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  1. I average about 20 recovery calls a year. I've been on those calls that are a total waste of time. For me the good calls outweigh the bad ones to make it worth doing recovery calls. Rings I find on my own with no name engraved. I'll hang onto for 6 months and check the lost and found ads. If nothing after 6 months they get sold to pay for equipment.
  2. Why do you need to run maximum sensitivity? I usually run mine at 20 manual and its plenty deep. I can hit a silver dime at 10" with no problems. With the FBS machines if you run the sensitivity to high you actually loose depth. What county are you located in and what are you searching for. Dry land and silver coins? Gold rings at the beach?
  3. Take a small flat screwdriver and push the plastic back in place then try to connect them. Just make sure you move any of the pins.
  4. If it was me, I would line up the centering pin on the connectors and just push it in. That’s just my opinion. I work on stuff like this for a living.
  5. I'd look at the spot I put the yellow arrow. Its not round it looks flat in the picture. Don't know if that was a camera issue or if its actually a flat spot.
  6. https://fb.watch/babWm_9TAy/ And she answers some questions on mis information on the net. Imagine that mis information on the net.
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