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  1. Not all of the good stuff that comes out of the ground in Australia is gold one of my favorite rocks is Mookaite a very fine jasper that comes out of western australia ( windalia radiolarite) because you can make things like this with it.
  2. red glass for sure , here are a couple types of red obsidian the one on the left is called duo flow as there is both red and black obsidian in it the others are called pumpkin obsidian it can range in color from orange to brownish red.
  3. Good god Steve when s--t hits the fan on one of your adventures it does not mess around , good to hear you are ok and all is well with the rest of the family. Hang in there it can only get better.
  4. good to hear Chris was not hurt any worse then he was and that he is doing fine
  5. i can find the dinks with the 7000 just fine smallest i have found with .05 gram.
  6. I like my gold in all of it sizes small to big it makes no difference to me , i will admit the bigger pieces will make me do the happy dance when they come out of the ground.
  7. I have a pretty good idea where that gold was found , congrats to your customer on some good finds for wyoming.
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