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  1. Makro has just introduced a new lineup of metal detectors waterproof to five meters (16.4 feet) that includes a new prospecting model - the Gold Kruzer. The Gold Kruzer is no doubt based on the earlier 56 kHz Makro Gold Racer but at a slightly higher frequency. The Gold Kruzer only weighs 3.0 lbs and runs for up to 19 hours off the built-in rechargeable LiPo battery. The stock coil is a 5.5" x 10" DD coil with optional coils available. The Makro Gold Kruzer comes with 2.4 Ghz wireless headphones and has online firmware update capability. The new Gold Kruzer will sell for $749.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new Makro KRUZER series also includes the new 14 kHz Makro Kruzer as well as the Makro Multi Kruzer, which can run at 5 kHz, 14 kHz, or 19 khz. Series features (not all apply to Gold Kruzer): IP68 Rating - Up to 5 meters (16.4 feet) waterproof! Advanced Beach Mode Proven Discrimination & Unmasking Ability Especially In Iron Infested Sites Ultra Past REcovery Speed In 3-Tone Mode New! E.U.D. (Extra Underground Depth) Function Suited For All Terrain Including Salt Water Beaches Enhanced EMI Suppression Six (6) Search Modes Adjustable Target ID Depth Lightweight 1.4 kg / 3.0 lbs 2.4 Ghz Wireless Headphones Included! Built-In LiPo Battery Offers Up To 19 Hours Of Operation Ability To Power / Charge The Battery With A USB Powerbank Optional Waterproof AA Battery Pack Five (5) Optional Coils To Choose From Including A Concentric Coil Online Firmware Update Capability Makro Kruzer Color Brochure The new Makro Kruzer series will begin shipping in February 2018. Click for larger view...
  2. Steve Herschbach

    New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Not yet. I am not sure any are in the U.S. All dealer sites but one I visited said pre-order. The other was more likely an error. Only a few days left in May so it may be June now before anyone can actually hold one.
  3. Steve Herschbach

    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    Answered my own question. The new D2 coil now has a matching scuff cover. Cover for 10″ DD Open Loop. Fits New (2017 and later) 10″ DD loop. SKU: 501-4145 $14.95 https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/cover-10-dd-open-loop-new/?lang=us According to a measurement made on this older thread about the new coil the old D2 weighs 566 grams and the new one 526 grams so 40 grams lighter.
  4. Steve Herschbach

    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    My V3i new last summer came with the newer slimmed down D2 coil. On my digital postal scales, coil and cable weigh 1 lb 2.6 oz or 526 grams. Now we need an accurate weight on the old coil, which can be hard to get unless somebody does what I did and weighs them. many weights quoted on the internet are inaccurate - just people repeating something they Googled. FYI the old scuff covers will work but are a poor fit, with large gaps at the edges allowing sand and debris to get in unless taped. I wonder if White's ever made a new scuff cover to fit the new coil?
  5. The Garrett Searcher Best Of 2017 Part 1 17 page pdf (5.93 MB)
  6. Steve Herschbach

    The Best Of Garrett Searcher - Part 1

    You can now download the Best of 2017, Part 2
  7. I keep reading comments by people who think the ergonomics of the Equinox are just horrible. Coming from my 7 lb harnessed GPZ 7000 the commentary is interesting. People do know the Equinox is a waterproof detector, right? My challenge? Please list all the waterproof metal detectors you think have better ergonomics out of the box than an Equinox. Current waterproof detectors from major manufacturers listed by weight. Click for larger version...
  8. Steve Herschbach

    Mercury Mojave

    Very nice coin, good sharp detail!
  9. I posted this on the Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories thread but wanted to make sure it was seen so here is a new thread on the subject. I took the basic price list informations, spruced it up, and added the prices from a couple U.S. retail websites. All the MAP or Internet Prices for all the Equinox accessory items except the 15" coil. EQX 06 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0333 $179.00 EQX 11 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0334 $229.00 EQX 15 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0335 Unknown EQX 06 Skidplate Part No. 3011-0376 $10.00 EQX 11 Skidplate Part No. 3011-0377 $18.00 EQX 15 Skidplate Part No. 3011-0378 Unknown USB Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector Part No. 3011-0368 $20.00 2-Way USB Car Charger Part No. 3011-0375 $20.00 4-Way Universal AC Charger Part No. 3011-0374 $40.00 WM 08 Wireless Audio Module Part No. 3011-0371 $259.00 Minelab Bluetooth / apt-X Low Latency Headphones Part No. 3011-0370 $139.00 Waterproof Equinox Headphones Part No. 3011-0372 $149.00 Headphones (wired) 3.5mm / 1/8-inch Part No. 3011- 0364 $30.00 Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 $40.00 Screen Protectors (Set) Part No. 3011-0379 $12.00
  10. An error in VDI number and quarter/dime reporting has been noted in the early version of the new 6” concentric coil for the White’s MX series. I can’t imagine not digging anything reading in this range anyway, but it is something to be aware of. If nothing else it could affect resale value on the coils so if you have one and this is a problem it can be addressed under warranty once a fix is applied. Stay tuned.
  11. Steve Herschbach

