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  1. The waterproofing should have been that way to begin with, so why the increase in price. I like the better waterproofing but I'm going with the D. A little more money but I think it's worth it.
  2. I would trade for Xp Deus w/elliptical hf coil, Gold Kruzer.... It needs to be waterproof. I don't want an Equinox, Multi Kruzer or Anfibio. Detector I have: Legend, AT Gold, Tejon, Vaquaro, Xp Orx, Gold Kruzer
  3. I usually have recovery at 3. I'll try 0 ground balance. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks, good to know. I didn't take mineralization into account. I have mild ground.
  5. Wow, that is an odd find. Nice it's silver.
  6. Normally I was running disc pattern A, Pitch, and Tone Break 10 or 11. Using the 6" coil doing nail tests, I switched to disc pattern to F and set Tone Break as low as it could go and that was 1. With Tone Break at 10, the nail test with the Legend was hitting it partially. At Tone Break 1, I got a hit all around on the coin. That really surprised me. Yes, I was comparing Tone Break 10 and Tone Break 1 to see if it affected separation. I didn't test other Tone Break settings. I was surprised how good the separation was with Tone Break 1. And surprised it hit the coin sweeping all around it. Have you tried it Thank you for asking.
  7. I have some hearing loss and want to get another headphone that's louder. I don't have a problem with most of my detectors but I have 2 detector that are very soft hits on deep targets.
  8. You've been digging! A lot coins. How many different detectors involved?
  9. I find concentric coils work best with Tesoro's. Tejon, Vaquaro, Cibola and Lobo ST all use the same coil. I would try to get one on Findmall classifies. There is a 6" round, 8" round, 9x8 round and I think an 11x13 concentric coils. You could get a dd coil. They are easy to get. Nel Coils are available for the Lobo ST. You could get a coil right away for the Lobo.
  10. I circled with a white line. The little tiny thing is a pot. Needs a tiny screwdriver.
  11. This is a Lobo ST board. I circled the ground balance. If you turn it counter clockwise 20 deg it will make it hotter and go deeper. I see white, green and red wires. The other wire is probably black.
  12. I sent an email to Dilek about it. Tone break shouldn't do that. Will be interesting to see the next update. At least the Legend is working a lot better with those setting. M1 doesn't separate well. Single frequencies won't make a chirp on the coin which is surprising. Nokta will make the Legend even better finding these things out. Try the settings and let us know how it works for you. Nasa Tom probably does know. I posted it on his forum too.
  13. Using this test with the above setting, the Legend hits the coin all around. Set tone break at 10-11, only get a hit one way.
  14. Yes, set tone break to 1 and use disc to 10 or 11 for best separation. Tone break at 10-11 kills separation. It seem Tone break, Iron Filter and Stability are all connected. They all affect separation.
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