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TDI SL Mods Alive


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Hello everyone — sorry I haven’t posted anything in the past when I originally signed up years ago.  Maybe I did cannot remember.  Unfortunately I have been fighting pancreatic & liver cancer for awhile, but I did have the Whipple procedure and it looks like the docs got it.  I am in recovery mode now.  They say I am part of a 1 percent club.  Just started detecting again and trying to get back into swing of things with the forums n such.  I will say it is great to detect again.
Very glad to see everyone is keeping the TDI mods alive.  I know Jim in Idaho — of course I haven’t talked to him in awhile unfortunately.  I mainly use my TDI SL’s on the beach’s  here in Florida (have 3).  So if anyone is interested in performance of the machine with mods on the beaches just ask.  The mods are not just for the prospecting side.  If you have thought about the mods and haven’t done them — do them!  They are not that hard to do on the SL.

I might even have some extra matched caps if people can’t find what they need.

I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy world and looking forward to posting.

R/PI-Man (Gary)



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Glad to hear that you are doing better and pray that you get better each and every day.

Hope to see you out there in the future.

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Wow! Gary, I had wondered where you got off to. Think of you often. Really sorry to hear of your health issues, but tickled pink to see you have it beat. Looking forward to some beach relic, and treasure pics. I'm still using my modified SL I think I added the vernier control knobs after the last time we communicated. They are the nuts for easily setting, and fine adjusting, the GB, and threshold.

 Also, we still have one  mod left to do on our SL's. I'll look that up, and send you a PM tonight. Seeing you post is making my day!


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Valens — Thank you so much for prayers

Jim — I see you are still working the TDI mods topics.  That’s great.  Yea life through me a curve ball — but getting better.  Just shoot me a PM or an email.  Oh I have some neat pics for everyone.

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