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  1. The announcement was also on their Facebook page. I have also emailed them and asked to be put on a mailing list for updates on this if they have one.
  2. 2 dollar bills are rarely used. We tried coins multiple times, just hasn't taken off. Nobody wants to carry a change purse since dollars still have some value here.
  3. 2300 x coil would be interesting if it was waterproof
  4. I use locate patch when being thorough. Like you posted the keywords are “patient” and “methodical.” Two anyone can practice even when not detecting.
  5. That is super helpful to know! Thanks for sharing this knowledge and experiences!
  6. We need more Mitchels! 🤣. Just teasing. I think you might need to do more research and computation of that research. Just to give an idea, i probably have 10-15 references for one small area, put them together, delineate the information, pre mark my maps (GPS) and then pound out the area. I worked one area all summer. Probably no bigger than a 1/4 section. If you take Gerry’s lessons you learn that pretty quickly. I watched and learned. People were wandering all over the place. The folks who stayed low and went slow found the gold in areas that were surely hit before, even bulldozed.
  7. Any of you actually move tailing piles to explore the ground underneath? I think i need to do this. I got one spot that i have been hitting off and on all summer, slow, different machines, gridded. Nuggets have been found. Only ground left is under those bowling ball and bigger sized tailings.
  8. Its Russia, Minelab is not going to go after him. He could offer it for free and jack up the cost of the coil 😆 Minelab is not going to put anything out or it would have done so already. Time to just make it.
  9. What this guy should focus on is replicating the chip so no cordIng cut is needed.
  10. Here’s a tip on these claims. Follow the drywashers. Going to where gold was dug before and you will find more that was left behind.
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