    Ausdom Ah3 Wireless Headphones

    Does the detector get signals on targets in air tests? There are reasons why a freshly buried half might not be detected. Can't help with the headphone question since I have never tried those.
  12. Steve Herschbach

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    People who use detectors in the water have been converting from S shafts to straight shafts for years. If the Equinox was a S shaft you would have just as many complaints if not more. Go figure. So four pages and a few more complaints, but not a single person has been able to name just one waterproof detector of comparable performance that has better ergonomics. Apparently and as usual Minelab takes heat for not being better than they are when everyone else is at a minimum no better and in most cases are demonstrably much worse. And no, detectors that are not waterproof do not count because removing the waterproof requirement removes a major engineering obstacle as regards ergonomics.
  13. Steve Herschbach

    Hike With The Gold Monster

    Great little detector but I do agree it would have been good if the unit shipped with a standard telescoping rod instead of the screw together rod. The rod that shipped with mine is still sitting in a corner brand new.
  14. https://youtu.be/CZCAkUYQvRM Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Instructional Video - Basic features and functions of the fully wireless Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk pinpointer are demonstrated. Sections include: wireless syncing; a tip on factory reset; adjusting detection and sensitivity settings; lost pinpointer alarm; retuning the Pro-Pointer to find targets faster or to overcome environmental challenges; battery replacement; and general care.
  15. Here is the blurb from the White’s website: The TDI SL Metal Detector has pulse induction power that provides unbeatable depth and sensitivity in its price range. And now the deal is even better. More than a new paint job, this Special Edition features key changes to the TDI platform aimed at serious prospectors. First and foremost, this detector ships with an 8 x 12″ Miner John Designs Folded Mono search coil. This choice was made to give gold prospectors better depth on large nuggets, but also increased sensitivity to small specimen gold that other pulse machines might miss. We also swapped the intermediate and lower shafts to create a streamlined “straight shaft” configuration preferred by gold hunters. Finally, to top it all off we revamped the control box with a desert tan paint scheme ideal for hot environments. This package is offered for a limited time and at a discounted price. And best of all the detector and coil are Made in America. The rechargeable NIMH battery lasts up to 6 hours, and a backup AA battery back will power all-day exploration. At a weight of only 3.3 lbs, and rugged metal construction, this Special Edition TDI SL is ready for serious prospecting. Are you? If you already have the TDI and just want to buy this awesome coil, please visit Miner John’s website. Download Product Manual SKU: 800-0332-MJD MSRP $1099.95
  16. The new Fisher F-Pulse and Teknetics Tek-Point pinpointer are the same basic unit - the F-Pulse is red and the Tek-Point is green. First Texas is giving away a free F-Pulse and a free Tek-Point each month until the promotion ends. Details from facebook/YouTube below. May Fisher F-Pulse Giveaway! May is our first month of giving away one F-Pulse pinpointer to a lucky winner. We will be doing this on the 15th of EVERY month!!! But be sure to act quickly as the contest will be over and a winner will be selected on the 18th! How to Enter? There are 2 ways to enter or you can do both for more chances. Option 1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/FisherResearchLabs - Subscribe to SouthernDiggers YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHYTOnxvMhgQLU483YWte2w - Leave a comment on SouthernDiggers video on YouTube. Option 2. Like this post and leave a comment on this post. Please consider liking our page and sharing this post, however it is not necessary to enter. This contest is open worldwide. Good luck!!! May Teknetics Tek-Point Giveaway! May is our first month of giving away oneTek-Point pinpointer to a lucky winner. We will be doing this on the 15th of EVERY month!!! But be sure to act quickly as the contest will be over and a winner will be selected on the 18th! How to Enter? There are 2 ways to enter or you can do both for more chances. Option 1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TekneticsT2 - Subscribe to TheHunterGT's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/thehuntergt - Leave a comment on TheHunterGt's video on YouTube. Option 2. Like this post and leave a comment on this post. Please consider liking our page and sharing this post, however it is not necessary to enter. This contest is open worldwide. Good luck!!!
  17. We just went through a few years on constant releases of new prospecting detectors. And now the flood has subsided, with almost nothing on the horizon. There is the “any moment now” Makro Gold Kruzer, running at 61 kHz and waterproof to 15 feet. After that however it gets pretty thin. First Texas has new detectors in the works, but nothing rumored that is aimed specifically at prospecting this year, but maybe later. Right now a PI beach detector appears to be up next. Garrett - maybe they are working on it but personally I have given up waiting on a lighter weight ATX. Tesoro - nothing going to happen there obviously. Minelab still “owes” us GPZ owners a smaller coil but with Equinox occupying all their efforts....? Nok/Mak outside of the Gold Kruzer has been working on a PI for years, but absolutely no hints on it getting any closer to market. XP I thought might bring a version of the low cost DPR 600 to first world markets but no sign of it happening. And White’s? Who knows. Maybe we will see a repackaged GMT but the shine has worn off of repackaged detectors these days. Long story short is it often takes new detectors to stir up activity on forums. For now at least the future is looking pretty quiet. The good news is we can just focus on using what we already have to best effect without being tempted or distracted by new shiny toys!
  18. Steve Herschbach

