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  1. Jason, Glad to see you back on the gold! Great story and explanation on the X coil operation at Quartzsite. How do you think the 17" x 12" will run in Northern NV with wet, salty ground? Bill
  2. Mitchel, glad you also received your 15" x 10" X-coil and have some resources to make the connector mods. As soon as I'm ready & able, I'll be doing my cut & solder using Chet's, Dave's & Phrunt's instructions...all good info! Not trying to start some more GPZ coil wars, but on the GPZ 7000 AUS FB page I found this on the NF coils: "I hear that Rohan will be making the patch lead for you Still need to cut the plug from the original coil to make the patch lead"☚ī¸ Bill
  3. Steve, At Rye Patch, NV. across the road from the burn barrel, one of Gerry's guys buried a nickle 18" deep and all the GPX units with an 11" coil can detect the nickle. I doubt if any VLF could see that nickle!😂 Bill
  4. My Northern Colorado club is very small and most of it's members don't have the resources for newer high performance, multi-freq detectors. They have older VLFs like White's DFX, Garrett AT Pro, Ace and even some BH. The club mostly focuses on relics and coins. I'm considered the "outsider" that likes to hunt for those elusive gold nuggets and old coins, using high end Minelab PI/GPZ units. Bill
  5. Just read on another forum that LE JAG will soon be testing an 8" coil on the Fisher Impulse AQ! Should make some folks have a Happy New Year. Bill
  6. Wow Rick, everything questioned in our minds was answered...as expected, the Fisher Impulse AQ will be a great tool when used properly. Expect it will be impressive not only in the salt waters, but also on the beach and in the US freshwater lakes and rivers. Can't wait for mine to be delivered! Bill
  7. OK Phoenix, did the guy who told you about the NF coils mention that it had the Minelab cable with chip or was it a modified dongle? Lots of questions remain to be answered about this new 2020 coil option for the GPZ. Bill
  8. I just got "tired" of waiting and ordered the 15" x 10" elliptical spiral wound X-coil yesterday. I'll cut the plug off my NIB 19" ML coil and it can stay in the closet until I want to swing the beast! I'll also wait for the Nugget Finder Z coil range of coils...great products from NF. Happy Holidays everyone, Bill
  9. Great nugget and video Lunk! Can you share the settings you ran on the GPZ in NV? Bill
  10. Gerry, Great post and beautiful RP gold...you know that area better than most hunters. This year I crawled and gridded small areas using orange cones to mark off areas( Lunk's recommendation), overlapping by 1/2 or less and it works, if the gold is in the ground! Like Mitchel, I may need some more training by the pros in those special RP areas. Bill
  11. I went to Rye Patch, NV last week and only had 9 hours of detecting with the GPX 5000. Got serious and followed some guidance from forum members and found 3 chevron nuggets (.6 gm, .3 gm and .3 gm) found 4" - 6" deep in heavily detected ground. Many thanks go out to Gerry with a great deal on the Minelab GPX 5000 and Rob's NF Evo 17 x 13 coil paired with the SteelPhase enhancer. Settings were: Gain 18 - 20, Deep, Sensitive Extra or Fine Gold, and a quiet Threshold so I could concentrate. Signals were obvious and clear, without the constant mineral & salt noise. I also have a GPZ 7000, but trusted the reliable GPX for this short trip. Bill
  12. Mitchel, Great trip report and good gold for RP. What were your thoughts on Chet's 17" XCoil compared to the GPZ 14"? Bill
  13. It's been over 3 months since this was first posted on the forum....what is the current status of this new coil for the GPZ? Bill
  14. Mitchel, Guess I should have been clearer. What were the clues and discoveries of things while you were looking? I have attended 3 of Gerry's training classes (2 at Rye Patch (one with the 7000 was a total rain/snow event) and 1 in OR.). I know you were at one of those classes, but took off detecting in Sec 17. Beyond the obvious exposed bedrock, iron stained quartz, pyrite cubes and salty areas...not much else on what to look for was passed along to the attendees. I've found a few grams at RP, gridded some ground on my claims this year and got skunked...it's getting harder to locate a good signal. Bill
  15. Mitchel, Great story and beautiful nugget! I'm heading out next month to Rye Patch and was wondering what clues and other things you discovered in the burn barrel area. Been there many times and only found nuggets on other patches. Need some new tips from successful nugget hunters. Bill
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