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  1. I never push pinpoint over the target. I move away a foot or two then push pinpoint and have never had a problem and maybe I am just lucky mine don't do it
  2. WOW! I was ready buy a CTX when I heard about the Equinox and changed my mind after reading about it. With 5 products in development you have to know one of the five is going to be another hit like the Equinox. A suped up CTX would awesome. At my age not sure I will ever buy another new detector but I said that about buying new vehicles and I have bought 3 of them in the past two years so when there is something out there I want I go for it
  3. I think the real issue is the amount of time it takes Minelab to return the detectors that have had water problems. I think some if it is this Covid-19 thing. I also think the being submerged upto 30 minutes is the key to all the discussion. When I had two different detectors fail with bad control boxes I was antsy waiting and I got both back in less than a week. I had Whites repair the same detector twice because it never worked after the 1st repair and I was without it for over a month and in the meantime switched to a Minelab Etrac I don't use mine in water and would never stay s
  4. I couldn't find any roads from google maps so I won't even try unless I run into someone that would know. We have plenty of places to try anyway. Not trying to get rich it's just fun doing it.
  5. My grandson actually lives on 47 acres outside of Brighton and they have a small lake on it but not really bothered much by mosquitoes. I lived in Edwardsville for over 20 yrs . Is Muldrow Glacier accessible by truck
  6. Yeah he is only 21 and prime bait. He lives in S IL just north of Alton and not many mosquitos there. We been there before and this time we are going to do some gold panning, fishing and metal detecting.
  7. I kinda figured we'd hit flat land with a lot of marsh area or wetlands judging by the google maps. We do have hats with mosquito netting. I learned that my last trip. No amount of repellent seems to work. My grandson finishes summer school in college in a cpl of weeks then he will have the required credits for his engineering degree so this is a graduation present. Made for a good excuse to go back to Alaska with him.
  8. Thanks for the info Steve I know it's about a 12 hr drive but do to extended daylight that time of year I will have plenty of time to rest etc along the way. I will even have some camping gear and extra gas. I have rented a 4x4 crew cab pickup. I have been as far as Wiseman in the past. I have also experienced the mosquitos as well.
  9. I am like phrunt I am not careful with my detectors at all. I have left them in the bed of my truck on 100 degree days and in the back seat on the floorboard for weeks in temps from 80 - 100 degrees. Heck it was in the bed of my truck during a rainstorm that rained 3" in about 2 hours. I don't wash the sand or saltwater off from it either. I dropped it in the water more than once. . I have had Garrett and Whites detectors and along with an Etrac but over all the Equinox is the best of the rest. I had a V3i for 3 years and in three years I didn't find as much with the V3i as I did with the
  10. I am headed to Alaska next month with both of my equinox detectors. I am flying into Fairbanks and want to do some detecting and panning. The last time there we did some panning and believe it or not we panned . 26 ounces of gold. Not in one day of course but in several creeks North of Denali. This time we plan on panning, detecting and fishing. I am also driving the Dalton Highway to the end of the road if possible. A bucket list Item. I have driven coast to coast to the farthest point in NE Maine to the coast of CA and I been to the end of the road in Key West. Now I want to drive
  11. I hope it was over heating but if not Minelab has great customer service
  12. Interesting posts. Most every person into detecting I know has secret honey holes they hunt and everyone of them lie about what they find. I lie as well. I have never told anyone about my best find or where I found it. I also find it interesting so many members don't list their location on the profiles. As far as finds never being recorded or shown on forums I do agree to an extent. I still enjoy the forums. I got my knowledge base from forums. I also learn how much I know by how little some know about their detectors. Almost every setting I use on the Equinox I got from th
  13. I just read on another website about all the problems guys were having with the update. I tried if for the 1st time today and right now I have mixed feelings about it. I will give it a few more days before I decide
  14. Good story. Lots of things I haven't found but by you sending a variety of different things he has now found them.. If nothing else you helped train his ear
