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  1. I think that is true actually. The Z and the 6000 both are troubled by similar hot rocks and salt ground, that the Axiom handles with ease. Z + Axiom is a great pairing. Or is it A to Z? I placed my vote of confidence - my 6k just went up for sale in the classifieds.
  2. Again, that page is out of date, I need to update it. Newer tags are missing, and some old tags have changed, and so will take you nowhere. The majority are fine however. I was busy selling detectors today, but will get on this by tomorrow latest, and get the list fully up-to-date. By definition the tags you see on the forum listings are all valid tags. The problem with that index page is I made it by hand, and have to manually update it. And that only happens in times like this, when it is obvious I've put it off too long. The beauty of the tags is they cut across all forums. I make sure everything gets appropriate tags. Its a lot of work to keep up at times, and so you will see me do it in bursts, but in the long run it basically creates a huge number of subforums arranged under every tag heading. Very handy once you figure it out. zlynk was the last tag I added, and if you click it and look, you see it grabs the subject from multiple forums.
  3. No "may" about it. The first real competition Minelab has ever faced in PI has finally arrived.
  4. Just listed on eBay for $4499 This is a Minelab GPX 6000 gold nugget detector, a couple years old, with a year remaining factory warranty. It has been well used, but taken care of, in perfect operating condition. The screen has and and always has had a screen protector applied. In addition to the standard 11" and 14" coils, it includes the optional 17" coil. All coils have scuff covers on them. The original Minelab ML100 wireless headphones are included, along with a cable to use them plugged into the detector if desired. There are also two spare batteries (three total) to provide at least three days operation between charges. All batteries have their own 110V chargers, and 12V charging options are included. I am including many spare parts: two complete middle and lower rod assemblies, two extra arm rests, and an extra scuff cover for each coil. Also included is a Plano 46 x 5.5 x 16 inches gun case, that holds the detector and essential items for travel. No manual is included, you can download the latest for free on the Minelab website. I found a lot of gold with this detector, and hope it does the same for you.
  5. Like new in box, all normal equipment included, plus remote to 1/8" headphone adapter. Never used the WS6 headphones, nor the underwater adapter kit. Some light scuffing on the coil cover, that's about it. Over 4 year 8 months remaining on factory warranty. Boxed and ready to ship. $1299 Shipped, I accept PayPal.
  6. That’s what you click on. The tag. Hiding in plain sight. Did you try it? Each post has one, and each forum thread list has a lot. Might be less visible on phones though. I’m usually on iPad or PC so need to pay more attention to what phone users are seeing. Anyone on a phone is missing half the forum. There is a master list under the Advanced Search heading in the forum menu, but frankly it’s out of date and I need to update it. Many missing tags, and quite a few broken ones. Another project for today. https://www.detectorprospector.com/tag-list/
  7. Warrens last video had some comments made about not being able to hear the detector audio. They must have read the comments, because this video makes specific note of doing just that. Personally, I think this makes for a much better video, as a number one question people have is about how a detector sounds on the ground, and on the target. This video does show that about the Axiom, for those that are interested. I’ll admit I don’t watch many videos, but I do want to note I very much appreciate those that create them. I see a lot of armchair critics, and my response is “have you ever shot video?” It’s hard work that detracts from the detecting at hand, and as far as I am concerned, is a waste of my time in general, which is why you don’t see me doing many videos. The main thing is they are free. Some comments people make act like they bought something, and got ripped off, when instead they are watching a free video. Just had to mention that, and to reiterate I appreciate anyone who takes the time to make and post videos for others. If you’ve never made them and posted them yourself, you have no idea what a pain it is to make a video more than a couple minutes long.
  8. The Axiom just looks better and better the more I use it. Many people are going to be in for a surprise when they assume it will not do well versus some other models.
