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  1. Welcome to the club Chase!!!, It sure is a wonderful coin and in great shape. I hope you can dig a few more goodies before the year ends. Great job!!!
  2. Cpt, It takes a lot of practice to become very proficient at popping coins with a probe. Take your time. I have only two places that require probe like instruments. I pretty much gave up on those parks after getting a $100 fine for detecting on one of those places, They said I was destroying park property. After a 20 minute argument and showing the police the park rules they still fined me. ANY park with those rules basically mean don't detect here. Just be careful of the fine print in the park rules stating you can not disturb or destroy park flora. That by the way includes grass = $100 fine.
  3. How about creating a virtual stocking. Give 25 choices of random items and you get to pick 5 items to fit into the said stocking for a fixed price. That way we get to choose the items that best fit the users needs. many times I have wanted to buy package deals but I only needed 1 of the items, Not very convenient. More choices are better. Packaged coil deals are also helpful, And can be presented in mix and match form. So we could purchase 2 different coils for 2 different machines. This also works well for diggers, scoops ect. Maybe you could add parts or accessories to the mix as well. Maybe
  4. Good job, finding something good usually happens when you least expect it. sometimes when you surrender to defeat, you relax and focus more on the right areas to cover.
  5. Mountain lion, The other white meat. Or is that pork ? Having a dog in cougar country is a good choice, 9 times out of ten they will leave in a hurry. My Dogo Argentino and my Pit are great companions for the remote locations with the hungry predators. My Dogo Miedo just loves a good pork chop!!
  6. I'm happy with 15 a year, You must be hunting where the rich folks lived. Good job
  7. And that's what I thought, Sounds like NM wants to focus on non detector based business. This (sister company) will draw needed monies from the detector R&D end to finance the new endeavor. This could ? be bad for future detector development. When sister companies start up they generally pull resources and cash from the existing company. Sometimes this leaves the original company flat. Especially when housed in the same building. I really don't blame them for jumping into the billion dollar covid product market. (way late) by the way. If they do well in an already crowded market, it could?
  8. Turns out it's going to cost me $1150.00 to turn this ring into a necklace!! Hind site Maybe I should have left it buried in the sand for a single man to find. Not sure how a valuable item such as this ends up costing me? Oh well my wife puts up with a lot of the grouchy old man in me, and deserves at least that. Love you K !!! PS (do not take your spouse detecting while finding something awesome!!!!) Ha Ha Ha
  9. Tom, Yup, just like Gary found a 19th century railroad spike and called it a 17th century ship nail. 15th to 19th century humans were smart. No one would dig 250 ft to hide a treasure below the water line of an island.
  10. Great finds, But you need to dig a few hundred test pit's and get Gary Drayton on your team Ha Ha
  11. Found this very cool old Strawbridges & Clothier charge coin hunting around an old spring house. Anyone have a clue when it was made? I'm thinking these are pretty rare.
  12. The beach was in Virginia, an extended weekend getaway. I'm pretty sure this was all just dumb luck, and walking over the correct spot. But you have to hunt to find for sure. That was the first beach hunt with the MK and 7x11 coil. It really ran quite well in beach mode and 3 tone.
  13. I'm pretty much a blind squirrel when it comes to the beach hunting thing. This trip totaled about 6 hours over the course of 3 days. Thanks to all you beach members, I've managed to pick up on a few things. I was in the dig it all mode, being not that confident in my sand skills. Did I mention that I hate bottle caps? They sound even better in the sand!!! I was mostly hunting the wet/dry edge and was just enjoying the early morning sunrise. This day I was on a tear of sinkers and caps. Still having fun being away from work though. At 9:00 am my wife came down and joined me for a before break
  14. Great find Steve!!!! History comes in many forms. Love the photo's
  15. Welcome Bryon, Lurk no more, glad to have you come aboard.
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