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  1. What cabins did you stay in? I stayed in Lovelock last time, not sure if I want to do that again. 😆
  2. Thank you for the advice and tips guys! I always learn something new when I ask questions! ☺️
  3. So I am mainly a prospector and on vacations or when staying with my folks in FL a beach detectorist. I have gone out a few times to my local parks but I really get nervous digging plugs all over the place when most of the time it is pull tab garbage. The last couple times instead of using a Lesche shovel, I used a hand Lesche which made it a little less conspicuous but still pulling plugs. I thought that maybe I would reduce sensitivity and go after surface finds, or maybe pinpoint as best as possible and just try to cut a slit and probe. I am just apprehensive about digging in parks or soccer/football/baseball fields and would like to know techniques or strategies that folks use to make the least impact but go for the best finds. Then maybe I can get out more after work instead of waiting for the weekends or vacations to go in the woods or on the beach where I can dig to my hearts content. I just don't like people coming around harassing me especially if I am pulling a plug in there precious park or manicured sports field. If you have techniques that work with the Equinox specifically, I would be interested in that too (or references or videos), which is why I posted this in the Nox forum.
  4. I have compared it page by page. I did not see 30-40 new pages of information. Edit: 15 is accurate. The new info I found was a couple picture pages of buddies that he detected with over the ages and mainly websites. I did not find any new geology interpretations, detector tips, search strats, etc. Plus the 8th ed is Spiral bound with a lamented cover. The 7th is more like a book binding, no hard cover though. I will have to recheck Magnificent Quest but if I remember right it was more about surviving in the desert. Still a good read. I am not saying that Jim’s read are bad or anything its one of the best! I put Chris Ralph’s Fists Full of Gold at the top though.
  5. So I have done this research before and to save everyone time, what you want is the 7th or 8th edition. They are basically the same. Jim put pictures in the eighth edition of a lot of prospecting friends that he had and a few websites that we all know about for buying detectors. So the seventh and the eighth additions are basically the same. Actually the seventh edition is a much better binded book and I would prefer the seventh or the eighth. If you get any of the lower additions they will not have the new information that was put in the seventh edition. Each addition built on itself just a little bit not much but a little bit more information. So if you’re looking for everything that Jim put in his “follow the dry washers book” look for the seventh or eighth edition. There is no volume one or two that was just edition one and two. The other two books he wrote “hard rock prospecting with a metal detector” and “three hours from gold” have different information in them. You really only need his three books. The field guides he wrote too are part of all three of these books as well.
  6. Did you notice the two prospect pits west on the hillside from most of your pickers? Might want to detect that too.
  7. I would love to use one. Please add me to the hat! Thank you!
  8. Gold Seachers of Southern Nevada (GSSN). That is a good club go join.
  9. The pinpointer problem seems to be across the board. I have had the same problems with the 35 as well as the old 25. I think it picks up the detector you are using even though it is 5 or so feet away. I always have to screw around with it a little bit while I’m searching for a target. Reduce sensitivity and then bring it back up or sometimes just turn it off and on. I have heard that other pinpointers have similar problems but I’ve never really researched into it. After I wrote this I got thinking that it could be a battery issue. I have noticed that when I put new batteries in it I have less problems than if I’ve had old batteries in it for a while
  10. Wow finding gold in dirt like that is even more interesting
  11. I got thinking that maybe the pic is just the top part to the coil, based on how thin it is. I sure hope for this one that we don’t have to cut apart the 14 inch coil cover LOL. Maybe you have to buy two coils to get one ?
  12. Sensitivity with the Z is not really sensitivity. It just increases amplification. That is why you will notice that you will have a signal wether you are running at high or low. It’s best to have everything smooth then you will be able to here the faint stuff stand out.
  13. So is the book coming? I am getting to the point where if i don't request a refund from PayPal that I lose the buyer protection they offer. If you don’t think you are going to make your print goal maybe you can at least send a secured PDF to the current buyers. Honestly that is the way I like to read my books so I can keep them all on my iPad and high light them all up with out being permanent if i change my mind.
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