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  1. And its the 16th down here to.............Looking for the WHITE sort of answer.............ive just turned up the threshold waiting for it to get louder i am all ears.
  2. I bought mine from Poland but they do not have any at the moment. I paid $388 ozzie dollars delivered to Australia. Regards Pinpointa.
  3. Well Minelab had a problem with the exterra range of coils . In all the years of detecting i have only had one coil fail with the ears breaking and that was on the Exterra 70. Minelab Adelaide replaced it no problem. Regards .
  4. Thanks Locator.That has been my feeling right from the start. I think all frequencies should be the same vdi. Regards Pinpointa.
  5. Thanks Big tim 7 Steve, The coil is v rated tried 2.5 the vdi were 2 numbers off 7.5 spot on 22.5 vdi was off again. So i will stick to 7.5 as thats what i know with the vdi on the other coils.So it looks like the coil is ok as i haven't used it for a long long time. Thanks again guys for your help Regards.
  6. El tried that vdi numbers are still way out compared to the other coils Steve i always have the right coil setting for the coil. The coil works fine it ground balances it is just vdi are completely different compared to the other coils. Regards.
  7. Being using the eleptical eclipse 10x6 & the small shooter. The vdi on both those coil are the same With our ozzie $2 54 & $1 55-60 10 cent 19. 20 cent 37 50 cent 47 5 cent 14 N now i havent used the 10 inch for a long time but tried it today, 10 cent was spot on 19 but the other number were way out. Could this be a crook coil. It ground balances spot on. Regards.
  8. It will be interesting to see mine was the original v3 and i had it back to the states changed to the v3i. The v3 was a lot easier to ground balance than the v3i and the wireless transfer was good. I had a mate that had the the v3 so we could transfer programs between each other. let us know how you go with it EL. Regards Pinpointa.
  9. Hi Guys, With the equnox can you accept everything and give the vdi you don't wan't a no tone and alot different tones to the ones you wan't. Like on the Whites v range. Regards .
  10. Using the V3 in Correlate for Gold Rings After programing the V3I in many different settings for gold jewellery i finally come up with using correlate & coin & jewellery. Well you would think by using 22.5 single frequency you would be on a good thing with gold jewellery. The problem is it just goes bananas on trash. The readout on your screen is showing you a good pattern with the camel humps or the 3 bars Your main objective is finding gold with the least amount of trash. When you are detecting non ferrous say gold with non ferrous aluminium & you are getting a good re
  11. Thanks Guys , For all of the replys. Regards Pinpointa.
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