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  1. TVR, Yes I read and acknowledged the Fisher Disclosure letter. My issue is that Fisher States in their letter that: "Experienced beach hunters have rigorously tested the Impulse in multiple beach environments since 2009. The Impulse AQ Limited is engineered, manufactured and tested to be fully compliant with the demanding requirements of this application and environment. The Impulse AQ is not a prototype or pre-production metal detector". I'll say it again: Bill
  2. Latest post on Fisher Labs Impulse AQ FB page from Alexandre Tartar: The IMPULSE AQ units are part of a limited series of 100 pieces. This series allowed us not to rush off into a worldwide series and to see what could be improved. We can see that there are a lot of problems with our competitors with waterproof devices. Unfortunately there are many detectors on the market and the number of returns is catastrophic. Here we have modified the mechanics, removed the cables. We have upgraded the electronic board so that it can be mass produced avec a good board adjustement. We have improved the electromagnetic shielding of the detector and improved its behavior in seawater. Regarding "discrimination", there has been no change. It's always an iron reject setting. So, I spent $1,800+ to be a tester, so "they could see what could be improved" Are you kidding me! Bill
  3. The biggest problem I have with the AQ is those tiny fragile M-8 connectors on the battery, headphone and that cable. It's a 1/4" OD fitting with 4 or 5 micro-sized pins. Surely the unit Le Jag was using in France did not use those fragile fittings on his remote battery setup. FTP engineers (Carl) must have been laughing & rolling on the floor when they saw this design...have you seen the way detectorists handle their equipment with their mountain-man & woman hands and over-tightening knobs & threads? Spend a few more bucks and do it right! Right now I'm trying to find a mod to fix this, Bill
  4. Loren, Interesting that you have blocked your Profile page, looks like another troll to me that is NEVER HAPPY or it's NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!😂 Metal detector companies have allowed "amateurs" to make videos about their detectors, why...because that is what the customers want and demand...not flashy, expensive videos with extensive editing that buyers won't believe. Remember 40% Deeper. Look at the MDF forum in the EU/UK...they don't believe anything that comes from pros or the manufacturer!
  5. I've only been in one Group Session and I was not a resident in the facility, but this thread reminds me of that meeting. I love the new Multi Frequency detector technology, XP Deus II looks amazing and I have one on pre-order. I sold several detectors in 2021 and gave away some to a friend because I NEVER used them! I just can't help myself, my name is Bill and I'm a detector hoarder.LOL😁 OK, maybe I'll make some space for the new toy, we'll think about it, maybe sell some gold detectors, closet queens, IDK. Bill
  6. Gerry, which Predator shovel do you use...model 56 - Spartan - D handle or? Predator makes great tools. Bill
  7. Great interview video by Grant Hansen from XP USA, answered alot of my questions . Bill
  8. Thanks Calabash for all the time & effort in putting the beach video up. XP is going to sell alot of the Deus 2 detectors and I really love the square audio option. Bill
  9. Thanks for sharing ColonelDan, the Deus 2 on the beach video is impressive. Glad I have one on pre-order. I just have to be patient, Santa will be late this year!🎅 Bill
  10. Hey Tom, any update on your Gold Fox trommel. Been looking at their products and contacted Kelly yesterday with some volume questions...the 5" Deluxe model can process 3/4 tons of material per hour, more than enough for 1-2 folks working hard. Are you primarily working heavy clay material or sand & cobbles? How long does it run before the battery slows it down with a 7 amp draw on one 2200 pump? Thanks, Bill
  11. Got my pre-order in, can't wait to use the new Deus II with new audio and waterproof bonephones!😀 Bill
  12. Now Steve has me interested in the Deus II and I can't wait to hear his thoughts on this new detector from XP with the new audio features...something I struggled with in the Deus model. Maybe Kickindirt can tell us more? Bill
  13. Gerry, had a great time at my 4th training class. Met many guys on DP, had lots of fun with Chet and Tom. Learned some new techniques from you and even found good gold late Sun. near the parking area. If you never been to Gerry’s class, you’re missing out.
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