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  1. afreakofnature

    Dumb Question

    Guess i did not ask a dumb question after all although I do not think that any question is really a dumb question.
  2. afreakofnature

    Review Of Gerry's Field Training Course

    I was there, one of the under 50 guys GB's write up is spot on. Excellent class and had a lot of fun. The main thing for me was asking questions. Come with lots and lots of questions. Its your chance to ask directly, get advice, and see with your own eyes any of the things you might only read about. With all the questions I asked and all the new techiniques I learned my confidence as a good detectorist increased exponentially! Also it was fun to meet other detectorists and hunt with them, bounce ideas, etc. I have no detectorist friends where I am from. Finding gold on your own is not as much fun as to share your finds with someone immediately.
  3. afreakofnature

    Lost My Gold Virginity?

    Both look like gold to me but the above pieces seem to be in a matrix. Could be quartz could be cliche. Try soaking in CLR, if its cliche it will dissolve off. Congrats on the double find! Welcome to gold fever!!!!
  4. afreakofnature

    Twelve Days At Rye Patch

    Thanks guys! I enjoyed learning new things from you guys as well as reinforcing things I learned on my own. I hope we can meet up and hunt together again in the future. I'm itching to get the Zed out more and the snow is here for me now. Winters for me are research research research (with hopefully a week to AZ ) BTW pulled a grammer out of the gulch with the SDC before the snow hit. My hands are still cold digging in that water
  5. He says on his forum free shipping too.
  6. Yeah i got thinking anout my idea and you would have to make a different cam lock for the same dia upper and lower section. Hmmm
  7. I am not too sure on the stainless steel coupler. If you have to screw it together sand will easy get caught in that and cause problems. I was hoping it could involve your new cam lock and perhaps slide together. Maybe with a smaller diameter carbon fiber tube? I'll wait to see your new locks and maybe we can go from there. I have until Feb until I need one. The only one that I have seen was made by Plugger, but I'm looking more for that CTX feel.
  8. Hey Steve any chance of making a travel rod? So it can fit in a carry on. I am really interested in your design and camlock system.
  9. afreakofnature

    Dumb Question

    For some reason I have never turned on my machines in the house, i always go out in the field, or for VLFs the yard, and turned on there to learn. I was curious if you turned on your machines like the Zed, PIs and VLFs inside, would it hurt the electroincs? Especially if its constanly overloading or going off on all the crazy EMI. I just want to turn on to play with the settings and practice more with the buttons, etc.. Not actually detect. Funny been detecting now for 5 years and never bothered to ask or try
  10. afreakofnature

    Detector Storage

    No one wants to store their detector, they wanna be out using it! But when at home at and especially now that I'm getting married, i cant just leave my gear out and about. I would love to hear how you guys store your stuff. Pics would be great! I was thinking of hanging my machines, and maybe a shelf above to have containers for the other gear. I wanna have it quick to get to the truck to get out fast! Lol
  11. afreakofnature

    Twelve Days At Rye Patch

    Chaining an area used to be popular, so i have read, lol. But with the Z seems like you cant do that anymore. I grid too, but man is it tough to stay focused especially if you go hours with nothing. But detecting is a patience game of extreme highs and lots of low, gotta be stong willed. Never tought of griding gulches though, gonna try that now in a couple spots that i was just going right up the gut in.