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    woodworking, metal fab, cooking, metal detecting and good bourbon, not in any particular order
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    tesoro campadre, Tesoro silver umax, nokta makro multi kruzer, Equinox 800, G carrot, Ken's hand digger, Grave Digger nemesis

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  1. If I were you I would stick with the concentric coil options. I think Tesoro put out a DD just to satisfy the masses with the bandwagon being DD. Hands down concentrics on Tesoro machines dominate. This explains why you can not find concentrics for sale very often. I just have to say its not so much the coil, Its the whole package of design/disc ability that make these machines really shine. I just wish more companies would give a concentric option. Purple I believe is a DD
  2. Nice job NC, I just love Barber 1/2's!!! I've found a few of those and each time my heart bumps and thumps pretty hard. I have a habit of detecting areas where large tree stumps were removed and always do well after the grinder cultivates the area. I'm happy for you, they are great finds for sure. It wont be your last.
  3. I'm not a big fan of spot jumpers, but knowing they are around will make you hunt a little harder and with more purpose. I've seen a few in a couple of local parks and I don't get to worked up. Most times they are new guys, you can tell by the swing and shiny new detector. Your guy looks like he fits in that box, judging by the pristine look of his coil cover. Mine looks like it was dragged behind my truck. Fun post Erik
  4. Oh my lord!!! You can thank the baby Jesus for that find my friend!!! Man, there were a shit ton of party's on that beach, no wonder it was lost Ha Ha. Great job as usual, I would expect nothing less!!!!!
  5. Congrats on the coins!!! Sometimes experimenting with setups makes a big difference. 1 bias adjustment can make for a huge change in the machines overall performance and will reward you with some good finds. Take it to another spot and it might fall on its face. That's why I always have a setup for everywhere I detect. I'm glad you are playing with the settings and not using some generic program that everyone else is playing with. Keep at it, your doing very well. Thanks for the post.
  6. I know I'll take heat for this comment. But if you want to punch past iron in dry or wet ground you need to get a Tesoro. They will disc past all of your iron and not kill the target. I can put a old hand forged nail on top of a barber dime and after disc pull the barber a 100% of the time. And the best part is their is no program. Ground can be funny and cause a lot of problems. Here in my part of PA we have a lot of red (iron) clay. My problems usually occur with wet ground and bouncy targets. Don't beat me up folks, I know Tesoros are old tech and really are past tense.
  7. Since I spent a fair amount of time in my youth as an old school printer and learned on an old Victor letter press. I would have to go with a printing block. Two years ago my buddy dug a block and checked the hole again an out popped two Barber dimes!!!! Your doing a great job retrieving the stuff that we do not see that often!!!
  8. Ruben , If I were you I would save some money and go with the Equinox 800. Why? Because it is a proven machine and has the extra features of tone breaks and adjustments that the 600 does not have. It will cover all of the bases when it comes to a solid all around machine. Use your extra money on something else, such as a digger or a pin pointer, which I would recommend a Garret . These choices are solid and will find you a plethora of really cool stuff. Please do not get wrapped up in all the hype of things that could be. Just focus on detecting and learning what your finding, Including the good and the bad. All of of us here, No matter what our skill level is, We always find more crap than good stuff. I hope you will make a great choice and help us all promote this addictive hobby. May the Gods bless you and THANK YOU for your service.
  9. Can't win em all Strick, Certainly beats the shite out of a pull tab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. That's what you call a love token, popular in the late 1800's. They took coins and smoothed them out to make their engraving and gave them to a girlfriend or someone they fancied. Kinda rare, I've only ever dug one. Very cool you should be very proud of that find!! That's what you call one of a kind. Thanks for posting that.
  11. Great find Bob, But I as a FRIEND I have to say you suck. That F***ing coin is killing me. It remains on my not found list. I've found some awesome oddball coins over the years but for some reason this little bastard will not show its face. All kidding aside my friend, that's really awesome and hope you find a couple more.
  12. Well done Foggy, One of my best spots for silver was an old lake area/ Picnic grove. Take your time and hit it over and over. Your fun is just beginning!!! Look for older trees with branches that are low to the ground, adults and kids love to dangle from those. I can not wait to see what comes up next.
  13. Welcome my friend, Glad your no longer a lurker!! I look at it this way if you are into the hobby and are making a go of your conditions then you have conquered the hurdle. Consider yourself part of our team and we ALL look forward to your finds and comments. Thanks for joining DP, It's a great place!!
  14. I'd run the D2 for a while and try and dial it in, then go back with the Vaquero and disc out the aluminium. Sometimes it's just a matter of playing with a machine to get the most out of it. If it was me I would put a old cut or forged nail next to a silver dime or even a old button and see what happens. If it just picks up the nail you have some adjustment to figure out. I'm thinking the D2 should be able to exploit the good target. Aluminum sometimes can fool you if it's a oddball 6061 or anodized, so you should be able to sort those numbers or tones out. My 800 will always pull to the iron so that's why I run my Tesoro for clean up (much better disc. IMO). Patience young Luke (Bob)!!!! OR, Me and big Dodge can come for a visit. Ha Ha Ha. Well maybe not just, paid $6.00 for diesel today!!!!!!
  15. Nice job On the button Bob!!! It certainly was a great day to hunt the fields. The dandy buttons are really cool too, My buddy has quite the collection of super ornate ones. I have a few fields I hunt that are littered with can slaw, old roofing copper and junk, Just take your time and the good stuff will slowly emerge. Overall I think you had a really banner day. Good luck next run around!!!!
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