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  1. No worries Gerry you know me and I know you so I know I can maybe offer what truthfully from my perspective is some helpful advice. I am also reasonably sane most of the time and so if I actually am off base myself well just say so! I do make mistakes but bottom line is I am just trying my best to be a decent moderator so thanks again to everyone. To me stuff boils down to intent and I know we are all just trying hard to help each other.
  2. Come to find that forum member Mike Haer has a weekly podcast each Monday that I have been generally oblivious to though I think I linked to it in the past on a given subject. Anyway, Mike had another new forum member, George Kinsey, on last week and the forum was mentioned. Many hours of listening available there from past shows so check it out. And thanks for the mention guys!! https://www.spreaker.com/show/all-metal-modes-show Mike’s Website
  3. Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    They struggled to find their footing in mining and metal detecting after I left but Brian was my old Mining Manager and the company was very fortunate to get him back on board this year. He is world class on gold mining. Metal detectors he fell behind on the technology so he is still catching up there. But he will take care of you, no question about that.
  4. Target ID For US Coins??

    I have to admit I struggle a bit when people who have no idea what I know or do not know tell me I don’t know anything. I don’t post about subjects I am ignorant about and if I was ignorant I would say so. I wish more people on Tom’s forum lived by that rule. I am like the happiest guy in the world to help people but questioning my credibity makes me wonder why I would be believed in one thing and not another so why bother. I’m surprised you have any interest at all in my opinion after your comeback on my post trying to defend Tom. Sorry, just being honest because if you knew me I am honest to a fault. I’m certainly willing to put it behind us but after all the negative commentary (not necessarily referring to you personally) on Tom’s forum I would not mind hearing your true thoughts at the moment. Hell, I got ripped into over there just for a friendly New Years post about my silver finds. It’s my way of sending signals while working under an NDA, and as someone who has now been involved in the SDC 2300, GPZ 7000 , Gold Monster, and now Equinox I have a lot better idea than you or most anyone about how the system works. I labor under the restrictions myself but have been diligent in trying to release as much information as possible about a product that despite what the close-minded people on that forum think is a product that I truly think offers real benefits at an incredible price. I get more rope perhaps because I know quite clearly where the lines are and Minelab has come to trust me in these matters. I have never since I started posting in 1998 got this hard behind anything and it sure is not it’s because just another rehash of the same old same old. To answer your question - Equinox is remarkable in its ability to retain target id at depth. It’s not magic, but there are times using it when it seems like the next best thing. This guy knows more than I on the question at this point... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/5512-my-800s-maiden-voyage/
  5. Sign Of Problem?

    Some of those things I do have to wonder about detector versus intermittent EMI issues. The craziest stuff is out there in that regard these days. I ran into a weird intermittent EMI issue with my GPZ that had me thinking the detector was flaking out, but a week of intensive cross-checking against another GPZ followed up by a service center checkup never could find or replicate the problem. I know something as simple as a jet flying over has been know to cause brief issues with the GPX series. I am not making excuses and if there is a bug a pattern will develop, but this kind of stuff can be a bit maddening to track down and isolate. Every day we have some new EMI emitter to add to the list. I really feel for the engineers.
  6. The email people are now getting from Cabelas: ”Thank you for your order for EQUINOX 800 METAL DETECTOR. The vendor has advised us that the item is currently out of stock and has been backordered. They are expecting to ship approximately the end of March. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused & thank you for your patience.l Credit where credit is due - Gerry called it right. I still however advise against dealer cross-talk but Gerry was trying to let people know not to get out of whatever dealer line they were in and it is proving to have been good advice for many.
  7. Ger Easy Way Plus Detector

    Personally I would not buy anything from a company selling long range locators. I have therefore never used one. I doubt anyone on this forum has for the same reason so if you are looking for somebody who has used one you may have to look elsewhere. Try here.
  8. Ger Easy Way Plus Detector

    The companies products have been discussed here before... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3631-ger-easyway-3d-detector/ http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/2345-titan-ger-400/
  9. Why Only 50 Points Of Vdi?

    Just the opposite for me unless I am digging it all. Target id is the cats meow for coin detecting in parks. Jewelry detecting is different but I can up my odds by focusing on low conductive targets. And I am learning new nugget hunting tricks with target id.
  10. Equinox Future Firmware Updates

    Basically I cannot discuss the making of the sausage, but I don’t think I will get slapped on the wrist over this one. The development process in the old days was a major pain because revisions could only be done by mailing units back and forth. Now, as a machine like an Equinox is refined once the hardware is finalized you are basically debugging or improving software. This process is greatly aided by being able to download and update the software. Equinox is designed for this and it does mean the detector has a proven capability to be updated to fix any bugs that arise over time without having to send the detector in. I do not expect this to be used to make significant changes to features. The screen is not like the screen on your phone - it is a custom LCD so basically cannot be changed without a new LCD screen. The update feature is something that offers early buyers a degree of confidence that bugs will get fixed with minimal fuss and no cost. There should be no expectation from anyone of the machine magically morphing into something else via updates.
  11. Do I have to be in studio? Or if I was present, is it live or can it be recorded for a later date? In other words, how does it work? We had our own radio show in Alaska so I have been on radio many times and TV a few so am very comfortable with that kind of stuff.
  12. Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    My old company - I can vouch for Brian. My partner and I sold the company to the employees. https://www.akmining.com/aboutus
  13. With all due respect Gerry weighing in as a dealer with commentary of any sort about the competition is not beneficial to you. I know you would not see it but externally it comes off as self serving. My advice to any dealer is to never, ever talk about or mention the competition in any way. Most dealers have knowledge and the forum exists to mine that knowledge, so I generally welcome any dealers here. Dealer cross-talk about other dealers is not something that is a good idea however for multiple reasons.
  14. New Mexico/ Ground Condition/ Tesoro

