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  1. I have no experience in that but might be worth looking into Sedwicks? Usually they are more coins though but could lead you to other auction houses for high end collectors.
  2. This would not be surprising seeing how Covid has done this to many other items as well. Still waiting on the Zsearch and its “mass audience” release still hasn’t happened.
  3. Just so you know my background. I have been a field geologist for 20 years I have been prospecting for 18 years and detecting since the SDC came out. I work full time so detecting/prospecting is a hobby. I have used the GPZ for 3 seasons. I have not used it to its full potential. I am not writing a manual. I have been researching everything i can about this detector over the last 2 months, mainly from this forum and the other sources stated above. I compiled a lot of information, I was willing to share it in an organized format but probably won’t now. People can do their own.
  4. I am not saying that it modulates it just sets the maximum loudness limit of the volume control (well maybe I am calling it modulation). If it truly did clip it and you set the limit to 1 then crank the volume up to 20 everything would sound the same from high signals to low signals and probably all of the noise. But if you set the limit at 1 and crank up the volume to 20 you actually do get variations in the loudness still. I could be wrong but other pieces of electronics out there that has Volume Limit describes it in this matter, Minelab could be doing there own thing but that's confusin
  5. more on Volume Limit: This is how I see Volume Limit. It adjusts the maximum loudness (decibel) allowed out of the machine - OUTPUT. You still have 20 increments to work with on the Volume (Audio Boost) control, no matter what you set your limit too. It is just that each increment is exponentially greater based on increasing the limit you set. I think this is why people see Volume Limit as a volume control because if you set your limit to 20 and set the Volume control at 8, but then lower your Volume Limit to 10 and leave your Volume on 8, you can see that it would be equivalent to a
  6. Nenad thank you for that video! That had 2 of the controls discussed in this thread (Sensitivity and Threshold) plus a bonus with the Audio Smoothing and its effects on them. Excellent! Would love to see more of these. Way more interesting than watching someone dig gold 🙂 I also like your seven rules and will need to read the full thread over on the other forum. That forum I have not researched yet but I am also not a member. Kind of scared 🤣 What are your thoughts on Volume and Volume Limit? Do you a think I have their description correct? Later today I am going to post up a
  7. BTW Gold Tree that is a really cool photo layout!
  8. I'll put that in another thread later. But I am not worried about it. I am not charging any money for my research 😉. Or for that matter charging any money for the manual. I will just be giving away my research for free that anyone else can download or copy for free on the internet. My name is not even going to be on it. Plus everyone is referenced after their post with their DP name. Think of it as a compilation. Definitely not a publication.
  9. Let discuss those options in a different thread. Just so we can stay on topic with these controls. Otherwise we will go in a completely different direction. Actually alot of that has been discussed before but never the focus on these 4 specific controls. Thanks Northeast!
  10. I have read them all, believe it or not. It took a hell of a lot of time and I have read them more than once. First when they were posted and then again doing all this research to make a complete GPZ manual. As well as many others posts from this forum too. It was a huge community effort to put all this out and then to take all that and for me to try to summarize it all up. I will have most if not all of JP's posts in that PDF manual that I will eventually share. This has been my winter time goal. To become "completely" knowledgeable in ZVT and GPZ functions so when spring hits I can be
  11. more on Sensitivity: See jasong's post above Hey jasong. That is an excellent way of describing it and I believe we are spot on with each other just described a little different. Yours is much more accurate in the technical jargon, mine probably not so much, but I am nearly sure your FM radio analogy is the exact same. Gain controls the INPUT (antenna strength) and volume controls the OUTPUT (overall loudness). jasong you have made some excellent videos in the past on US Miner (YouTube). Care to make a quick one in regards to these 4 settings? 😉
  12. jasonG and Gold Catcher: Lets stick to these "standard" settings that I first listed just so when talking about the 4 controls of the topic we don't get side tracked, because "Yes" when changing Gold Mode or Ground Type or Adding filters this will affect the 4 controls we are discussing and need to be adjusted accordingly. Just don't want to get off topic is all and go down the wrong rabbit hole. Noise Canceled. Gold Mode: High Yield. Ground Type: Normal. Ground Balanced with Semi Auto. No filters - Audio nor Ground Smoothing.
  13. Northeast, Thanks for the indepth response! I know that had to take some time cause it took me about 6 hrs to write up my summary from what I had researched and learned. Here are some of my comments to your replies. more on Sensitivity: I don't think that more "power" is going to the coil. If that was the case you would have more battery drain. More power, more energy right? In other posts people were thinking this should be like volume. But volume is an OUTPUT control and I think that Sensitivity is an INPUT control. I think of it like a guitar plugged into an amp. The am
  14. Yes this is well known and posted many times in the forum. However, people can also learn from others. This is what I am trying to promote. Let's SEE what others doing and lets SEE if the certain theories that have been discussed hold true or not. That's my push for some videos. 🤣 I love watching videos of people digging up gold, especially when I can't go out, but how about turning on the camera when you start too so we can watch you set up your detector for the ground you are in. Let's watch the process. 🙂
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