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  1. afreakofnature

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    https://www.robsdetectors.com/jim-straights-8th-edition-follow-the-drywashwer/ here's a link to Robs store with a bunch of pics. He told me its no longer in print and doesn't expect to get anymore
  2. afreakofnature

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    Thanks Lanny, I checked Abe's but no 8th. Boy some are selling for almost $200. I haven't tried each vendor.
  3. afreakofnature

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    Though I might just give this a little bump up. Anybody even have the 8th? LOL
  4. afreakofnature

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    Thanks Fred but Terry said I could borrow his 7th if I don't find an 8th. But I might as well look for the latest one. Rob was telling me there are 30-40 extra pages. They are discontinued so no place to buy one anymore.
  5. afreakofnature

    Help On Jim Straight Book

    Hello all! I can not seem to find a copy to purchase of the 8th Edition of Jim Straight's Follow the Drywashers Vol 3. The Nuggetshooters Bible. I have the 6th Edition and I would like to see what has been updated and added since. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me borrow their's. I would only need it for a couple weeks to compare. I would pay for shipping both ways (PayPal friends), I could even put a deposit down or something. Would anyone be willing to give a hand? Thanks!
  6. afreakofnature

    Short Day Out

    I'd dissolve the quartz
  7. afreakofnature

    Nox Carbon Fiber Rods

    I see that Plugger sells Carbon Fiber rods for the Nox. Is the weight difference really that noticeable? Or is it just the cool factor
  8. afreakofnature

    First Day Success With Eq 800 & 6" Coil

    Hot Damn! Nice job on a first run. That is excellent! Awesome write up too!
  9. Thanks Mike, I am going to add what people put down to the first post for the list.
  10. Last week I responded to a topic on Jim Straight's bibliography and got thinking that I would like to ask everyone out there what there favorite "Advanced" books are. I am not talking about the book that tells you to keep your coil level and low, or dig here books. Books that give methods, techniques, or other tips that you don't really know about until you go out and learn them on your own. (An example for me would be that I never really knew about raking an area and removing a layer of dirt to get even deeper, but after reading that it completely makes sense.) Other books that would be good are geology, geomorphology and hyrdogeology for "detectable nuggets." Sure we can use USGS and State GeoSurveys to find areas that have gold, but a lot of gold out there is fine and undetectable, I want books (pubs) on the formation of nuggety gold!. I haven't really seen or been able to research any info like that. I do have the basic grasp, but I love to read in the offseason and learn as much as I can to help on the hunt, plus I am ready for some advanced reading. Kind of sucks to skim through the first half of a book because it only talks about how to swing a detector Tell me your Favorites! Lets make a list! So far on the list: Fists Full of Gold: A complete Guide to the Art of Prospecting: How You Can Find Gold in the Mountains and Deserts. (Chris Ralph) The Complete unabridged Zip Zip (Larry Sallee) DFX Gold Methods: Finding Gold Jewelry with the Whites DFX E series TM Metal Detector. (Clive Clynick) Treasure Hunting Manual Vol 7 (Von Mueller) Tom Dankowski's 5th Edition Fisher Intelligence booklet. (Tom Dankowski) CoinShooting I, II, and III. (Glenn Carson) Advanced Nuggetshooting - How to Prospect for Gold with a Metal Detector.
  11. Thanks, i did start a thread over on Nugget Shooter. I am surprised that eveyone knows about his books but not all his books? I thought this would be an easy question lol I did see Rob has some of his books listed on his webpage to Jim but it has not been updated nor does it have his complete bibliography.
  12. I am having a hard time tracking down Mr. Straight's bibliography. Especially volume 1 and 2 of the above book. Could someone list his complete bibliography for me. Thanks in advance!
  13. afreakofnature

    Is It Just Me Or......

    Yes i love this forum and its layout. I am really enjoying the home page "magazine" articles! Great work Steve!