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Minelab Equinox Finds Ancient UK Gold

Steve Herschbach

I recently treated myself to a metal detecting holiday to the area around Colchester, England. This was a reprise to a trip I made to the UK in 2010 in search of Celtic gold. Gold was not in the equation for that trip, but I did find the oldest coins and artifacts I have ever found.... as in 2000 years older than anything I have found before!

Colchester has history reaching back into prehistoric times, and is generally acknowledged as the location of Britain's first city. Celtic tribes were active in the area, leaving behind many Celtic gold coins to be found by modern day detectorists. The Romans were also very active in the area, as were other invaders, leading to finds from many cultures across the centuries.

I made a return visit to Colchester in 2018, this time relying heavily on the new Minelab Equinox metal detector as my detector of choice. I also had the opportunity to use the new Minelab Equinox 15" x 12" DD coil while on this trip. Not only did I have a very successful trip, but I got to observe other great finds made by the other detectorists in the group. All in all this was a very exciting metal detecting experience that I enjoyed thoroughly. The links below outline both my own experiences and the same trip told from the perspective of another person on the same adventure.

Steve's 2018 UK Adventure by Steve Herschbach

My UK Trip .... Double Ancient Gold! by Ill Digger

Steve Herschbach finds ancient UK gold!


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Well done Steve, I had a lot of fun going there, was a great time for sure, would surely like to go again but just not strong enuff anymore, had a small stroke 2 years ago and just can't walk far anymore , my numb feet just won't cooperate... Glad you went again there's a lot of stuff still lurking in the ground.  Think the 800 is a real killer for that terrain ... Geo

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Great find Steve. I live in Germany and would like to go there too. Can anybody give me some contacts and or help? Where can I get permission from? How is the procedure? I can get there for very little bucks flying from Cologne Germany. I am dreaming of finding a Celtic coin. My new Nox800 and me want to go! All your kind help and assistance is highly appreciated.

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