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White's Goldmaster 24K User Guide Rev 1/2018

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    • By Jim McCulloch
      On the "Spud Diggers" YouTube channel appears the video "White's GMX and 24K: All 4 coils tested". We did an in-ground performance comparison using an extremely mineralized drywash pile from a black sand-laden auriferous wash. Coils tested: 14x8, 10x6, 6x4, 6.5 concentric. Nuggets tested: 1/4 grain (laminated to a business card), 1/2 grain, (almost) one grain, and one gram, at one inch depth. GAIN settings of 10, 5, and "0". Note especially how well the 6.5" concentric and 14x8 DD coils performed. HH Jim

    • By Rick N. MI
      The 6" concentric coil floats to the top to easy. It works ok when I'm sweeping but when I stop and lean the detector against me the coil floats to the top. Turning sensitivity down does help some in the water. Also Isat works with the sensitivity max.
        Going to be use my Gold Kruzer now.   I liked the Gmx a lot on land but not lake hunting. Probably perfect for streams.  
    • By Rick N. MI
      Locked or unlocked no ground balance. I would get a sound every time I lifted the coil. It had a constant id of 83 to 90 as I swept the coil. I was using the 6" concentric coil. In tone mode it beeped constantly as I swept. It works fine on land. I have the 6x10 coil ordered so hopefully it works. I'm surprised it didn't work in the water. On land the ground is all mild so I assumed in the water was mild. I did have sensitivity at 10. I haven't had a problem with other detectors there even with concentric coils.
    • By Jeff McClendon
      So, I have an area in the Colorado Rockies that I am trying to successfully detect with the GMT 24K. The main issue here is tons of magnetite and I mean tons. Imagine a regular sized plastic sandwich bag with a 2" thick sandwich sized amount of dirt inside it instead of a sandwich. I brought a couple of bags full of dirt like this home from an area that appears to be a drainage ditch that was at the end of a sluice run in a hydraulicked area. I got almost 1 cup full of varying from speck to marble sized magnetite by panning out that bag of dirt, so about 1/3 of the dirt was magnetite. So far, I have detected this long trench with a GMT 24k and an XP ORX with 9"HF coil. The 24K shows 8 segments of mineralization and a phase reading of 85 in Ground Scan mode. The ORX ground balances at 88 with the mineralization bar full. The GMT 24k overloads at sensitivity 4, VSAT maximum in VCO audio and no iron cancel. The ORX does not overload but I have to constantly ground balance, with sensitivy on 70, reactivity on 2.5 and Disc IAR 2, frequency 50. Getting any kind of zip zip signal in this sea of double beep boings is proving difficult.
      As I said, I brought some dirt home to test. I figured with all of the advanced settings on the GMT 24K I should be able to find something that works. I took one of the bags outside and laid it flat on a plastic 24"x12" Igloo cooler. With the 24K, 6.5" concentric or 10X5" DD coils in VCO Zip audio mode, sensitivity 3, VSAT maximum, threshold 2, XGB auto, I got various amounts of ground noise and plenty of medium to loud double beep boings while bobbing the coil or swinging over the bag. Just what I expected. If I ground balanced and locked XGB when pumping the coil it almost silenced the magnetite and I could swing over the bag with much quieter, little responses but still clearly magnetite boings. If I then pressed the Iron Cancel button (iron cancel discrimination was set on the numeral 2 not 2 bars so no bars were showing) the magnetite was virtually silent. I switched to beep audio and still virtually silent with just a faint threshold response, meaning that instead of a high tone or low tone there was a faint, medium tone, 2 way threshold target tone apart from the reference threshold, I guess. I took a .2 gram flat nugget and placed it under the corner of the bag of dirt and reset the settings to what I started with, VCO zip tone, XGB auto, no Iron Cancel and carefully ground scanned over the area of the bag that the nugget was not under to let the XGB system reset. Sweeping the nugget a few times I got mostly boing magnetite signals with a very faint hard to distinguish zip sound. I pressed Iron Cancel (still set on number 2, also tried 1 with the same result, no disc bars showing) and got virtually nothing, with no zip zip responses of any kind. I locked the quietest XGB setting, with the lock button, no Iron Cancel and VCO audio. I got a nice zip zip with a little magnetite boing. I pressed Iron Cancel and literally got no signal of any kind, complete silence during sweeps. I thought WTH, and pressed the beep mode button for high and low tone pitch audio. I did not get a high tone or a low tone but I did get a very clear 2 way medium tone threshold response with a very quiet background except for the actual threshold tone.............? I removed the nugget and swept over the bag again with the same settings and got only a very faint medium pitched threshold?? tone occasional response. So, hunting this area in VCO audio, XGB locked, Iron Cancel off,  sens. on 3, VSAT maxed, might work but I would be digging a lot of magnetite. Hunting in Beep mode with Iron Cancel On and listening for that medium whatever it is tone might work too.......?
      There is no mention of this medium toned, what I am calling threshold tone response in the manual anywhere. I used to hear something like this on my MX5 using multi tone modes with the threshold set on low when I encountered a target that was just past the range of normal detection audio or numerical target ID detection. The MX5 let me know something was there. I am not sure what this tone is called or if it is the same thing that is happening on the 24K. Personally I like it if I can depend on it........... Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
      By the way, I ran the ORX and Equinox over the same target scenario. The ORX in Gold 1 with a little tweaking could hit the nugget but only with sensitivity turned way down (60 -70) in order to quiet the magnetite responses down enough to hear the target. Frequency 50 kHz, GB 88, Sensitivity 60 to 70, Reactivity 2.5 Disc IAR 1 or 2, Iron Volume off, Threshold 4,  tons of ground balancing required just to hear a clear zip, zip. The Equinox 800, 6" coil Gold 1 multi, -9 rejected,  GB 1, sensitivity 15, threshold 10, recovery speed 4 to 6, FE 0, had no problem giving a beautiful zip, zip on the .2 gram nugget with minimal ground noise............Hum!
    • By Rick N. MI
      I noticed today emi was not affecting the GMX w/ 6" concentric coil at all. The Gold Kruzer and XP Orx were going crazy. I had to turn the sensitivity way down on the Gold Kruzer. Different frequency helped the Orx. The GMX sensitivity was max at 10 with no noise. Wish it weighed 2 lbs but it is the way it is. Becoming my favorite water hunter. Taking it in the water tomorrow. 6x10 coil is on the way.
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