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  1. Hey guys it,s a conspiracy to slow you down and keep the gold in the ground. 🤔
  2. Outstanding bit of detecting on your part JW and the crystalline piece is a ripper as they say down your way.
  3. Nice bits Paul ,good to here all is wright in your world.
  4. a real loss to the detecting community
  5. that is just some great detecting on your part JW.
  6. dang Steve that's more gold this week by wieght then i,ve seen you post after a full winter season . hope the streak continues for you down under.
  7. Outstanding find Steve , tell me were you guys over in the Eric zone ?
  8. I will let Eric know he left those behind
  9. Way to guys ,looks like Dennis is primed and ready to go Steve ,have a great time down under and get some big ones.
  10. A Big Congrats on that find Norm a real beauty
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