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  1. I just wanted to pose a question to all DP user's. Who is your detecting Hero, mentor or person who gave you the detecting/prospecting interest???? or you just plain admired for the dedication and promotion of the hobby. This can be anyone who influenced or inspired you to do what we all enjoy so much. Please share your stories about these people for all of us to enjoy. We do not want their legacy to be forgotten!! I would like to start with Jack Gifford of Tesoro, For actualizing Tesoro detectors. His life and endevors are what we all strive to accomplish. A truly great person in so many way
  2. Welcome to the forum DW, Don't be offended by the ban. Everyone here knows where the good buys are. We all are a good bunch of people who care more about helping each other and promoting the hobby. I hope you do well with your new purchase and can show us some of the finds. Gold is great but we like relic's, coins, ect. Even trash items can be fun. Looking foward to your contributions to this great forum.
  3. I'm happy to wear the Grumpy Crown. Nokta makes awesome detectors, But I feel like a kid two weeks before christmas. I'm hoping for a multi freak Kruzer based detector, But I'll take what I can get. Oh and by the way my wife calls me Grumpy at least twice a week.
  4. Joe, Looks like you had an awesome day out. I wish my spots were that scenic !!! My beach hunting is limited to 3 days a year and about 15 hours total. I have become a master of fish hooks, and other misc. crap. I wish I had the time to properly learn how to hunt a beach. For now I will just live vicariously through you. Good job!!!!!
  5. Welcome Chip, Looks like you have part of the equation figured out!!! Take your time and learn the machine on (your) time frame, do not rush into crazy settings, it will only get you discouraged. Glad to have you here to share in your experiences.
  6. Kyle, Glad your here on DP!!! Simplex is an awesome machine. Hope you get the down load thing figured out. Looking foward to your finds!!!
  7. Almost two years since the naming contest!!!!!!!!! Maybe they could actually let a user name the product and give them a comp. machine for doing so. I would really like something soon!!! I don't care what the name is!!! I have about 2 month's worth of waiting left in me, before I pull the trigger on another companies product. Some kind of vague hint like the Apex video would be enticing!! I'm running out of hope and I'm begining to wonder if they have anything close to being developed. Not sure what all the cloak and vail BS is all about? Because all the main competitors have showed their
  8. Simon is correct, server error. leads you to no where. I would love to be excited but I can't at the moment. No info to be excited about. Or maybe the machine is called 403 forbidden/unsecure
  9. Well I can't say enough good things about my Nokta Multi Kruzer. This is a great solid coin machine (sometimes too good). Clad, silver and gold you won't guess at whats under your coil. I've had it for roughly 8 months, And have found around $1100.00 in face value and scrap coins. My second choice would be my lowly Tesoro compadre.
  10. Contact your local historical society and donate to them with the local finds. As for out of state do the same. They will gladly take and document, with your help in describing and where found. As for rings and things like that, It's tough to get more than scrap value, unless you have a lot of time on your hands trying to sell them on flea bay and such. Sometime kids do not make great choices in figuring things out. I had a friend who had an amazing early winchester rifle collection, That was worth in excess of $500K. His children didn't know guns, and after his death sold them all to a local
  11. Hi Dave welcome to DP!!!, This is a great place to find and get a lot of info and inspiration. Sometime the weird trash is as exciting as the treasure. In the beginning digging all the targets is a useful way to learn the craft. It will also help to go slow and remember the sounds and ID numbers. Glad to have you here to share in the love of this hobby!!!!!
  12. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart!!!! Glad you made the deal, I doub't you will be dissapointed. I find detectors like cars, some are fancy and some are plain. But they all get you where you want to go. Can't wait to see what you find with the new detectors. As for Tennessee I would move there in a heartbeat. It is a beautiful State.
  13. Glad to have here Andy, Lots of great things to participate in at the DP. Looking foward to some of your finds and comments.
  14. Great job on the nugget!!!!!! Whiskey/ Red Meat and Leaving CA. You couldn't have picked a better combo!!! I wish you luck with all that you encounter . Moving stinks but I'm sure you will be much happier. If I lived closer I would bring the meat and the bourbon for one hell of a barbeque!!!!
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