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  1. Great conversation and info. One of the reasons I contacted ML USA was because of all the manual "vagueness/weakness" on Ground Balance, which was the #1 issue for me...if you don't have excellent GB, you will miss alot of gold! I asked the ML experts on the phone in Australia to send out a Knowledge Based article on GB and nothing, nothing, nothing has been sent to GPZ customers! But not for JP, we would be totally lost & frustrated.πŸ˜• This is the #1 reason (totally frustrated) I sold my GPZ and "on the list" for the GPX-6000. Bill
  2. Alexandre, That's GREAT NEWS for me as I'm #7 on the waiting list for the next batch of AQ Limited!πŸ˜€ Bill
  3. Lunk, can you provide a link to the speaker you're using? Probably better than a hot headphone in Summer. Thanks, Bill
  4. Supposedly #7 from their last release. LOL, I figured the same thing and sent Rick K. the question. Joe Beechnut love's his AQ Limited, not the best in trashy areas since it's a PI. Would be nice to have some answers from Fisher.
  5. I'm still #7 on the list for the AQ Limited and tried to ask if they were still being produced...no answer! Bill
  6. Jason, All I know is when ML was getting ready to release the GPZ, Steve H. had already sold his other gold detectors so he had space for the new ML flagship detector. Well here we go again. Steve H. sold his GPZ and is awaiting the GPX 6000. Maybe he knows something or has secret contacts "in the know". I'm on the pre-order list too and trading in my GPZ, but I don't follow Steve H.....πŸ˜€ I also noticed recently there are more detectors listed in the Classified section. Bill
  7. I just watched the FB live program on Treasure Talk. The new AQ will be released this summer, will have a depth rating of 10', an accessory 8" coil, and will cost $2,800 - $3,500! Bill Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews
  8. Gerry, your GPX pic "Says it all"! The decision process is easy peasy. Bill
  9. Maybe it's because the GPZ 7000 has that massive 19" DOD coil that goes 40% deeper and most people can't lift it...that makes it better than the GPX 6000 on large, deep gold!πŸ˜‚ You just can't compare small coils to large coils on large, deep gold and the ML chart doesn't tell us the details we are looking for. I just want to know when ML will release folks like JP and US dealers from their NDAs, so we can finally have some truth and answers to some of our basic questions??? Bill
  10. The 6000 will be at the Quartzsite Gold Show 12 - 14 Feb. Someone needs to be there to ask questions.πŸ˜€
  11. Lunk, great review of the 6000 design concepts, which will simplify the operators decisions while detecting. The 5000 has way too many adjustments that make the operator second guess their settings. We just want to find gold!πŸ˜€
  12. I’m one of Gerry’s older customers trading in the GPZ for the 6000. Lighter, ergonomic, and no wires, bungee and harness for this 64 y.o. nugget hunter. πŸ˜€ Bill
  13. OK JP, I surrender to the NF Z-Search 12" coil and have been placed on Rob's list....some are coming to the USA, no ETA yet. The coil does appear to perform better, quieter, more stable, less touch sensitive, etc. than the 14" x 13" GPZ coil. It will compliment my stable of GPX NF coils, which are fantastic and have found gold everywhere I've used them. After all, when you have spent $10K+ USD on the GPZ and coils, what's another $1K+? Merry Christmas JP and everyone on DP, Bill
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