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  1. I think everyone here is good guys or they would not be gold prospectors. Ha Ha. No I don't think any one would be that low to want to try a coil and just keep it with out paying. If you would like to try something before you buy it, would you want to buy it first? I just though if someone wanted to see if this works for them, It might not be what you want or can use like me. It is new in the box, Butter Fly type. 12"x12" I sure wish it worked for me, looks like it would be nice and lite. I think it is old stock they are trying to move, but should not say it works on a Whites Detector. Everyone be safe. Dean
  2. Hello All, dose anyone here use a Detech Chaser or EDS Plus 11, or Reacher detector? I have a 12"x12" coil that hunts in 14Khz, and was told it worked on the MXT or DFX, It will work but not good I Googled it and it works on Detech Detectors. It said it will hunt in 14 and 28 Khz. on these detectors. If anyone has one of these detectors and wants to try this coil I will ship it to you and you try it, and you don't like it just ship it back. If you like it and want it I will sell for 75.00 . Thanks Dean
  3. Thanks all, These are the Marlex floats , not the black rubber ones. I just didn't know if they were to have air or not. They float ok, just thinking, that sometimes get me in trouble. Thanks Dean
  4. They are the hard floats, they have air values on the small ends. with values covers like on a car tire.
  5. Hi all, hope everyone is ready for dredging . I have a 2" Keene dredge, with the hard floats. Dose anyone how much air to put in the floats? Don't want to blow them up, but need them to float good. Any help would be good, I tried to look on line but could not find how much pressure to put in them. Thanks Dean
  6. Thanks guys, I will call Whites and see if I can get one shipped to me.
  7. Dose anyone where I can get a coil end that's goes on the black control box. I have a 9.5" coil that someone changed the end for another detector. I can't find where to order on Whites forum. Thanks Dean
  8. I found one like that, though it was a pic. frame.
  9. They will be kind of big hanging on your head. You could put them in a back pack. ha ha
  10. As for as a pinpointer, I have a TRX and it will pick up a #4 shot, That is a lot smaller than that nug. I didn't mean that you didn't do a good job. A pinpointer will speed up your dig time and give you more time to hunt. I do some beach hunting and my pointer will pick up ear ring backs when in my hand.
  11. Man you need a pinPointer, You can dig much more with less time trying to find it.
  12. I sure would like any of these treasures, Thanks flintstone
  13. You think it is good to have both detectors? I have a big park that I have went over and over with the XP, everyone said it is cleaned out, I know a lot of detectors have been over it, but still find a keeper ever now and then. If I sell a detector or two I might get a Nox.
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