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  1. Would love to use one and know! Until then it’s a forum, people go to discuss at a forum, therefore you are allowed to think.
  2. Anybody find just a speaker similar to a WM12 or ProSonic? The Taurus neck band seems to be the closest that I could find that was low latency. I can’t find any just standard speakers that you could just clip on.
  3. If they don’t lock properly or the shaft wobbles I would send it in for warranty repair. They are then covered again. Wash, rinse and repeat until they get it right, but I thought that too with those locks like on the equinox. I replaced with steveg’s locks those might work once we see the machine.
  4. 8 grammer found at 11 inches. Nothing special as most detectors PIs should see something that big at that depth, but at least we get to see a big one finally found on film.
  5. Puttin in pic 5! Gerry style...gold in mouth. However no multiplier here it was from yesterday’s finds. Thanks Gerry for putting on this contest, I had a blast doing it from day one, plus it got me some gold!
  6. Wow $1,100. I thought they were suppose to come in at $900 but Covid probably changed that.
  7. First and foremost, Thank you to all who made the sacrifice to give us these freedoms we hold today 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Puttin in pics 4.... with the the multiplier!!! What a great gold day! Virgin patch found! 2.45g nuggie being the biggest! All the gold is next to the “G” in GPZ. Might have to zoom in 😂😂. 3.29g total!!
  8. Puttin’ in pic 3! Man I am having some good fun with this. Tomorrow is gonna be my gold day, I can feel it! LOL. Went RZR ridin’ again all day with my wife Erin and now grillin’ up some good ole start of the summer juicy burgers. Have a great weekend everyone! Tomorrow, Let Us Never Forget.
  9. Puttin’ in pic 2! Erin and I got out on a great RZR ride today and scoped out some possible gold ground. No detecting, that comes Monday......... or maybe tomarrow. 😉
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