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  1. I started out the day on a high note by detecting an old farm that I found a Rosie and a merc on a previous outing. First good signals were some 22 casings. I then got into some 1970's pennies and hit a bunch of wheaties, The oldest was a 1919 pretty good I thought. Next up was a kids silver plate bracelet. Was hoping for better but it was not to be. After about 45 min. of trash I stumbled on an odd 1 3/4'' copper piece. This is very unique and I have no clue what it was. Last but not least was a 1943 p nickle, my first of this date. I thought it was an odd silver but seeing the delamination o
  2. So sounds like the Gold Kruzer has a normalized id system? I thought it would put aluminum up higher than nickels or gold.
  3. A couple of days ago I returned to a late 18th century homestead that has been disappointing in the past. I've always felt like there was something good to be found around the house, but the best I could do were a few wheaties and a ton of iron and aluminum. I had about an hour and decided to hit it again. Same old thing right before I left I found a 41 wheat 6 inches under a 2 inch piece of flagstone walkway (thought that was great). A day went by and while building a pergola in my back yard and nearly cutting part of my thumb in half, I had enough of construction and decided to go back one m
  4. I have been using the MK for a bit and putting some serious hours into it, weather depending as it has been hot here. Of the various modes I found the 4 tone to have potential but difficult to get right in high trash areas but find it has much better depth and more accurate ID's at depth when set properly. For parks and schoolyards there is tons of aluminum trash and can be a daunting task to trudge through it all. Even the zippy fast 3 tone I found myself investigating too much time on the mid tones and chasing id's. I had gone through the 4 tone mode to get a good range on the average g
  5. After another long hot week and some things that are weighing heavy on my heart. I decided to hunt a little woodlot and creek to take my mind off the grind of life. I walked about 1000 yds down the creek with little luck until I found a odd item that looks like an umbrella handle. A short distance later I retrieved a very very small tea cup (cool). After striking out on the water, I thought that I might have better luck on terrafirma. Shotgun cases woo hoo!!! I then decided to hunt near a giant of an oak tree, every bit of 40'' through. Hoping for something good, I got a good deep hit. At arou
  6. I run my MK with an external battery pack and swap to internal as a backup. Other day I was water hunting and didn't have a dry pouch to toss the expired batteries into and realized that the external connector cable doesn't have a protective cap. Usually I just pull the pack, toss it in my pouch and connect the cable to the headphone connector to keep it clean. I didn't want to do that with a battery pack inside as it could risk shorting out if there is some residual power in them. I made a quickie rubber boot similar to the one they have for the female connector. This is the first workin
  7. Has anybody done better with the Turkish machines on US silver coins in a park setting?
  8. I have a slight issue with my 11'' coil. Almost from day one it does not pin point in the center of the coil. It was about 2'' toward the nose, not that big a deal at the time. Now it hits anywhere on the whole edge, which means I have a 11'' pinpoint spot. This is very hard to find center target now. Also it is becoming knock sensitive on grass and gets a little chattery even on good solid targets. This coil is only about 4 months old. That being said who should I contact first, Nokta or the service center in Georgia? Anyone have any experience sending stuff back?
  9. Has any one tested the Makro Gold Kruzer against one or the other of the White's detectors listed in the topic? Thanks! Walt
  10. Let me start off by saying it's been about 40 days since I last detected. I've had a run of bad luck that started on June 3rd when a bad wind storm brought down a 90 foot oak tree that hit part of my house. Fixing the damage and sawing up a 50 inch diameter oak was not on my list of things to do, but it got done with the hobby put to pasture for a while. July 4th was my first day out for only an hour and I only found a 1919 wheat penny( I was happy). Between the 10th and the 12th I have about 7 hours swinging. I have been hunting a spot very close to my house and found a couple of cool items.
  11. Before the sun broke out in full force today I did a quick run about 1 1/2 hours to test out the Nokta waterproof headphones on my Multi Kruzer. Ran it at 19khz looking for small jewelry, found 2 1/2 earings, cruddier one might be gold brighter one is plated. This pond is brutal with iron as you can see the black chia pet looking thing on the side. It is a hard drive magnet I stick in my scoop to catch nails and bobby pins. You can see some of the rocks that also stick to it. My GB was low to mid 90's so ended up using Gen Mode in the quieter areas and 3 tone for the most part. Headphone
  12. Got tired of my machine flopping over so I made this. Fit's Kruzer and Amphibio series with or without optional external battery pack. Will give it a good beat down and if all works well will bang out a few if anyone is interested.
