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Garrett Vortex Intro 1.5 Hours Long?

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I dont like the Vortex stock coil ( the Raider ) . I have tested it on the Apex and this coil is heavy , unless Garrett has changed its design but I dont think so .. 

I wonder why they didnt choose the Viper which is much more cumfortable to sweep than the Raider ... Another mystery for me ..



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11 hours ago, Digalicious said:

The line up does have SF options. Up to 25 KHz on the VX9.

I spoke briefly with Steve Moore at Garrett today.  I figured he was slammed, so I didn't pry much.  I asked about higher frequency updates and was told it will not run very high frequencies, but maybe in future updates 🤞.  

I interpreted that in two ways.  First interpretation, it won't EVER run at 40kHz+ due to technical limitations, but MAYBE ~30kHz is a possibility (just throwing numbers out for discussion's sake).  Second interpretation, it CURRENTLY doesn't run at high frequencies, but the possibility of an update to allow operating at >=40kHz exists, but I'm not talking about it, or it's not in the short term pipeline.  I don't expect more info than that.

I think we won't be seeing 40kHz+ unless they are hiding a V24k upgrade 😈😍.  And tbh, it's a tough one for me as a business man and a consumer.  If you release one machine that does everything, you don't have room to grow, so you either price it according to the functionality and miss a large segment of the customer base.  Or you create a machine that has it all and price it like this one, with software upgrades, take the entire market, and hope you can innovate and iterate enough to convince someone to let that detector ever leave their sight 😆.  


At the current price point there isn't much room to complain.  This clearly laps the cone models and much of the competition, if not all of it at that price.  I do hope they release a modern 24k with the technology in the Vortex or vise versa.   I wouldn't mind spending close to $2k on a multi frequency, lightweight detector with an all day battery life that destroys the Nox/Manticore/Legend/24k/Gold Monster.  At ~$600 I don't feel like many are going to have buyers remorse.  The detector looks like it's in a price class much higher.  They know their market well, and as someone already said, there are Garrett die hard fans that will only buy and use Garrett equipment for various reasons and this will be a huge upgrade for them. If it hits the shelves by November, Garrett is going to be under a lot of Christmas trees with a "To Dad, Love Santa" label on the wrapping paper.

My third, but likely not last cent on this machine.


I'm also waiting to hear from the US tester.  😁

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