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  1. Glenn, Can you provide some pics of your GMT's with body mounts. White's quit making the hip/chest mounts years ago and you either have the Jimmy Sierra GMT's or have made a special mod for your usage. Thanks, Bill
  2. Glenn, Well then it's a good thing that I didn't go with my old MXT and found a great deal on the White's 24K with both coils! Read all the reports on this forum from Steve H., Lunk and Jim M.'s input and it looked like the best "fit" for CO wire gold. Hope to see you in the gold fields. Bill
  3. Does anyone know if the Minelab Gold Monster running at 45 kHz can see this wire gold? I did a search on the internet without any positive results. Steve H. mentioned it might, Kiwijw showed us some very small gold targets that the GM found and we know that the GMT at 48 kHz and GB2 at 71 kHz can see the crystalline and porous gold. I'm thinking about targeting some of this CO. gold with a VLF detector and need some input before purchasing a unit. Maybe Gerry McMullen can answer this question with his wire gold specimens. Bill
  4. Hey Dirtman, Is this unit still available? Looking for a good used GMT. Bill
  5. Glenn, Glenn Godat brought two large brief cases of his wire gold specimens to our Fort Collins club and everyone was blown away by his amazing finds! Too bad BLM, FS and Leadville closed off those mine tailing dumps because of liability concerns...another detecting area I missed out on.☹️ Any tips on setting up an MXT for detecting wire gold? Bill
  6. Amazing find in a tailings pile! You and Glenn have found a very special place in the CO mountains. Bill
  7. Hi Glenn, I've tried in the past to detect tailing piles near Leadville (now OFF limits to detecting) and south of Fairplay...just found lots of trash! Would love to meet you and take a hike up the hills of our beautiful State. Bill
  8. I want this or something similar! Please include my name in the drawing! Bill
  9. Found this pic of the Aussie made 14" x 7" test coil on another forum. Check out the GPZ cable. Yes there is a Santa Claus and Christmas in July for GPZ users. Bill
  10. OK, then outsource the coil R&D to the industry experts...Coiltek & Nugget Finder! What is so hard, let it go! Bill
  11. JP, The engineer told me last night that I can check my GB when the coil is swung across the ground, if it's quiet the GB is OK...sounds like he may need some updating as well! Bill
  12. I spoke to a very nice Minelab engineer in Australia last night concerning JP's new Ground Balance(GB) procedure and the use of Semi Auto GB. I informed him that I had concerns about the outdated GPZ manual and Knowledge Based Article "GPZ Tips for Better Ground Balance"...basically the lack of updated/detailed procedures on "what to do" for GB based on the ground conditions. He told me that the manual is very basic guidance, it provides instructions that will work for everyone and most people should use Auto GB. He did mention that Minelab might provide more on the subject in their Treasure Talk pages, because that is where opinion pieces are posted. Thank goodness JP keeps us informed! Bill
  13. Wow, what a big nugget! Bill https://www.9news.com.au/national/gold-nugget-two-kilogram-160k-specimen-at-ballarat-unearthed-by-prospector-news-victoria/2568e03e-c0fc-4486-98f3-15f331f00072?ocid=social-9news
  14. Phrunt, I was thinking of just sending my GPZ plug with chip to have SteelPhase make the adapter. I think I could solder the microphone plug onto the GPZ coil cable without any problem...or is this another potential issue that hasn't been discussed? Bill
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