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  1. Mungass, Great gold and nice pics from Australia. I love the Ozpig stove & grill/cooker...watched their video, wish we could get it here in the USA, only available overseas!☹️ Bill
  2. Joe, I sent you a PDF paper with PT instructions from my local podiatrist. Enjoy, Bill
  3. Brian, Welcome to the GPX-6000 Club...I knew you would get one after seeing it in action! Bill
  4. I'm with WesD, traded-in my 7000 with 19" coil and an X-coil. Received my 6000 from Gerry last week....WOW is all I can say. My body and right arm will thank me this year!😀 Bill
  5. Hey Lunk, WTG breaking in that shiny, new GPX 6000 with fast gold! Must have gotten those trainees blood flowing. What are the gloves you are wearing...something for carpal tunnel syndrome? Bill
  6. Yep, I've been on the pre-order list for 4 months now...there goes my June detector training trip to NNV! Maybe Fall or ??? WTG Minelab. Bill
  7. Found this posted today on "GPX 6000 Fault" topic on Gold Prospecting Australia forum from deepblue: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=609151#p609151 I just received my GPX6000 back from Minelab they did a very good job on the repairs and a quick turn around. The problem wasn't there originally but came over time. Every now and then a bump of the coil would cause the GPX6000 to turn off or shut down with an error message coil error. Then after a while turning on the machine would reset it and it would be ok for sometime it the next bump. Thinking that it was the coil it was changed out for the 14" DD from the 11" Mono. Didn't make any difference to which coil was being used. The Battery was checked and maintained a full charge. I did notice a one point when the Display was gently tapped the machine shutdown with the coil error message displayed. Kept on trying all different options to get the GPX6000 working continuously but to no joy. Took the GPX6000 back to where I purchased it and they arranged for a warranty repair, turns out it was a loose or badly fitting connection between the boards. I had heard of this problem before guess it just lucky to get one. Took it out today for a test on I'm very impressed with the repair and machine it runs perfect scored 8 pieces in an hour 1 piece was in a rock over 6" down no visible gold to see but found it when I crushed it. Thanks again to Minelab service for a great job. cheers db
  8. Maybe the container carrying the US bound GPX 6000 is on the bottom of this cargo with over 300 containers! I've heard each dealer is only getting 2 - 3 GPX 6000 units each at the end of the month, same for June and July...lots of demand, limited supply.☹️ Bill
  9. Gerry, Thanks for posting the WY gold. Looks like I need to make some new friends in WY, probably around the Atlantic City area.😂 Bill
  10. Yes, The Rye Patch slippery snot got me several years ago and I started going sideways down a hill by the north end of the reservoir. Very dangerous and I spent an hour at the car wash in Winnemucca before heading home.😂 Bill
  11. Latest OZ post from Jen Walsh on FB. The GPX 6000 is seeing reef gold, maybe it can find what Gerry is looking for! Bill
  12. Gerry, FB is full of haters and that is why I just posted your excellent article and told them "Class is in session".
  13. Gerry, Does this mean that the GPX 6000 has landed in the USA?😀 Bill
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