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  1. Bring it out west! Lets test in the goldfields!
  2. I wonder where on the target id and trace graphite will be. On the Nox for me its a solid 1, same place little nuggets show. Very frustrating. Sometimes on the Nox nugs will bounce from 1-2 and into the negatives. Unfortunately so do some hot rocks. I am also hoping this will be fixed.
  3. I am happy you did. My speaker would cause EMI. I would like to know the serial # range. Us in the USA would not have known about this if phrunt did not show the Aussie IP page. We should probably start sending out emails to ML main corporate office.
  4. Every video that I have seen so far just skimmed over Goldfield mode. I would like to know if it’s on par with the Nox or better. This would be huge for people detecting small dinky gold (or nugs) in trash infested areas especially with target trace. What do people think? Anybody hear anything different?
  5. I am curious about the goldfields mode. My Nox is my prospecting VLF detector. If it can at least perform at the same level as the Nox, I’ll upgrade.
  6. Best wishes Condor! I hope your trip this time is way better than last!
  7. I think they could, the hardware is in place, they just need the right engineers to fix/update the software. When has Bruce Candy ever let us down? Now things like cam locks or broken plastic is a different story. What I am afraid of is if they do “update” the 6k for EMI issues will it lose it awesome sensitivity and become nothing more than a lightweight 5k. That would not make me happy. I personally think a smaller DD coil would solve a lot of “my” problems.
  8. Where did you hear rumors on the speaker/EMI update?
  9. Never heard of a waterproof problem but the did upgrade to all the aftermarket fixes. Knuckle protector and Li-Ion batteries with a blue looking adapter. I have an original (with aftermarket upgrades) that I am thinking of selling here soon too.
  10. Air tests are great benchmarks for raw power. Everyone puts them down but you have to have a controlled no variable test to set a benchmark. Then compare to different ground types around the world.
  11. I’m a Saturday Sojourner. 6-8 hours each week until Snow hits.
  12. So why ate you not emailing Minelab like GBAmature suggested instead of asking forum members who have no clue?
  13. Need a first GPX 6000 update…..first 🤣
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