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  1. Mark, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the detector is still for sale. It's ready to go. Let me know if you're still interested. Thanks, Gary
  2. Didn't find much. A few dollars, a junk ring, wine bottle opener and, what I think, a nose ring. I was surprised to find such a small thin item with the 15" coil. Or should I not be surprised that the big coil found the nose ring even though it is so small? Big coil, small coil no difference in hitting the small items? It was certainly hard to pin point. Here is a pic with a dime for comparison. The nose ring has tested as silver.
  3. 17" x 11"??? I've heard only 15" x 13". What gives??
  4. Hi All- A friend of mine found a set of Military dog tags today and he was wondering how to get them back to the owner. The internet says, 'send them to the Secretary of Defense'. He would like to get them back to the owner personally. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Way to go Andy!!! I'll be in England next week hoping to find similar items!
  6. Thanks Dee, that's seems to be what I have done.
  7. Is there a place to see how this is done, 3 tones from 5 tones? I've tried it and I think I may have it, but when I go through the tone cycle, it still shows T4 and T5. Although T4 and T5 are at the same volume setting of T3, they still show up on the on the tone cycle. Is this how 3 tones are made from 5 tones?
  8. I've used this unit maybe seven or eight times. Works perfectly. Comes with what you see in the pics plus the charger and re-chargerable batteries and the handbook. The first large DD coil cover broke so I've included a new one and the coil cover for the eight inch round cover was solid so I cut out the center area for easier use, for me, in the water. The large DD coil has some scratches on the bottom due to the one time I forgot to put the coil cover on after cleaning and went hunting. $1800.00 includes shipping in CONUS. No trades please.
  9. Thanks for the replies. It is starting to seep into my brain that looking for gold in So. Cal. parks, most parks anyway, is not a worthwhile endeavor with the Nox usually. Especially if you have to reject so many numbers to keep the machine from sounding like a machine gun. Coin hunting will be it's prevailing task in those types of parks. The beach on the other hand is a different animal altogether.
  10. Thanks Steve, that's the realization I'm coming too. One or the other usually.
  11. I put a post about the Nox and trashy parks about three or four weeks ago asking if the Nox was a good choice because of all the trash noise. It seems to me by the replies to the post that the Nox WAS a good trashy park machine because of it's ability to separate signals and it's fast recovery speed. To reduce the "machine gun" noise, it was advised to reject -9 to 22. But by doing so, you will be missing a big part of the gold range. I tested 15 gold rings that I found in parks with my CTX program against the Nox program suggested in the replies to my original post. The results were disappointing in that the Nox couldn't sound off on any of the rings except one. A large 18K yellow gold, 10.8 gram ring that rang in at 23 (penny signal). The rest of the rings were comprised of what someone might call women's size rings. Size five to seven mostly, 10 or 14K white or yellow gold. Some with diamonds and some without. So, by this un-scientific test, does this tell me that the Nox is basically a coin machine, in a trashy park setting, unless you want to hear a bunch of noise and try to pick out the non-coin good targets? I really like the machine at the beach. It's the first one I grab when I go to the beach. But, for the So. Cal. parks and all the trash that the people leave behind, I'm still having trouble with the cacophony of noise. So much so that I know I'm missing some targets. Any advice and I'm ALL EARS! Thanks in advance for all the help with this matter.
  12. I have a Garrett carrot and I have noticed in some videos that people using them turn them on while touching the turf or sand before using them to find their target. I know why this is done, but is it really necessary? I was wondering how many of you, on this forum, do this?
  13. Did a little bit of detecting today and found this...can anybody tell me what this, I think it's a coin, is? What country it may be from? What year? Thanks in advance for any help identifying this object.
  14. The reason I take the lower shaft off after each beach hunt is because the Anderson shaft, compared to the Minelab shaft, has a smaller tolerance between the OD of the lower shaft and the ID of the upper shaft. Or so it seems to me. If I don't remove the lower shaft and clean it out, then after two or three beach hunts, it's a bear to take apart. I will just have to be careful when cleaning the unit to keep water away from the connectors. Thanks everyone for all the replies.
  15. Northeast...When I rinse my unit off, I take it apart pretty much all the way. I don't take the handle/controller or the arm cuff off, but all the rest I do. The sand is so intrusive that if I don't clean it well it gets to be to hard to dis-assemble. I have my Nox on an Anderson carbon fiber shaft.
  16. Does that include when the coil is not connected to the controller? I remove the lower rod to get the sand out. To do so I have to unplug the coil.
  17. Which end of the Nox is the waterproof end? Is it the coil cable end OR the coil receptacle on the back of the controller? Or, are both waterproof? When I rinse my Nox off after a beach hunt I cover both connectors with my thumb so as not to get the pins or the pin receptacles wet. Does anybody know what the thread count is on the connectors? I would like to get a male and a female solid end so as to rinse the Nox off without any possible water problems. Thanks for any info on this matter.
  18. Went to a local So. Cal. park this morning, and boy what a workout! I'm not sure the Nox is the right machine for a modern trashy park. In some area's of the park the Nox was sounding off like a machine gun. I tried P1, P2, F1, F2, 5 tone, 50 tone, 0 GB, manual GB, auto GB, recovery at 5, 6, 7 and IB at 3, 4, 5. It seems no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the machine to quiet down. It might just be too much trash. I couldn't keep up with the Noxs' noise. I got tired of trying to distinguish good target sounds from bad target sounds, so after two hours my head couldn't take it anymore so I just gave up and headed home. Anybody got any ideas on the best way to handle this type of park? Or, is it best to just pass it by? Thanks in advance for any help in this area.
  19. Thanks for the replies and examples Tnsharpshooter. Do you think your observation would be the same in a wet sand beach setting?
  20. It has been stated that, when you get a target, if you drag the coil back you may get a negative number indicating a ferrous target. But, sometimes while doing this I get a negative number and a positive number. So...my question is, when do you decide to dig? If there are any negative numbers you don't dig, or if you get only one or two negative numbers you still go ahead and dig? I've had targets, when I pull the coil back, give me nothing but negative numbers, those I do not dig. But, the ones with both negative and positive numbers, give me pause. Thanks in advance for your input.
  21. Dave, you might try this gentleman, Harold at dralph2@tampabay.rr.com to see if he can help you.
  22. Today while beach hunting I had more than a few targets detected and then, after removing the first scoop, the target disappeared? This happened with quarters mostly and then dimes, both clad. But the nickels and pennies, especially the pennies, came through fine. I knew the target was there so I kept scooping until I finally got the target, but it was a bit frustrating. I was in the wet sand running beach 1, 0 GB, recovery at 5, iron bias at 2 and 50 tones. Has anyone else had this experience? And is this a problem with the Nox?
  23. I want to thank everyone for their input to my post. I really appreciate all the help and info I get from this forum. And, I would like to also say thank you, don't know if he reads any forums, to Pete Anderson for taking the time, about 20 minutes of phone time, to talk to me about his anderson Nox shaft. By the way, my friend and I are keeping the shafts. Thanks again everyone.
  24. I am planning on doing just that. By the way, the anderson shaft plastic spring clip, is a double spring clip. I guess Pete just decided not to drill the second hole?
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