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  1. Lol, thanks. Actually, I've really wanted to detect the ski slopes, but it's about 180 miles farther than I think my old Jeep can make it. So I've had to stick to the playgrounds and surrounding areas, and basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball courts and sidewalks locally. Hopefully I'll be able to use the money from the rings for a down payment on a Jeep, then I'll be looking harder at those ski slopes.
  2. That would be fun, but no, just slowly doleing them out. We have smaller boxes to hold some stuff inside the chest, that we are giving her to start. We recently gave her the one with all the foreign coins
  3. Believe me, I've found some cz that about gave me a heart attack. Lol Yep, aluminum and tungsten here
  4. The rings are at the jewelers for appraisal now. As soon as my folks saw them cleaned up, they were making offers to buy them. Here are some of my better finds from my first year. After my first good silver rings and jewelery, my parents and I worked out a deal where I sell them some items and we are building a treasure chest for my niece, so she'll have something from me when she's older.
  5. The middle ring was marked 18k but tested 14k, and it is the only one with cz stones. The second from the left is a 2 pennyweight 14k with 32 tiny diamonds. The jewelers said they were low quality, it took me finding the two really good ones to see the meaning of clarity when. Talking diamonds
  6. Haha! Yes the two in the first picture were about 6to 8 inches deep. I suspect they got set on a blanket and the blanket later got picked up. They were about 3 feet from the edge of the sandbox area of the playground. In the picture of the 5 rings, the one on the end is 10k it was the first good gold ring I found.
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