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  1. afreakofnature

    For Sale eBay GPZ 19 Search Coil

    Yeah i was getting curious when this might go up after your zed sold awhile back. 10 days so long to wait and see
  2. afreakofnature

    For Sale eBay GPZ 19 Search Coil

    I'll be bidding!
  3. afreakofnature

    The New Land Bill Just Passed By Congress

    You can always do a Freedom of Information Act request. I had to do that when the USFS tried to take land away here. They have to respond or you can take it to your senator and they will make them respond. But i live in a red state, might be different in a blue one.
  4. afreakofnature

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Awesome Mitchel! Good luck! Ive been following your posts on this as i want to do the same in 2021. Saving right now! Fred offered to let me borrow his books as well and look forward to reading them. If you dont mind i might be picking your brain on this in the future. Have fun and get some gold!
  5. afreakofnature

    Australia 2019

    Nice thats cheaper then flyin in the USA
  6. afreakofnature

    New Minelab MicroNox

    Innovation Nation!
  7. afreakofnature

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    Well shoot looks like i gotta keep the sdc for my creek detecting. I seem to get better depth inch or two, smaller coil 8", and waterproof. Thanks for all the info! Look forward to the big coils too! Although i might just completly switch over to the nox for the creeks, but have had such good luck with the sdc. Hard decisions! Lol
  8. afreakofnature

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    Thats what i kind of figured but was hopefull none the less. Looking forward to the 10x9 being available! I really would like to see how that works for MDing up the gut of the small creeks and gulches I detect. Would they be waterproof? What kind of depth are you getting? Debating on keeping my SDC or not.
  9. I like Minelab and would go with the Equinox 800. Depth is not what you are after anyways. Gold occurs at all depths unless right in the middle of a fluvial environment which allows for liquifaction and the settlement of heavies.
  10. afreakofnature

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    Hey davsgold, i was curious how the small coils are coming along. The 10 inch and if an 8 inch might be coming. Really interested, the smaller coils help me get in the small creeks and gulches, especially if they are waterproof.
  11. I'm sticking with made in the USA by steveg! You put all the work in and know what worked the best. This guy might use cheap parts or didn't test like you. Plus he is out of country. I was just showing ya for your own info.
  12. Here it is https://www.ebay.com/itm/NNX-Carbon-Fiber-Upper-Shaft-for-Minelab-Equinox-600-800/264144498061?hash=item3d803d2d8d:g:-PQAAOSw1IhcQD96:rk:6:pf:0
  13. Just search "minelab equinox" in all categories and sort by newly listed. I can't seem to find out how to share a link with the ebay app on my phone.
  14. Uh oh Steve, you are already starting to get copy cats on your design. One selling right now on eBay. Similar clamp design too.
  15. I suggest getting a pro sonic and go wireless then you can plug in your favorite headphones without an adapter. Its what i did, just my idea is all.