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    woodworking, metal fab, cooking, metal detecting and good bourbon, not in any particular order
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    Tesoro Compadre, (2)Tesoro silver umax, Equinox 800, Equinox 900, G carrot, Ken's fabulous hand digger, Grave Digger nemesis

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  1. Are you sure those pull tabs aren't silver? That AAA battery and the blue pull tab are especially nice!!! What did that plastic barrette ring up as on the D2? 🤣😂🤣😂 Glad you got away and dodged my aluminum curse HaHa. Oh and just for reference was the crab a low conductor or a high? Remember finding is fun, Not sucks. Great post as usual my friend!!!!!!!!!
  2. Jeff, I had the same feelings about the 900 as you in the beginning. I could not for the life of me, to break pennies out of the clad /silver dime range. After a week of fooling with different breaks I ended up with this. T1 - 0, T2 - 58, T3 - 77, T4 - 92. This allowed the penny tones to stay below the good stuff (silver). The T3 setting is the most important number for me. My soil is iron rich shale/clay so I'm used to bouncy ID's. The key for me is tone, I only use ID's as a reference as they are not generally accurate. For some reason tones just do not lie on the Equinox machines. Try the T3 77 break and see if your machine improves. And check your clad dimes and pennies in Park 1, Not in full tones, It can make a difference. I will say the 800 is way more stable but the 900 works really well once you get past some of the strange setting adjustments. In my experience the 900 just does not work well with 5 recovery speed, for me it likes 3. Also it seems to respond to single frequency much better. Once I got the, it's an 800 out of my head is when I started to set up the 900 differently. Don't give up yet, You will get it ironed out.
  3. Bootscrape, If it help's the fox was a symbol of liberty during the colonial days in the US, Maybe the same in Oz.
  4. I'm with you on that Simon, I can think of about 20 that were stained badly or black. I have not posted certain coins that I have found for the reason that someone might think or challenge my find. I have found peace dollars that I did not post and recently a 1985 one ounce silver bullion coin. I think most people, Even here would start to think something is a bit wonky about finding the larger silvers. So you will never see any of my big silver coins being posted . I privately post to my three great friends that are forum members. That being said. I try to photo my coins at the site and leave them dirty, followed by a clean up at home. But sometimes they just come out of the ground really nice. I really like to believe that all the coin finds I have seen on DP since I joined are all legit finds.
  5. LS, those are some good button's. It doesn't come down to what you find, Its your memories of where you found it.
  6. Good job!!! Remember finding is always better than losing. And that's what we do.
  7. Thanks Bob, The last cool colonial thing I dug was that KGl a month ago. But you have us all beat with the fancy James 1st sixpence or should I say threepence since it was cut in half, HA HA.
  8. Had to pick my dog up from the vet at 4:00pm today, So I thought detecting was down the tubes. Thats when my wife called and said we had to pick up Bleu at 7:00. Poor pup, But that gave me about 45 minutes to hit a colonial house I detected a 1000 times. This place is the gift that keeps on giving. I decided to dig all strange tones and Id's. I'll make this as short as my hunt. First target was a flat button, Second was a shotshell base, Third was a 45 wheatie, fourth was a 22mag case, Fifth was a flashlight bulb and Last but not least was a fabulous sleeve button. This button is pretty rare and I doubt I will find another. It is a Tallio and dates back to around the 1770's. PS this was a 10 - 11 on the 800.
  9. Glad your here Bill, Not from Kentucky Either. But spent a few vacation's in Harland. Love that place. Anyhoo, Like riding a bike but better. Post your stuff and ask your questions, we are all here for you.
  10. I don't beach hunt but for maybe twice a year. My first beach adventure yielded pocket change and tent stakes, The second was better with a platinum and diamond ring, A tackle box full of sinkers and tent stakes. Many misc. jewelry pieces later I have come to realize you find good stuff where you swing and sometimes not. In reality its the luck of the draw and no advise will point you to some random person doing something stupid to loose a very expensive piece of jewelry.
  11. I woke up today with a whole list of things to do but detecting was at the bottom. Chicken and turkey feed were on the top. Then followed by veggie plants for the garden. After collecting all the said items, I was finished early and of course feeling the need to take a trip out to a local park. Running slow and in low recovery I was aiming to snipe some silver from this hard hit park. A lot of pocket change later, I was feeling that silver was just not going to happen this time out. A few more concentrated swings and I got another quarter tone. This one sounded a little different and was. Out pops a 1953 Washington, Ha Ha I beat the dreadful feeling of not finding anything good!!! A few more swings and got another quarter like tone, but it sounded a little hollow. At about four inches down and a finger scrape I saw the edge of a silver ring. At the time I wasn't sure if the ring had dancing Alien's, Monkey's or Bears (my vision sucks anymore). Turns out it was some kind of Grateful Dead inspired ring. I'll take 925 all day long. Another 100 swings and I was done and going home. Man I love Detecting, It's odd how a hobby like this can make you feel so great in an instant.
  12. Very nice , Everyone loves a caribou !!! great save!!!
  13. I would take that offer, 6 inch coils or less, Random park in bumm F*** USA. That way no advantage. Or I have an old fair ground that has been there since the 40's and still operates. It sounds like EMI there, But really its just the aluminum!! But I'd rather buy you lunch and just BS about how the world works. We all know how hard it is to find gold jewlery in a sea of aluminium. I'm punctuality freak, If your late your fired HaHa
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