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  1. Ahh. That also explains why I've had some beer caps ring up at 72, and some at 62. This is my first really good detector, so still learning some nuances. Would you happen to know if it's the frequency shift I have to use, causing my vdi numbers differing from YouTube vdi's? Also, I've noticed that an object will ring up at one vdi number while in the ground, but a completely different number sitting on top of the ground. What range should a burried gold ring come up as when burried? I get 21 and 42 with my folks rings, but they won't let me burry those.... Lol
  2. Well, spoke before seeing the YouTube video on the update. Looks like another park mode and coins and jewelry mode. More depth is nice too. Forgot to add. Wish there was a mode to make hunting fence lines easier.
  3. I've been loving swinging my simplex for the last three months, and gave had some fantastic finds. I do wish however for three things. An update that either puts beer caps on a vdi number nothing else ids as, or will alert with an iron grunt. More stable vdi numbers. Some days nickels ring up 21 like pull tabs, other days 25, yesterday one rang up as 19. I have to use frequency 1 with my pinpointer to get no interference, and I think that changes my vdi numbers from what I see others posting on YouTube. Maybe an update that standardized vdi numbers for coins and jewelry across all frequencies and modes. Bonus. A coin shooting only mode
  4. Hi all! I'm new to metal detecting, and am looking to upgrade my machine soon. I got into detecting in September, when I got my harbor freight 9 function detector. I've had a lot of fun and have made some great finds. However, with all the clad and silver I've found, I've been thinking of upgrading, that's when I started hearing about the simplex. MY first question is if I buy a simplex, how do I get the battery replaced if it ever goes bad? What about after the warranty expires? Am I correct in my understanding that it's internal and has to be replaced by nokta? Is it possible to replace the battery myself? Second, is about coils. Is it possible different coils will be available in the future? Finally, headphones. Is it possible to buy the base model now, and buy noktas wireless headphones later? I currently use some cheapy ear buds, but want to be able to upgrade later, so want to be sure and get the correct variant. Thanks
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