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  1. congrats and well done , it's a good one .
  2. Fresh out of the ground today in sunny southwest Arizona , my brother dug up a good one from under a boulder that was about 3 foot in diameter it was back under it about one foot and about one foot deep ,found with the 7000 and a nugget finder 12 Zsearch coil .
  3. Gerry We both were using 7000s with nugget finder 12 inch coils and my brother found 4 small ones on the other side of the wash still got to go back there and do some more detecting ,we are in Quartzsite now met up condor today and will be going out with him tomorrow and try out a few new spots here.
  4. Yeah i was watching my brother across the wash and swung my coil over the spot and a boomer signal blow up my ear buds
  5. First find of the year , My brother and i were out in the hills in the sunny far south west corner of Arizona yesterday and i ran my coil over this beauty at first i thought it was a piece of old lead but when i got down on my knees to looked at it closer i could see it was a nugget , had to call my brother over from the other side of the wash to come look to see if what i saw was real. We both made a guess as to it's weight mine was seven and one half grams his was over eight grams it came in at 10.36 grams . It was found on a small fan just at the top of a small wash.
  6. It would be nice to be able to detect like that
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