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  1. beatup

    Good Day Out!

    Good going you guys ,congrats.
  2. Doc i use a padded double snowboard bag to carry my 7k in it is very muck like what you are showing in your post being a double bag has room for extras.
  3. beatup

    Rough & Round The 24K Does Another

    real interesting specimen gerry,great find.
  4. beatup

    Zed Gold Afternoon

    great job JW, a good day out and good gold.
  5. beatup

    Extension To The New Patch

    nice little hand full of nuggets ,WTG.
  6. beatup

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    congrats on a good day out.
  7. WTG on a virgin run with that detector and coil, beautiful country also .
  8. beatup

    Managed To Find A Small Patch

    congrats on some real nice finds.
  9. beatup

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Paul, those sure are some nice looking pieces can't wait see what their bigger brothers and sisters look like.😁
  10. beatup

    The Rokon Is Back In The Game

    Good luck out there Steve .
  11. I like em just the way they come out of the ground. i'd leave it natural.
  12. Nice little nugget and a cool critter too .
  13. beatup

    Crystalline Gold Finds With New White 24K

    For fly specs those are nice ones Gerry.
  14. beatup

    4 More White's 24K Nuggets

    real nice collection of specimens .