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  1. Great ending of 2018 adventure wise for you JW , sorry to hear about your mother in law at least all her children were there for her.
  2. beatup

    A New Zealand Claim

    Yes sir it looks like a beautiful river to dredge in
  3. beatup

    Nice Arizona Gold Nugget

    a real beauty, congrats
  4. Congrats on a great find it is a pretty 1/2 Eagle
  5. beatup

    2019 - A Look Ahead

    Happy new year Steve and thanks for this great forum.
  6. beatup

    A New Plan For 2019

    Phoenix , i here what your saying i swung my 4000 from the time it was new untill the year the 7000 came out and deep down i still know how good the 4k is
  7. beatup

    Last Gold Of 2018

    great job of detecting
  8. beatup

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays everybody🎄🎉
  9. beatup

    A Gold Coin Story

    Congrats on a truly outstanding find.
  10. Here is a nice piece of Yuma gold my brother found a couple weeks ago,found with the 7000.
  11. beatup

    Lost My Gold Virginity?

    Congrats on your first finds,more finds will be in your future for sure.
  12. great piece of work Lanny.
  13. beatup

    Went For A Wobble Again

    nice little piece Fred