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  1. I always see people saying this. How often do you have to change a drive belt? Do they go bad from just normal wear? I would think that they should last a long time, I mean the old chain and shaft drive ATVs never really wore out.
  2. Thanks guys for the input on the 570! Initially that was what I was going for, then I got side tracked on ATVs. Was really looking at the Can-Am Outlander MAX XT. Its a 2 up machine but now I think I am going back to the RZR. It just sucks that these machines are almost the price of a small car and none of the dealers around here have any to test. I really want to ride on these like you would test drive out a car. I think in our area that everyone is buying so many of these kinds of toys (campers, etc.) that there are none around to look at or ride. Plus side, there might be a bunch of
  3. Glen being in CO do you find it has enough power? I really wanted to get a 570 but all my friends are saying I need to get some thing bigger engine wise like the 800. Or maybe it’s the 900 now I’m not sure. I thought that the 570 would do just as fine for dinking around and exploring. I’m not into sport/racing or going fast to tear shit up. I just don’t want to have two large adults in the machine not make it to the top of the hill LOL.
  4. Yeah I don’t use either but saw it on my Treasure Coast blog I follow so thought I might have breaking news for DP 🤣
  5. How do you find the sensitivity on the larger one compared to the stock and small one? I have seen next to no reviews on these coils anywhere. I’ll ask the silly question too, how does it compare with the Z?
  6. Do you have the larger coils or just the small one?
  7. What are you using for a black light? That one seems pretty powerful. They supposedly work real well for agates too.
  8. Not even a little intrest? If thinking Xcoil this is ready to be cut up 😋
  9. If anyone is interested I’ll entertain offers too!
  10. That is so true. There was a claim around here along time ago that had a name “gold brings out the worst “I’ll never forget that claim name.
  11. So Phrunt when do you want to start making these for folks and charging for the service? It’s probably the most professional looking plug I have seen so far. Granted I have not seen that many, just on the forums.
  12. Brand New in Box GPZ19 coil with extra coil cover (the extra coil cover is used). Free Shipping in the States. PayPal Friends or 3% extra for normal PayPal. $750
  13. Most of my gold came from the SDC, my first real gold detector. Its my go to machine before the GPZ and still to this day it found my largest chunk! If the Z could get an 8” coil, I might finally sell it.
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