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  1. I epoxied my ears back and added a Detecting Adventure coil support and have had no problems since. https://www.amazon.com/Detecting-Adventure-Support-Minelab-Detector/dp/B0B7K9VXFN?th=1
  2. Looking through the manual (assuming there is only one), there is no mention of volume adjustment. http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/manuals/MPPFXP-FPulse.pdf High Sensitivity may appear to sound louder but that's only because the signal is more intense.
  3. My F-Pulse doesn't have any volume adjustment although sometimes I wish it did. Mine is plenty loud enough to hear while wearing headphones and can be heard over 100 feet away without headphones in quiet conditions. I can feel the vibration through thick gloves pretty well.
  4. If the Impulse Gold can perform on the wet sand as well as the AQ, that sounds perfect. That's what I wanted all along. Waterproofing just adds to the cost and complicates production. Making the AQ LTD waterproof is part of the reason why the project failed. The decision to include waterproof headphones that many beach hunters will not want or need was also a mistake. The main thing they should be focusing on is the cutting edge performance as well as making the unit lightweight, easy to use, and affordable. But, if the Impulse Gold cannot equal or surpass the AQ in the wet salt sand, I don't want it.
  5. Only for wading? Would it not work well on the wet sand or do you mean that it can't be submerged? I don't need it to be waterproof. I'm not a water hunter. There's no need to get wet with 10 foot tides.
  6. How would the Impulse Gold differ from the LTD for detecting wet salt sand at the beach?
  7. The coil ears in Steves photo look identical to the F-75 ears. My F-75 came with a note from Fisher saying that the ears may break if their special red washers are not used. I ignored the warning and one of my ears broke soon after. That was about eight years ago and they are still making coils with the same thin flimsy ears. It's just another blunder by Fisher that the design flaw wasn't corrected immediately.
  8. Handy video to have if you lose your paper version. My F-Pulse started having problems right after the warranty ran out. Difficult to turn on/off. Often won't stop beeping. I still like it though and think it's the best pinpointer out there. Twice the depth of all the others. They just put it on YouTube three days ago. That would be a very long delay.
  9. My guess is that they meant for the price to be $149.00 and didn't notice the mistake. FT had to know the coil was rubbish from the very beginning but they kept on producing it. If I owned the company, flaws like that would drive me nuts. I would have the problem corrected asap.
  10. Good to know Steve. Thanks. It's always nice to get insider info and I trust your opinion. I take back what I said about Serious.
  11. Yup, that came to me after I posted. There is a limit to how low they can advertise. I personally don't like calling vendors to negotiate a price but I suppose email would work just as well. It's just time consuming. It will probably be a while before I buy another machine. There aren't many places worth detecting anymore. The land sites are all hunted out and the beaches have been sanded in for years.
  12. You're right. I see that now. I stand corrected. I just don't want the package. If they can offer a package for the same price as a bare detector, they can easily afford to drop $50 off the package price if they keep the package.
  13. Serious Detecting appears to be copying Kellyco the way they offer all that crap you don't need or want. I wouldn't buy anything from either place. That coil is tempting though. I haven't shopped for a detector in a while. It looks like the major brands are forcing a lot of unnecessary free products on us now. I think that stinks. Just lower the price and leave out the free crap. No headphones please.
  14. My favorite T2 coil was the 10" x 15" SEF. I remember going back to a site that I had hunted for 20 years with many different detectors and getting 7 very deep coppers. I sold the T2 after getting the Equinox. I don't really miss it much.
  15. I loved my T-2 SE even with all it's drawbacks. It might have done well had they fixed its problems and modernized it now and then. Pros- Great depth and processing. The EMI sensitivity was actually a good thing that gave it superior performance. Cons - The coil sucked and was basically throwaway. The settings needed to be re-set every time you turned it on. The volume knob was in a bad location and would turn if you brushed against it. It was a little heavy by today's standards.
  16. Is this anyone you know? Detectorist at the Wedge at 1:45 and again at 2:50.
  17. I think you mean silicone, not silica gel. Silicone can be very messy and wouldn't really guarantee a good seal. You might be better off putting a clear plastic bag over the pod and trying to seal it around the handle by wrapping it with tape and/or many tight rubber bands but I'm not sure if that would work either. Maybe one of the other guys here can suggest a better solution.
  18. Try shining a flashlight on it from the side. You may be able to see some faint outlines enough to confirm an ID. Coppers are fun to find and are a good indication you are detecting the right area. I've found hundreds over the years. Rarely will you get one in good condition but they look pretty impressive when you have a pile of them.
  19. I would think that every known CW site down that way has been hunted to death. I would be looking for places that may have been overlooked or ignored. CW activity and dropped artifacts could have taken place anywhere. It's the same here in NE looking for colonial sites. These days it's usually a waste of time going to cellar holes and most farm fields because they have all been hunted for decades by generations of detectorists. In recent years we have been doing well detecting any woods we can find. Places that in the past no one would even consider detecting.
  20. I generally take the summer off from detecting and don't start again until the fall after the crops are cut and the beaches become less crowded. Summer hay fields are often too dry to dig. Cooler weather is preferable as well. The disc isn't interesting enough for me to keep. I would have set it somewhere for others to see. Obviously the person who had them made didn't intend for them to be buried or thrown away, but I understand about respecting the bereft. If they were to see it, it might remind them of the tragedy.
  21. The test target needs to be non-ferrous. I think if you had accepted -5 in disc mode, it would have picked up the nail just as well in disc mode as it did in all metal.
  22. I said in my post that I dig everything above 0. That often means digging a lot of tiny trash which can be tiring. When I've had enough of that, I relax and dig everything 12 and above. There are lots of conditions that can make gold sound unstable. A nearby tiny piece of iron or mineralized rock, or gold held within a conglomerate of sand and rust for example. There is no point in trying to tell gold from other ferrous metals by sound. Iron is the only metal worth avoiding.
  23. Thanks, I'm glad we cleared that up. I've been hunting in all metal since day one and have never tried using discrimination on the beach. I like knowing how much iron or mineralization might be around. Plus, I prefer to hear the whole signal over just a partial one. Turning the low tone volume all the way down makes them just a quiet background sound. Saying horseshoe mode is confusing because that could mean all metal on or off to different people. To me, horseshoe mode is all metal off. I question the idea that all metal would have any affect on depth simply because it's not a true all metal mode. All it does is turn the low tones on and off. Yes, some targets near the edge of detection can sometimes give off low tones so in that respect you could imagine it as more depth but normal non-ferrous tones and actual depth performance should be unchanged whether all metal is on or off. Maybe in black sand. I wouldn't know about that because we have no black sand on our beaches. The thought of an Equinox equaling a DEUS II simply by turning on all metal seems a little far fetched.
  24. Going by the title of this thread, I assumed it was understood that we are running in all metal (no discrimination). I normally run in all metal with 2 or 5 tones. You seem to be saying that all metal single tone has more depth. To test your theory of increased depth, shouldn't we compare targets in both single tone and 5 tones to see if single tone goes deeper?
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