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  1. That's a keeper!!! Great find, Hope it didn't burn your fingers when you picked it up 🤣😂 Still waiting on the snow shovels, Might be august before I can post a find.
  2. I use a carrot most of the time and only have problems on really small gold or mineralized soil. The only issue I run into is large iron, On high sensitivity it will pinpoint to 15''or deeper. I have 2 carrots and both act differently. Low batteries will sometimes cause some problems. A rule of thumb that I use is to start higher and work my way down on sensitivity, And pay attention to what your detector is telling you first. This will give you some insight as to your target. Trying to disc out trash with a pointer is near impossible, Sometimes you will find multiple targets in your plug that
  3. Do you make Snow shovels ? I'm in need of a couple dozen. 😆🤣😂
  4. WOW, That's a tough one. Pretty neat find, But this one leaves me guessing with the combination of materials. Sorry I do not have a clue.
  5. Welcome EW, Hope you enjoy the site for all it's worth. Plenty of info and great finds on DP. I'm looking forward to your insight and comments.
  6. As William Langland said, Patience is a virtue. And having a good detector doesn't hurt either. Great job on the recovery!!!! That's a super nice ring!!!!
  7. GB gave me a good tip a while back, Use historic aerials to bounce through the time lines on the property. You will see over time when the soil was changed or moved around, Hunt the fringe lines. I bring flags, and place them after the first good target, and continue to place them after each good target. Sometimes you will see a pattern in your finds and you can focus on the pattern edges. Another good idea is to do what I call a trash day. This means dig all the crap from a grid area and later go back and focus on the good stuff. That being said, Sometimes the targets are just to deep. Just g
  8. Welcome and glad to have you here, wish you luck in the gold fields.
  9. Welcome Bob!!! I think we all can point you in the right direction. lots of good machines out there. Minelab, Nokta Makro, XP the list goes on. I'm a big fan of Nokta, and and run a multi Kruzer most of the time. Just give us the fine points of what you mainly want to hunt for. Your price point will cover a magnitude of great detectors to help you with your new found hobby. I wish you the best of luck with your decision. Bottom line is I'm just glad that you joined the DP team.
  10. I use surveying flags when I hunt large fields. Once I find the first good target I plant a flag and then go about the job at hand. Marking with numbers also helps map your area if your into trying to trace where the good stuff came to or went. Just come back and pull the flag and dig. Just limit your flags or markers in low visibility areas, So you can keep track of them. Also I read something that said fluorescent green is a better color for the human eye to see.
  11. Well aren't you the Ansel Adams of the detecting world Ha Ha. That's a great photo. I think I see a ring you missed at the bottom right hand of the photo Ha Ha.
  12. So I did a little research and found this. Putting Coins into Circulation The procedures for putting coins into circulation are similar to those for currency. The U.S. Mint produces coins in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco, and ships them to the Federal Reserve Banks and to authorized armored carriers, which supply banks that need coins to meet the public's demand. The distribution of coins differs from that of currency in some respects. First, when the Fed receives currency from the Treasury, it pays only for the cost of printing the notes. However, coins are a direct obli
  13. If you run hot water over celluloid or rub the stone on your pants real fast to generate a little heat. it should smell like mothballs (kinda). Its a safer way of testing for celluloid. good luck.
  14. Welcome Diggin D, Looking forward to some of your stories, thoughts and of course your finds.
  15. I run mostly 5khz and 14khz say 80% - 20%. The kruzer registers a 27-28 with a solid tone. My buddy who has a nox 800 rarely finds nickels also. Another question about coins is distribution. Say the Philadelphia mint makes 5 million nickles, How do they distribute to each state? and how many coins does each state get? Odd question I know. And like Joe d, I also find your long posts full of good stuff. As for the library thing, Who wants paper cuts when we can find everything here on DP. Keep up the posts on things we all think about, but rarely investigate.
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