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  1. Most detectors will identify a gold ring with a nail sitting on top of it. What they can't do is pick up gold that is a few inches below the nail.
  2. That would have been a good opportunity to show depth potential. I don't understand why he is moving the targets so fast. I would love to know what he is saying.
  3. If you are hunting ocean beaches, you will definitely want the Vanquish over the Simplex because the Vanquish is multi-frequency. The single frequency Simplex will have limited performance at the beach because it won't be able to deal with the salt as well. It will work. It just won't get much depth compared to multi-frequency detectors.
  4. The tribe on F-Troop was the Hekawi. They originally wanted to call them the Fugawi but the the censors wouldn't allow it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F_Troop#The_Hekawi_tribe
  5. Winter is my favorite time to detect here in coastal NH. Open ground freezes solid but the woods are always diggable. Two or three inches of snow really helps when gridding an area. I dug a colonial copper and large cent just last week. When the snow gets too deep, we hit the beaches. I have Reynaud's but can usually get by with ski mittens. I have to take one off to push buttons or pick up a find but that doesn't take long. I use handwarmers sometimes if it's well below freezing. The best way to stay warm is wear lots of layers and a good winter hat. For extreme cold, I add a fleece neck warmer. A lot of heat escapes through your neck.
  6. It's working for me. https://www.detecting.com/ It's funny that is the first time I've ever had any reason to visit the BH site.
  7. The photo is from Google Maps. https://rb.gy/038sso A few of the photos show cars in the parking lot. They all say "Image capture Jan 2018", except for the 360 street view at the bottom which says April 2021 and shows well over 100 cars in the lot.
  8. Sharp looking coil. Reminds me of the old White's Bigfoot. Looking forward to your review.
  9. The only reason I check this forum is for the suspense. Will the company go down in flames? What poor decisions will they make next? They waited too long to come out with new detectors. They had their chance 15 years ago and blew it. I don't see how they will ever catch up at this point. The Fisher company was built by detectorists. First Texas was built by greed.
  10. Don't believe anything that Smellyco tells you. They will do anything to hook you in. Their sales people must be working on commission. They outright lied to me enough times that I finally said never again. There are lots of good honest detector stores out there that will give you just as good a deal. You know you're at the right place when the store owner answers the phone.
  11. I had SEF coils on both my T2 and F-75 and was amazed at the difference in performance over the stock coils.
  12. They also need a whole new line of better coils. I was happy with the Fisher concentric coils back in the old days but the Fisher/Teknetics DD coils have been poor performers from the start. .
  13. I'm a big fan of wireless. That would be a major selling point for me. I would do away with integrated speakers. The speaker should be an accessory that you clip on and plug in. Plus, speakers should always face the user. Not point away like so many do today.
  14. The place where the CZs really shined was in the salt environment. I'm still using the CZ-20 I bought in 1998 and love how it performs. It is every bit as deep as my Equinox if not deeper. The electronics rival anything on the market today. It just needs to be redesigned into a beach detector. Make it lightweight, ergonomic, and affordable. No screen. No speaker. Just multi-tone ID and pinpoint is all it needs, with the main focus on performance. That is a detector I would buy and use. They should completely discontinue all the present Fisher models and replace them with a new line of CZs to fit every niche and price range. Some models could be digital and others simple and affordable, while never skimping on performance. At the very least, there should be a CZ line of beach detectors. Design the AQ as a super deep, all-metal pulse machine and leave out the discrimination BS. The market is wide open for a high-performance, easy to use pulse detector. The problem with FT might very well be that none of the decision makers are into metal detecting. They are just business men/women selling product. They have a vague idea of what metal detectors do but they don't waste much time thinking about it. All they see are numbers. If playing golf on the weekends is more important than going metal detecting, the company is going to suffer on some level.
  15. The F-19 was a great machine. I liked the look of the coil and the camo. It's the only one in the line I would consider buying. The price was a bit steep though compared to what's available today.
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