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    Roseburg, Oregon
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    Prospecting, metal detecting, hunting, fishing, shooting
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    At present i have a Whites TDI SL, Gold Monster 1000, Pan, sluice boxes, Quicksand concentrator, and a home made millers table.

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  1. Nice Gold Wes. Yep, the SDC would be nice to have too.
  2. Thanks Steve. Yea, i knew the Monster was hot on the small stuff but i really thought the TDI SL would at least hit on the 7.4 gr. piece. Ohh well, it will be fine for larger deeper stuff that the Monster don't hit on.
  3. I took my Whites TDI SL with both the stock 7.5" dual field coil and the 8"x6" NUgget Finder coil, as well as my Minelab GM 1000 out and tried them on some small 1.7 grain and 7.4 grain pieces of lead i use for testing. The minelab found both easily and at over 2" on the small one. The Whites wouldn't pick up either one with either coil. I am liking the Monster more and more. But was wondering? Should the Whites do better than it did?
  4. Great finds. Looking forward to getting out soon with my Monster. Still on the hunt for my First nugget.
  5. The Whites TDI is the least expensive New for $1200 and used ones can be found for $600-$700 at times. Next would be used Minelabs. I just picked up a used GPX 4000 with 3 coils and signal enhancer and 3 batteries and control box cover for $1350, so they can be found. Try all the forums classifieds and Craiglist. Another option would be the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. It is a VLF but does good in highly mineralized ground and can be found for about $600 used or about $800 new.
  6. Good to know Steve, but i still think i will carry a couple truck spares just in case. I have that kinda luck. lol
  7. There must be a Lot of sharp rocks in the area that cause all the flats. Thanks for the info on the Fall get together.
  8. Thank you i will check it out. I printed some off My Land Matters today too.
  9. Yep, we know about the wind and dust. Have made the trip from Oregon to Az, through Nev. a Lot of times. Lots of wide open Nothing. lol
  10. Thanks Fred. I am checking out info on My Land Matters and i think i will send an e-mail to the Nevada BLM and see if i can buy any good maps of the area from them.
  11. Thank you for the thread info Steve. I will check it out.
  12. Thanks Strick. I plan on having two or three spares for the truck and one for the trailer. I am familiar with the heat as i am originally from Tucson, Az. Wasn't aware there were claims all over the place though.
  13. I have heard a lot about Rye Patch Nevada and now that we are retired the wife and i are thinking about taking a trip down there so i can do some detecting for nuggets? We have a 4x4 PU and small 18' camp trailer. Are there areas you can get to with a trailer and set up close to where you want to hunt. Is it even possible to get a trailer in there? Can anyone go and hunt? We are thinking about some time in May, weather in Oregon and over the passes permitting. Any chance some of you might be there and be willing to give a new comer some tips on nugget detecting. I have a Minelab GPX 4000, a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and a Whites Gold Master V-sat. all of which i need a lot more experience with. Hope to see some of you there.
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