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Compass 1982 Metal Detector Catalog

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Compass 1982 Treasure Hunting Guide, 5.57 MB pdf file, 17 pages

Compass Metal Detector Forum

A generous file donation by Sven1


Coin Magnum
Relic Magnum 7
Magnum 420
Magnum 320
Magnum 240
Judge 6
Judge 2 Automatic
Compass 94B
Compass 77B
Coin Hustler II
Coin Hustler I
Pipe Seeker 5
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Edited by Steve Herschbach

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    • By JCR
      The ground is too dry & hard on my red dirt sites right now so I re hunted a deep sand site that was in cultivation long ago. I ran the Vista X with the 12X14 Demon coil. Targets are sparse, but what is left is deep or masked by iron. Nothing noteworthy found but I was impressed again at the ability of this bigger coil. Excellent depth even on very small targets. 22 short case @ 8", .22 bullet about the same. Of course I also dug a half dozen bent cut nails at 10-12" but that's okay too. Even when I moved into the nail bed areas the coil showed surprising separation. I dug an iron backed overall button that I know I had been over before. It didn't sound good but it did sound "not as bad" as the nails. That's what I'm down to on this site. But the digging is easy and it was nice to be out.
      I would like to ask Steve to consider a separate Forum for Deep Tech detectors. I think they are that good.
    • By ☠ Cipher
      Air Metal Detectors, a machine that uses your cell phone as a passive remote, is now a reality. It has existed in prototype form for years now, but has finally entered production and now is in the hands of some backers. Backers of its Kickstarter campaign will be first in line, so it may be months before the general public can get our hands on one. Below are some photos of an unboxing. Instantly it reminds one of the XP Deus in many ways. It also functions similarly with the main hardware stuffed in the coil while your phone replaces the remote. This unit is around 7khz if I remember correctly, so it this model is neither selectable nor multifrequency, but the inventor has said he plans for his next machine to be multifrequency. This machine faced many hurdles before the inventor was finally happy with it. So it will be interesting when the first reviews pop up. What do you think of the concept?

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Saw this posted.  Detector delayed due to virus being reported.  Think you got to be a member here to see entire thread.  If what is said in thread turns out to be true, detector will have some nice features.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Seems Garrett is going to market one of the what was White’s gold VLF detector models soon.  Don’t know which one though.
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