have very sensitive hearing and can't stand loud audio.
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