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  1. Hi Guys, What sort of set up are you guys using on the equinox 800 for gold jewellery in parks etc. Regards Pinpointa.
  2. Hi Dan , I would go with Steve i have had it happen when the batteries get down a fair way, another thing is did you try a different program after you went to single frequency. If that fails send it back to Whites to iron it out. Regards.
  3. Hi Guys, What are you guys using as lanyard for your pinpointer. Regards.
  4. Thanks Raphis for your prompt reply. My soninlaw is waiting for the 800 and he has never detected before so i will be setting it up for him what i think i will do is let him use the factory preset for a while till he gets a bit familiar with it before i start using other settings. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys, Can someone help me to understand with saving programs 800. I understand how to save one program but how many can you save in park 1 park 2 etc. Also when you want a certain program how do you seperate them to get the one you want. I am full bottle on the v3i but this is a total different layout.
  6. Hi Phrunt, I have had mine over 2 years now. Actually Rick bought 2 after i posted about using mine. It cost me $388 ozzie dollars landed . The one i got is complete no broken bits. You can't go wrong with it as a beach detector. It is deeper than my whites dual field. I have Powerex rechargeables which last for ever. One little trick with it is the battery cap needs to be really tight when you put batteries in the chamber if its not real tight it just won't go. Regards.
  7. The problem with the leakage is once you update the electronics as it is at its limits so this causes the box to expand so there is where you start to get leaks. Should have had the updates in it from the start then there wouldn't be a problem...................😄
  8. Well Tony you say you have a Minelab i hope he don't leaky..... If i was you id have a little peeky...... before i went to deepy.......... 🥵🤓🤑🙃
  9. Well Tony its down to 3 .....Nearly all WHITES bar one.😋😍
  10. Well here you go spot the Whites.
  11. Here, Here Steve, The capabilities of the v3i is just mind blowing. once you have a hold of the settings. I have an area which has been used for many years for festivals. My approach to detecting the area completely is to start on the boundry and string line one section to start with Starting off in a program in the high 80's with the vdi down to 53 vdi this is covering our ozzie $2 & $1 through to our copper coins pennies ,through to silver coins and knocking out 1 & 2 cents. After that i move over the same area again with another program covering from vdi of 53 down to 38 vdi which includes our 50cent coin and our 20 cent. I then have another program set for larger gold rings this is using correlate . After cleaning those targets i then go to another program which covers 38 vdi down to 20 vdi. After using that i have a program which is for gold rings from 20 down to 1 which covers smaller gold rings & our 5 and 10 cent coins, My final program using prospecting mode is for fine gold chains . With all these programs the silver coins and copper coins has a low buzz set about 70 tone our $1 & $2 coins has a high tone of 225 . And i alot a different tone to the gold rings and chains. After removing all these targets the same process moving through the area. You might say this is a lot of work but you can walk away with confidence that you have covered the area well. All these programs are set up one under the other & for aluminium screw caps which land on our $1 & $2 coins i have a seperate program to distinguish these caps from coins. Also gold rings i have tighter programs for seperation useing correlate. The v3i is just an incredible piece of technology and i only hope that someone moves to take it to the next stage, But if not the v3i is the ants pants in todays standards of of metal detecting.
  12. Thanks Guys for the replys Regards Pinpointa.
  13. Hi Guys, Has any members got or used the Radius Root Slayer coin hunting. Have noticed they have a very narrow one which tapers in which would give you a small hole. Regards .
  14. Yes Tony, We have sure been taken to the cleaners in OZ with there rip off prices. But you know me well and to me the WHITES V3I is the ants pants of detectors even though its 10 years old. Every time a set up a new program it always has the advantages of working its way around to create mind blowing capabilities. Once you learn how to program the v it will reward you with some outstanding results. I have had many many detectors since 1977 and the v3i will stay with me to the end. Thanks WHITES. I hope the name can continue on with a little bit of luck.
  15. Thats an amazing total for a day. My very best back in the early 1980's was 9 gold in 1 day using Eric Fosters Aquasport. Thats when it was just so exciting cause there was no competition. It's a lot harder today. https://youtu.be/4ji0ghpsId0 Originally Allan Hassell started off with a Garrett deep Seeker sealed in plastic tube before going to the Aquasport Which only 3 come into oz as far as i know. Allan had one i bought the second one on a friday night took it home and it went bang and the electronics was stuffed. I took it back to Ian Aiken this is before ian went to Minelab and got the third one which was on the wall as a demo but i had no other options as the other one would have to go back to Eric Foster at Protovale U.K. I still have both copies of Bob Trevillian & Frank Carters books Diamonds In The Surf printed in 1982 & Diamonds In The Surf Second Adventure 1983. We did make reference to these as our bible. In every lifetime, there must be an adventure.........A quest to far off lands, an encounter with danger, the chance to explore the unknown,.......The search for treasure is one such adventure. One of there great finds in Chesapeake Bay was a diamond ring weighing 2,35 cts . It was appraised at &13,000 and was the only ring found that day by Bob in 1982.
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