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    Wife and kids, prospecting, Spending time all over beautiful America , Cycling, fishing, homeschooling / teaching / learning...
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    Fisher f75 LTD, GPZ7000, Fisher f-pulse pinpointer, YouTube, Amazon prime documentaries, great historical books found@Goodwill.. this forum..

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  1. this is different than what you said of your later when you're going to get rid of your dredging and stuff for only metal detecting. I'm trying to find out the best loose dry washer setup, and I keep coming across your conflicted feelings about quitting everything else but metal detecting
  2. Just out of curiosity, a couple years later, are you still only detecting with metal detectors and no more dry washing?
  3. Hey everybody. I've been working my butt off to try to get ready to go find gold.Sometime seems like one step forward two steps back. A week and a half ago I was at the bottom of gold hill outside Virginia City, testing out the GPZ in the gold monster with my wife and kids, and when we put all the gear away I had my keys on the minelab vest, and stupidly locked them in the back of our car right at sun down. Being off the beaten path, and having to work had no choice but to smash my rear window to get the keys and get my family out of there. Just so happens that rear window is more expensive than my windshield at 500 plus dollars :-(. Had to look of finding a free spirit Odyssey 45-in tent for only $2,000 near San Diego. Went down and picked it up, only to find out that the so-called towing Springs that I thought I ordered, and we're actually tihuan springs for a golf, and not the towing Springs that I thought. My mistake ordering them, now my car sags, and I've got a cough up another $160 and change the Springs myself. Times money. To make things even better, on the way back through the Mojave desert my heater core went out. Fortunately it's got a CPo warranty, unfortunately I can't trust the local dealership so I have to drive to Sacramento to have the dealership fix it, luckily it's only 50 bucks. And that covers this sway bar bushings too which are bad. Yesterday I spent all day delivering doordash checking out Auburn and a little bit placer County. Forest Hill road and some other spots. Found an awesome mining store in Auburn. I like to get back today to metal detector it caught a land where I saw people excavating for a new home in placer County. I've got to work my butt off to pay off these bills, I hope I could get one or two hours. I had went to Cold Springs to get some Paydirt with my wife from the bedrock that was exposed. So far I found tons of iron. Bringing it home to our kitchen, where I spent about an hour and a half learning to pan for the first time. With a five bucket gallon, it took me about a good hour to find a good rhythm. Wow am I a slow panner:( I'm working on it, ordered some classifiers, and realized I need to get a sluice box or something to make that process go faster. I totally don't have any cash left to do that though... So I also wanted to figure out how to make my GPZ and gold monster operate better where there's tons of iron. Sitting in bed right now I was just trying to set my machine with Steve's super hot settings, which apparently were not as hot as the ones I was running, when the ultimate nightmare happened. Not even dressed, GPZ in my arms, I can see a gray line going down the center of the screen. Un freaking believable. I hardly used my GPZ yet. Not the hundreds of hours required. I've never dropped it I have no idea how this happened. Every free second of my day I try to spend looking for gold. there's no way I could afford to part with it for a couple months to send it to Australia. I'm hoping there's some way to have it fixed we're able to fix itself. Has anybody ever seen it a grey line in their display? Now my f75 LCD is worse than my GPZ, and my poor GPZ has a line through it... I never let it go in lower than 15-20°....
  4. Hi everyone. Slowly building up our kit, Ill post another thread about it later on when I get a chance. Drivung Uber all around, stopping whenever i can at interesting places to detect.. I was wondering if anybody could help identify whether or not this is silver. It sets off my GPZ pretty well and I think I know where it could find a lot more. There's a lot of excavation going on around Reno which is exposing a lot of bedrock and other things haven't been seen for a long time. If this is silver, and there's a lot more is it worth any value? I'm pretty sure it's from ground that's never seen the light of day before. I picked it out of some veins /crevices in this huge buried volcanic rock type. I thought it was the type of iron before, but after thinking about it I think it might be silver. Maybe it's fine gold and crusted on it? I actually thought it was more rust so I took a picture of it.
