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    Wife and kids, prospecting, Spending time all over beautiful America , Cycling, fishing, homeschooling / teaching / learning...
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    Fisher f75 LTD, GPZ7000, Fisher f-pulse pinpointer, YouTube, Amazon prime documentaries, great historical books found@Goodwill.. this forum..

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  1. Awesome. Your word and advice is as good as Good as gold to me. I'm a long way from being able to buy a new detector anytime soon. They probably have a whole bunch of new ones by the time that they comes. But the Garrett looks pretty cool. Living the dream
  2. I'm trying to look for some people that have this detector and are using it for themselves and enjoying it. I think Steve is awesome and I love reading his posts and his experiences. But I'm wondering if all this is a lot of Garrett promotions? Was this the trip that you were on Steve? I can't really find any other forms talking about the detector. Doesn't matter much because I've sold everything I have I'm just wasting away dreaming about the day I could once again have freedom to look for gold.
  3. I know I thought it was going to be bigger...I am sad enough to be selling my GPZ... If I be have to share burying gold and digging it up again I might not ever sell it... Is hard enough to let it go ...
  4. Does anybody in this thread ever think that fisher is going to make something to compete ever again?
  5. Hey earlier I want trying to offend you. Please see my other post. Not offense intended.
  6. Sorry I didn't mean to come across to harsh. I think the Axiom is definitely awesome 👍👍👍 I just found a small piece with my gpz and it was both surprising and awesome. I have enjoyed lurking and learning from the members here.... and I make my children read these forums often. I dream of having more time to detect one day . No offense meant at all. I'm absolutely sure the axiom would find smaller nuggets easier than the Gpz.. And discrimination is awesome. But the GPZ was amazing for me when we found that piece. Actually I just found the signal... My wife and kids dug it out 😀
  7. Well I'm going to tell you 100%, you're absolutely wrong. My first gold that I ever found in my whole life was with my gpz 7000 at nearly two feet and it made a screaming sound as I got closer to it. And here's a picture and it's the only gold that I ever found. So flat out wrong about that Jack. Maybe you just need to learn how to use it to understand it's power.
  8. I cant believe the way people are dissing the gpz 7000 on here. I have dreamed for ten years to find one, and I have my first gold at about 1 gram like 1.5 foot deep. I know its heavy... but Id carry it a thousand miles. Sayin its heavy is like saying you want an electric bicycle. I like to pedal my bike ... I mean... I cant wait to get back to what I am losing. But .... I have people in africa trying to buy my GPZ talking about how it would change their lives. I lived in China Nearly 18 years and buying my f75+ was a dream come true. Dont be caught up in the newest thing. Is there anything out there with more potential than the GPZ 7000? Dont get cought up in the hype.
  9. I love my fisher f75.. I always wondered how cool it would be if it was as pwerful as the GPZ. I wonder if fisher labs will ever release anything new....
  10. I dont see much discussion on that. I have cound a very small nugget with my GPZ... I know that there is discrimination... But honestly how many people would still dig even if it sounds out as Iron? I am just curious about the depth... sorry if its been mentioned and I missed it. It doesnt hurt to think about things....
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