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Sun Baker


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Now that's one of the easiest ways to know the area has not been pounded clean, a sunbaker.

I know you didn't mention the detector as most any would have heard it, but are swinging VLF or bigger?

How did your brother do?  If I get back to WY, this year, I'll look you up and we'll see what the new Axiom can do out there.  I realize it's not a GPZ-7000, but it has features and things it can do for a price that you might want to add it to the arsenal.

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Gerry We both were using 7000s with nugget finder 12 inch coils and my brother found 4 small ones on the other side of the wash  still got to go back there and do some more detecting ,we are in Quartzsite now met up condor today and will be going out with him tomorrow and try out a few new spots here.

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