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  1. The LEDs are very small. They light if the headphones are taking a charge and go out when the headphones are fully charged. My ML80 headphones usually charge in less than an hour.
  2. One other consideration... were all of you swinging over the target in the same direction? If one coil crosses over the target in one direction and another coil crosses over the target at 90 degrees from the first coil direction you may get different results, much the same as if you “tested” the target from those two different directions with your detector. Think of a coin on edge example. I'm also assuming all your coils were passing over the ground at the same height.
  3. I agree with NCtoad. You really have to go through all the settings and make sure all the machines are set up identically in order to make any 1:1 comparisons.
  4. I use the ML Bluetooth headphones for most of my field, woods, playground, etc. detecting. I use my Pelso waterproof headphones for fresh and saltwater beach and water detecting. I use the WM08 wireless module with wired earbuds in the very hot weather and when I wear a wide brimmed hat for sun protection that doesn't work well with regular headphones.
  5. Nice job! Looks like it could take a direct hit and keep on truckin'.
  6. Pelsos all the way. Chase & Midalake advice is right on. Love my Pelsos. Even though you plan on wading you still have to contend with waves and splashing so waterproof headphones are still the smart choice.
  7. I'd say if your only use will be to hunt beaches, go for the 600 and put the money you'll save from not going for the 800 toward a decent set of waterproof headphones. If you hunt the wet sand and in the water you'll want waterproof headphones. I have the 800 and hunt everywhere. I bought the LS Pelso waterproof headphones for the saltwater and freshwater beaches. They've worked well. Also, consider buying a carbon fiber shaft if you'll be in the salt water.
  8. Sure, the coil can be a source, but unshielded electronics can act like a receiver to pick up external signals if they are strong enough. The “cell phone too close to the control pad” causing noise is a prime example of this. Electronic junctions (a diode, for example) can act like the old crystal set radios did to detect signals.
  9. Sounds like you are just hunting in trashy areas. Not much you can do beyond what the first two posters have suggested. Good suggestions by the way. If I'm coin shooting I turn all metal off and notch out 15 through 19. Have you tried detecting in areas known to be “clean” just to be sure and check that the abundance of target sounds decreases? The pinpoint issue you mentioned is a known problem that has persisted since day 1. Try pausing a few seconds after locating a target and raise your coil before initiating the pinpoint function. It almost seems like the detector needs to
  10. When my coil with both ears broken was replaced this summer it came with a new coil bolt and new coil cover all attached to the coil. Nice. Replacement was very quick. The guys at Ft Bedford are doing a great job.
  11. Anyone who doesn't rinse the saltwater off their metal detector, fishing equipment, etc. with fresh water after using is asking for corrosion problems. If you are using the stock aluminum shaft in saltwater, take it apart and rinse it, let it dry before putting it back together. Better yet, invest in one of the carbon fiber shafts. Besides rinsing the headphone connector, remove the 4 screws that hold the control pod onto the shaft and check that for corrosion periodically - the screw bosses in the control pod handle are brass. The anti-corrosion sprays, as mentioned by others, are worth t
  12. I'd go for the 800. It gives you room to grow as you learn its capabilities yet, as many have already said, it can be a “take it out of the box and go” machine. The wireless headphones are a blessing and worth the extra bucks in my opinion (coming from a machine with wired headphones). Still, any detector is only as good as the person using it. To get proficient with any detector, you need to put in the time with it. Learn to really listen to the sounds and what the machine is telling you. Learn good swinging technique. And learn patience, go slow and low.
  13. Both of my coil ears broke in April and I'd been using a coil ear stiffener. Didn't help in my case. Sent the coil in for warranty replacement and received a new coil in a week. I asked the guy at the PA repair facility why the ears break and he said over tightening the coil bolt seems to be the biggest problem. I no longer use the ear stiffener and don't over tighten the coil bolt - so far, so good. If you opt to use a stiffener make sure the coil bolt goes through the stiffener and ears easily and the whole assembly fits together freely on the lower shaft without needing force to ge
  14. I wrecked my AT Pro coil by detecting without a coil cover. Learned that lesson the hard way. And the AT Pro coil was, IMHO, much more robust than the ML coil. I always use a coil cover now, especially with the replacement cost of a ML coil.
  15. GB_A - Doing a quick switch between the personal mode and the regular detect mode allows me flexibility as I work an area. Not much different than setting up a personal mode with a frequency to test for bottle caps or small aluminum as you work an area. Simple button push to quickly switch.
  16. Question 1 - #3, Occasionally., but less than 25% Question 2 - #6, set up in Park 1 for coin shooting in trashy parks, reject consistent trash VDIs or reject trashy iron around cellar holes Question 3 - #3, 2 Personal settings would be handy
  17. My curiosity about 4 kHz got the best of me a couple of days ago so I set some coins out in my back yard for a quick, informal test. I used 4 kHz in all the modes except the beach & gold modes. I had the coil about 2” or 3” above the coins. Quarters and dimes hit in 4 kHz about as good as with multifrequency. Didn't bother with pennies. 4 kHz did not pick up the nickel in any mode tested. So, the first question is will 4 kHz hit a gold ring which might ring up in the mid to low teens on a beach or anywhere else in any park or field detect mode? How about gold chains? More testing t
  18. Long shot here, but what you describe sounds like what you might experience if the pinpointer is turned on and you are detecting with it turned on. Do you see changing VDI numbers or do you think the Nox is stuck in pinpoint mode? As 67GTA states it could be heavy EMI. Are you under a powerline or hunting over a buried powerline? Is your cell phone turned off or are you near a cell tower? Is your coil cable connector clean and tight?
  19. Do you think setting the Nox control pod in the sun with the battery removed the sun would draw out the moisture? Other option would substitute a plastic tub filled with rice for the sun to draw out the moisture? Wishing you the best for your problem and upcoming vacation.
  20. My coil ears broke on a high school soccer field this summer. I had a coil ear stiffener attached - didn't help at all. I don't use it anymore. Replacement coil took about a week - kudos to Ft Bedford Minelab repair depot team. Both ears broke at the base and the coil just fell off, dangling by the cable. I spoke with John at Ft Bedford I asked if anyone knew what was causing the problem and how aware Minelab was of the problem. John said he felt over tightening of the coil bolt appeared to stress the coil ears causing them to break. He also said Minelab was very much aware of the p
  21. My brother and I both have 800s and spent 4 hours or so detecting yesterday. We both are using Version 3 firmware. We both experienced the low audio issue with the Nox pinpointer several times during the outing. The “fix” is to turn the pinpoint function off then back on again, same as with all of the 3 firmware versions prior to Version 3. This gets the pinpoint audio back to normal as most of us already know. You would think by this time ML would have come up with a fix for this lingering problem. I'd trade 4 kHz for a pinpoint function fix.
  22. Like others, I doubt the problem is being caused by the new firmware version. If water, especially saltwater, leaked into your coil that could be a likely cause. Try the other detect modes to see if the problem occurs across all 8 detect modes. If it does, try to hook up to a friend's coil and see if that eliminates the problem. I bet it does. Either way you'll probably end up shipping the control pod and your coil to Minelab for warranty replacement. They will need both pieces to confirm the problem. Good luck.
  23. Yes, triangle overload symbol has been There since day one. Page 10 in the manual.
  24. If the factory reset doesn't solve the problem do you have a fellow Nox owner that would let you try his coil? Thinking maybe you had a coil leak. Do you read -9 in the other detect modes as well?
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