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  1. a big congrats and well done to all involved in that hunt like you said Steve i should have stayed in sunny yuma a bit longer LOL
  2. Great post Lunk at least she let to take photos of the box and it was good to hear a bit more about the capabilities of DD coil.
  3. Shes' a beauty Well done getting her outfitted and ready to go
  4. Well Done Jason Looks Like a nice return on the days you were out.
  5. A well run forum like this with all the information that is to found here is a real pleasure to spend time in absorbing all i can to use out in the gold fields doing what i like, So all i can say is Keep doing what you are doing Steve.
  6. great size the 10x5 and a big amen if it does not having the knock sensitivity issue.
  7. no detecting looks like the kind of ore you need to chemicals to get the metals out of it
  8. the ore piles you can see in one pic where it has been crushed down to fist size and there were piles where it had been crushed down to sand size particles it looked like they just left the ore they had dug out and just packed up and left. the area was a known silver producing region with gold as a by product of the mining.
  9. Condor and I went out exploring for old placer sites yesterday did not find what we were looking for but came came across this old mine way back in the mountains, deep shafts and a lot of the vein was removed from the ridgeline the ore itself was very mineralized.
  10. Got my shafts ,counterbalance and cuff for my nox a while back and the whole setup is just great the quality of the materials and workmanship is outstanding the cam lock for the lower shaft is a great step up from the old spring button and twist lock of the stock set up.
  11. Yes Debbie did say to Steve and I she was coming back to the gold show in Quartzsite
  12. well now that my brother lives here full time he gets out and finds the big ones and lets us clean up the smaller pieces.
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