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  1. The new website sucks. The treasure talk articles no longer have the pics or videos anymore either. Bring back the old site!
  2. Website for the book is not up. Are you just going to announce when it is up and ready for ordering?
  3. Here in the USA I put many AZ pinstripes on all the trucks I rented. No probs. The rental guy told me the scratch has to be atleast 6” and go into the undercoat before charging. If it does that they can’t buff out for resale. The dust really showed them off good on those nice brand new trucks
  4. JP, When (if) I come to Australia, I think I want to take a lesson with you. There is no way I could relay that much information back from using my detector. I find gold, but I want to understand my machine like how you understand yours and the way you describe it. In my eyes you are on another level. There are only one or two others that I know that are there too.
  5. Did I see different coil styles in that video and a red looking detector body?
  6. This is my reference https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/08120090701488289
  7. I wonder when this was written. I find this interesting. There is a pub from Australia in 2007 that I think contradicts this. They cut open and examined lots of nuggets and concluded that nugget formation is not supergene but hypogene, Think his name was Hough. Although i would not rule out that oxidation could “concentrate” already formed nuggets. More research! 😊
  8. This is a first for me. Do you have a reference on that?
  9. I agree with Fred. Where there is one there is more. Grid the crap out of those two places! Then go back over it again in a perpendicular direction! With your limited time left, if it was me the exploring is done, time to grid, go slow and listen for the faints. Get that big Aussie gold!!!
  10. Phrunt - You can do it!! Do you have Chris Ralph’s book? Watch his vids, read his book. It will give you the answers you seek. It will help teach you the geology you need to know. It will teach you even how to research. You dont have to be a geologist like myself. Which sometimes is a detriment as I tend to over think, make radical theories, then realize I need to just go back to the basics and reassess. This game is 80% research, 10% exploring, 10% swinging. It reverses once you find a good spot until you work it out.
  11. Yup pegmatite. White looks like feldspar with the more translucent minerals being quartz. Black probably biotite maybe tourmaline can't tell in the pic.
  12. Nice crystal gold piece! As well as the rest too! Makes me really want a 10”
  13. Screw the beaches! We got those in the US.
  14. Sad day indeed! I wish I could have met him. RIP Jim and thank you for all the written knowledge you passed on!
  15. Finders Keepers in OZ reports that it is a new MultIQ detector. https://www.facebook.com/FindersKeepersGoldProspecting/
  16. Take a Gold Safari/Excursion/Expedition/Tour. Its worth it when on a trip like this!
  17. Looks like it will be an interesting read, look forward to it. I have also enjoyed reading your ICMJ articles.
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