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  1. How about $325.00 that is a good deal.
  2. How about $350.00 ? This coil will cover a lot of ground when spring gets here.
  3. Hi all, I have been reading some post about the Big Foot coil, I have a very nice one for it ages. Has a coil cover that has been cilconed on. I used it on my Eagle 11Sl, and my Whites Classic ID, IT is the S2,S3 Pro and Eagle type. Has lower rod. I will sell for $425.00 shipped to you. PayPal add 3% or I can take Money Order. I can send pic. to phone or email. Thanks Dean
  4. Be sure that if your magnet is just a plain magnet, and not a gold recovery magnet, that you put it in a plactic bag or bottle or you can't get the black sand off the magnet.
  5. About 6 or 8 mi. from Wickenburg is Congress and the RoadRunner club has some claims that they let me pay buy the week. That was a few years ago.
  6. That might not be awesome to some, but to me , I love it. I like any and all buckles. That is a nice one.
  7. Dean Stone

    Never Before - White's Discount Coupon

    I got 200.00 for a write up about the MXT, when they first came out. That was about the year 2000, I think. I still have that detector and bough a new demo MXT when they stopped making the reg MXT. I just got it for a back up, but don't think my 2000 model is going to quit . I love the Whites detectors, I have two MXT's, a Eagle 11 sl, a 5900, a 6000 Di Pro, Beach hunter ID. I think I have two many detectors.
  8. Dean Stone

    A Shoutout To Whites

    Whites is one heck of a good detectors and people to work with.
  9. I have been on here a long time, but don't post a lot. I don't live where I can detect for gold, but I do prospect with a dredge and do metal detect a lot. I just like all the info on here and if I would of had a lot of gold detecting info like you all, I would post more. I do love to read and see the gold pic. I might want to sale a detector one of these days but the 10 post is ok with me. Dean
  10. Dean Stone

    Deus Ver4 Wait May Be Over

    Thanks Ringmoney, I might just go back to V2 and see what it is. That is one good thing about the Deus it has so much you can do with it.
  11. Dean Stone

    Deus Ver4 Wait May Be Over

    Hi Rick, What does the version 2, do that the 3.2 don't do? My Deus has the 3.2, Do you think the .2 would do better on coins? Thanks Dean
  12. Dean Stone

    What Happened The Deus New Coil Option?

    That's what I say, there is nothing wrong with the Deus 3.2. I would like a small coil also, but if I need to wait till it is ready I will wait. I ask Gary B. last week if he thinks the Deus will have a 6" or 7" DD coil come out and he said that XP is always working on something, so I will use what works for me and wait. I love the Deus, would just like a small coil. Dean
  13. Hi Beatup, I had a 4'' but just to much for me to. I am lucky I can get my 2" in and out of the water. I have a 3" combo also and thinking about putting it on floats. I like my 3" but by the time I get it all packed in and set up, I am about had. I do ok with the 2". I can just let it down the bank with a rope and have it in the water. To get it back up is a little harder, I just hook it to my old van and pull it up.
  14. Hi Terry, I lived in Columbus Ohio for about 22 years, then broke my back and moved just accrose the river in KY.The Kokosing river did have good gold but can't go there now because of some small shell that is in there. Down at BrainBridge Ohio has the best gold better than other placers in Ohio. I know about the fishing I love that to, I like to set poles and dredge till I get something, that's getting two birds with one stone. -- Tom I know all about those aces and pains, sometimes after a day of dredging I can't walk but not going give it up till the day comes I can't make it to the creek. If I was going to come to Ohio to dredge I wouldn"t go to Swanks it has been worked to death. Look up BrainBridge Ohio, and find Buckskin creek, ask for Bill at the gold camp and everyone knows him. I have hit spots and got about a gram a day there.
  15. I know most of you detect for gold and it is very dry out west, but I like to dredge. There is not many nuggets here in Ohio, just small gold and in some places there is quit a lot. I was just thinking about looking for a air compressor to use with a small motor . The creeks are not very deep, most I can use a Snokel and mask, but would like to have air. Dose anyone know where I can get a good used compressor? I have a 2" Keens dredge and a 3" Keens Highbanker dredge combo. Steve have you sold all your dredge parts when you moved from AK. ? I just wish CA. would let people dredge, I would like to get out there sometime where there is some real nice gold. Thanks Flintstone