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  1. I got a chance to try out some of these tips today and was very happy with the results. I was using the 6" coil. Park1, sens 14-19, speed 6, fe 2, ran in 2 tones I think the most important factor in hunting in heavy iron is getting your mind right. I planned on going slow and knew I was gonna dig some iron. I spent 4 hours in a 30x50 foot area of thick iron. I had to turn the iron volume down to 1. I managed to pull 21 coins out of an area that I had almost wrote off. Included 7 wheats and a merc. Thanks for the tips.
  2. I finally got a permission that I have been wanting for a few years. It was a small church built somewhere around 1890. Later years it served as a school and it has a few acres. The new owner told me that he thought the structure had been rebuilt on the same foundation at some point. After getting there I immediately went to the front yard and started detecting. I couldn't believe how much iron was there. It has a blanket of small square nails in the entire front yard. I must assume that the original structure burned at some point. How are you guys setting up the nox to deal with sites like this? Mode, sensitivity, speed , iron bias, etc.?? I have found a bunch of coins just past the iron zone so I suspect there are some good targets there. What's working for others? I do have the 6" coil.
  3. Not only a Morgan but in great condition. This is a really early coin for my area. About the earliest map I can find for my area is 1905.
  4. We have all had the dream of huge silver appearing in the hole. In my dreams it was always a Morgan. Today it actually happened!! I love my eTrac but left it in the Jeep. I wanted to get some more hours on the Nox 800. This was actually a backup location as there were to many people at my intended location. I got a sketchy high tone with the depth gauge pegged. I dug down about 9 inches and realized I had missed the target. After a scoop into the sidewall a huge silver lay in the bottom of the hole. The coin must have been on edge or very close. I stared at it saying "No Way!". I Also dug a silver Washington 3 ft. away. I have been over this area before with the eTrac and missed these coins. Truly a day to remember!
  5. Well my Nox 800 finally came today. I started out ordering at Kco and cancelled that order. Then I ordered at Cabelas and when that was backordered I cancelled that. I finally called around 20 small dealers in my area and surrounding states. It was time well spent as I found 2 dealers with no waiting lists. I ended up ordering from David at Dixie Metal Detectors. I cant say enough good things about him. We chatted for a couple hours over the last week. I'm glad I could buy from a small business and he will now be my dealer going forward.
  6. I hear you Bigelow. The purpose of my post wasn't to correct you but share the truly amazing numbers he is getting now. Thanks for taking the time to make your videos.
  7. I have taken quite a few notes on as many tests as I care to watch. It seems pretty universal that testers in are saying park2 is special. In separation, iron, and depth of both high and low conductors. I'm pretty sure this is the mode that I'm going to be the most interested in testing. The park 2 anomaly is not lost on me. Only actual field work will truly answer that question for me though.
  8. That poster corrected his post and said he screwed up the test. Now he is getting 8-9" on recovery 8 and 13-14 on 1. That poster was cutaplug. He is a solid tester and I have followed his videos for years. Think we should give him a pass on that one.
  9. After seeing those results I feel pretty encouraged. It looks like you were around 50% and say you could have easily done better. I'm good with that.
  10. I really don't understand how the reported small wiggle matters. What am I missing?
  11. Yes I admit it sometimes I go to a couple spots and cherry pick a few coins. These spots have been used extensively since the 80s. As I mentioned before I do some fairly quick coin stabbing. I do not dig every nonferrous signal in areas like this. Yes I am aware that there is some possible good target for every number on the ID scale. I am buying a detector with discrimination because sometimes I discriminate. Yes sometimes when I'm in a sea of zinc pennies I skip them. Obviously if I were in a site with any kind of history this is not how I would hunt. I'm not promoting cherry picking just asking a simple question about nickel (tells). Thanks
  12. Hopefully I will have my detector by the end of the week and can do my own experiments. And at the end of the day there might not be any "tells" at all but it will be fun trying to find one. I plan on digging all the signals till I figure it out. I also agree about the round sound.
  13. Well look on the bright side at least you're the head weirdo. I hear what you're saying about digging and not missing targets. Some days I just go coin popping for the fun of it. I have a couple spots that are just loaded with clad and I use it to pay for coils and such. I was just hoping someone has spotted a "tell" one way or the other. I will investigate the book.
  14. It looks like I have an 800 coming next week but I will feel better when I get the tracking number. I Do a fair amount of park hunting and see that the tabs and the nickels seem to hit about the same on the Equinox. Now that there are a few machines out there I wonder who has figured out any way to tell nickels from tabs. Has anyone found a way to at least up the odds on nickels vs tabs? I am familiar with some of the Deus tricks (raising the coil) (frequency shift) etc. Have any of these tricks helped with the Equinox?
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