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  1. good job detecting that old area Lunk
  2. Big snow here wednesday ,sun is out and cows are being feed and calves are laying in the hay , nice peaceful day.
  3. well no matter norm you done good this winter congrats.
  4. Great little specimen Norn, i would think it might be manganese also . I think back in the day they found manganese covered nuggets in the chocolate mountains over in california somewhat close to Q ,seems like i was told that several years back while out around palo verde .
  5. Sweet mess of antlers oneguy , the buyers have their adds in the paper now don,t know how they will work around the social distance thing right now .
  6. Funny you mentioned dogs Swegin we now have around 8 miles of trails on the ranch that let folks come out and walk , ride bikes or horses and i can't tell you how many i see come back to the parking lot and their dogs have a shed in their mouths .
  7. Go out shed hunting on the ranch i trade them for rock to flint knapp and give some to a friend who makes lighting fixtures from them . These were all found in the last week or so only no real big ones yet . some blades from blue obsidian from lassen creek california also these i knapp when i have down time . that i k
  8. Hey that is good to know you do that Rob thanks for letting everyone know.
  9. Blake who owns Miner's Depot in Quartzsite buys and sells gold the store is closed in the summer months as they go north to Alaska to mine gold there
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