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  1. They will replace it. I sent mine back twice. Minelabs office and repair center in America is in Naperville IL.
  2. I learned a long time ago no matter how hard a park is hunted you always seem to find more in places you thought for sure were completely hunted out. I have probably pulled $60 in clad from that field this year alone. But yesterday really surprised me because I had covered that area so good with other detectors. When I first got my 800 I went there and thought the 800 was a miracle detector because I had hunted the field so hard with my Etrac. I found $20 in clad in my 1st 3 hunts.. I am going to beat it to death again tomorrow morning
  3. I went out this morning actually to try out my new Quest Xpointer. I haven't been out in a cpl because of getting my truck ready for my fall road trip with tuneup, tires and battery. I went to this field I hunted really hard last year with my Etrac and early this spring with my Equinox 800. I was pretty confident there wasn't much left to find with the exception of a few pennies I knew I had passed on and I knew about where they were because I was going use them for trying different sensitivity and recovery settings. When I got to the park I thought why not try field 1 here just to see if I can find any more clad. I set it up leaving open 12- 14 and 21 - 38. I set the sensitivity at 23 and recovery 7. I also used 50 tones. I started to wander toward a spot I knew where a penny was and try out my new pinpointer. The foot traffic area of this old field I had hunted really hard with my other detectors knowing I had left a cpl pennies. 1st off I found 3 pennies and expected to find them and about 5' away I got a solid 30 and found a quarter and not far away another one. Well I ended up finding 9 quarters in an area 50' x 450'. I couldn't believe it because I had hunted the exact same area very hard with my Etrac and this spring with my Equinox. I hardly believe that using Field 1 is why I found that many quarters but the evidence seems to point that way. All the quarters were 6" or less deep. I also found 2 dimes. I hunt areas in Park 2 I have hunted in Park 1 and have never found much more in Park 2. I am going to try Field 1 in a cpl other places I have hit really hard just to see if maybe I am onto something but I really believe I just missed the clad I found today during my other hunts
  4. This is by far the best detecting and prospecting forum on the internet. What other forum does the site owner not only answer questions but gives you the answer from the manuals or personal experiences. I have been reading forums for about 8 yrs and there are many sharp guys and gals that know what they are talking about and I learn in bits and pieces because I never make radical changes to my detectors. I try and keep my detector settings pretty simple i case of a factory reset. On the other hand there are many people that either complain or don't have a clue what they are talking about. Running a website takes a lot of work aside from knowing what you're talking about. As more people learn and use the Equinox which is my detector of choice I learn a little more. I been reading a lot about the Equinox and gold hunting because I am planning my trip west in the fall and finding gold with a metal detector is on my bucket list. I love the new website because of all the articles to read before you go to the forums. I want to thank Steve for such a great website and the effort he puts in to keeping it great
  5. I started using 5 tones but switched to 50 tones about month ago.. I am still getting used to the 50 tones but I love the sound of a quarter in 50 tones. There is absolutely no denying it's a quarter when you hear it in 50 tones.
  6. Norm S

    I'm Back..... Kind Of

    I know the feeling. Nothing like it when you find it for them. I found a class ring that was lost for 20 yrs and found a mans wedding band at a park. He said it saved his marriage..
  7. Norm S

    Pinpointer Comparison Videos

    I just bought an Xpointer from Deteknix. It reminds me of the Garrett ProPointer. It seems weaker than the other pointers I have had but I don't want a pointer that will point objects much more the 2" away and I want one that is more directional even though the sides will pick up on metal but for the most part anything the sides pick up I most likely will have hit with the tip anyway. I like the beep and buzz. Just a preference. I like the simplicity of the pointer but time will tell how good it performs
  8. I have never tried a test with coins on their edge primarily because I don't believe in test gardens. I will say I have found several meaning as many as 6-10 coins in their edge and even though the signal may not have been a 24 -30 because I can't remember but something about the signal prompted me to dig. I have dug over $200 in clad and a few silvers. Like the old saying if you don't dig it all you won't find it but on the other hand when I hit a hot park I oftentimes pass on an iffy target because I am digging so many positive targets.For an old man $5 - $7 in a cpl hour hunt is pretty good but also very tiring. Yesterday I hit an athlete field that is hunted a lot and although I only found 77 cents one of the quarters was on its edge in really sandy soil. I did get a 29 on it but not the hollow sound I usually get in 50 tones. If it sounds good or the signal is bouncing around I usually dig. I switch to all metal to hear the grunts and then determine to dig or not to dig.
  9. Norm S

    Equinox Rod Mod

    I have a small hydraulic conduit bender I used to use to bend steel for go-kart frames and an offset rod would be easy to make.in the right diameter. Can buy tube online fairly cheap.
  10. I didn't want to do a factory reset on the detector because I had every mode except gold set to my liking and I knew no matter what other than park 1 I would never get the settings right on the other modes.. I know it don't take long but it's a pain in the butt. I am not sure I didn't right even now because the tones are in russian now but I will get used to it.
  11. Part of it for many is a new detector bringing an old site back to life. I say that because with a new detector you tend to dig more targets so it seems your new detector is really awesome while in fact it's really because you are digging more targets. I know I do that until I learn a new detector and start passing over iffy signals. I have went back to parks I have hit hard with 3 different detectors and hunted hard and seriously only to find a few tabs and no more than 60 cents in clad.. That particular park had been good to me but what I learned was if it isn't there you can't dig it. I do like to challenge myself in hunted out places because most often I slow down and make sure I cover every inch. The Equinox has taught me there are targets mixed with that iron. I am getting to the point I recognize targets mixed with trash. The target I seek never seems to be the dominant signal by tone or vdi but I learned to dig them and most often it is clad mixed with junk. I use park 1 on the Equinox for clad and Park 2 when I am searching for less conductive jewelry
  12. Well I don't give up easily but for some reason I got the headphones to work this morning.. I tried no less than 50 times but I did a reset of my detector and tried again and it worked.. Now I have to set up my detector again in all modes but as long as the headphones work and I don't have to send them in I am happy.. I am going to have to put a piece of tape on the 800 so I know which detector it is. Twice this week I was using the 600 and never knew it.. Just more proof the 600 is identical to the 800 with the exception of the gold mode..
  13. My beaches are so bad that when I do get a signal I get excited. I went out yesterday morning to the beach and come back with nothing. I dug a few tabs but that's all I even got a beep on. I even turned the sensitivity to max. I hunted for two hours then it got hot and went back to my truck. Believe it or not I was using my 600 and didn't know it until I was putting it in the back seat. I used the wired headphones because my wireless quit working. For beach I use the same settings on both the 800 and 600 and I honestly cannot tell the difference between the two detectors when using them. I just grabbed the 600 when I meant to grab the 800. I even made the mistake using park 1 once.. I only bought the 800 because I go to AZ and NV every year and want to try out the gold mode. I found some color while panning for gold in Alaska once but never with a metal detector.
  14. I sent my F-Pulse back for a full refund. It had to be defective and I just didn't like it. Not knocking something that didn't work because I have read many positive reviews and if Steve H says it's good I am sure it is. I am just not going to risk waiting for another one. Profind 35 here we come
  15. Norm S

    Fisher F-Pulse Versus Garrett Carrot

    Well no matter what I do I cannot get the F-pulse to program. It is locked in minimum sensitivity on vibrate and unless you're 1" from a coin you get nothing. I could barely find a coin in a hole. Not impressed. I think it will go to the why did I buy that museum. I was going to try the Minelab 35 but really couldn't find enough reviews to convince me to buy. It may be in my future