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  1. That is the land in between highway 95 and lake mittery and the army proving grounds
  2. Looks and sounds like a good time was had
  3. He should be a happy fellow. I like to hit the piles as much as i can when i can too
  4. Got my shafts ,counterbalance and cuff for my nox a while back and the whole setup is just great the quality of the materials and workmanship is outstanding the cam lock for the lower shaft is a great step up from the old spring button and twist lock of the stock set up.
  5. howdy Xabi and welcome to the site we also have a large Basque community here in Buffalo Wyoming
  6. It has been meny years since i was up the deschutes river but that whole area was great for finding agates and jaspers
  7. I know with the roadrunners club you are limited to a 3 inch dredge now but some older members are able to use a 4 inch dredge by means of a grandfather clause.
  8. Good on you , some nice bits of gold
  9. Well at least there is one less scumbag out there , hopefully the rest of the mess with the authorities will work out for you.
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