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  1. I like the simple pink eraser and use the sharp edge on them to get into the details. You can see the groves in the middle where I clean the edge of the coins.
  2. I used my iPhone for the photos. I can’t remember on these particular photos but I either cropped them or put a magnifying glass in front of the lens for the close up. Not all coins turn out this nice of course as some coins just come out of the ground helpless and others need more then an eraser to clean up nicely.. I always start with an eraser on copper coins after I rinse the loose dirt off. Some coins will be packed with fine dirt that won’t come off with the eraser. With those I will boil a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in a glass jar in the microwave and drop them in for a short time. The longer you leave it in, the darker the coin will get, so I usually start off for maybe a minute. If your lucky the eraser will then easily remove the caked on dirt. If not it goes back in to the peroxide for a few minutes. Here is a coin I used peroxide on. You can see it is dark brown and if you look closely on the rim at around 1:00 position you can see I went too hard with the eraser and it started to go through the patina. It also looks like I used Peroxide on the 1897 in my previous post. The 1904 just an eraser. I only use Peroxide for copper coins. Not Silver. Bryan
  3. I believe you. It just hasn’t happened for me yet which has my curiosity up and I will keep trying.. I’m happy with the Equinox and it’s ability to find Nickels. I would say I’m finding twice the number of Old Nickels that I did with my CTX or E-Trac. The Nox punches noticeably deeper on Nickels then FBS in my ground. I took at least 3 months off this season from detecting and still managed a decent number of them. Bryan
  4. If your not worried about degrading value, a simple Pink Eraser is very easy on coins. Go very lightly on silver coins or it might shine them up a little more then you might want. Bryan
  5. For the life of me I still can’t find a Nickel in the wild outside of 12-13. I don’t know if it’s the Mode I run in (Park 1-Multi) my settings or just my Detector.. I didn’t keep track of my modern Nickels but I dug around 20 Buffalo and V Nickels with the Nox in 2018. I dug 2 Shield Nickels and unlike others they did not bounce at all. Neither would come off 12. Shield Nickels are slightly smaller then the Nickels that came after them. Depth did not seem to affect the numbers. Most of these coins were between 6 and 8 inches with a few including a Shield Nickel reaching up to 10 inches. (The 15” Coil is a Beast!) I can get a small percentage of Nickels to flash outside of 12-13 when air testing if I wave them over the coil on edge so I know it’s possible, just rare for my setup. Bryan
  6. Cabin Fever

    A Bucket Lister With The Nox 800!!

    Awesome find. Morgan in the hole would be a shocker for sure. Nice looking coin too. Bryan
  7. Having several different single frequencies is one of the reasons it obsoletes the others. You have your Multi Frequency of course which in of itself will knock most VLFs out of the water, but if you do want or need a single frequency, it’s there at a punch of the button. The Equinox obsoleted all but one of my Detectors, the Minelab Gold Monster which is just too fun and unique to get rid of. From day one I think everyone took this obsolete claim way too literally.. Most adults are aware of the hyperbole surrounding us on any given day. I’m not sure why it offended so many people. Bryan
  8. Cabin Fever

    Ten Months Of Fun!!

    Great season! Especially for using a new detector.. I see your doing well with the Indians too! Seems to be a sweet spot for the Nox. Bryan
  9. Cabin Fever

    2019 Goals

    Yes I’m familiar with C’dA park! Found my first Indian Head Cent there in 1992. I still have it somewhere. It’s really been beaten to death the last few years and is one of the toughest to pull an oldie out of in our area now. I need to take the Equinox back over there to see what my E-Trac and CTX missed. The reasons I mentioned the $2.50 Gold coin is because I was fortunate enough to find a $5.00 Gold Coin earlier this year. They come in right at the Indian Head range so I have a pretty good chance at finding those compared to the smaller $2.50 that might come in down in the 14-15 range just above nickel, which I tend to ignore because of the amount of aluminum that also resides there. Bryan
  10. I only hunt for very old coins so the fewer modern coins the better as far as I’m concerned. Modern clad coins are just a nuisance to me. My parks are getting severely depleted of old coins though, so It doesn’t look good for the long term. Most of the old coins I find are either very deep, partially masked or both, so better technology may be needed to reopen some sites. The Equinox has done this to small degree for me. Bryan
  11. I’ve heard the same rumor and I have had a hard time getting dirt depth info on this unit. Sometimes the silence speaks volumes. The Equinox is king for depth in my soil but I’m always looking for more. I’m a greedy SOB! Hopefully as more units get out we can get a better feel for what it’s capable of. Bryan
  12. Cabin Fever

    2019 Goals

    Great goals Tim. My goals are to keep working on my iron range. I pulled more coins then ever this year that were partially masked by nails but I feel there is much more room for me to improve. I plan on doing some nail hunting so I can try to learn more about the ferrous range and the falsing that goes with it. I am also going to do a little more digging just above the nickel range in certain locations to see if I can sniff out a $2.50 Gold Coin, and to also see how many Nickels I’m missing if any. I did very well with the old Nickels this year running a very tight dig range but I believe it did affect my War Nickel count which was 0. I’m going to try and spend more time experimenting with other modes this years as well as paying more attention to EMI mitigation. Lastly I’m going to continue to cut my clad count as much as possible which I have been working on the last couple years. Bryan
  13. Cabin Fever

    A Once In A Lifetime Gold Find

    A lot of old coins reside in the 18-21 range. $5.00 Gold coins, as well as Indian Head and Wheat Cents. Most of my Indians come in 21 or under. My Gold coin came in 18-19. Bryan
  14. Cabin Fever

    Switching Between 6” And 11” Coil

    Nope! Just put on your new coil, do your normal noise cancel, ground balance if not on tracking, set your sensitivity and hunt. Bryan
  15. Cabin Fever

    Equinox Up Date

    I’m very happy with the update.