  15. I can't stop laughing Steve. I have had Garrett ATP and Ace 250, plus the Whites Spectra V3i and the E-Trac. I fell in love with the Equinox within days of owning it. I had a cpl problems with it and sent it back to Minelab but that didn't dampen my enthusiasm. I love it so much I bought a 600 as a backup. Sold the V3i and At Pro and gave the E-Trac to my grandson. I think the E-Trac is the 3rd detector I gave my grandson.. I have used other detectors friends have and although they were good they didn't flip my switch. I know a Deus owner that won't use anything else but he is a relic hu
  16. I know in my area the tides go out farther for the next few months then in the summer. I hunt the heck out of them but I have never found much. I see guys go out in the water in the summer and do well but it seems if I hunt the same area at low tide I get not much more than exercise. LOL
  17. I haven't had much time to detect in the past couple of months due to honey do's and other things getting in the way. I did try for some gold in New Mexico and got a bit of color and one tiny nugget about 1/16". I had a lot of hits but I didn't have a plastic scoop so that made things really hard and the closest place to buy one was at least 35 miles away. It was late afternoon andI had about a 2 hour drive to my next motel so I gave up. I did consider it mission accomplished because all I wanted to do is find gold with my 800. I tried a cpl of tailing piles and got a cpl signals but couldn't
  18. I had my 800 go haywired twice the 1st month I owned it. I was unhappy but the minelab service was excellent. It's micro electronics and as much as they are reliable they can also go haywire. As you get used to your detector and get over having had to send in for repairs you will love it. The best detector on the market for the price. Also the easist to use
  19. I bought the Equinox 600 as a backup not only in case something went wrong on my 800 while detecting but as an extra for a friend. The side benefit of buying it was my wife got interested in detecting. When I started planning my trip west for this fall my wife immediately asked if I had a detector for her. She has always enjoyed seeing what I found detecting but never took and interest or wanted to go out with me. When I showed her how simple the 600 was she said heck I can do that and although I can't say she loves it but if she finds a few decent relics or coins she will jump in with both fe
  20. I personally think the Equinox caught many of the Detector Manufacturers by surprise. Not so much because of the multi IQ but the demand it created. Every manufacturer is looking for that magic bullet. Garrett has pretty much run out of upgrades for the AT Pro and for a time it seemed if you didn't have an AT Pro you would be left in the dust. I think they are all seeking a similar build to the Equinox but more than that a marketing campaign that will create a frenzy like the Equinox has. I think Minelab was caught by surprise when they announced the Equinox and even more so by the
  21. I have not had any problems with pinpointers and my Equinox 800 or 600. I have used the Garrett Carrot, Whites TRX and currently my Xpointer. I think your dealer does not know. There have been articles published saying you may have to move the detector to avoid interference but I have had no issues with my pointers interfering with Equinox 800 or 600
  22. I wasn't actually hunting with the At Pro guys but there was an air show at Biloxi beach this weekend and today being Monday brought out every guy that owns a detector or visitors with detectors to hunt the beach. There were 4 guys with AT Pro's and two with Ace 250's. The advantage I really had was no tabs and no cans. I hunted in Beach 1 and Beach 2. I hunted using the factory preset and it worked great. My detector was quiet as a mouse until I hit a target. The AT Pro guys were digging the cans and tabs constantly and I never dug a one. All in all no one found much of anything other than a
  23. What I can add to this is rings. A ring will disguise itself as a gold tab. You won't find many but I dug what I was certain to be a gold tab this morning and it was a gold band.. Other than that I haven't dug a tab in weeks.
  24. I may try the gold mode on the beach just to get used to the audio. Not sure if it will help but I will try. I will most likely let her use the 800 anyway but knowing her she will think the 600 is hers and want to use it.. I kinda let her think the 600 would be hers when I bought it so she wouldn't question my purchase...lol She knows I really bought it for me but she went along with me. We have plenty of time to practice even after we get there and the beauty of it all is being able to ask on the forum We have no time limit to spend in any one place. Most often we go until we are rea
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