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    Finding treasure, gold and other stuff!
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    GPZ 7000, EQ-800, CTX 3030, Dahlke 4" and Keene 2 1/2" dredges

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  1. Great finds Steve, knew you would find the "good stuff" with your NOX! Bill
  2. cobill

    Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Hey BeachHunter, where are the shafts available for ordering? Bill
  3. cobill

    Free Target ID Cards

    Thanks alot! Bill
  4. cobill

    New Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page

    Looking for a solution to convert my brand new CTX GG Amphibians to use on the Equinox...I just called Detector Pro and they stated that Minelab had the male connector on the Equinox made specifically for them(proprietary). It will be another 2+ months before Detector Pro can obtain the connector...if Minelab works with them! I've sent a few PMs looking for an adapter....this is getting frustrating and ML needs to provide an update on their waterproof headphones. I'm just glad I don't live near a beach, Bill
  5. cobill

    Another Possible Scenario....

    X2 Hope you find the good stuff!
  6. cobill

    Another Possible Scenario....

    So, did you??? or maybe your FB poll woke them up to our reality! Bill
  7. cobill

    Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    #Me too! First I pre-ordered from a dealer on 2 Sep. Waited, waited, waited. Then I traded in a GPX detector and moved my EQ-800 pre-order to my preferred dealer on 20 December. Now I'm told it will be March, so when Cabelas second shipment became available, I jumped on one thanks to Thegoldenone. It shipped today with FREE shipping/no military discount and will be here Tuesday! Bill
  8. cobill

    Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I received a tracking number also...thanks for the update! Bill
  9. cobill

    Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    Just ordered a backup 800! Thanks Thegoldenone and Cabelas, Bill
  10. cobill

    Equinox 800 Video - Gold Chain In Salt Water

    WOW, Water hunters will like this video! Bill
  11. cobill

    What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    My first detector was a JETCO BFO detector and it was a piece of junk! I was lucky if it could hit a coin more than 3" deep and it would cut-out when the "waterproof coil" was submerged, but it was all we could afford in 1969. So, after many years travelling around the world working and not detecting, I took early retirement and was able to pursue my treasure hunting addiction. I decided I would get the best detector available and settled on a Minelab SE. What a difference! After many ML products, from a great dealer in Boise, ID. that provides excellent training, I know that "If you get the best, you won't be disappointed". My wife taught me that phrase and it has served me well. The Equinox 800 will be another great Minelab detector. Bill
  12. Hey NuggetBuddy, I live in Colorado and like Steve said the gold is small here... -20 mesh and smaller in our rivers! The best detector choice would be the Gold Bug 2, which can hit gold as small as pin-sized. Open areas for detecting will have the fines and any area with larger gold is privately claimed. Bill
  13. Chase, Gerry has a pre-order list like most dealers. Apparently, he has some extras in the pipeline and "If you are interested in getting one sooner (possibly in a weeks), better pay me and get on the short list. If you are in no hurry, but want one when there are plenty in stock, contact me to get on the long list." Bill
  14. Hey Chuck, from Gerry McMullen's FB page: Bill
  15. cobill

    How Well Do You Know Your Gold Detector?

    Hi JW, I don't have a link...but maybe Gerry has something he can provide. Bill