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  1. As someone who stacks I am 100% in support of your opinion and beliefs and hope it continues to rise. I don't see how it can't rise given that China, Russia and many other countries are purchasing tons and tons of it for their central banks. I'm hoping the BRICS group makes a play on a gold backed currency because if they do it will be amazing for us. I've read where less than 1% of the citizens in the US own any precious metals and I hope that stays the same so the stupid premiums will come down.
  2. Copy. I think on the beach it will help to ID at depth better and if it gives you a 4" sweep increase that's quite a bit while walking a mile on the beach or am I missing something?
  3. I'm curious why you think it's not going to get you the extra coverage on the beach? I haven't ordered one yet but the beach is why I would get one if I do.
  4. You're a genius 😉 it rang up as a 95 on the D2. I thought it was silver
  5. I’m working an old labor camp and two weeks ago I came across the first one of these and then today I came across the other. The top side is open on each. I thought maybe it was a cigarette holder but I can’t unscrew the ends(if you’re supposed to?) and there was no google support for that either. Any ideas?
  6. You killed it. That’s a ratio of epic proportions! Good for you and now you gotta come back with 4 rings next time 😂.
  7. Biggest disappointment in the XP D2 platform. The GPS capabilities on my CTX really helped me to establish hot zones and I had high hopes it would happen with the GoTerrain. I don't think we will ever see it with the D2 in the states because as a market base I don't feel we are on par with Europe in their minds.
  8. I've been working a small private park and cleaning out all the nickels, dimes and quarters in the pursuit of silver as the park is old and should hold silver but so far only a bunch of wheats and a few Buff's. I started working it in park and then I switched to silver slayer. I've pulled probably 300 plus coins out of it since I started. I'm the only one who has detected it as it sits on private property and serves the ranch employees. I'm going to spend one more 3 hour period clearing out all high conductors and nickels and then I'd like to set up a program to use on it for gold rings. There is a ton of trash in the park as it used to be a weekend BBQ get drunk and pull tabs kind of place based on the amount of crap I've pulled out using Park. I'm going to use what Jeff has suggested and create two programs and then go with a grid pattern using cones. I have the time to do this because I'm retired. The park is less than an acre so we shall see what results I can get. The park has that kind of ring feel. I'll document it as best I can and see if I can take everyone along with me.
  9. The 3 notches is a limiter and I don't know if it's something they can open up in a software revision. The nox was great but as you say the clumping together of targets at the 12-15 target area just killed the flow. I like talking about things like this rather than low latency headphones thats for sure. Hopefully others will chime in their ideas as well. Thanks for your well thought out posts.
  10. Great stuff Jeff! This is the type of discussion I've been wanting to have. We have the opportunity to learn a ton from each other on this site and your response is exactly the kind that leads to learning. Great job and thanks again.
  11. Now I have your attention! We have the silver slayer program (which I think is outstanding) but other than dig it all we have nothing for the gold ring. I know that gold hits on a much wider range than silver does but certainly the brainpower located here at DP could surely increase the odds. My point is how do we use the all the awesome functionality of the D2 to come up with a serviceable program that will increase the chances of finding gold rings? Are there common enough TID's that are junk that could be eliminated (I know there is always some risk you'll miss something when you notch) to give a person an all around better chance at finding gold rings? Every woman's gold ring I've found so far has been in the 40's. I've found about 11 so far and every one has been in the 40's with the most common TID being 44. Most are 14k. I've found 3 men's gold rings. One a 72, one an 82 and one a 68. I've recovered about a 1000 pop tops nearly all at 65. I've actually grown to hate that number. 75 has sucked too as has 64 and for me 86 has always been a zincoln although I know they come in at that TID on occasion. If you were to build a program off one of the existing programs like what we have with the silver slayer what would it be and why? I'm an end user kind of guy so putting something together like this is not my forte. I'd have you throwing your D2 in the river if I put something together. I'm just curious if anyone else is thinking along these lines and if so how would you address it? Is it all about location or is there a way that you could increase your % by doing something with the D2 programming? I look forward to seeing what you all come up with. Also remember that just because it hasn't been figured out yet doesn't mean it can't be now or improved upon. I'm an optimist so I hope to see the same in your responses. Dave
  12. It would be love/hate to find something like that. Obviously it would be the most awesome thing ever(love) but then where do you go after that? The bucket will have been listed and then put away. A mere 14k men's wedding band will no longer light your candle.
