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  1. None of the confessions here will ever hold up in court ! (A Steve Please Delete This Thread Fund is being set up to cover the costs of the cover up........)😎
  2. BTDTπŸ™„ I use slip on shoes as slippers now......I realize I did it after walking long enough as they're a size too big but nobody else knows ! 😏
  3. A one minute ring find ! WTG !😳 It would take me longer than that just to check my pockets.πŸ€”
  4. Welcome to the crew ! More knowledge here than you can shake a coil at ! Already posted and in answers to your questions as you get to know your way around this hobby.
  5. There were other members of the gang as well as the two pictured caught at the scene . They escaped too when one of them told authorities he was in the band in the hotel lounge...... Beach envy. Nice lookin' chain , glad it was real !
  6. Good partner pick ! He might have more info about where that "yellow brick road" is located on an OZ map🀩
  7. Very suspicious a fish sleeping with the fishes , maybe those jelly fish were there to protect something ? The coins ? Somethin' might fishky goin' on there , and I don't , likesk , the smells of itsk ! skffffffeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww !πŸ™ƒ
  8. It was a good hunt , even if you didn't find the ring you were after.πŸ‘
  9. Good finds including the new inductee to the beepaholics club too ! Giving the family their home's history to display is likely she will be infecting more family to detect . Better go back before they clean the property out ! πŸ€”
  10. sohN New ranger at my beach and never returned my call about renewing my pass this year, got in 2 trips there but just junk before Memorial day.......spending more time with mom since covid shut down and moved 4 times since June , not much detecting time lately but now....... That permission I'm after is the local fairgrounds , been in operation for a LONG time. It's even older than me ! Harness racing , carnival rides , livestock exhibitions , girlie shows , car shows and demolition derbies ! Maybe I can actually post a respectable haul before the Nox warranty expires πŸ€” And yes , a camper area , I just moved in for the rest of the month ! I wake up before sunrise and will just have to step outside and hit the on button ! ..and there's lots of sand here so it's kinda like the beach.. Stay tuned for further developments.πŸ‘½
  11. Good spot Toad ! Probably lots left there too.....πŸ€
  12. Welcome aboard and you struck the mother lode when you chose this forum.....πŸ‘
  13. Not me , I meant you ! Every time the beach sees you coming , all the sand ducks ! πŸ₯΄ I have been working on a nice permission though. Hope to get it before everything freezes again.😲
  14. Major withdrawal from the sand bank today,,,,film at 11πŸ₯Έ
  15. Hope you gain a few pounds (in yer pockets) !πŸ€πŸ––
  16. Welcome aboard and happy hunting with your new machine.πŸ––
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