  5. Okay everybody, I just picked up a gold monster 1000, and now I'll be either looking for it another cheap one second hand for my wife / child, and possibly an SDC 2300. Honestly though, I see two toes really likes to use his SDC, and I see some other people who defend using their SDC, say it's a great machine, but I'm not sure if they're saying that because they already made the large investment, or if it really has its place. The thing is, one of my children will be using the f-75 ltd in all metal mode, and I really want to keep it because it's good for relics and I think it's better on the beach probably. My other child or wife will be using the monster 1000, or who knows the GPZ, so that leaves another pair of hands free, I know another monster 1000 would be very simple to use, so that my 8-year-old could pick up is use. But I really don't have all the time in the world, and I want to make everybody as efficient as possible in the field. If you're running an f75, golden monster, GPzv7000, and trying to get your team efficient on every machine, what machine would you recommend fill the gap? We don't do any underwater detecting then the occasional stream, no SCUBA diving and rare Beach. Really we're all about picking up nuggets, lots of them the more the better. Would you guys recommend another gold monster, STC 2300, or? We need to be doing high banking panning slucing etc, but we need one more machine for an able pair of hands.
  6. Can you tell me the podcast? Id really like podcasts about prospecting and gold detecting.. thanks!!.... Nevermind I found it.. Thanks
  7. Hey 3 years of my older brother 🙂 I hope he can get back into it. The gold will always be waiting for him. Actually you know I was thinking, it'd be really cool if we had kids prospecting days. If anybody ever sets up a get together for all the kids, let me know. I'd like to get those kids on the list.
  8. Hey thanks for your reply. Yeah I really need to find out about that pinpointer. It's a real time server. I think the fisher are pinpointer is actually quite good...... I haven't had the time yet to try to change the channel on the GPZ after turning on the pin pointer, and I haven't tried to turn on the pin pointer before turning on the GPZ and doing the reset. I know that the Fisher has an ability to set channels. But the morse code like cryptic channel selection is something I need to reread about. When I was using it with my fisher f 75 I never even understood the reason I have different channels on it, until I realized after getting the GPZ that it changes different channels to avoid EMF. So much to learn about this stuff. When I figure it out I'll put a post up about it. I haven't even had a chance to search yet. Needing more minutes in my day .. happy holidays to you and your family. Good luck out there.
  9. Hey it's amazing that somebody read it 🙂 the wonders of voice typing with Google. There might be a million mistakes, as I really didn't have the time to read it myself. I hope the Google kept up okay. It is a great adventure. Thanks for your wishes and have a great holiday with your family. Good luck out there
  10. If we're not trying we're dying. It's truly a strange trip to be back in the US, for a million different reasons, with passion and necessity, for the strange times and the unforeseen coming future, as Plato said... History repeats, it's not such a bad idea to let the Gold Rush history repeat.. if not for all the people in this room, it is definitely going to repeat for my family and kids. Up there with giving them a fish to feed them for the day or teaching them to fish to feed them for their life, replace those keywords with gold 🙂 whatever happens ... There should be enough gold to go around. And if they can't get it, we can't get it, that must mean we didn't try hard enough. Look at what the old timers did was so little. if I could see further it is from standing on the shoulders of giants.. I'm all ears gratefully 🙂
  11. Hey Steve... You, general Hercules, Jeff Williams, two toes, you're a legend in our home. It's really an honor to meet you in this forum, and thank you for the wonderful resource you put together. The experiences that you've shared, from your f-75 to your Zed... It's the kind of thing, like giving a drink to somebody who's thirsty, which only makes them more thirsty 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. We're great fans, and look forward to learning so much more. I never anticipated I would actually be in Reno in the United States communicating with you in person in the form. you never know what's going to happen in life I guess. Happy holidays to you and your family. Thanks a million.
  12. Hey can I hope that you're having a good holiday with your family. Like I said before, sorry it had to be like what it is and I wish you and yours the best. Meeting you is a great opportunity for us, we've got a lot to learn, and you really have our sincere gratitude for your honesty and providing us with the Golden Chipmunk as my kids call it. Look forward to getting to know you more in the future. 2021 is going to be a vital year for any prospector and their family. Carpe diem.
