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    Prospecting, machining, equipment design/build, predator hunting, flyfishing
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    Whites GMT, TDI-SL, DFX. Homebuilt mineral jigs/with auto-feeder, for gems. Polaris 4 x4 ATV
  1. Nice writeup and pics, Tom. I enjoyed that. jim
  2. That;s the first thing of Jack London's I've read since I was a kid.....probably near 60 years ago. Sure enjoyed it. Thanks, jim
  3. I've got one of the old Master Hunters. It was the first detector I ever owned. It came with two sets of dual coils. You can select which coil you use by flipping a switch. Mine still works, though i rarely use it. A few years ago, when it was the only MD I owned, I used to locate my property boundary stakes. Jim
  4. LOL...nope, I was thinking of Steve Howard, Steve. My bad.
  5. Yeah, it might be a bit much. I'd like to find a charger with an adjustable final voltage. Then I could limit it to 16.0 volts. That would also make the battery pack last longer. I think Steve H said the SL could handle voltage up to 18.0, but I'm not sure of that. Best bet is to stay at, or below 16.0. One of these days, I'll get around to doing a test to determine how much extra depth, and/or sensitivity you get from the increased voltage. I do know my SL will detect a 1 grain gold bar at 1 1/2" in an air test, which isn't bad. Jim
  6. I've been running a 'reidman" 16.8 volt pack in my SL for about a year. No problems so far. Haven't done any tests to see if the extra voltage helps. Jim
  7. Many thanks, Steve....looking forward to reading that tonight! jim
  8. All the best on your surgery.....I'll add a couple of prayers tonight. I hope Hard is right on Whites improving the SL. Jim
  9. I'm already using a 4 cell L-ion pack. 16.8 volts with a fresh charge. Steve Howard said that was about all the voltage the SL could handle. Reg had a couple of mods that allowed a faster sweep speed without losing sensitivity on small gold. I've got the writeup on those, just need the right technician to get it done. I was a radar tech in the Air Force, but Reg said it required somebody with experience in current devices. Jim
  10. If you find somebody doing the mods, please post it. I'd like to have Reg's mods for the SL done to mine. Need somebody with micro soldering skills from what Reg told me. Jim
  11. Last I knew, Reg had quit working on mods. Said he had a friend thinking about doing it, but no decision so far. Jim
  12. Many thanks! Jim