  13. That's a nice piece and it does look middle eastern with the crescent. Interesting on the 75 ID for the pull tab. Almost all of mine come in at 65 which has caused me to basically stop digging them. There's got to be a sweet spot for gold on the D2, I just need to find enough to justify what it is. In my turf it locks on to nickels but I've yet to see any gold at 60-62. It'll be interesting to hear others thoughts on gold and the D2.
  14. I have the 11" as I traded my 9" for it since I hunt the beach most of the time but I do dabble inland on occasion. I'm going to get a 9" again but one of the things I found that was destroying my elbow was where I had the coil stem set at. I'm lazy and when I got my D2 I simply set it at the length of my 800 and with the 9 it was no problem. However with the 11" I found I was getting tired way too early (2 hours in and I was longing for the car) and the other day I was charging the coil by itself (while still attached to the stem) and when I put it back in the shaft I set it to the 0 mark instead of the 3 I had been using for swinging. I'm 5'8" and the difference in weight minus those three inches is astounding. I checked to see if I was an extra 3 inches off the sand and I wasn't, it was freaking perfect. My 11" now swings and feels like my 9" did. Best of all my elbow no longer curses at me. I don't mind admitting that I was lazy when it came to set up as I have no ego to admit I was doing it wrong and if it helps someone else then great. Your elbow acts like a lever and the longer your shaft is from the base of the elbow the greater the force will be at the end of shaft (coil). If you are struggling with getting tired early or elbow pain try and shorten the shaft and see if it doesn't work like it did for me. F350- Great hunt by the way. I hope your next gold round edge in the dirt is a gold coin. Best
  15. I think you'll be impressed and I look forward to hearing your reports. I also think the MI-6 is freaking brilliant. Mine is 5 years old and works seamlessly with the D2. It's so nice around people to not have the pinpointer telling everyone to look at me for the next minute while I fiddle in the dirt. Have Fun!
  16. You're lucky your fall occurred at the beginning of your hunt. All those coins would have buried you if that had happened at the end. That is an epic evening and I'm well aware they don't come around like that often. Things are shaping up here up the coast from you as well but we just don't have the mass of humanity that you do in your area to build up those kind of numbers. Congrats on a great day that would really be most peoples months if not year.
  17. I'm intrigued by the new coil and I wonder if the improvements on the dive shaft in terms of firming things up would help this coils extra weight on the wet sand. I'm hoping someone on here gets it and gives us a report on the balance and weight. I'll take any advantage I can get in the wet sand. I haven't seen a price but I'm assuming $400+. That's a lot of money in this economy to experiment with. I may have to wait for the used market to open up on the coil to try it out.
  18. Gold can warm the heart! Good minus tide today thru Friday afternoon. I sense you need to rest from the sickness that will overtake you around 4pm. Cough, cough, cough.
  19. That is correct. She is their dog's trainer and unlike the teenager at PetCo teaching your dog to sit Gerrie teaches your dog to protect. The owners allowed me to come on and search for the ring. There was no expectation or promise of monetary exchange. God is good for sure!
  20. Haha. Somehow I think there is less to me than meets they eye.
  21. I've never done drugs so I can't speak to the high but the adrenaline rush of finding a ring for someone has got to be close. Thanks for coming along for the ride. On to the next!
  22. We actually discussed that very thing. Lightning rarely strikes twice.
  23. Haha! As a pirate you would have loved the location. You could see all the way out to the Channel Islands from the yard. I felt like the lord of the realm for a few minutes.
