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  1. SOHNox Permits for state parks in Maine. Think is NH too. Salisbury and Rye are right there near Hampton too. State park fees are waived for 65+ for Maine seniors. NH Beach sold his house and moved to a place a block or so from Hampton Beach , he's there a lot. Pulled some nice finds over the years from watching his vids..( which are a good source to see the beach conditions on). I don't think I've ever seen him use a PI detector . I'd like to go down there too. Not sure about on street parking there but there is a state park on that beach with a lot , you just have to detect over the line. I was referring to OOB with the parking off season,,,have to be there really early , parking fills in fast. Lots of it but very crowded scene. All day parking is available in the Ocean Ave Lots , mostly closed off season too. Shallow slope , no rocks. Off season , I can park a block or closer , and they pull the meters too ! No running back to feed the beast. Fresh drops are missing but it's a huge beach. There's another access at the north end in Pine Point . with municipal lot a few feet from the sand, no fee off season . It's small and fills up WAY early. but nada now. On street only after snow fills in. The negative low tides are during the night in season and state parks close from dusk to 9am so the public beaches are the only show for minus tides. I was in the house band in a OOB beach hotel (Yup, Son's Of The Beach) and was there every holiday week . plus after retirement I worked the gate at a campground at Pine Point so it's like going home . But I got really sick of the crowds when staying there.
  2. SOHNox I do the southern beaches but more in off season to park closer to the sand. The one nearby is a mile of sand with rocky outcrops on both ends . I have a season pass. 🙃 Murphy has just been getting in the way ... (I was going today but dead battery fixed that idea. arrrrrrrrrrrrr.)
  3. Yeah mh , that's it. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh ! I knew this would happen. Now I want a big pouch ! But too many choices..... Uh oh , I can see where all this is going now ! POUCHAHOLICS ANONYMOUS I hereby call the meeting to order . I will now read from the charter. Our mission as totally "Ain't Right" treasure hunters is we will encourage the use of these multi use devices instead of helping our members get clean of this scourge. We seem to have some new members pledging tonight......stand and tell us your story.
  4. I have a feeling that list will grow with that pic posted ! I have something similar I got at my local auto parts place. It's a tool for removing old style window crank handles and those little plastic push pins they use on plastic body parts these days. Kinda looks like a big tack puller... (still no pic capability , sorry , hope I described it well enough) I lost my old giant antique screw driver on a detecting hunt in the woods.... this new tool has a hole drilled in the handle and a carabiner attached... My pouch is an old small point and shoot camera bag that is on my "toolbelt" (think batman's belt) . I don't get much to fill those big bags but hope to have to upsize some day.... my trash goes in a plastic grocery bag also hung on the belt when it starts getting too full to fit in a cargo pocket of my shorts or fatigues. I may custom make it for myself , I have crude leather/cordura sewing skills. I use a device called a Speedy Stitcher .(I saw one at a Walmart recently)
  5. Agreed. A Standing Ovation IS in order. 🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️ 👌 🖖
  6. I've seen lots of those cast iron drain pipes uptah camp ! Didn't know about the lead though. Those pesky Templars ! All that lead,,,, IDs the same as gold too...."sorry 'bout that Chief , missed it by THAT much" !
  7. LOL You sure have no problems with quotas ! (and you made me look bad ,,,,again 🤪) The '39 merc looks almost new....😳
  8. Well , that sucks ! Sounds like the archaeologists are the only winners.....hmmmmmmmmmm Good luck in your quest. I agree on getting the detector companies involved .
  9. But,,,Is that the best you can do ?🤔 Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh ,,, if not , post a pic . You already beat my best dreams. Turning green with envy now......
  10. That's what I figured but thought I should ask anyway.. Those finds look like it was a tool shed or workshop detection..let me know if you find a table saw , I'm looking.....😉
  11. Awwwwwwwww ..... Digging fakes is part of the game. Those add to your experience so still good. Your "it's real" time will come.😏
  12. Two nights ago I was driving into town @~40mph and all of a sudden there was somebody in the middle of my lane dressed in dark clothes and facing away from me. I swerved around narrowly missing the person and an oncoming vehicle in the other lane. And then there I was VERY THANKFUL it didn't turn out differently.😮
  13. What would happen if you put vinegar in the electrolysis bath ?
  14. It qualifies as a sun baker/surface find..👍
  15. Not looking forward to THAT scene! ' The older I get , the warmer "cold" gets... Pretty hard core lookin' rig ! 👌
  16. Welcome aboard. My name is popeye and I'm a Beepaholic... I just want to say,, "There's still time to run !" skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh But if you do stay , the treasarrrrrrr may be YOUR'S ! ( well , actually , you just found some and it's named DP Forums. ) Good luck to you and that paw guy , (I don't want to say this and it may just be me but he looks kinda like a ......dog ?)
  17. Might be luck but you did find it ! I'm outta likes but onna doze👌 with a onna deze 👍 for a chaser......
  18. Welcome to the forums Mr Paws ! Good luck with those new detectors. Gerry's clues will be a big step ahead...
  19. I asked MineLab if they needed the hologram code when I registered for warranty. I was told no . 🤔
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