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  1. Thanks Jeff... knew I was missing something. Wow! I need to get some sleep.
  2. Not really understanding your logic here. Maybe I'm missing something. Are scoops as hard as shovels and as likely to damage a target in the sand as a misplaced shovel in harder/more compact ground? Pinpointing--at least in the dirt--lessens the likelihood of damaging the target with a shovel. It's been my experience that pinpointing can be done in seconds.
  3. It seems like this works with the 800, but I've been so focused on just learning the overall machine itself I forgot to consciously try it. Good thought!
  4. Awesome finds! Just one more reason to not want to return from vacation! Love those big old coppers (something you never see in my neck of the woods).
  5. I just saw this... holy cow and congrats on a dream find!!!! Wow!!! Sorry about the oak tree, but glad no one was hurt (hopefully).
  6. This, I think. With Multi-IQ refinement/enhancement and more of a balance between high and low conductor sensitivity.
  7. Thanks guys! GB - yes, mornings are the only possibility until the fall temps and lower humidity start to arrive. I don't sweat much, which doesn't help. This morning at sunrise it was cooler than usual at 78F and 93% humidity, but had other some other obligations. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning - I agree there has to be more to find there! 2Valen, very interesting thought on the pencil topper! I'll do some searching on the internet to look for some old examples. Even though the map showed a house there in 1872 there may have been other houses built in later decades, so
  8. For the holiday weekend last week I was determined to get a little more time on my new Nox 800 despite the heat and humidity. Most of my old permissions have changed hands now, so I headed to a bed and breakfast owned by my sister just to try to learn the new machine more. I'd been there a few years ago without much success, but recently studied a map from 1872 and saw there had been a fairly large house across the street where they have one of their cottages now. The door to the 1872 house appeared to be approximately where there is now a rock and gravel driveway. Knowing I wouldn't l
  9. DF in TX


    Thanks again for the welcome all! Got a couple of things from a few days ago I may post a little later when my coffee kicks in! GB, I would be happy with even OK weather at this point!
  10. DF in TX


    Thanks guys! It's great to be able to interact with names I recognize from my lurking days here lol. GB_Amateur, actually the W goes in between the D and the F in my case, but I know what you were referring to! When I was a kid we lived a ways outside of Amarillo and then later moved to the outskirts of Lubbock. When I moved here (about 30 miles west of the Louisiana border) it took forever to get used to the high humidity and getting into a damp feeling bed at night. The relative humidity currently is 82% at 91 degrees according to our weather station in the den! Anyway, thanks
  11. Those are awesome finds! Congrats! I feel your pain regarding location!
  12. DF in TX


    Hi all! I'm pretty much a newcomer compared to many here with decades of experience, but I'm slowly trying to work my way out of that status. I got started less than a decade ago with a Fisher F2, then F70, then F75LTD2, and a month ago I got an Equinox 800. The soil around my home is 4-5 bars on the F75, and I the 'Nox hasn't disappointed with its ability to deal with these minerals. The heat and high humidity has been oppressive this summer in my area, so the new machine hasn't seen as many hours as it should have. Anyway, I've been reading this forum for several weeks and
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