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  1. I've sweated my ass off for way less than that, I consider that a pretty great day out. Great finds my friend. Looking forward to the cool day finds, On the east coast that may be December!!!
  2. Glad to see you on the forum!!! Wish I was closer, I would love to hunt some stagecoach spots. Wish you luck with the spot. please post some of your adventures.
  3. SPDXL, Welcome to the hot spot of detecting. This hobby is all about fun and our site is all about encouragement. We all here struggle to get time out due to life's curve balls. Don't worry each time out will give you more and more confidence to find the trash and treasure. Please post all your questions, I'm sure we all here can't wait to help out. Oh and by the way digging junk is half the fun. The other half is just being out. Glad your with us!!!
  4. dogodog


    Welcome DF, I'm suffering from the same heat and humidity here in PA. You made a great choice with DP, if you can't find answers here they don't exist Ha Ha. There are so many great people on board here to answer questions and give advice you will not be disappointed. Don't be afraid to post trash and treasure, I always try to post the good and the aluminum (mostly aluminium). Anyhoo really great to have you here!!!
  5. I do not have the simplex but my buddy does, I have the MK and I will tell you that we both suffer from EMI. The biggest culprit's are transformers, power lines not so much. I hunt a couple of great places that make my machine go crazy, especially with the 11 inch coil. Turn down the volume and listen to the hard hits. The machine will overpower the noise and jumpy numbers on good targets. You will hear good solid tones when you go over something good. This will take some time to get used to in the bad areas but I promise you that it works. Be patient and you will be a master of the simplex, they are a great machine. Also pay attention to the sounds your machine makes and not so much the numbers, this will help you find a few more pieces of treasure that you might pass by. good luck and please show us some of your finds.
  6. Great find, I love wheat penny's!!! I managed to get out for an hour on the 4th and found a 1919 wheat, my oldest to date. They will always put a little grin on your face. Keep diggin for more smile's !!!!!
  7. That's a great chunk of history there my friend!! I just love colonial coins. Great job!!!
  8. I want to thank all of you guy's for the words of congrats!!! I haven't been looking at posts due to a giant oak tree that hit part of my house during a wind storm. So I've been trying to put everything back in order and hope to have some more time to get out detecting soon. Thanks all
  9. Great find, I think its been 20 years since I held one of those. Nice to see there are still some in the ground.
  10. Welcome aboard Kevin, I think you picked a great hobby and even better forum!!! I'm waiting on your finds to be posted, Remember we all have the good and bad days. Don't be afraid of posting the crappy stuff, It keeps us all in check when we get over confident. Glad your here my friend.
  11. Welcome B, looking forward to your adventures. No shortage of answers here.
  12. Glad to have you here Boris, Don't forget the sun block and posting your finds. Your going to have a great time here on DP.
  13. Well h you joined the right place. If you can't find answers here, they don't exist. Glad your out and about and hope you share some of your finds. We all here have posted the good and the bad so don't be shy. Hope you have a good time here!!!
  14. Dave, Glad to have you here. Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states I've been to. Detector Prospector has a lot to offer and we all welcome your input and thoughts on everything treasure.
  15. Disagreements are free, grudges cost a lot. Good on you Steve. Hopefully we get some new members to share with. I always welcome new thoughts and ideas.
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