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  1. Jim Two snakes gettin' jiggy. You can't unsee that !😳 Glad the pooch didn't get bit on. You pranked the prankster VL ! Bet he didn't do that again...πŸ₯Έ
  2. Welcome back Revolver from uptah camp !😎 You know the drill.. If you have any questions about that 6K just ask 'em . Many here have extensive experience with it ! No gold yet? Me too ! Keep trying , as you know your odds are going up every time you skunk out ! That nuggie is waitin' ,,,,right ova thayah >>>>>>>>>>> Ya just gotta get that coil over it !πŸ€ πŸ––Live long and prospect.
  3. Welcome aboard Joe ! You chose wisely , hope you enjoy your stay. Hey Joe , where ya gonna go , with that detector in your hand ? Well wherever you went , what's in your hands now ? (wait for it ....) Did you find anything good ? 😜
  4. Welcome aboard ! Last time I was out on the Cape these places where I was (in the 80's).. Compass , Pufferbelly's , and of course The Chicken .. But now I yam where I yam,,,uptah camp ! Lots of beaches and historic places out thayah on the Cape . yessuh Waiting for your finds pics. Bet some nice ones !
  5. Button , button , you got a nice one ! Silver is the fastest color. Glad you caught some !
  6. Well , welcome aboard to the both a ya from uptah camp ! I always wondered if a nose ring would fly if the owner sneezed ?
  7. WTG ! Now you'll have to start a collection .🧐 It's awesome to find out a mystery target is a KEEPER ! There's so much junk out there to compete with a good relic, it has to struggle to be found !
  8. But YOU found the marble ! BTW I found a marble yesterday...... Bet you probably left him in the dust in IQ points....... Awwwww geee Doc. I know all about Bluto ! (He always takes the wrong turn in Albaquirky ..) Tried to make a fool outa you too huh ? Your thinkin' right then was "I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more !" . I just know it somehow ! I have a friend that had a brother like that ! Was one of those "Hey y'all watch this , somebody hold my beer !! "types. He became a used car dealer ! And died of an Oxy overdose .....True story ! How'd your "Bluto" do ?
  9. Nice haul right there ! Assure wifey that many here would do that finds dance too !🀩
  10. Doc I'm guessing you had some kind of experimental find locator chip implanted in your head back in the 70s ? Possible alien origin??? (You sure didn't find it on the i-net back then)...and ...where and when can I get one and did the probing hurt too much ? 😏 Kidding aside Doc ,a hunt well done ! Looking forward to your next .
  11. Ehhhh,,,, What's Up Doc ? That site is a good spot is what's up ! Site envy here Uptah Camp . Looks like you took the RIGHT turn in Albaquirky .......
  12. Hmmmmm , impressive! The crew up there will be sooooo jealous and the show producer will be contacting you as soon as he fires them all ! Personally between you and me I think he'll be happy not having to come up with weekly "big find of nothing much " clips..... I think that would come under the category of a map with an X,, if you could just give me the GPS #'s ? and what your settings were ! 🧐 You're making Gary's bobbydazzlers much less dazzling..😡 I'm digging a tunnel from Maine to the island.. (Cap sold the boat and moved to Nebraska) So I might link up with your very shallow digs in a few days or so..... OK , I know I can drive there but where's the fun in that? Happy hunting and welcome again from Uptah Camp ! OOOOie
  13. I'm late to the party. The finds pics are looking like you still have massive display disease.πŸ‘ I'm hoping to become a victim of that terrible situation myself.😍 That GPX is a real "Hoover " ! πŸ€” I'm saving up my finds from the last month. And maybe next month too . I'm getting close in the junk department anyway.........πŸ™„
  14. That cover looks awesome . just like the rest of them did ! WTG Doc ! I'm sure there are no unhappy customers.... phrunt So , you're an Aussie Kiwi ? πŸ€” So who do you insult if you're both ??? 😜
  15. rvpopeye


    Welcome aboard Nalawal! Choosing between a 900 , a Manticore or a Deus2 ...Less complicated is not what I'd say to describe those 3 ! But all would be a good choice for someone willing to put in some hours getting to know what any detector is telling you. Any questions are going to get answers if you just ask. Even if you think it's stupid.... Those detectors aren't cheap so it's good to find the one that's best for you before you drop all that cash ! My question is ,,,, what are you looking to find , and where do you plan to look ?
  16. Welcome aboard the crazy train from a maineiac uptah camp yessuh ! All aboard the detecting express . Leaving now on track 1 to all treasure locations... You have a couple of capable detectors ,,,,,,,,, Did you find anything good ??🀩 Sorry , I hear it so much I just thought I'd try asking , maybe you found a giant hoard ? Possibly know where the stash is on Oak island ?????? Or if you have a comment. Post 'er up ! We like to have fun and see pretty pictures of whatever it is that you want to brag about..... 😏 Happy hunting πŸ€
  17. rvpopeye


    Welcome aboard ! I'm just guessing , but buying an Axiom is probably not your first detector...or is it ?πŸ€” Tell us about what you've been up to until now ? Even if it's just a plan, you can tell us 'bout that ! Maybe you'll get a pointy finger .
  18. Well , welcome aboard Onehead , if you're still here ! What were you trying to find out about that Gold Master ?
  19. Welcome aboard John ! So , tell us about some of the treasures you have been finding for the last 20 years in your neck of the woods . Or beach , maybe the desert ? And don't be shy if you feel the urge to comment !
  20. Your out of the way forgotten spots are turning into a lot of good finds ! WTG ErikπŸ‘
  21. Nice little fatty , a quarter of an ounce in one dig ! WTG ! Now , do it again ! 😏
  22. That's a good run, you did well ! Looks like it isn't over yet either... πŸ––
  23. Welcome aboard OrBrad ! And welcome back to the dig it club ! Looking forward to your finds reports.😳
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