    Easy Learning The Gold Monster 1000

    Your silver material is probably arsenopyrite. Unlike pure pyrite it is very conductive, very detectable. And very common in south central Alaska. Nice nugget!
  19. Since I compare the F-Pulse directly to the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT I have filed this report at the Metal Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum Short story - best pinpointer for my purposes I have ever used, and my new favorite. It was not a difficult decision!
  20. From http://www.minelab.com/customer-care/product-notices?article=321022 Minelab PRO-FIND Series Pinpointers PRO-FIND Series Pinpointers assist in accurately locating targets at the point of extraction where a metal detector coil cannot fit. This results in smaller holes, less environmental disruption and faster target recovery time. The PRO-FIND 15 offers essential core pinpointer features and is designed for simplicity and ease of use. The PRO-FIND 35 provides premium level functionality in a fully waterproof design for the serious detectorist. Both models use VLF transmission and incorporate Minelab’s unique Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology. More details are available on the PRO-FIND Series web pages: PRO-FIND 15 PRO-FIND 35 Download the new PRO-FIND Series brochure here. Download the new PRO-FIND Series Getting Started Guide here. Read the Treasure Talk Blog "The new PRO-FIND 35 hits the spot!" by Mark Williams here. More blogs to follow soon. Further product details and product availability will be announced in the coming weeks. Watch the new PRO-FIND Series Introduction video here:
  21. I tripped over this extensive article, available as a free download. Here is the abstract: The article sets out to clarify the special character of the North American gold pan and why it remains so popular – in spite of widespread dissatisfaction and many modifications and innovations. The North American pan is distinctive in being circular with a flattish floor ringed by an outwardly sloping wall. Its identity is confused by over-use of the terms 'pan' and 'panning'. The North American pan gyrates in a distinctive orbital motion driven by both hands of the panner. Although many other motions are resorted to (tapping, to-and-fro, tilting, and tick-tock), it is the orbital motion and flattish floor that together distinguish the pan from most other hand-held gravitational devices. In spite of its enduring popularity, no scientific tests have been published on the North American gold pan or for any of the innovations covered by 30 US patents awarded since 1861. It remains unclear if the North American gold pan is more efficient at recovering fine gold and flat gold than is a lotok, batea, dulang, ninja bowl, grizzly pan, mat, bucket or any other sort of hand-driven gravitational device. Some innovations are long-forgotten but merit attention. For instance, bars to keep the panners hand clear of the water, cables to hold large heavy pans, and several pans designed for panning without any water. Traditionally the North American gold pan was a combined digging and washing device, but today most models are not designed for digging and require a spade to be used. Gold recovery in Gold Pans -the term... (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/313562132_Gold_recovery_in_Gold_Pans_-the_term_'Panning'
  22. Crawfords Metal Detectors posted April 19 Do you want to get the best from your Equinox? Then join our masterclass! The Day: Join us for a day of tutorial and hands on learning with the experts. The venue: We have secured a small undetected field in North Lincolnshire in an area renowned for Roman and medieval finds, including one famous medieval artefact! The Date: Saturday 26th May Who can attend: Anyone with an Equinox can attend. Places are limited to 50 so tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. The cost is £10 per person (as the landowner has requested a donation to the local church). Refreshments etc will be provided. Tickets will be available now. Call 01724 845608 or on our website
  23. Steve Herschbach

    I've Seen A Picture

    The secrecy has lifted on the Equinox specimen find. Actually 18.8 ounces total weight with about 6 ounces gold enclosed. Here is the thread on Rob’s forum.
  24. Steve Herschbach

    One Additional Step...for Me

    Just depends on the ground. My ground is bad, so I always ground balance.