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  1. Possibly Amphibolite? The gold also looks like it was a small veinlet by itself! Very cool
  2. Not a stud but did find this with the Nox 800 Beach 1 Auto GB Sensitivity at 20, volume all the way up. I used a Minelab Pinpointer 35 to retrieve. Beach sand find.
  3. I agree Fred. You really going to commit murder over 5 dollars in gold? Cmon. Take their picture and license plate, mark the location, call the police, have them arrested. You can get more out of someone convicting them of mineral trespass vs murdering them. SMH
  4. Hey Gold catcher, I do not think that the 19 inch coil with surface rubbish Would go away. Now we are all trying to get the gold quickly but I personally believe the best way would be to go over the area first with a smaller coil like the SDC. It’s easier to maneuver vs dealing with the bulky detector and quicker to dig. Then go back through with the 14 slowly. Follow that up with the 19. I don’t try to go back with the 19 until I’ve cover the area very thoroughly with the 14 because the 19 is just a beast to carry and the holes that it produces can be deep.
  5. Its the opposite for me. Nugget shooting is way more successful than on the beach. I want a gold ring and a reale. Can’t seem to put my coil over one.
  6. I got this email reply from Nuggetfinder the other day when I inquired about when their coils are coming out. ”Our 12” Zed coil is expected to be ready by July, this will depend on the supply of some parts we are waiting for.” Looks like the first is a 12”
  7. OnX OffRoad looks pretty interesting though. 30 bucks a year.
  8. are you sure its backcountry navigator? It seems to get terrible reviews
  9. It seems they never want to tell you where the roads are. Or They just don’t know all the roads they have LOL. Best thing that I use is an air photo to show me where the roads are.
  10. Awesome and congrats Gerry to your bro! With coil size on the EQ I think it does not matter with depth. I have read a few articles that think that too. On the beach I have given up using the 15 because I was still finding quarters 18in down with the 11. I’m not kidding you either. Much easier and better control with the smalls.
  11. It’s funny I really want to find a reale because it was what got me detecting to begin with. I only get to try 2 weeks out of the year and have tried over the last 8 years! What is funny is finding nuggets is way more lucrative for me then that roughly $30 reale but I just want one and then I’m gonna make a necklace with it surrounded with a bunch of my nuggets 😂. Might have to add the tack now to that necklace 😂😂
  12. It’s located on the inside where you plug the headphone adapter box in. It looks like a plastic screw. I would assume they think you are plugging headphones in so don’t initially put it on. You don’t need the adapter to use the wireless.
  13. I went friday and saturday and made the blog with my tack find LOL http://treasurebeachesreport.blogspot.com/2020/02/22320-report-treasure-coin-finds-and.html?m=1 I had to giggle when i found it. It was square with other copper bits around but I giggled cause i find tacks all the time nugget hunting! Just not 1715 wreck tacks 🤣🤣
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