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  1. I would love to go on a field trip with Chris around NV! I have sent messages asking if he ever does anything like that (paid of ourse), but never got any responses.
  2. I currently am using the wireless headphones more but in the summer preferred the external speaker. what I really want is a WM12 wireless external speaker. Or something like the JBL Clip.
  3. SDC2300 might be a good beach PI. Waterproof and has salt settings. I am gonna try mine this winter and try to find a new use for it now that i have a 6k
  4. In regards to pluging in any coil, you have to do that about 3 times. Plug it in, screw on, push it in again, screw on further, third time its all the way pluged in tighten up. I have had to do this with all my coils. Might be an EMI source if not fully plugged in 🤷‍♂️
  5. Oneguy - If you like the detector and can’t try any of the solutions of using someone else’s gear, don’t forget you have a 3 year warranty. Maybe send it in for a diagnostic check. 🤷‍♂️
  6. I have no problem with coil twisting and I am using the 17” now. I think people who are having a problem are not tightening down hard enough. The shafts are carbon fiber you’re not going to break them tighten the clamp as tight as it can possibly get. If you’re just weakly tightening it down then you are going to have some twist. Quite honestly if you wanted to drill a hole and put a pin in yourself it would not be a big deal but I think it defeats the purpose when you want to tighten up the cord by giving it a twist before engaging the locks. So far I’m satisfied with it. Keep this in mind to if you think you can actually tighten it to the point where you’re going to break it it’s under warranty for three years! But if you drill the hole it’s probably not under warranty anymore.
  7. Unfortunately this is old news, Lunk discovered these before the 6k even came out and Chase already have these listed in his 5th link. I was hoping doc might have made a small attachable speaker similar to the wm12
  8. I did this on my last hunt but all i got was lead. Had a high/high on tiny lead and a low/low on a big slug. Similar to what small and large gold “should” sound like. I am waiting for a high/low or a low/high.
  9. Hey Rick, I’m bringing my RZR out there in Nov. Do you need any special permits for riding around on BLM trails? Mine is all licensed and registered for road riding too in my state. Thanks!
  10. There is no gold in SD, we do all our hunting in WY. Yeah Dan killed it last weekend. Deepest biggest gold yet I have seen yet with this machine! Diet GPZ (or as Steve calls it GPZ Lite for you Euros) for sure in my book. I really used to enjoy winning all the beer bets before Dan got a 6k. Now he is taking my beer and my gold! 🤣 I keep telling him now that I should have never told you to get a quality detector, why the hell did your wife let you get one!! 🤣🤣🤣 Nah, Dan is great friend, detecting buddy and fellow researcher. Good partner in crime for our gold fields. Deserves the gold he is finding after for so long collecting dust. And now an active DP community member to boot! Now the next bet should be first one to find a 1+ ouncer gets a case! Game on!
  11. Anybody know if the Minelab GA10 Guide Arm fits on the 6k shaft? I love the 17” coil but it did a number on my shoulder last weekend (but nowhere near as bad as the Z did). Would like a guide arm for it and I used to like the old Z guide arm.
  12. Never got an email but just look for “Gerry in Idaho” and PM him.
  13. 900 euros over here would be outrageous! On eBay they were going for $500. Gerry had some good deals going on older PI units, might want to reach out?
  14. Research for a proper physical therapist and pay the money for proper fitted orthotics, you can then put those in any type of footwear, except sandals. They will last for years. By the time you pay for all the cheap fixes you will have payed for them.
  15. Steve has great reviews on both. I have recently read them. Seems the Extreme had QA/QC issues so if I had to choose, I would go 3000 or 3500.
  16. This just started happening to me this morning, drop down ads. I completely understand having ads on the forum as a way of income and I am not trying to say to remove advertising, but would it be possible to remove this “style” of advertising. It makes navigating on the forum annoying and difficult because you alway have to navigate around it, at least on my iPad. Would really appreciate just the old style, and yeah I have clicked on some ads 😊.
  17. I wonder if you could use this similar to the iron discrimination on the older GPXs for large solid nugget hunting in ferrous trashy areas? Maybe just stick to low tone - difficult targets (based solely on your description) and play the odds.
  18. Steveg’s rods are top notch for sure! The extra length (if not used) may stiffen up the shaft as well. Steveg have you noticed that it reduces flex? The flex that some notice with the 6k stock shafts hasn’t bothered me but this might be an easy fix for others. 🤷‍♂️
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