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  1. Glad you love the idea! Please please please try to make it happen. WM12/SP01 all one unit Hell yeah! (And able to switch frequencies to work with the Pro-Sonic too) 🤣🤣
  2. No i ment 200 for each makes 400. So 400 for a single unit is a wash
  3. That would be an interesting concept though could you just take the electronics from inside a WM 12 and add it to the SP01? I wish I knew how to do those kinds of things LOL
  4. Well it’s 200 for a WM12 and 200 for an SP01 so i guess that price is a wash. 🤣🤣
  5. Here is what I would like to see. An SPO1 that also has a built-in speaker and the wireless capabilities to just hook up to the 7000 and ProSonic. I would like to use my SP01 more often but I just don’t like having the WM 12 with a cord to an SP01 with a cord to a speaker. In my opinion it just gets to be too much. Same when i would use it with my pro sonic hook up to the SDC. I’m not an electrician by any means but would it really be that hard to add those two things? Even if it was a little bigger it would be better than having all the corded mess.
  6. I thought maybe there might be an addition to download
  7. So the other day my neighbor told me she lost part of her rosary when she was walking her dog. It was a multitude of events where her phone rang, kids ran out and the dog kind of pulled off enough that when she took her hand out of her pocket fast, it broke and flew across the grass near the sidewalk. She was able to find most of it but could not find the a piece that had a little cross on it with part of the chain and beads. This rosary really meant a lot to her. My neighbors know that I metal detect for gold but they did not ask me at first and tried themselves to find it, even going to point of borrowing a metal detector from their relatives. When they came back empty handed and I saw them in the driveway they told me the story. I said you should have just asked me, I would love to help! Plus for me I thought that this would be like leveling up in metal detecting skill set. I only hunt for jewelry when I go to FL to visit my folks, so I only get in maybe a few weeks of that. Plus I rarely detect in the parks, I just don't like all the people. So I wanted to know if I could really do this. So I asked her to show me some of the other parts of her rosary so I could get hear what the signal sounded like, what kind of ID number would show up, and how much sensitivity to use since it should be a surface find (it was only lost for a couple of days). Well I knew this was going to be a challenge cause the little cross came up around 15 and the chain was ferrous, I think it was a -4 all on the Equinox. I was not sure if the cross and the chain were still connected. Well when I got to the area she lost it, there was so much trash and EMI plus I could not discriminate because I was not sure if they were still connected or not, but i persevered. Knowing that I would not have to dig, helped eliminate a lot of targets too. Anyways it only took me about 20 mins and I found it! The cross was still connected to the chain, and when the signal came up it was a double blip of those exact numbers! I looked down and there it was. She was so excited and thankful and I was just as excited for her and knowing that I could do it! It was an absolute great feeling to help her out, I felt on top of the world at that moment. I would even say I felt a bigger high finding that for her vs when I find a nugget! Anyways here the pic.
  8. So I have been watching some Parker's Trials and Aussie Gold Hunters.......... 😉 But on both shows now they say that if you "peg" a claim it is considered Pending and can be "prospected" (aka metal detected) by the public for about 8-12 months until it is no longer Pending. Is this really true? Do people peg to throw other prospectors off? Like send them on a wild goose chase? 😄 In the US I am sure that would not fly at all. I mean you do the work to find a good claim and then people can see on Tengraph where it is and go to town on it. There would be for sure some shooting going on. 😄 So as long as you have a Miner's Right, do a little research on gold bearing areas, find some Pending claims in those areas, then you are good to go? Is this how a lot of detectorists hunt in WA?
  9. Hanker chief is to give to a woman when she’s crying. Good way to get yourself a wife out there to help LOL.
  10. Looks like another new pic of the ZSearch and they say 12” for sure at first On there site. They look slick. Hopefully the virus does not delay a release date.
  11. Probably because North America is saturated with maybe an overstock of detectors that they need to sell off first. Whereas other parts of the world don’t.
  12. Possibly Amphibolite? The gold also looks like it was a small veinlet by itself! Very cool
  13. Not a stud but did find this with the Nox 800 Beach 1 Auto GB Sensitivity at 20, volume all the way up. I used a Minelab Pinpointer 35 to retrieve. Beach sand find.
  14. I agree Fred. You really going to commit murder over 5 dollars in gold? Cmon. Take their picture and license plate, mark the location, call the police, have them arrested. You can get more out of someone convicting them of mineral trespass vs murdering them. SMH
  15. Hey Gold catcher, I do not think that the 19 inch coil with surface rubbish Would go away. Now we are all trying to get the gold quickly but I personally believe the best way would be to go over the area first with a smaller coil like the SDC. It’s easier to maneuver vs dealing with the bulky detector and quicker to dig. Then go back through with the 14 slowly. Follow that up with the 19. I don’t try to go back with the 19 until I’ve cover the area very thoroughly with the 14 because the 19 is just a beast to carry and the holes that it produces can be deep.
  16. Its the opposite for me. Nugget shooting is way more successful than on the beach. I want a gold ring and a reale. Can’t seem to put my coil over one.
  17. I got this email reply from Nuggetfinder the other day when I inquired about when their coils are coming out. ”Our 12” Zed coil is expected to be ready by July, this will depend on the supply of some parts we are waiting for.” Looks like the first is a 12”
  18. OnX OffRoad looks pretty interesting though. 30 bucks a year.
  19. are you sure its backcountry navigator? It seems to get terrible reviews
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