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  1. GR Guy. Do you have the info to put a list together of gold size vs depth for each coil you used? We all know that smaller coils are gonna lose depth but I would just like to know how much people are experiencing. I really could use a smaller coil but it isn’t going to be much use if the depth is not there either. Too much loam in my areas! 🤣
  2. Yeah that saying is different here LOL. We say “EXCUSES are like assholes, everybody has one, and they all stink” Not Opinions.
  3. I have been taking my Nissan Versa detecting lately 🤣. 35 mpg vs 12 mpg, handles the backroads fine, just go slow 😂😂 It can be a poormans RZR 😂 Hell oneof my old geology professors used to do all his field work in a VW beatle, mine just has AC 🤣.
  4. I just go to the spots that have the big shallow gold and avoid the the deep little gold spots 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I cant believe there is not a way to jailbreak the machine to bypass the chip. There has to be some programmer out here that can figure this out. The machines have usb ports for updates. I mean iphones are jailbroken all the time to use unauthorized apps. If u can mod an iphone u should be able to mod a detector, especially if camera shops are fixing them, looking at you phrunt 😁.
  6. He said he would give cash too, that would probably cover the shipping 😉. Trying to help you guys out here. ☺️
  7. Dolan Dave should take that trade and then send it in under warranty!
  8. I didnt know there were 3 seasons, shit i got one more to watch 😂
  9. One thing for sure, coils are “usually” cheaper than detectors! 🤣🤣
  10. You should be happy NZ is left off the map. Some here wish we were! 🤣
  11. Hmmm obsidian. Well if I held it in the hand I would know lol. The picture really does look like chert but if there’s an obsidian source pretty close by it’s probably it.
  12. Oh…..and your not supposed to remove items from NP’s. Not even rocks. Just future FYI.
  13. Your desert glass looks like chert (crypto crystalline quartz) to me. If hand worked, could be an arrowhead.
  14. The government is tracking you now lol probably some type of device for some scientific experiment being done in the park
  15. 1.21 jigawatts of energy turning lead shot into gold as the coil goes over it! 🤣
  16. I find myself doing the same thing to that you stated above Steve. It always seems like the volume starts out right but then it’s just too loud and I have to keep turning it down. I’ve been starting with just having the volume at one on the 6000 and then adjusting with the headphones. If I need to crank the volume up, then i go to two on the unit then I turn the volume all the way down on the headphones first and then adjust from there. And I always run it with a test just to make sure that I can hear targets. But this method for me seems to pseudo adjust threshold level and emi noise. Works well for running 10 or auto +. I have heard some very faint tiny targets this way that i missed first go around re going over a patch found with the 6k initially. I wish I could borrow a Z again to see if I missing anything deep at this patch that the 6K did not get. We have gone over this so many times with all the coils this is going to be a good test patch for new machines or old ones lol
  17. Thats funny cause I too was messing around with the volume on the unit vs volume in the headphones to crank up the sensitivity but tone down EMI or threshold. Completely by accident as I thought one would control the other like when wearing BT headphones with an iPad but not the case at all. Too independent volume controls which give gives unique versatility.
  18. The GPZ8500! You know its coming, the tech is over 7 years old! Or the GPX6800 with stable threshold using GeoSense 2.0 😂. Noticed that I adjusted the numbers to correlate with price 😂
  19. I use a Garmin InReach Mini. It too can Bluetooth to your phone and use through an app that Garmin has or you can send a text just through the device itself. The recipient does not need to have the garmin app, it just texts to their phone. It has other features to but I don’t pay for them. The subscription plan that I use is the basic one and it’s about $12 a month.
  20. There is no overlay and the BLMs MLRS will only get you to 1/4 section. After that you will have to do your own research and pull claim maps from the county. To avoid pulling them all, there are 640 acres in a section and 160 acres in a 1/4 section. So when looking at the BLM site you can see if all the claims in that 1/4 add up to 160. If not there might be a place to detect, personally join a few of the clubs in the area and learn the ropes……..or you could claim jump.
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