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Warning For Mining Claim Owners

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47 minutes ago, cobill said:


An update from CO...my claims are now considered ACTIVE and OK, but names and addresses are still XXXX...looks like this is for privacy reasons:


Good news Bil! Thanks for the update. I know a lot of mining claim owners that have had their closed claim status corrected. Quite a few more are still waiting.

There can be no expectation of privacy when you locate a claim. By law a public notice (including your name and contact information) is required to be made to locate a mining claim. If you don't make a public record, including your name and contact address, your claim is null and void after 90 days or less.

By law Personally Identifiable Information protection does not include information already made public by the individual. Every single mining claim owner made their information public to receive the benefit of a mining claim.

The BLM is not redacting this information to help miners. They are tying to protect some particular individuals but I can assure you that no one on this forum is in that protected group.


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Thank you for another informative post.

Curiosity being the bane of all cats I nevertheless must ask this question, why and how is it a legitimate action by a public agency to withhold required information?  

We common folk are required to provide the information but individuals within a particular "group" are exempted from that requirement.....  Any light you can shed on this mystery is appreciated...

Wishing you am Merry Christmas!


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