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  1. nice setup but it would be one heck of a ride to california.
  2. WTG, hanging in there on that piece JW.
  3. great machine rugged and dependable .
  4. Good Job busting rock and getting those nice bits JW.
  5. congrats ,i love it when you find those multi nugget holes.
  6. 3 1/3 hours to a great spot in the Wyoming side of the Black hills.
  7. sounds like it will be a great time ,have a good one down under.
  8. Andy my bother just uses muriatic acid and water and soak the gold for a couple hours.
  9. Well now Mr. Norvic it is a good story ,but i will keep it short. it involved an off road E bike, a fare bit of hiking and fun little bit of towing out of the back country with my Tacoma and Paul's Land Crusier out to the pavement 😋 I will let Paul fill in the blanks .
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