    If you have never had a problem with mineralization how would it be said you are doing something wrong?
  15. Here is the blurb from the White’s website: The TDI SL Metal Detector has pulse induction power that provides unbeatable depth and sensitivity in its price range. And now the deal is even better. More than a new paint job, this Special Edition features key changes to the TDI platform aimed at serious prospectors. First and foremost, this detector ships with an 8 x 12″ Miner John Designs Folded Mono search coil. This choice was made to give gold prospectors better depth on large nuggets, but also increased sensitivity to small specimen gold that other pulse machines might miss. We also swapped the intermediate and lower shafts to create a streamlined “straight shaft” configuration preferred by gold hunters. Finally, to top it all off we revamped the control box with a desert tan paint scheme ideal for hot environments. This package is offered for a limited time and at a discounted price. And best of all the detector and coil are Made in America. The rechargeable NIMH battery lasts up to 6 hours, and a backup AA battery back will power all-day exploration. At a weight of only 3.3 lbs, and rugged metal construction, this Special Edition TDI SL is ready for serious prospecting. Are you? If you already have the TDI and just want to buy this awesome coil, please visit Miner John’s website. Download Product Manual SKU: 800-0332-MJD MSRP $1099.95
  16. Equinox 800 Catch Of The Day 2-22-2018

    Franklin Half - excellent!!
  17. Equinox Blow Up Is Just Competition, What Do You Think?

    Anyone that has not been around Gerry is in for a treat. Larger than life in many ways and brave also. I have never seen any dealer ever tear into Minelab at dealer meetings as fiercely as Gerry, and some things he says just leaves the entire meeting rolling on the floor. I am much more reserved and so kind of jealous of people like Gerry! Yes indeed competition is great. The heat is being turned up high now and that can’t help but give us better detectors.
  18. First Beach Hunt And My Thoughts " Rings Too "

    You should be - it’s a new detector. Slow down, stay home and bench test until you get the basics figured out. Obviously you need to be sure you have the headphones working. There is no need to use anything but defaults while learning. Try Beach 1 first, and if too noisy try Beach 2. I understand everyone is excited but for gosh sake please take the time to do a bit of study before heading out unless being frustrated is the goal. The main goal initially should be learning the detector, not jumping straight to instant expectations of top performance. Equinox Instruction Manual
  19. Dd Depths

    I am not sure why you think a larger mono gets more depth than a smaller mono but that the same would not be true of a DD. All other things being equal the bigger they are the deeper they go on large targets.
  20. Equinox 800 Morning's Catch

    Great find - only ever found two myself but that’s going to change. Congratulations!
  21. Official Go-Find 22, 44, & 66 Release

    Not bad for the 8 - 12 year olds they are intended for. I would not have shown them in the video as being in the same class as the rest of the Minelab lineup. Especially now that you can get an X-Terra for about the same money. Though it does sound like they now have the same guts as an X-Terra and the 66 might serve some people well as a detector to stuff in a rucksack or under the car seat.
  22. “Three new models are now available – the GO-FIND 22, 44 and 66, which will replace the GO-FIND 20, 40, and 60 models. New GO-FIND Series models have been designed with increased sensitivity so that targets can be identified at greater depth when compared to the original GO-FIND Series models. The new models are constructed using the same proven collapsible, lightweight platform and feature the same easy-to-use consumer interface which the original GO-FIND Series successfully brought to market in 2015. New GO-FIND Series models feature proprietary Minelab VFLEX digital electronics to enhance standard single frequency VLF detection technology.” More details here The new Go-Find page at the Minelab website: http://www.go-find.minelab.com/en/
  23. First Beach Hunt And My Thoughts " Rings Too "

    Even though the headphones are plugged in I believe you still have to turn them on with the power button. Equinox in no way lacks for volume and my guess is you are listening to the external speaker with headphones on. You were probably better off without them on! My honest advice is get more rest and make sure you get the machine at least properly operational before jumping into it. Not faulting you for working hard or being tired but it’s not the best way to learn a new detector. Image upload issues are almost always an internet connection and timeout problem if the images are extremely large. Reducing the image size will most likely solve the issue.
  24. Why Only 50 Points Of Vdi?

    I dig lots of trash with any detector I have ever owned. It’s just part of the process and the secret to making the best finds. When I was in the U.K. I simply dug every non-ferrous target and I was using the F75 at the time. If I was to go back to the U.K. with Equinox I would do the same thing.