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My Grandfather's Tale Of A Privateer & Hijacked Gold Shipment

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On 3/19/2022 at 3:57 PM, GhostMiner said:

   I remember my grandfather telling this story more than once when I was a little kid. I don't think my father ever believed it or maybe he thought it was only partially true. However, he thought enough of it to write down all the details my grandfather told him. I remember wanting to go look for the gold. I was about 10 yrs old. My father just laughed & said it would be a waste of time & money. My dad was a WW2 vet and became a prison gaurd & eventually got into industrial production with a big company. He had no time for things like this nor was he interested. I think if it was buried it probably wouldn't be very deep. I have a few ideas of where it might be because my grandfather took me aside one day about a month before he died. He told me a few things that he hadn't told my father because he said he didn't believe him. He gave me some landmarks to look for and very vague locations to check. I'm not sure how much of the story I believe either. My father said that my great great grandfather was a part owner of a gold mine in California but there were several other partners. I was only able to verify one descendant of one of them and when I contacted them they thought I was completely off my rocker. That was the end of that LOL. I've always wondered about the story and now that I have a grandson who is 2 yrs old i'm thinking of telling him about it when he's older. Maybe when he's old enough the two of us will go looking for that buried cache of gold. Perhaps we just might find it.

   I have recieved some new and mysterious information concerning this gold shipment and where it may be hidden. It seems my grandfather knew what he was talking about and the scope for a possible search may have been narrowed. The person who contacted me is willing to share more info but wants to be a part of the search crew if we form one. He also wants a large cut. I am wary of his offer though. This is an interesting time for me as I am preparing to leave society as I know it next year. I am selling my home and bought a 5th wheel to live out of. My goal is to not only search for treasure but also work my company's unleased areas where I believe large amounts of gold still remain to be dug. I have good reason to believe there is still several million dollars of gold yet to be found at Jed's dig site. 

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   This is a rather humorous standoff between me and this person claiming to have solid info on a general location. It seems he needs me as much or more than I need him. He tells me I probably have inside information passed down by my grandfather that he needs to complete the puzzle. I have not given out any good information to anyone on any of this and would be hesitant to do so. At this point in time the two of us are in what I would call an uneasy standoff - neither party willing to give up info to the other but wanting info from the other if some trusting relationship or business partnership could be established. Oh well, if there is such a treasure, it isn't going anywhere. 

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  • The title was changed to My Grandfather's Tale Of A Privateer & Hijacked Gold Shipment

   One last thing I should mention  -  this person claims to be in possession of an actual piece of the gold shipment. He refuses to tell me how he got it. He is willing to show it to me at some point. I guess this is to convince me that he holds the last piece of the puzzle needed for me to solve the mystery. 

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   About 20 years after my grandfather passed away years ago my father retired. I asked him if he would be interested in searching for the lost gold shipment. He said no, he wasn't interested. I asked him why. He told me that this was just an old yarn my grandfather had been telling certain people in the family for years. He said that as a young boy he had remembered a night when the family was together and my great grandfather was talking about the missing gold shipment. He said he couldn't remember much about the conversation but told me that he seemed to be serious. However, no one in the family believed it other than my grandfather. My father said that treasure hunting was a big waste of time that could be used for something more productive. He told me that every man is given a finite amount of time to live on this earth and that he should not waste it chasing rainbows. That was his opinion and I suppose he was entitled to it. My father passed away years ago and we never discussed the gold shipment again. Now I have a 3 year old grandson that I will eventually pass down this story to. That is, if I haven't found it by the time he is old enough to understand it. I am hopeful that someday the two of us could spend some time together searching for this treasure. That would actually be the real treasure.

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