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  1. Shortly after I started detecting, my folks had one of their rental houses for vacant. They let me detect the property, but in the backyard they had put down paver stones over a large area to connect 2 concrete slabs. I was swinging the simplex at the time, but detected over it any way. Found a couple quarters, a few other coins and a hot wheels car I lost as a kid. The hardest part was getting the paver stones back flush after digging underneath them.
  2. Clive, love your books, they've helped me tremendously to learn the nox. I have a quick question having to do with sensitivity or volume, im not sure which. Usually when hunting with the nox, I can hear the difference in size between coin size targets and say small chunks of Hershey's kisses wrappers. But I've found that especially in heavier trash, the smaller size objects all sound the same size, even tiny ground falses. I've found when this is happening I can only hear large soda can size objects as being larger. I try to keep my sensitivity in the 18 to 20 range. Ground balance around here is usually 0 to 13. F2 4 to 6. Recovery speed 4to 6 And my detector volume at 19, and the equinox headphones as loud as they go. If im hunting less dense trash, the problem isn't as pronounced.
  3. I personally can't believe people are giving nokta and dillek a hard time about anything. If they have any experience with any of their products, they know they are going to get a really good machine no matter when it arrives. The simplex far exceeded my expectations when I upgraded from a harbor freight detector. Then my finds with the simplex were more incredible than I could have ever imagined for a 200 machine. It changed my day to day life drastically. Even though I'm now swinging an equinox primarily, if I had to do it over again I wouldn't change a thing.
  4. Ok, thanks guys, I'll m going to keep messing with this detuning untill I get it to work for me. Next up I need to work on the wriggle method, as I think it will help with something I think I figured out about why minelab added 4khz
  5. Thanks for all the tips guys, been trying some of them for the last few hunts. Still having trouble on the tiny targets. Equinox will find everything great, center great in pinpoint, then can't find it with my pulsedive. By the way, Im still thinking some of my issue with sizing objects is a volume issue. I'm running the equinox headphones about 2 steps down from Max if quiet environment, equinox volume at 18. Everything still sounds big and loud. How do you guys set up the volume?
  6. Ok, so it sounds like I've been pinpointing without desensitizing, and this makes the target sound bigger. Are you guys Able to use this tracing to tell a strange shape like can slaw from say a pull tab rectangle, or a ring?
  7. I also remember Clive mentioned the equinox has ratcheting pinpoint? Could someone demonstrate how to do that?
  8. Hey everyone, I've been swinging the equinox since I got it in February, moved up from simplex, and been loving it since, despite a rocky start I've found a small bit of gold, and been killing it on silver. I bought a couple of Clive James clinick's books. Skill building, and gold jewelry hunters handbook. I found both to be helpful. I am running into a bit of trouble understanding target tracing/pinpointing. When I first get a target I can tell if it's huge by the sound, but for regular targets, in pinpoint, I'm getting better at telling the size, but still having trouble. Everything still sounds largeish. Clive talks about tracing the outline of a target in pinpoint to ",see the shape" but I'm stuck there. Everything is just blob shaped, with no real definition. I've noticed on some YouTube videos when they are showing the response to a target, the sound is super quiet. I'm wondering if I'm just running the volume too high (21 on the machine, and a couple down from Max on headphones. I'm using the equinox ones). Or too high sensitivity (average of 18 in my parks) Could someone make a YouTube demo on target tracing?
  9. Darn, beat me to it. But yeah, if they are gunning for minelab, might as well come out guns blazing. That or eclipse. What's with all the car names? Lol. Can't wait for the nokta GTR
  10. Yeah, in sure lots of parks in other states it's more common. Do they tan or sunbathe near trees, the tennis courts, in the center of the park? The one time I saw it here, the lady was on the edge of a trees shadow.
  11. I know everyone says hit the sun bathing spots in parks, but around here, people don't seem to sunbathe a lot in the parks. Or I just never see it. I saw 1 woman sunbathing in the park near my work 1 time, and found tungsten close by when I came back the next day at lunch. Typically, where in the parks where you're at, do you see people sunbathing?
  12. I decided to go back to a park I haven't spent much time in due to how busy it usually is, and it being in a more upscale neighborhood. So I started detecting just before dark for an hour until the park closed and the mosquitoes started eating me alive. It's ironic because last week, someone asked if I ever find anything good. I said sometimes, but still wanting platinum.lol Ground balance 2 Sensitivity 19 It rang up a solid 12 in 2 sweep directions, and pinpointed as about coin size, with the strong pinpoint sound. I haven't posted a lot of my better from new the last few months, I'll have to add more
  13. Spoke too soon, thanks for the reply. Just got my first tiny woman ring 10k white gold, rang up a scratchy 2-5 one way, and solid 5 the other way.
  14. Just out of curiosity, because I haven't found a thin woman ring like that with the nox, what did it ring up ad? Was it a solid vdi?
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