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  1. I've used the Gold Kruzer only lake hunting out to my chin. I haven't seen anyone post about it leaking on the Kruzers/Anfibio. I'm impressed with it's depth and it likes gold. It won't match a PI for depth though. The Gold Kruzer is a sensitive chatty detector and will find tiny targets. I had to turn sensitivity down to 80. It is an impressive detector for what it's made for.
  2. It's a nice detector and runs smooth. Has 2 tone. Has wireless headphones or you can use regular headphones. Has an interesting display. Comes with the 9" and 12" coils. Has carbon fiber shaft. $300 shipped. Will Trade for a Vaquaro or make other offer.
  3. I have the Golden mask One 24 Khz. It is an interesting detector and runs smooth. I have 4 other detectors and decided I'm not going to keep it. I mostly hunt lakes and I use the Equinox 800 and Anfibio Multi. If you want to try the Golden Mask One 24 khz I'm selling it $325 shipped. It has a 9" and 12" coils. It has wireless headphones and you can use regular headphones. It has a nice display. I used Gain 30, Iron Volume 2. It is an easy detector to use.
  4. Mike, That's a great post on how to hunt micro jewelry. You need to write a book on how to jewelry hunt. Thank you, Rick
  5. I don't know a lot about them. Only from what I've seen on videos. They look like they run quiet and unmask well. The graph display looks interesting. They detect deep. I would like to have the Golden Mask 6 sometime. I do have a Golden Mask One 24 khz coming on Wed I bought used. So I'll find out then.
  6. You have a great spot to hunt. Unfortunate for the soft sand. Don't step in any quick sand. A scoop can come in very helpful. I was hunting in a lake and one spot had a big hole. One time I stepped into it by mistake. I used my scoop to help pull me across it and I didn't go under.
  7. To ground balance use all metal like you said. For some unknown reason it's an 1/8" headphone jack. So you need an adapter 1/4 to 1/8. The High/Low is more and less sensitive. I ran it high all the time. Manual: https://www.depardetector.com/pdf/443018690-relic-striker-eng.pdf
  8. Kac, even at 4.8 khz it hit hard on a 3.77 gram gold ring at 13" with the Ultimate 13" coil.
  9. 4.8 khz It runs quite too. I haven't seen falsing. It can be hip mounted too. It balances nice also. It has a ground balance or a setting for no ground balance.
  10. Has Ultimate 13" coil and 15x18 coil.It goes deep. $475 shipped.wildwoodgallery4@gmail.com
  11. I used this coil one time on a beach. I got the coil for water hunting but it little to big for me. $140 shipped Mars 13" Discovery coil for Kruzer/Anfibio. Weighs 520 grams
  12. I am so sorry you got that diagnosis. My prayers are with you and your family. You never know what God might do for you.
  13. I received my 5x10 in a padded bag. It works great.
  14. That would make for the lightest detector made. With a drone you could hunt for 20 min. It's a great idea except for the limited flight time.
  15. I haven't heard of any Kruzer/Anfibio detectors leaking. Any waterproof detector can leak but the Kruzer/Anfibio are very well made and less likely to leak. Well done Nokta/Makro. I look forward to your future detectors.
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