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  1. I didn't know you can get a 3d printer at a low price. Did you use the Cad software that comes with the printer?
  2. It does work and the sand will sift fine. I've used one with stainless steel with 1/8" holes for 2 years. I have one now with 1/16" holes to try and see how it works.
  3. What detector were you using? Good getting that coin out with the iron.
  4. Nice hunt with AT. Double sided tape won't work. I tried. You can use plastic zip ties. On mine use stainless steel wire woven and stainless steel wire to attach it. That's a great job on you 3d print. You have something you could market.
  5. There are different tests you can do. You can find the tests on the internet. It does look unusual. There are universities you can send photos to and they can help identify it, if it's a meteorite or not.
  6. Dilek has a video that said there isn't a release date yet. It could be a little while. She did say there is something new coming in the update. We don't what it is.
  7. The Legend is working really well. I'm looking forward to the the next update. In my mild ground I am running sensitivity max. I'm using field mode and Gold mode. I'm surprised how smooth gold mode runs. I'm going to have to sell or trade my Equinox 800. I try and make my detectors as light as I can. With the Legend I'm using an Anderson carbon fiber shaft with the the controller in a fanny pack with a hole in the bottom for the cable. I like it. It is much lighter.
  8. Ok, I haven't heard of Picardin. I looked it up and it better than deet. I'll have to get some of that too.
  9. Don't use permethrin on your skin? It's only for outside of clothes. Use deet on skin.
  10. Nice video. Lots of pull tabs. I'm looking forward to your relic hunt. Have you taken it in the water yet? The water is still cold. Temps have been going up & down in Michigan. I'm trying to talk myself into getting a Deus 2 but am waiting to see what Minelab, Garrett and maybe Fisher comes out with.
  11. I want to know if "Deep Woods Off V Ticks", keep ticks off of you. Permethrin kills ticks but is Deep Woods Off V good enough to keep ticks off of you. There never use to be many ticks in northern Michigan. Now there everywhere.
  12. It comes down to where you live and what you can find.
  13. I have a couple scoops with 5/8" holes and I put a wire screen in them with smaller holes to catch everything.
  14. Dan, a great water hunt. It's nice getting in the water when it's hot out and even nicer getting gold & silver too.
  15. Wood handle is light and cheap. Floats in the water too. Stainless steel handle is heavy. I've never had a carbon fiber handle. I'm sure they are nice. A lot of choice in a sand scoops. I find 3/8" holes is big enough. I have a 6" wide and an 8" wide sand scoop. I don't think I would want an 11" wide scoop.
  16. Great hunt. Nice coins. You are great story teller with great photos.
  17. I know there are some who never want to dig any iron. True there not worth much.
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