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  1. Hey everyone, getting excited to go try my first water hunt locally. Would the above hold true for fresh water lake hunting? Shore to around chest deep?
  2. Lol, I sure found it ironic. That and the four leaf clover pendant I found on saint patrick day
  3. Thanks! I had to look them up, at first I thought it meant gold filled. Lol never heard of the guy till now
  4. Thanks! Already went back the next day and started gridding the same area.
  5. I haven't had a lot of time to post lately because work has been picking up, so I added some pictures of my favorite of my better finds. So in my town there was a water main break last Friday and it shut down one of the main thoroughfare through town. I took the detour Saturday, and realized it took me past a park I had only detected once with the simplex. I hated this park because of intense emi, and few signals. There is no baseball backstop, no playground, no soccer goal, but every time I've driven past or stopped to watch, there has been someone throwing a ball for their dog.
  6. Yeah, the only thing Im discriminating now is 1 and bellow. I know there's micro gold there, but otherwise I spend all my time digging balls of hershey kiss foil. I'll have to double check my settings. Some pull tabs sound weak in one direction, but my gold tester ring still sounds really good. Also, in all metal mode the pull tabs go back to sounding like the gold ring. As for bottle caps, I've been finding some that ring up 10-11, but like someone here mentioned, switching to 5khz makes them hit at 32 or so
  7. The reason I ask is I just got an eqx 800 a month ago, and was fiddling with a couple settings. After I was messing with one of the iron bias settings, I noticed some pull tabs give a weak one way signal.
  8. Hey everyone. I've been detecting for a while now, but have for the most part stayed close to home. I noticed some posters call all beer caps crown caps, and some refer to square pull tabs. All that trash looks the same in my neck of the woods. Is there a primer on the difference between them?
  9. Ah, was worried that was the case. I love the pulsedive, and know it will come in handy if I ever make it to a real beach.
  10. Hey everyone! I just upgraded to a nox 800 at the start of the month, moving over from a simplex and pulsedive. I was having trouble getting used to the nox at first and was thinking of sending it back because I couldn't even detect in tot lots. Thanks to some posts on here, it's going a lot smoother. My question is this, is there a way to pair the pulsedive with the equinox headphones?
  11. Chucky cheeses. Where a kid can be a kid. Used to be a pizza place back in the late 90's that had arcade games and prizes.
  12. Lol, thanks. Actually, I've really wanted to detect the ski slopes, but it's about 180 miles farther than I think my old Jeep can make it. So I've had to stick to the playgrounds and surrounding areas, and basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball courts and sidewalks locally. Hopefully I'll be able to use the money from the rings for a down payment on a Jeep, then I'll be looking harder at those ski slopes.
  13. That would be fun, but no, just slowly doleing them out. We have smaller boxes to hold some stuff inside the chest, that we are giving her to start. We recently gave her the one with all the foreign coins
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