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  1. good luck with the weather Steve , I know eric would like to see some heavy rain in sunny yuma
  2. well done Steve , you look like you just came off the set of a Mad Max movie .
  3. was reading about the new venture a couple days back ,hope they can get it done .
  4. It,s a project don't know if it was good , i was up in the mountains today at the reservoir and shut the water off for the season ,so now i can start more work this october , new liner in one spot and several more outside corners to rebuild and then off metal detecting this winter.
  5. I have been out out the backhoe most of the summer fixing our ditch triing to keep the irrigation water running ,110 year old ditches take almost as much work as you are putting in mining
  6. Good luck down under Steve , hope to hear some good stories this winter in sunny yuma .
  7. well done Steve and good on you helping out those miners .
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