  9. The history of these forums is a little complex. Once upon a time, there was only one, this one, the DP (Detector Prospector) Forum. The website ultimately is an information repository, and I try to organize things so people can find them. There is search. There are tags. But the main way to find things is look for the right forum. I added forums as things got busy, and so we now have brand forums, and activity forums. Coin & Relic, or Jewelry, for example. This forum still is the most popular, and acts as a catch all. However, I do sort it out periodically. After things drift back a few pages, I delete some fluff threads (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, today's weather), and move other threads to other location. If I move threads in the first couple pages, I leave a link to the new location. These links expire after a short time. Older threads I simply move. In a nutshell, if you go back a dozen or more pages, you will only find general prospecting threads in this forum. Discussion of locations, geology, etc. but all threads that are about a model or brand, do get moved to the appropriate brand forum. This has been a long winded way to tell you that if you are looking for old Minelab threads, they are in the Minelab Forum, White’s threads in White’s Forum, Garrett threads in Garrett Forum, etc. Brand specific stuff posted to this forum are welcome, everything is good. This is just a public service announcement to explain why threads may appear to get deleted, when in fact they have simply moved. One of the most powerful ways to find things here are the tags. Click one now just to see.
  10. I added this to the post above, as it is extremely critical for anyone recording numbers, and especially if comparing numbers with others. This is so important it needs to be repeated. Changing the coil, or the mode (Fine, Normal, Large, or Salt) will cause the numbers to change. Anyone comparing the GB numbers, must also make note of the coil and mode employed! I have done some testing and reporting of numbers, and for consistency I like to do a full reset of the detector, then do a ground balance and record them using the default settings (Fine Mode, Medium Speed, etc). Using a methodology like this can help insure consistency, and can be reported simply as which coil you are using, at default settings. If you mess with the settings, you need to record what changes you made. It’s also possible to see some small change in numbers if the EMI Frequency setting is at either extreme, in other words, readings at Frequency 5 may vary slightly from Frequency 95, depending on the situation. To perform a full reset, when the detector is already on, hold the power button for a few seconds. The machine will make a double blip, and GB numbers will go to 49 49. I then power the machine off, and back on. The detector is now fully reset to factory defaults, GB memory cleared, and any issues that could possibly occur from a coil change have been cleared also. Axiom when doing the iron check procedure does know if a mono or a DD coil is attached, and as a part of my personal tuning procedure, I like to do a full reset and rebalance after any change of the coil, and any time I change locations enough that the ground itself has changed dramatically. You'll never go wrong with making a full reset, and start clean process, a part of your regular tuning procedure.
  11. The dual ground balance numbers are always the same for same ground, coil, and mode combo. Changing the coil, or the mode (Fine, Normal, Large, or Salt) will cause the numbers to change. As far as I know, this is the first dual channel PI to tell you the actual ground balance numbers. At most with other detectors you had a knob setting position that might be related to a position, and thereby a number, but nothing like these two big numbers in your face. The numbers can be very consistent over a large area, or change every few feet. It simply depends on the ground. Large swaths of homogenous ground will read the same over a large area. Highly variable ground, or ground consisting of a field of large mixed rock cobbles, will have numbers that vary depending on what exactly is under the coil. For instance, you could balance directly over a hot rock. In this type of ground it’s important to sweep around a bit to get a feel for the ground feedback, paying of course attention to whether there are nails or other targets one might accidentally be over while balancing. If you do accidentally mis balance over something, you will find out soon enough from audio feedback, that the machine is out of balance. Note that ground balance window procedure below for dealing with a hot rock will leave you with different numbers than just balancing to the ground alone. Also, in highly variable ground, ground tracking may be employed. The chart below shows the range not just for ground, but some metal targets. This might form the basis of some discrimination tricks as people gain experience with the detector. This is so important it needs to be repeated. Changing the coil, or the mode (Fine, Normal, Large, or Salt) will cause the numbers to change. Anyone comparing the GB numbers, must also make note of the coil and mode employed!
  12. I only go direct to the forum. And almost as soon as I posted, it came back up.
  13. Well, they are offline again for several days. Not many users left, but I take a peek now and then to see if anything is happening.
  14. Yup, that’s their answer. They are not going to help you do that. They are telling you what you have to do. Collect evidence to present to a judge, who decides the penalties.
  15. This. The fact you have failed to get that evidence so far changes nothing. Do a better job hiding cameras or whatever. Think of it from law enforcements perspective. “Somebody stole something from me” ”Who, and what did they steal” ”I’m not sure who, and I don’t know what they stole, but I found a hole, and there was gold in the hole” What you are actually reporting is you found a hole with gold in it, and you don’t know who dug the hole. Not much for a cop to go on. And they certainly are not going to spend time and money on a stake out over it. Please do not put all posts in bold. I let it go in the other thread, but anywhere else I’ll just edit it back to normal.
