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  1. Reese- sorry about those pics, just saw this! I will get them when its light out and post them for you here tomorrow. Stay warm in the meantime! 😉
  2. Wow, it’s interesting they are theorizing that either a Dane dropped it who had visited the Mediterranean, or a Viking may have been in possession of it. Very nice find! And for those who can’t read it: https://www-dr-dk.translate.goog/nyheder/regionale/midtvest/1000-aar-gammel-egyptisk-oerering-fundet-paa-jysk-mark-undrer-og?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US
  3. Reese, I like your set up! So I have to ask, what are you using for heating? I use and suggest a diesel forced air 12v heater, they work really well and you don’t breathe exhaust fumes or possible carbon monoxide like the other type that uses propane and doesn’t vent the exhaust fumes. Something like this- I mounted mine inside an old toolbox and we put it on the ground outside of the truck and run the heat into our rooftop tent using a dryer vent hose. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VT24CLK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_G5K83EB5B7GKAJ7AM7H6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. I made a cheapo telescoping slideout awning using PVC pipes to do something similar on mine- it forms a square roof frame to hang a shower curtain or tarp. There’s two larger pipes mounted to my roof rack, and the smaller diameter frame pipes slide into it. I tied a string between both pipe ends just long enough to act as a stop to keep the inner pipe from being pulled out too far.
  5. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/16914-miracles-do-happen-arrow-4-x-18-dd-coil-from-detech/#comments
  6. Even though it’s very stable, it is interesting how gold can still be dissolved by the chlorine in Agua Regia and becomes one molecule consisting of 1 gold atom and 4 chlorine atoms (AuCl4).
  7. That makes sense about an old channel being bisected by the one they’re in. And based on the side slopes upstream, it could be deposits higher than the present stream channel. Mapping their finds would benreally important.
  8. Simon, do you know what the geology is of the region where they found it? Just curious what the general type of deposits nuggets like that are from in NZ. Ive read that some of the goldfields there are hydrothermal, and others are from metamorphic based rock.
  9. That’s pretty funny you got two of the same offers for trading new SunRays, looking forward to seeing more of your future finds for sale here too, the specimens are nice!
  10. Hi Danny, I can answer that for my situation- Some of us just like finding the stuff and probably won’t ever sell any. It also doesn’t take long between hits, so it keeps people with ADHD happier too!😁
  11. Too bad they weren’t filming the moment. Must be a lot of baby nuggets in that creek where that came from. It was well rounded off also. Thanks for sharing it.
  12. I have a new condition unused set of SunRay Pro Golds I bought from Rob, - maybe we can do a trade for some of that shiny stuff you’ve been selling! I just sent a PM with photos of them if you’re interested, let me know. Edit: My headphones were just sold to another member. Thanks anonymous buyer! 🙂
  13. Gerry should buy the Boot of Cortez Nugget- 389.4 Oz Troy (26 lbs!). Then he could really put his foot in his mouth!🤑 https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/bootofcortez.html
  14. Glad it wasn’t yours, You had us going! Do feel bad for the anonymous owner though.
  15. Ugh, So terrible to see! I am really sorry. My wife ran over an entire row of her crew’s lunchboxes put under the work truck that they were trying to keep shaded, but this takes it to a much deeper level of regret. 😔
  16. I ran large gauge wires directly from my battery (put a 10amp circuit breaker on the battery for it first) to a separate marine grade female cigarette lighter plug with a cap into my truck cab to cleanly power and charge my higher amp accessories like my portable fridge, HAM and CB radios, and my detector, drone and camera battery chargers. The system works really well and there’s no issues with it shutting off with the ignition.
  17. I pulled out pounds of modern nails from trees around a lake in the Olympics when I was a backcountry ranger there. While bucking some logs, we also found old square nails imbedded deep when the tree grew around them. That lake was a favorite campsite for many generations. Good idea using a detector for them, it wouldn’t be good breaking a bandsaw blade on your mill! Klunker is right, the nails will be only head high unless the tree was fallen already.
  18. 1 foot is really deep for a metal target being in a log. Is he worried about the logs being spiked by vandals, or is he looking for old bullets or square nails imbedded in them over time? How big are the targets?
  19. I don’t know why, but I had a mental image of Golem saying “my precious” while reading your reply, Steve. 😉 But one look at Gerry’s shiny little hoard there and “why” becomes perfectly clear! I’d feel the same way digging up one of those! 😄
  20. Hey Tom, I should’ve known better, and my wife is an archaeologist! Don’t tell her what I said!😉 https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=anchor+stones+california&btnG=#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DAdvGNHeXMeMJ
  21. Saw this photo of a miner in Australia using pans to drywash, but is he trying to winnow for the gold? Is this a real technique with pans? I know some ancient miners used to do it with blankets, but this looks really messy and a good way to lose a lot of gold . If it was a technique they used, I’d love to detect or sample that dirt pile underneath his pan.
  22. Great story, it’s interesting whenever something ancient like that coin shows up in a much different part of the world than where it came. Out here on the western coastline of the US, archaeologists have found rocks near the coast that appeared to be anchor stones, possibly from Asia. And then there are artifacts from Vikings found in Newfoundland predating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in North America. I also have one question about that photo of the guy using gold pans in the article- but perhaps I’ll add it to the prospecting thread instead to not go off topic here…. Thanks for sharing the interesting article!
  23. No Wedgies either, I hope! It certainly looks like you’re in the right type of habitat for them. You’re getting a lot of use out of your drone for reconnaissance, very nicely done!
  24. I really like mine, a Mavic 2 pro, it was pricer than the Air as I wanted to get into commercial work with it, but I could have done just as well with a less expensive Mavic Air. That model really does well and I would recommend that one for starters too.
  25. That’s a great map, should be helpful for you. I assume those vertical dark lines are named stope mines following dikes? And as for a potential way to get better resolution imagery of that area, have you seen this? https://www.land.vic.gov.au/maps-and-spatial/spatial-data/how-to-access-spatial-data
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