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  1. Nice collection of goodies there my friend!!! Persistence pays off. As for the competition, I find most guys just don't understand all the things involved with finding good targets. Its way more than swinging an expensive machine. That's why you will continue to extract more goodies from these places. Best of luck next time out!!!! That floral ring looks familiar to me, hard to tell from the photo. I found one a couple of months ago.
  2. Glad your having some continued luck, Nice silver ring. As for the park sign, maybe it is when the park was dedicated to the public. Kinda like an old road that has been there forever but isn't accepted as a road until its dedicated. Funny how government works. I think with a little more searching you will hit up on the silver. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Great to have you join up Tim, DP is a great place to get a wealth of detecting info and catch up on what everyone is finding across our beautiful USA. Hope to see some of your posts soon.
  4. Yesterday was a horrible day for me so I thought. Here in PA we got about 10'' of rain. My basement got about 6'' of water and I was exhausted from the clean up. Today I went to work only to find out that some of my area had had it much,much worse. I'm 53 and this is the worst storm I have ever seen for flood water damage. Our area had every bridge within 50 miles closed off. As of now my county has 3 fatalities and hundreds of damaged houses. Sometimes we take for granted how well things go or think a small problem is a big one. The pictures that I have posted, I hope will explain the complete feeling of losing everything that you have worked so hard for in one night. They are all from a mile stretch of road not far from me. A total of 14 houses were damaged. I'm not a religious man by any stretch but for a second say a prayer for these people. I can't imagine what this must feel like.
  5. Looks like the jeep hood got attacked by the grizzly, Quite a few claw marks Ha Ha
  6. GB, I had a fantastic time detecting with you, Even know it was pretty hot. It was an honor to host you and spend time with someone who likes the detector talk. I'm glad you found that merc, because I missed it the previous hunt I had there. It was honestly 16 inches from a silver ring I found. As for the dark color of the older silvers in that area, I think it might have to do with the oak tree's and the amount of tannin in the ground. Just a guess. Once again THANKS and I hope we can do it again soon. Oh and next time your spending more than a couple of hours.
  7. Thinking Sven has the answer. Or you can send it in for warranty Ha Ha Ha
  8. Great job GB, Thanks also for the story, it paints a great picture. I'm sure the next time out will produce a few more oldies. Sometimes it takes a few trips to nail down the details of an old place.
  9. Mh, I think everyone has there own idea of how coins sink into the ground, but from my records/experience, I find older silver coins shallow. For instance I'll dig a 1984 dime at 8'' and a few feet away I'll dig a 1919 merc. I for the life of me can not figure out why all of my silvers come up shallow, but they do. I can count on one hand how many were over 6+ inches. If your hunting parks that are only 20 years old, I would set up your machine to run shallow first and not bother trying to hit max depth. See if your scores improve and adjust accordingly. Sometimes running a little to hot can blow past your intended target, especially in foil/ aluminum rich areas. Most of all do not rely on vdi, Pay attention to the tones your machine is giving you. These tones do not lie. It takes a lot of practice to not just glance at the screen for help. I fall into that trap every now and then, It's OK. After time your brain will tell you what a good signal is even if the vdi # are not what you expect. Good Luck and hope you will post your next silver find.
  10. Big open area's are ideal with easy access to a main path or parking lot. People usually lay out on their lunch break. If its a very old park Google it, you might find some older photo's that will help you narrow the good spots down. Don't limit yourself to sunbathing, look for trees that the rug rat's climb and lose coins. Today's kids are not climbing tree's(helicopter moms), but way back when it was good fun. Think activity like frisbee, horse shoe's, pickup game of football. All of these things result in lost treasure. And the best tool you can use is the historic aerials site to look back in time. Good luck !!!
  11. Mh, the silver depths were under 5 inches, mostly 3'' to 4''. The walker was at 3 1/2''. Oddly I haven't dug a silver over 6 in a couple of years. GB, I sure wish you could have managed another day, We would have had a hell of a time. Where we found the silver oddly was an area that I would have walked past, but the heat dragged me to the little bit of shade. Have NO idea why those coins were dropped in that 50'x100' spot. The walker is the third from that place. I do have a question on this. All the walkers I have ever dug were from 1940,1941 and 1942 nothing above or below these dates. my buddy has the same experience oddly. Just wondering why, maybe just my area. The Kennedy 1/2 is a 1980p. Not sure if you have time in the late fall, but sure would like to take you there again before the bulldozers level it.
  12. I cleaned mine up and now wear it, Guess I'm now married to who dropped it in the 30's. Hope he was cute or maybe she was big boned. Either way it's the only ring I ever found that fits me.
  13. Yesterday My buddy and I got up early to beat the heat (76@6:00am). We decided to hit the other side of the swim club that was fenced off a week ago, but now the fence was removed and open to the public. I was running the new silver umax and my buddy the 800. The first hour for me was a bust, just a bunch of pennys. My buddy was a 100 yards away and found 2 mercs and a bunch of wheaties. A little hot and frustrated, I walked another 100 yards to an odd looking small tree. This spot most people would have walked by. I'm thinking kids were climbing up and coins were falling out of their pockets. Maybe two swings and I hit a rosie. I stood up checked the hole and about a foot away I got a strong hit, Out comes a 1941 walker 1/2 dollar. At that point my buddy joined in on the fun. Two more hours of hunting in the now 100 plus degrees Yielded a total of 11 silvers, 39 wheaties, lots of pennies, kennedy 1/2 dollar. Oh and your good old trash. Not to shabby for 4 hours of sweat. I was liking the old tesoro's even more (would I have found them with the 800 Yup) but what fun would that be. TOTALS 5 Roosevelt dimes, 4 Merc's , 1 Washington, 1 walker 1/2, 39 wheaties
  14. NC, I disc right on the edge of zinc penny, This keeps me from digging to much trash. If I get a real faint signal I'll bump to all metal find it and dig. works pretty well for me. My Compadre really shines in dense nails and metal bits, It's pretty good in aluminum but it can be a pain in the arse digging the tabs you can't disc out.
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