  24. Hey everyone- I sometimes post a ring recovery on here when it's really cool (at least that's what I think) and I had one of those today. I'm always amazed at the impact that metal detecting has had on others and myself. It may be a hobby but I think it's sometimes better known as a re-connection device. I got a call Sunday evening from Gerrie, a professional dog trainer in the greater Santa Barbara area. She had been training a dog at a private residence in Montecito which is a small town just south of Santa Barbara. She was getting ready to leave when she noticed that her deceased Father's fraternity ring was missing from her right hand which was the hand she was using to throw objects and train the German Shepherd. She trains protection dogs so the work can get quite physical as you can imagine. When Gerrie called me she was crying and for a few moments I wasn't sure who was on the other end of the call and I wasn't sure if auto warranty had expired or I'd won that long awaited 3 day trip to nowhere that I usually win. She was finally able to explain all this to me as you can tell she was just beside herself having lost the ring. She went on to explain that her dad had one ring his whole life, a fraternity ring he had received when he became President of his fraternity at Penn State university back in 1942. He was very proud of the ring and it actually doubled as his wedding ring. Gerrie's dad developed Alzheimers back in 2008 and from that time on Gerrie trained dogs full time and became her dad's full time caregiver which if you have had to deal with Alzheimer's you know it's all encompassing. In 2021 Gerrie's dad passed at 99 years old and Gerrie kept his ring as he wanted her to have it so he could always be with his beloved daughter. She had worn the ring every day since but on Sunday afternoon it went flying off somewhere in Montecito. I met her at the home this morning to do a search and to see if I could find the ring. Talk about pressure. I don't know who slept less last night she or I. When I got there she mentioned that a random Iphone pic came up on her phone of her dad and the ring, a picture she hadn't seen in years and today of all days it shows. She took it as a sign I was going to find the ring and I took it as "oh crap I better find this ring." I said a prayer for us and turned my sensitivity down on the D2, put it in Park(my favorite go to program) and began to grid the yard where she was primarily training. Unfortunately there were freaking targets everywhere and it became evident that this hillside property had had fill dirt brought in right where we were searching. There were targets everywhere and at one point I put my own wedding ring on the grass just to see if I could distinguish it from all the junk and on some swings over it it got masked. (Not sure about this XP!) I decided I'd turn back and try and find some ground without any targets just to get my brain tuned into the soil. I'm an auditory detector not a TID guy so I wanted to hear the ground. As it was the area to my right was quiet and to my left there had to a pipe or something long running parallel to me and I finally got a tone that was isolated from anything else. It was repeatable and had that familiar clip to it (for those D@ users) and I got down and began to poke around with my pinpointer and followed a tone right to the ring. The grass was super thick and acted like a canopy over the ring and it being gold you couldn't really see it with the naked eye. I pulled it out of the grass looked at her and said "God is good" and showed her the ring. As I was standing up I got the biggest bear hug I think I've ever received. If it was an NFL game they would have flagged her for roughing the detectorer. In college football she would have been suspended for targeting. As for me, it was the best feeling ever. I got to use my detector to re-connect Gerrie and her dad. I think it was probably a good minute before she let go as the two days of panic and frustration just had to work itself out. There were tears flowing and even one of the staff members of the house (this was a 21 million dollar estate so they have "staff") was crying. It was an amazing moment and one I just had to share. As have most of you, I have been finding peoples rings for a long time and it never gets old. I spoke with Gerrie for nearly an hour afterwards as she walked me through the life of her dad, the ring, dog training and of course I got to share some photos of my wife and my two kids as well as some recent recoveries. I now have a new friend in Santa Barbara and if I ever get big enough to require 4-legged protection I got the connection. Best Dave
  25. I found the Silver slayer program a couple of months ago and have been using it ever since during most of my hunts. It is an excellent program and what I like the most is that the notching doesn't screw up the tones like notching did on the Nox 800 and I think it's because of the 0-99 instead of the 0-39. I'm no engineer but that's my theory. Anyway, if you are looking to hunt for high conductors it is what you need. If you don't find silver with it it's because you're in the wrong location or you just haven't put your coil over it yet. I'm going to use it in an avocado orchard this week that at one time was a labor camp of 30+ homes that is now planted to 30 acres of avocados. I've had to wait until the weather cooled a bit so as to not get bit by a rattlesnake. I want to slay silver, not snakes. HH Dave
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