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  1. Well i will be looking very hard at Nokta smf compared to my Whites v3i using correlate for jewellery. With 5 different programs its unbeatable tuned correctly. It beats digging heeps of plugs and the time factor just gets you results of the goodies.
  2. E-mailed Centerville Electronics about Whites replaceable covers for ear muffs. No reply. Does any one know where i can get covers from .I am in Australia. Regards.
  3. This is my thought to Mike tid resolution with the nox .I have not got a nox but use a tight program with a low resolution on the v3i. I have noticed quite a few 11 coming up from other nox users. Thanks guys.
  4. Has anyone tried using just the vdi of 11 with every thing else discriminated for gold rings?
  5. Howdy, what range of vdi's did the rings come in on the nox.
  6. Go for the 800 if its his first detector then its better to start off with the extra settings and learn it well. For the extra dollars the 800 is well worth it..
  7. Well i use the Whites v3i in correlate and it deliveries the goods ......... but its 11 years old. The Equinox is a bit of a stuff up by Minelab as there vdi are not expanded as with the v3i -95 -0 + 1 -95 which spreads them targets out a bit As in Oz 1 cent close to the dollar coins with the Equinox 20 vdi with the v3i in the 70 so you can isolate the one and two cent pieces. You are digging a lot more junk with the nox compared to the v3i. using the 7 inch dd Mars Lion coil .......But i would like to see a bippa with some finer faster ferness. There is a range that the bling falls into if using the v3i you are looking in the low range - through to VDI 19 & you also have them in the higher range. An example of some rings,27,28,32,34,35,39,41,51,52,62,75.......Pull tabs 18,21,22,28,30,35,36,38,39,41. This is in parks etc Water is a another story p.i territory if you really want to get depth. But for me at 82 and still out there swinging any thing that will make it easier to retreive the goodies im in for. My pinpointer is fitted to a hollow steel handle a meter long so i can pinpoint with out bending over anything to make it easy.
  8. How many guys would like JUST A BLING BEEPA. Designed completely for recovering jewellery. Having a lower range and medium so you can just get bling with a bit of rubbish included. Come on their from Nokta Makro you guys can do it.
  9. And its the 16th down here to.............Looking for the WHITE sort of answer.............ive just turned up the threshold waiting for it to get louder i am all ears.
  10. I bought mine from Poland but they do not have any at the moment. I paid $388 ozzie dollars delivered to Australia. Regards Pinpointa.
  11. Well Minelab had a problem with the exterra range of coils . In all the years of detecting i have only had one coil fail with the ears breaking and that was on the Exterra 70. Minelab Adelaide replaced it no problem. Regards .
  12. Thanks Locator.That has been my feeling right from the start. I think all frequencies should be the same vdi. Regards Pinpointa.
  13. Thanks Big tim 7 Steve, The coil is v rated tried 2.5 the vdi were 2 numbers off 7.5 spot on 22.5 vdi was off again. So i will stick to 7.5 as thats what i know with the vdi on the other coils.So it looks like the coil is ok as i haven't used it for a long long time. Thanks again guys for your help Regards.
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