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    What Date Did You Pre Order

    I ordered mine January 9th and received it the next day! I already found so much I’m going to take up a new hobby it’s so easy to find gold and silver..I’m board now..just kidding I may never get it

    First Gold Of 2018

    Ill jump on board. Happy New Year's everyone! Thanks again for a great forum. I was busy for the past month out of town and lasted one day back before I was out detecting at the old spot. So here it is, year to date with the faithful lobo. P.s I ordered an Equinax 800...powerful vlf, waterproof...you know...good luck out there!

    Whites V3i For Prospecting ???

    I used one for a few months here in California and wasn't very impressed with it's prospecting ability. It's a neat detector, I enjoyed using it but for the price I think there are better choices for gold hunting.

    Gold Found With Anything But A Minelab?

    I had a GMT for a few years till a terrible backing accident in my garage. Whoops Now I use a Tesoro Lobo after trying a friend's out. I love how simple it is. I know it's not the most modern detector but if I'm in the right spot I'll find it.

    My Next Detector?

    Thanks for the advice! And I have plenty more to share.

    My Next Detector?

    Yes I was just saying that's the only other coil I tried out. Not many people use the lobo so if your friend said it works on gold. And gives it a little edge count me in.

    My Next Detector?

    That's not a bad idea I've tried a mono coil and wasn't to impressed. But I'll take a look. Thanks for the info I really appreciate it.

    My Next Detector?

    Hi Steve, The lobo is a great machine and I don't have any issues other than batterie wires. Once I figured out how to use it and started finding gold it's been great. I don't plan on getting rid of it. I'm going to mount it above my fireplace if it ever stops working and can't be repaired. I guess I should have said 2nd detector sorry about that. I love detecting and do it as much as possible, and I think I'm ready for a second detector. Just something different. Thanks for the response. I'll keep you guys/gals posted. Jason And another picture

    My Next Detector?

    That just might be the case. I really want to like the atx even though I've never used it. Just the mixed reviews on depth and sensitivity. Waterproof would be fun and i could see trying it out here in late summer. But not a selling point. I can go and clear a patch with the vlf but I know I'm missing deeper targets. I've see minelabs do great here in California. I just have a hard time with the price. I guess you have to spend money to make it. Anyway its a hobbie and my old tesoro and I can sure get gold and have fun. Thank you for responding! This Forum is great.
  10. I've been using the tesoro lobo for 8 years now with great success. I'm ready for something different with a little more depth. I find gold nuggets and quartz/gold. Most of the Au/quartz comes from taillings and when they go quite I rake and find more...sometimes. I've been looking at the ATX but read it has trouble finding Au/quartz. I understand size matters on ability for any detector. 2000ish is my budget and that can buy a lot of rakes. I'm just not 100% I like the way it sounds and I'm sure we can get along just fine. Discrimination is not that important, I hardly use it. Any info would help thanks.