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  1. The disc is a colonial button, and as for the L, that small area is covered by some corrosion. I'm a little nervous to clean that area to much. Do the L versions weigh different?
  2. I don't own an nox 600 or the at pro, but one thing I'm fooled by the most is 18th century iron. It has a way different metallurgical make up than most modern steels and irons. It will cause my MK to read in the 70's. As for the false signals, iron rich red clay soils when wet or damp can make your your detector sense a false target. Everybody on this forum has experienced phantom signals, it happens from time to time.
  3. 99.9 % better than anything I watch. (except ancient aliens) Maybe we would actually get a real reality show. I'm still voting for you. How about the South Western Phrunt for a name !!! I'm sure we can come up with more.
  4. Maybe we could call it phrunt force 1 and 2. Have GOLD will travel. I'm thinking Simon should get a TV show !!!! Lets vote on that!!!
  5. Update, I just spoke with the IOOF and emailed mine and cap's photo's to them . The gentleman that I spoke with said if he could not identify the buttons, he would forward them to the UK for further evaluation. I hope this pans out. Fingers crossed.
  6. I think I will send the photos to the Metropolitan museum in NY and see if they can help with the id. I think these buttons are something good (or hope). Great old photo cap, can't wait to see what it translates to.
  7. Thursday I decided to hunt a 1/4 acre patch of woods near a old 18th century hotel. When I first started in I noticed a couple of old detecting holes, which had me a little discouraged. Good thing I didn't leave, because after finding the complimentary trash I got a real good hit an dug it. To my amazement it was an 1864 indian head cent. Another 20 minutes later I scored on a colonial button and two old harness buckles. Off to the next spot another woodlot. I was headed across a rather large field swinging as I was headed to the woods and bingo, a great tone. Rifle shell casing in the bag. I walked 30 yards and again a good solid hit. Another indian head cent this time a 1902. Needless to say I never did make it to the woods. When I got home and looked at the shell case, it was a very rare REM-UMC head stamped 256 Newton. These were produced from 1916 to 1921. They were made from old 30-06 brass after WW1 and I believe were replaced by the more popular 25-06. Oddly I was more excited over the shell case. I think its time to grid the field cause its huge. Also it's pretty nice to snipe an 1864 coin from a recently hunted spot!
  8. cap I'm finding a lot more early to late 1800's stuff now that I weeded out the modern. I'd say on average most date to the 1890's to 1920's. I just ordered a larger coil for my MK and hope that gets me to some of the better targets. This place has been regraded over the years and I seem to find older things in weird small patches of ground.
  9. The ships look identical, too much alike not to be the same. This keeps getting better. Do you know the time frames for the gold camp?
  10. I'm glad Reg said it was a fake, I almost was ready to sell the house and move to the land down under. I think Simon was ready to go too. He would need one hell of a plane to put all those detectors in ha ha
  11. GB, I was thinking the same thing, maybe the early forms of the IOOF symbols were more let say more mystical and cryptic. They have been around a long time. The oldest symbols that I found were from 1886 and they don't look like what we have. Although caprocks chain does look like the current version. Your insight and intelligence are a welcome breath of fresh air. I too hope we resolve this, because I'm loosing my vision looking at this thing under magnification ha ha.
  12. Quick update. I spent the last couple of hours doing genealogy research on the home site which I found the button. The house roughly dates to about 1768. The owner of the house in 1816 was Aaron Krause, He had a son born the same year he purchased the property in 1816. The sons name was Joel H Krause, who at the age of 16 entered the Freeland seminary, now know as Ursinus college. He became a well known doctor and was a member of a masonic group and a member of the Independent order of the odd fellows. How's that for research? I think the link between the doctor and the button might be proof that it's what caprock has stated. I love this site, So many great people to help with identifying odd finds.
  13. I really like that Jefferson medal, But I think my favorite is the old razor head ha ha. Great job on the collection of goodies.
  14. caprock you are awesome!! The little building is an exact match so are the cattails, triangular doodads and the snake. Looks like its from the same organization with a slightly different design. The Odd Fellows org. was the only one I did not look into, but I will now. I'm glad you had that button, I feel a little better now knowing there is another similar one out there. Hopefully we all will have the mystery buttons resolved soon.
  15. Thanks Tom, I'll look into that 11'' coil. That sounds like that might do the job for me , again thanks for your insight on the two machines and their coils. Looks like a winner Tom, I just ordered the 11'' thanks for the heads up.
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