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  1. GPX 6000 in Victoria Part 2. Hi Every one .. In part two of my Gold trip to the Victorian Goldfields with my new Minelab GPX 6000 I catch up with fellow youtubers and do a shout out for them and a minutes silence for Anzac day Tribute.
  2. Maybe one of the ML dealers can answer Calmark's questions for us along with when will the GPX 6000 be available in the USA? We're already sold on the GPX 6000, thanks to Steve H. and all the excellent posts on the DP forum. Bill
  3. Another Tony Famo YT video with the GPX 6000, showing "no threshold" and different gain settings on targets. Bill
  4. Latest OZ post from Jen Walsh on FB. The GPX 6000 is seeing reef gold, maybe it can find what Gerry is looking for! Bill
  5. WOW, this is the good stuff we were dreaming of! I'm hoping to be able to hunt longer with the GPX 6000...in 2018 and 2019 I was only able to detect for 5 - 6 hours daily with the heavy GPZ and GPX detectors. It's time for pleasure and enjoyment, like JP said!😊 Bill
  6. Gerry, FB is full of haters and that is why I just posted your excellent article and told them "Class is in session".
  7. Gerry, Does this mean that the GPX 6000 has landed in the USA?πŸ˜€ Bill
  8. Well, I got tired of waiting for ML to offer a smaller GPZ coil and ordered an X-coil. I've never done any electronics soldering before and followed Simon's and Rick's detailed instructions, along with Chet's new procedures to make a patch lead using my 19" GPZ coil. I ordered the required plugs and accessories for the project. Took my time, checked with my ohm meter as detailed in the instructions, secured with double-walled heat shrink and everything worked perfectly on my 15" x 10" coil and the GPZ 19" coil worked great....nothing trashed or disabled. Bill P.S. Latest on FB X-Coi
  9. From Jen Walsh's FB page: The GPX 6000 From day 1 I was skeptical with a hefty price tag of $8000.. Needed to prove itself to me to justify its existence.... My opinion for those interested Firstly WOW....... The weight of this machine is incredible in itself .. Balancing well off one finger with no effort, Hit the on button and your ready to go in seconds. Easy / Difficult ground button one touch . Clear display screen Easy to read and understand. Manual with threshold on or Auto without Swing this all da
  10. Here is a YT video on the 12" Z Search coil vs 14" GPZ coil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YHgCTdnQcU Some of the latest FB postings by Jen Walsh with her new GPX 6000 on Chicks with Picks Australia- From Wayne Barry : I walked over my 34 grammer a foot deep on at least 3 occasions with GPZ7000 and 12 inch nugget finder coil and didn't hear anything. But tonight checking out an old favourite spot .a boom beautiful sweat gold tone loud and clear .GPX6000. 30 gold targets since Saturday arvo I'm with Jen on this note .my new go too machine Wayne Barry Absol
  11. Just in from Australia, GPX 6000 11" coil found 25 gram nugget at 600 mm (23.6") deep. Looks like it can go deep! https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=34961&p=25 Bill
  12. Steve, Thanks for the detailed write-up on the GPX 6000. My favorite GPX 5000 coil is the NF 17" x 11" elliptical mono and it punches deep on deeper nuggets. I know it's early in your testing and no one else has this coil, but what are your thoughts on this 17" mono for depth on those potential larger nuggets? Bill
  13. Steve, You got my attention at "happier than ever"! Let us know how that elusive 17" coil works for deeper targets...it may just reduce the GPZ edge on deeper bits. WOW, so excited I pre-ordered a GPX 6000 and traded in my GPZ, this is going to be a game changer for those of us in retiree camp and slowing down.πŸ˜„ Thanks Gerry McMullen. No more: Heavy detector, ML harness with struts, ferrite to GB, GB decision of Auto, Semi-Auto or Manual, trying to maintain proper coil control with a heavy coil, not being able to scrape the ground, X signal and saturation signal confusing the dete
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