  16. Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Instructional Video - Basic features and functions of the fully wireless Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk pinpointer are demonstrated. Sections include: wireless syncing; a tip on factory reset; adjusting detection and sensitivity settings; lost pinpointer alarm; retuning the Pro-Pointer to find targets faster or to overcome environmental challenges; battery replacement; and general care. Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Owner's Manual
  17. In my opinion, for most people, and most uses, the waterproof Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is one of the best pinpointers ever made. It was Garrett that actually defined pinpointers, and many made are simply copies of the ground Garrett blazed with the original Pro-Pointer model. Few have ever been as good for various reasons, mostly to do with ease of use. I can operate my Pro-Pointer with one hand, with my eyes shut, due to proper placement of the on/off button, and appropriate audio or vibrate feedback when powering on, and off. The only one I have used that seemed to compete well was the Fisher F-Pulse, but my F-Pulse seems to have crapped out, so I'm back to the Pro-Pointer. The Z-Lynk option can be nice I guess, but fact is I use my Pro-Pointer in silent vibrate mode with ALL my detectors, and am so used to running it that way I do the same with the Axiom. So I don't think a Z-Lynk enabled model is a necessity, at least not for me. I will comment on use even though you said not to. I rarely need an actual pinpointer when nugget detecting. A scoop does the trick in most cases. The exception is areas with lots of deep nails, tailing piles of any sort, especially where it is hard digging. A PI can hit a nail very deep, and it is not uncommon that they do not center under the coil properly, and can be missed when digging a hole. In tough digging ground there is a tendency to keep the hole small, making the problem worse. I've also had the hole size constrained by nearby obstructions like a cut bank, or a large tree root. A good pinpointer has told me quite a few time I was an inch off the nail, and digging past it. Also, if I am on what I think is a very large nugget, or in place valuable specimens lurk, I approach the target with care, and a pinpointer is a vital part of that. Nothing can make life suck like putting a pick into a nice nugget. To sum up, I do not carry a pinpointer with me in places where there is only minimal surface trash. My magnet does a better job of sorting that stuff out. But if I am in a location with either lots of deep trash, or very large nuggets are a serious part of the goal, then I will have a pinpointer on me. For Axiom, when tuning up, turn on the pinpointer and place nearby while doing the EMI cancel routine. This will help insure that the pinpointer and detector play well together. Even then, do not have the coil right next to the hole when using the pinpointer in the hole, unless you want an earful. Final tip. Be aware a PI really like to pick up a pinpointer on your person. Keep it well away from the detector. Far side of body on belt at a minimum, or possibly even in a rucksack top pocket, behind neck, if running large coils. The photo below is of a 1.26 oz nugget I found with the aid of the original Garrett Pro-Pointer at Ganes Creek, Alaska. That hole is a lot deeper than it looks because you are staring straight down it. I was afraid I'd hit what was possibly a large nugget, and am actually punching into the base on an embankment, and trying not to undermine it. An example of a real situation where the pinpointer was genuinely appreciated. Z-Lynk Tag Added
  18. Can't swear it ever made a difference in my use in the U.S., yet I always used it as part of my tune up routine. Maybe it helped and I simply don't know it. Long story short, it can't hurt, might help, why not? You want to own the most expensive nugget hunter ever sold, best performance possible.... but that one little thing is just too much? You want one Art, I have an official Minelab Ferrite Ring, appropriate blessings applied, that I will mail you for free. Just PM me your address.
  19. You are killing it with Axiom Gerry. I vote just a good cleaning.
  20. Axiom is a highly advanced and more powerful ATX circuit. As a dual channel PI it bears absolutely no relation to the TDI at all, the TDI being very old single channel technology. Why This Matters. As far as what features it has, and what features Minelab has, all I can say is read the forum, the company websites, and the manuals available for whatever machines it is you are interested in. That all we’ve been discussing since it came out. If offered both a Minelab GPX 6000 and an Axiom for the same exact dollar amount, given everything I know, and my experience with both detectors, I would take the Axiom. So either the Axiom is $2000 too low, or the GPX 6000 $2000 too high. I’ll leave that up for others to decide. In Australia they are priced near the same, and I’d say that’s about right.
  21. Not sure about the amplification required, as that will depend on the speaker itself, persons hearing, wind noise, etc. I find the external speaker that is built into the detector sufficient for my needs, so will leave experimentation of that sort up to others.
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