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  1. I don't expect it to perform like the Equinox or better either. If it performs as well as the Equinox or even close to the Equinox I will be happy with it. I like your thoughts of what it might perform like. Can't wait to see some real videos of the Legend.
  2. Yes, if the Legend performs as well as the Equinox it's a winner. Lower price, better waterproofing & maybe more coils. I loved the Equinox 800 water hunting. I quit using it in the water after it's warranty was over. So this one could replace it.
  3. Steve you got that right. "It’s just more of the same in different packages," All vlf detectors use the same technology. It comes down to trying to fine tune it to get the most you can out of it. Depth, separation, better target id, emi resistant.... SMF has pushed vlf's ahead. How much more can be engineered out of vlf technology.
  4. The Deus 2 has some nice features and looks incredible but for me I'm going for the Legend. I just hope it's as hot on gold as the Nox, goes as deep as the Nox and has a great coil selection.
  5. I noticed that too and was wondering how small the gold jewelry could go before it's in the foil range.
  6. The Deus 2 looks incredible! How they packed all that into such a light package is incredible. I like how it can be used with a different shaft if you want to. Everything from the ground up wireless. It's just unbelievable. I like it.
  7. T2se w/ 7x11 & 5" coils, like new...$450.00 Nel Sharpshooter 5.5x9.5 for T2 new, used in test garden...$80.00
  8. My T2se w/ 3 coils is going to have to go. I'm looking forward to the Legend additional coils.
  9. I'm planning on using the Legend with a T2/F75 style shaft.
  10. What a spot to hunt! Nice hunt. Try soaking the unidentified coil in hydrogen peroxide. At the bottom it looks like the crust on it is almost ready to start popping off.
  11. He probably thought it was a phone unfortunately.
  12. You can put some vinegar in the water. It shouldn't hurt anything. It might make more hydrogen gas. Electrolysis needs an electrolyte like salt or baking soda to work. When you soak iron in white vinegar it might need to be soaked for awhile.
  13. I've only found 1 gold chain in a parking lot and money. I always keep eye out for gold as I walk in.
  14. Well done on the Legend. I will be getting one and an extra coil or 2.
  15. Great iron relics. I love finding those. I've let some of them soak for a week in white vinegar and all the rust is gone.
  16. That's a nice find. Nice spotting it with your eyes. I count that.
  17. I'm wondering if there will be a high frequency coils available for it.
  18. From what I see in photos, it looks like there is no cable and battery going in the shaft. The opens up other opportunities that I like. I am interested in Nokta/Makro and this one w/ 9" coil. It doesn't look like there will be hf coils. Need to see more.
  19. I wonder how bone headphones are when you have some hearing loss. I wear a hearing aid but I don't need it with headphones.
  20. I hope the Legend can come off like that. If it can I'll hip mount it and use a carbon fiber shaft for water hunting. This shaft is designed for the Equinox. The lower shaft on it is 3/8" dia. All it needs is an upper shaft and a handle attached. It will work. The upper handle I have is like the T2/F75. That will work so nice sweeping thru the water. Imagine this sweeping thru the water.
  21. I like this feature. I hope it works great. I'm going to get this detector when smaller coils are available. I would like an 8" or 9" round coil and a 5x9.5 elliptical coil.
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