  13. Hey thanks for the welcome. A long time lurker. This is a great resource. right now I'm running these great Goodyear weather assurance tires that are the best snow tires I've ever had considering they're not dedicated snow tires https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/assurance-weatherready .... They really blown me away in the snow so far.. I had a couple sidewall flats though last year with the all-seasons I was running. Definitely am looking forward to getting some of those Kevlar or other dependable tires for the future. The immediate thing on our list is trying to find a used falcon xl tent and the funds to buy one.. step by step.. Ferociously... Good luck out there and happy holidays to your family ...
  14. Today was short and good. While reading about the geology of rattlesnake mountain and getting sidetracked on the census report for the population of Virginia City and 1860 versus 1870, I came across the fact that there was like 11 Chinese people in 1860 recorded, and 711 or something in 1870. How long ago that was, and how bustling those streets must have been as it was as great as paris? Well today, not too far from Virginia City three new kids, half Chinese, could be added to that number. We were really only supposed to go out to deliver some Uber eats. However, sometimes it's really hard to focus when you have the GPC 7000 and Fisher 75 in the car for easy access. Telling adventures of the mountain climb yesterday with their brave mother, we tried to go through the glorious spectacular Christmas lights decorated neighborhood, combing for that place we just visited. We found the park, which was much closer to the mountains then we parked yesterday, however the official park for some strange reason closed at 5:00. Anybody that knows the real power of the GPZ knows that it's very hard to turn off before 5:00. Rather than be trapped on the inside, we elected to park near the street within hiking distance. The full hearty at simple plan, was to run as fast as we could to the closest Mount ravine and just grab nuggets by the fistful. The children were good grabbing things they practiced on their great American Halloween for 2 years now. They had shovels and by other kids might be grabbing a pickaxe on minecraft, they had the real deal. They might have a lollipop in their mouth but their eye said they were hungry for gold. We quickly gathered the gear from the car grab the dog and sprinted across the meadow much like that famous guy Chevy Chase from National Lampoon's doing his wallet world Sprint. Unfortunately we had to slow down, my wife was sore from yesterday it was somewhat lagging behind, and my youngest son Apollo forgot to put his belt on and his pants were falling down almost, while he was wearing his brother's hiking shoes which were two and a half sizes too big. I had intended to take him out to buy some new shoes, however he will for Lee volunteered the shoe money to help us get that shiny GPz.... So, with the sun going down, the wife and dog crawling, and the pants that could barely stay up, I had no choice. We quickly raised the detector in the air right there on the spot and did the noise cancellation and Ferris Middle ground balancing magical gold dance. After reading last night post after post after post in this forum, I finally came across the post that Steve wrote about the firmware upgrade containing the couple new functions which I completely did not operate correctly the first day. The one function in particular, allows you to cover more ground quickly... I guess that's the something your other something your other option. Thank God they use little graphical icons cuz I can't think of the exact name off the top of my head. So slowly walking through this field, remembering that the Basque people who live there once before and I guess in 1950 or something or sometime after there was a great flood that flooded the whole valley which is somewhat perplexing to me because it seems to be a desert so I have a hard time imagining a flood there Well I let my kids know that even though we couldn't make it to the ravine,there was a probability we collect nuggets, all the way back to the car before the sun went down. So in that rushed hour and a half, we hit and Dug three targets. And I didn't even I have to explain to the kids that each Target could be the largest nugget in Nevada history. I can tell they already knew. Well of course, it was rather fine display of used ammunition... The kids had a great time learning the siren calls of the GPZ 7000, how to do the silencing and ground balancing dance.. and that there's way more suspense digging in the ground than waiting at home to watch a new Netflix series. I can't wait to get out again, there's so many places that we're learning about. The recent episode of Jeff Williams taught us about the Oriental and thule canyon and gold point.... And after their first day out... They won't think of reading this form and the other gold prospecting forms as tough homework assignments, but rather a road to get their own goals. Because they all know they get to keep whatever gold they find. 2020 was pretty bad, 2021 is probably going to be a little bit worse, but I think the GPz s going to make it a lot better.. The fisher f75 will play its part, and hopefully we'll be able to pick up a used gold monster 1000... Eating the elephant bite by bite https://photos.app.goo.gl/SMvFJM5PDib7Vc7o6
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