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  1. I think you had a good day, Better than work!!! What would life be like without a grommet collection Ha Ha.
  2. Welcome BM, Glad to see you joined in on DP!!! I hope you share some of your finds with us, As I'm intrigued by the finds in other countries. Seems to be a tremendous amount of history in your country and I would love to know more about what you like to detect for and what you find. Happy Hunting.
  3. Thanks GB, I can always count on you to give me the coin info. I'll pick up the guide book. I never thought that one was available. My two favorite coins are the merc's and the indian head penny's, they are just works of art. I wish you lived closer I would have you out for a run on some of these places. I wish you the best of luck the next time out!!!!
  4. That stamped coin is a one of a kind find for sure, my heart did a little jump when I first saw the cross. I thought I was at Oak Island for a second Ha Ha. CVISChris The spoon is awesome !! I only realized what was on it when I washed it off. I thought it was some junky plated spoon.
  5. My day started by taking my wife to breakfast and a trip to a local greenhouse. On our way back we drove by a place I have wanted to hunt for a while and couldn't because the owners were just not to friendly. But low and behold I noticed some new house development signs. I did a quick title search and found out it was sold and being developed very soon. So I grabbed my stuff and headed back to this 1830's house. Today was the first day since I got the 800 I could spend more than an hour and a half detecting. My first two hours were a pretty much a bust except a cool silver plate spoon and my w
  6. My guess is a Saint Benedict medal. Maybe an older one. They were made in and around 1740
  7. Welcome AUG, Well if gold is what your after, you found the right forum. The gold people here will fill you in on anything your missing or want to know. Check out the DP database for a lot of great info, You will be surprised at how much cool stuff is awaiting your discovery. So glad to have you!!!!
  8. Good to have you here Arch, Glad your back at it!!!! And I'm really glad you joined up with this motley crew of of treasure hunters for some knowledge and info. As for the learning part, Heck we are all still learning and you'll fit right in!!!!
  9. Welcome PH69, You made it this far, Don't be shy. Tell us a little more about yourself and what you use and detect for most of the time. DP is a great site and full of some awesome people. I'm sure all of us want to see your tag name more than just once or twice. Pretty sure you made a great choice with the forum and certainly I'm looking forward to your questions and posts.
  10. Luckily I didn't dig one of their lamps, My wife would have a hell of a time trying to put it on her finger!!!
  11. Went to a local park today after work. Only had a couple of hours to detect and test out my new home made arm cuff. I wasn't a big fan of the plastic, and it was a little too wide and flexy for me. At this point I only have about 5 hours on the 800. The first hour today netted me a handful of clad and some misc. corroded zinc. The next hour was the same thing clad and junk. With only 15 minutes to chicken parm, I got a really nice 28-29, not expecting anything great, I proceeded to find out what it was. For a split second I thought it was another odd piece of stainless, But I quickly saw Tiffa
  12. As Hannibal from the A team always said, I love it when a plan comes together!!!!! Nice saves on the treasure. Great Job
  13. Great job on the saves!!!! You gotta love those kinda hunts!!! Wish you luck with the next shopping trip Ha Ha
  14. WELCOME Biggoldnug, Well if your looking for friends, Stories, Info and just good times you found the right place. Glad to have you here to help us all. Looking forward to your adventures.
  15. Yup I think its a keeper!!! GB, your correct. The zincoln's do do break on some weird spots depending on corrosion and ground conditions. The IH's with the 1864 year and bronze make up produce a different tone, VDI wise they are only a couple of points off. Over all my equinox and yours will most definitely react in much different ways, depending on soil and coin or target corrosion. Testing and digging to your liking will always produce results that are much different from our fellow detectors. Basic set up's are a help but they do not guarantee the best performance for all of of our area's.
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