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Hello Everyone - From Oregon

Everett Hicks

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Welcome! The southern Oregon coast was my old stomping grounds for many years.  I assume if you’re looking to hunt beaches you must be a little further north on the coast?

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Welcome from East Texas. The Legend should do well for you on the beach or inland sites.

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On 9/16/2023 at 4:35 PM, Everett Hicks said:

Geologyhound I'm in Lakeside love it here.

We used to have some Sunday dinners at the Lakeshore Lodge.  Small world …. If you’re looking for beaches, Sunset is probably one of your better bets.  That used to require a permit which was free, but it’s been a few years since I lived there.  Bastendorff gets some traffic too, but I think it costs to get in to Bastendorff now - at least to use the road and parking lot.  The Bandon Jetty Beach gets some traffic (and has petrified wood and agates).  If you go that far south, make sure you stop at the Face Rock cheese factory for some free samples and ice cream.

Whiskey Run does not get as much traffic, but there is naturally occurring gold dust there (and abundant petrified wood and some agates - more under good winter conditions) and I also found perhaps my most unusual gold nugget there.  I also have seen Japanese glass floats recovered off that beach.  Just don’t try to wade through any gorst patches. 

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