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  1. I highly recommend the MI-6. I originally bought it when I had my D1 and it did have issues then but when I finally got around to connecting mine to my D2 it paired seamlessly and has worked without a hitch ever since. I love being able to hunt silently through my headphones. It's at least 6 years old, been dropped, dunked and has probed 1,000's of holes and it still works just fine. Prior to having it I had gone through at least one Garrett a year. I know that sometimes bad things happen to equipment coming out of assembly and software so I hope those who are having problems get them resolved soon.
  2. He finally got back to me this morning after my 3rd email to him. He said he was out of the country and that he had a fire in some point of his manufacturing process. He said he didn't know where my order fit in the pecking order and would try and get it out sometime later this week. Life does happen and I get that. When you take other people's money in exchange for a good or service you need to communicate when you won't be able to fulfill that good or service. You can become a really skinny small business owner when you forget to do that. I was going to buy the go pro camera mount but I'm going to see if anyone else makes one for the D2 first before I commit any more $ to Doodads.
  3. I didn't know where to put this so if it's in the wrong place feel free to move it. I have ordered from DD in the past and been satisfied for the most part. I ordered 11 days ago the charging clip for my XP2 and haven't heard anything from him (Don I believe). I've emailed him a few times asking if everything is all right and got nothing but crickets. I figure he's a single man operation so if life happens it can disrupt a business pretty fast. I wasn't expecting Amazon type shipping but I would have expected something to this point and a response to emails. Has anyone else experienced this and is waiting to hear on their orders? Did something happen to him? I could only contact him via email as I didn't see any other way on his site and he's not responding to my emails so I thought I'd see if anyone else was having trouble.
  4. That's awesome to know that you are there first and everything to come is yours. Nice permission and great on the clean up!
  5. Haha! I always picture in my mind what it would be like to come across something as nice as this ring was while out hunting for fun. Ironically my wife does too . On to the next!
  6. It was definitely a funk buster. She helped me as much as I helped her.
  7. I lost my dad a couple of years ago and this is my second Father's day without having the chance to say I love him so I've been in a funk as today approached. The other part of my funk is my own kids are 1200 and 3000 miles away and I get to see them next to never due to one's career in the Air Force and the other who flies for Delta. So with that in mind I got a chance today to get up off my pity party butt and get out there and do something nice for someone. I got a text late last night (Saturday) from a young lady who had lost her diamond engagement ring somewhere on the beach at Rincon Beach Park. She told me that she has only had it for 3 weeks and after waiting 9 years for her boyfriend to finally ask her she goes and loses it. We needed to hit low tide so I agreed to meet her at 7am. Rincon beach is popular for surfers due to it's sweet break around the point where if you catch it right you can get an awesome ride. The tide pools though are just below the surface so it requires skill to just get out to the break! Ashley and her friends were just in front of the houses when a sneaker wave came in and as fate would have it she had just taken her ring off to put sunscreen on and so she gathered up her towel and pulled everything up and away. Logic would lead you, me and her to think the ring fell out right there and I could swoop in and save the day in less than a minute. If there is one thing I have learned in finding folks rings is that the logical place is usually not where the ring is at and today that was the case. I gridded a basketball size court area and came up empty. There was a secondary location 100 yards away that she and her friends retreated to with all their belongings and so I began to search a path from point A to point B. Ashley was beginning to have doubts and I reassured her the ring wasn't lost, it was here on the beach and that we just had to find it. I began to envision the scenario in which it was dropped. She had gathered up her towel and the ring in it, dragging an ice chest to the new location in the dry sand around the corner. I finally got the sweet pitch tone on my D2 and a 42 and I figured this had to be it and then bingo, this beauty was in my scoop. Needless to say I quit feeling the funk and realized that Father's Day was/is the perfect day to do something nice for someone else which is what a Dad does. It was a great reminder that we are to be selfless and put others first. Ashley was crying and man oh man, what a great moment it was. I tried to film it with my new camera but having my hat on made the sky look great but nothing else LOL. I retired last week so I have plenty of time to figure that camera out. Happy Father's Day to everyone and do what you do best! Just being a dad who is there! Dave
  8. I believe this happened to me. 67GTA had me hold down the minus and plus buttons at the same time. When I did it worked. Hope this helps.
  9. Since I saw your first report I have actively sought out the 86 in the hopes that I too could share in the bounty. Unfortunately all my 86's (and 82's, 83's, etc.) have been worth the zinc they are made out of. I'm not giving up hope!
  10. Hey Brad, How do you like the Anderson shaft setup? Can you break it down or do you just keep it together like a standard unit? Thanks Dave
  11. Are you using the 9 or 11 in the water? You mentioned how easy it was to swing in the water which is encouraging to hear. It's always great to read about your adventures.
  12. I was curious if anyone here has had the chance to swing both coils especially in a wet salt sand environment and can tell if there is a distinct advantage depth wise of the 11" over the 9". I had to locate a ring today that was lost Sunday and in most circumstances I would have been able to locate it but a decent amount of sand looked like it has been pulled back over the area and I was wondering if the 11" would be that much of an improvement? I know one YT guy has stated a 2-4" advantage over a competitor. Thanks Dave
  13. Great save on the ring and awesome return. Right time and place. Also nice work on the scoop insert.
  14. I ordered mine yesterday as my original one seems a bit defective but then I see this LOL. I hate when people don't take the time to do things right especially when there is money involved. You can do well and prosper in any business if you just take the time to do things right the first time. Hopefully mine won't look like my dog got it first.
  15. I had read somewhere (likely here) that D2's demand abroad had faded and that detectors were sitting on the shelves (basically supply has met demand) so saving coils for complete units wouldn't seem as important now. I know supply chains are all screwed up but geez. At the rate inflation is going I may have to unretire before I even officially retire. Have a great Memorial day weekend everyone and remember if you can read this thank a soldier!
  16. That's going to suck if XP does that. I want a water setup and a land setup so I may just go ahead and purchase a second complete unit rather than miss out on the beach and lake hunting season. I haven't checked any classifieds so I might have to start there first.
  17. Has anyone heard when we will be able to buy a single coil? I want to get an 11" for the beach and it's been nearly 6 months now since initial rollout so I was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on when we can buy coils. Thanks! Dave
  18. Yep my best friend (42 years of age, was in perfect health) got Lymes 6 years ago. He went from a muscular 175 pounds to 128 pounds. Treatments are not covered by insurance and he's probably $50k out of pocket now. Like everything else it probably effects everyone differently but who wants to take the chance? I never discount the experiences of others. I got bit by a black widow at school and all I got was a bad golf ball size swelling on my elbow (and some pain) whereas others might have died. To top it off I got no spiderman type of superpowers.
  19. Awesome freaking day! There are times at the beach I have to tough my coil on my scoop just to get a tone. You are on fire!
  20. It's money! Every coin I can put back in my pocket is a win. Awesome how you were able to convince the kids to go to the school with you. Jedi warrior mind tricks you have.
  21. Colonel Dan- thanks for taking the time to do this. Detecting is an ongoing educational process and you just made it a little easier.
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