  13. Today started out a little slow at an old church ground, after about 7 cents and 1 1/2 hours I packed it in. Not wanting to give up so soon I decided to try a fair ground near an old fire house. I used to go there as a kid. Thinking I would find a ton of trash I put on the 9 inch to help with all the aluminum slaw. While I was trying to remember where the Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl where i stumbled onto a dime and penny. Thinking I needed to move up the field 100yds, I Was swinging as I walked not caring to much as this field is big and I was hitting a million signals. Half way I got a stro
  14. I did a friend who is a small metal detector dealer a good deed last week (at least for him) by buying a used Makro Kruzer 14kHz detector from him so he could at least make a sale from his home business. I have always liked Nokta Makro products and I had a Multi Kruzer previously and really liked it but the Equinox came along...........and so, I wanted to give the Kruzer another try. I already have a Racer 2 and really like a lot about it, especially its threshold based all metal mode, even though it suffers from the same issues as every other single frequency detector I have ever tried in th
  15. Hey Team, First post, long time lurker. I am right on the brink of buying my next detector. I previously had a GMT w/nugget coil shooter 4x6", which I had dialed in very well, and it detected small good very well. Where I am from everyone uses a GB2, and has good success - they are however hard to find in Canada, and I am leaning towards the 24K/GMX. I like the fact the GMX is waterproof, and I can use it for underwater sniping, as well as never worry about weather and or moisture. It comes with the 6.5" concentric coil, which I have never used, but in my understanding would make it even
  16. I hadn't seen an overview type video on the Gold Kruzer, at least not in English, so decided to do one. It's just a bit of a run through of the machine and a run across some ground and a few targets. Hopefully of interest to anyone wanting to know a little more about it.
  17. Deep mode and Micro mode. I haven't been able to get out yet. Snowing today. In my tests I like them both. On my 10" test dime I don't see a lot of difference. A slight edge to the deep mode. Deep mode does scream on shallow targets which could be an advantage on micro jewelry hunting. What are your finding on both modes jewelry hunting and micro jewelry? Thanks...Rick
  18. I've watched Callabash diggers video on the AF-35, running on the Anfibio, but are their differences between the Two machines that affect depth? I have recently come across some places where I've maxed out in depth. I'm finding a lot of newer coins at about 2 inches and some 1960's + coins and pull tabs at the 9 to 10 inch range. Not sure if a 60's era coin and pull tab can sink to that depth without some help. (topsoil added). I have the 9'' concentric and the 11''x 7'' DD. I get about two inches in depth difference between the two and find myself liking the 9''over the DD. But the unmasking
  19. Deep mode with 0 disc makes it very sensitive and deeper to tiny gold as with tests on an earring I would like to see if it's possible for an update adding notching. This is the first time I ever wanted notching. I would like to run the Gold Kruzer at 0 disc in deep mode and notch out what I don't want. Notching would be my disc if It had that feature. Would probably be good for nugget hunters also because 0 disc in deep mode makes it very sensitive and deeper. This would be a great addition. So for me notching would be perfect for jewelry hunting and I thing it would be good for nugget h
  20. If anyone is interested, here is how some of the targets listed in the chart's vdi #'s change based on frequency rather than the same set of vdi #'s across all freqencies. This is invoked by holding the - and + arrows at the same time. Some may find this handy when running in parks or high trash areas and need a wider spread on low conductors in the 19khz.
  21. Forced myself to go out in the 38 degree + 20 mph winds to do some testing on the new 9 inch concentric. First place was an old park near my since passed grandfathers house I haven't been there since I was 11. I only brought a screw driver to dig, and didn't want to get in trouble even though the park rules didn't mention detectors. I really couldn't dig any deep targets but the 9 seemed a little off. I was hitting iron nails in the 60's +, not all the time though. Ran 5 - 14 - 19 khz It seems settle itself in 14. Tried multiple settings of disc. and gain in each khz. This 9'' almost runs like
  22. Last Sunday I detected a new property which has me discouraged. This place is an early farmstead that has a 1650 structure still standing on it. The property was once about 800 acres and is now reduced to about 10. The soil has my multi kruzer going crazy. so far I detected about 1 1/2 acres. I'm dealing with not dozens of nails and small iron and slag but hundreds of this stuff (no joke). There is not one square foot that my detector is quiet and i'm getting readings on the display from 10-12 to 57-65 to 84-91 all in one square feet and every square foot. I've dug multiple times and found tar
  23. Hi all, I'm new to this site and the world of non analog detectors. truth be told I was a die hard Tesoro fan. since Tesoros sad demise I chose to purchase a multi kruzer and jump into the unknown waters of modern technology. I would like to thank all of you for helping me make this decision. This forum is a wealth of knowledge for someone like myself who is a weekend warrior detector. Anyway after two days of experimenting I think I have the basics of this amazing machine. I cant believe how deep it goes, I found an early button at 14 inches, I thought it was a false signal but dug it anyway.
  24. Has anyone used this coil? I'm thinking about trying it in the water and I hip mount the box so it might work ok. It's said to weight 503 grams which is light for a big coil. There should be a good depth increase over the 9.5x5 dd coil on gold rings. Or even hip mounted would be to hard to swing in the water. Nokta/Makro 13” x 15.5” GK40 DD coil for Gold Kruzer
  25. I got another Gold Kruzer to lake hunt. Still cold and snow in northern MI. The first Gold Kruzer I had I used disc at 6 and set tone break at 22. In Micro mode it was noisy but worked ok. I thought it was just a noisy mode. I was playing with it in the house and with disc raised to 22 the Gold Kruzer ran quiet in Micro mode. Why is that? With disc 0 and tone break 22 very noisy. With disc raised to 22 quiet. Will it go deeper and separate better with disc at 0-6. Or no difference except noise or no noise. Haven't tested it yet. I'll probably run disc at 22 and set tone break a
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