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I'm new here and have been a rock hound for decades. That's why I'm here, would like to learn what these beauties are called. I have hundreds of rocks, big and small, from all over Ontario, Canada. My biggest regret about not being familiar with what types of rocks I choose to drag home is a find on a job site in northern BC, my hubby ran over a bland looking rock in a dozer, I saw light blue glass! Well, I jumped out of my rock truck and grabbed the two biggest pieces of this rock, which equaled about 10 lb. Long story short; I moved to Ontario a year later, was in a rock shop and discovered chalcedony. It turns out those two 5lb pieces of light blue glass are chalcedony. My biggest regret!

Having learned my mistake, I now wish to learn what more interesting rocks are composed of. I'll be bookmarking any threads that identify rocks by picture. And, it will be interesting to see what stony gems others share.

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Look forward to seeing your finds.

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Learning here too. Welcome

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