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  1. Both sides are set in the same. I think a gyroscope is the answer, and the older ones had a thicker iron "cage" to them by the looks of it. All the parts came out of the same hole and were likely damaged by my inability to get it out of the hole easily. Thanks for the idea about the drawer pull!
  2. Local parks with the Equinox 15" coil running in Park 1. The Panama coin was on the surface right below the grass. The car was in the outfield of a ballfield, and the Firestone nozzle was in an area of a park that is now used for equine related endeavors. Any ideas about the other item that has rusting iron with the center piece that is decorative? Love being in FL this time of year vs. being in a colder climate and knowing there is a coin under the frozen layer of soil that will have to wait for the spring to extract!
  3. Interesting read about the possible origins of the Phoenix buttons on the west coast: https://mynorthwest.com/1976707/mysterious-phoenix-button-found-puget-sound/amp/
  4. Could it be that proof of the Knights Templars was uncovered by expert metal detectorsist Cal_Cobra while detecting an ancient site where more happened than appears, or is it part of something bigger... something only more exploration will uncover?
  5. I believe it to be 1953. I was really hoping it would be an IHP based on how deep it was.
  6. Sound was there, similar to a deep silver dime that sounds high...mostly. I was using 50 tones. The ID was a bit iffy (20-33) and didn't show for about half the sweeps. I am in FL sandy soil which has close to no mineralization.
  7. Was at a local park today and was able to run at 24 sensitivity. I set recovery speed at 4 and dug the good sounds. This penny sound was very faint and I would not have heard it without earbuds. It was so deep, I was about to leave the hole after digging a lot of dirt thinking it was a false signal. Most of the deep coins from this area come out around 8"-10", so this was outside of the norm. The coin was flat on the bottom and was still stuck in the dirt when I dug it out with fingers. I would not believe it if I wasn't there taking the pics. Equinox, 15" coil, Park 1, 24 sensitivity, 4 recovery speed
  8. Thanks for sharing the awesome finds. Looks like a buckle for a woman.
  9. Of course, I forgot the most plausible explanation... it's Templar, Baby! I'm sending it off now to have it analyzed. Will it be found to contain lead mined in Europe, or is there some other explanation that will add to the mystery of Oak Island? 🙂
  10. There is a ton of it in the ground! It may be a couple years from now.😱
  11. Found my heaviest piece of lead today in a local park along with some additional old parts to railroad cars (I think). I'm guessing this came from when they used lead to join pipes together. Anyone familiar with that process is welcome to confirm or disagree.
  12. Lifting the coil is a good way to gauge if it is deep junk or not, but this was an exception. When I lifted the coil on this coin, because it was only about 6 inches down, it still rang in clearly to at least 12 inches above the ground. Shallow jewelry hunting is also an exception, but the double hit sound helps judge depth as well. I was running at 23 sensitivity today at a park, and the shallower coins really sounded big and deep. I guess a dig-it-all mentality would remedy all doubt. However, when at a park, aching knees tend to limit my desire to do that.😁
  13. Was out today to a local park and came across a strong 32-38 signal on the Equinox. I raised the coil and it still was loud. I thought it was going to be deep junk, but there were a couple 32s that showed consistently on the screen. I was not aware that 1967 was still 40% silver. Equinox, 15" coil, Park 1, 23 sensitivity, 4 Recovery speed, All metal
  14. Now, if you could share where the awesome place is to hunt, that would be helpful.😁
  15. Fabulous finds! The button with Mount Tamalpais on it seems to indicate someone of wealth may have lived there, assuming it came from the old home site. The price to attend in the 1890s was $320, or about $10,000 in today's money. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marinij.com/2020/05/25/marin-history-how-marin-academy-came-to-be/amp/
  16. Amazing find! I'm thinking you called it quits for the day after finding it. 😁 Do you recall what number it rang up as on the Equinox?
  17. Rang in a solid 28, so I had a good idea it was going to be a ring. The field has a TON of trash that rings up in the 20's... mostly buried aluminum can pieces and random car parts. There are large power lines that cause interference with the wireless module which causes it to drop out a lot if I am walking in a certain direction. If I turn around, the issue goes away. Equinox 15", all metal, Park 1, 7 recovery
  18. After getting a new coil for the Equinox under warranty, it had its maiden voyage today at the local football field that has been hammered by the other 15"! The dime gave a 31 signal with some iron sounds mixed in; it was down the length of the Garrett carrot. The coil works like the other one, possibly with a bit less EMI. The dime is nothing spectacular, but the conditions were good for detecting and I'll take silver any day.
  19. The targets I have dug have generally been centered, but many of the targets I find are within the first 4 inches. For these shallow finds, the tip of the coil does a brilliant job locating the target using the wiggle method. In fact, I can generally locate the target and place my Garrott carrot on that location within a 1/2" of the target. I did have 2 times yesterday when the target was off to the right of where I thought, but those were deeper and I believe iron of some sort. I like the coil, but getting used to such a small coil is hard after using the 15" almost exclusively for a couple years.
  20. While at a local park, this rang in a 31 on the Equinox in Park 1, so I knew it was either a silver ring or a couple quarters stacked. Anyone able to identify the maker's mark or tell me anything about it? Thanks for the help! I believe this is the first silver ring the Coiltek has found.
  21. Got my coil back today (25th) after sending it out last Saturday (16th). I asked for some new washers, and they sent them along with a new bolt and skid plate. The skid plate is not as tight as my original, but it makes it easier to remove! The service was excellent and communication impeccable. It cost me $13.55 for shipping to the facility via priority USPS.
  22. It is amazing to see what you are able to find in a single hunt. I hunt 99% of the time in the turf, and my gold total for 3 years is what you find in a week. Right place and lots of hard work on your part.👍 Do you hang onto your rings, or do you sell them for scrap once you get a certain amount? If you don't sell them, do you have a pic with all of them in one place? I bought a couple detectors from a guy in Salt Lake City years back. While at his house, he took me to his detecting finds part of the basement. He had a substantial bunch of gold rings he had found all hanging on a large carabiner that astonished me, as I had never found anything gold up to that point. It was an inspiration to see. I emulate him a bit. I just use a much smaller carabiner so it looks like it is loaded with gold rings.😁
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