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  1. I never liked the DF, to much back ground noise. I did have a friend who used one a lot and he said it's the little blank outs that were deep targets.. Still to much chatter for me... Never liked the Infinium either.. because of the High low then low high tones. Used a Sand Shark for a few months on and off, I did like the audio and clean threshold. Just not deep enough, Every other water machine I had used was deeper, PI and VLF. I did like the Sea Hunter but I proved to a friend that the Excalibur in All metal with a good set of head phones was as deep, if not deeper. I did the same with the Whites DF.. Excalibur was as deep when modified. Fisher "AQ" Limited... by far deeper then any PI I have had before. In the works, having a old Barracuda being repaired, see if I like that..
  2. Love this...!! I think it is most important to keep the ideas flowing, about the machine and the area hunted. Gives One a reason to come back.. I always try and set myself up with Hope for the next trip back before l leave a spot if things were bleak.
  3. You got my vote of not cheating,...if that means anything. I think many of us are naturally drawn to anything that has that yellow or silver glow. Me, Someone holds up a handful of relics and there wearing a gold band.. no doubt the gold band commands my attention.
  4. Any half's silver or not are just fun to find. Silver just sweetens the gleam.
  5. That's a Lot of spoons! Amazing! Most I find I just trash, rarely are mine anything but.
  6. That's Beautiful! Had a friend this past summer that got a 18k 32 gram, yellow gold. His came up 16 on the Nox.
  7. Went out this AM for 4 hours, to the good (same) spot.......... Bleak is the word. Got 1 silver dime and 3 silver Washington's. Todays hunt I could see about 8 or more inches of sand had covered the area where I had my marker. Plus I noticed the pilings were covered with sand in that area, but further down the beach one was exposed that I never knew was there. And I'm only going by feel since all is underwater. The best of the trip was, the drysuit did it's job.. Going to the 2019 beach Saturday, tides not great but I should be able to notice any major changes once I get the water.
  8. I'm with you Steve, It's about the Gold and just having a spot you know you can find it. Keep the Relic's, lead mini balls, buttons, the Non-Gold coins, the bottles, and anything that is not solid gold. I do enjoy seeing silver but only because it's a sign to me Gold is near. If your finding gold everyone wants to be your hunting buddy, heck with that.. Nice hunting Gerry! Love the nuggets! No claims to being King here, Many Great hunters And Machines out there ! And this is,... what its all about..
  9. Dam KOB, now you got me wanting to do a hit and run. ๐Ÿคจ I'm not sure if I have enough Mojo ..see how I feel in the AM. I'm one hour from the 2019 beach, then back to the other is 40 minutes. I do like the idea..๐Ÿ˜
  10. Out in the bay the spots are rarely hunted out, things are always moving you just have to find the open window ....now up the rivers where there is little movement they can get fairly bleak. The other spot I was thinking about was my 2019 Honey Hole. It got sanded in March 2020, Bad....Got a lot of gold out of there.. When we have great lowtides I like to get in there and poke around.. Dreaming It might open back up someday. I think that's what I'm going to do is stick with my regular spot for tides will be huntible all day. Normally there is only about a 3 to 4 hour window. Plus I'm going out for the first time with my winter drysuits I just rebuilt. New zipper, neck seal and 5mm neoprene socks. Put a size 14 sock on it so I can get two pairs of regular (Redhead hunting) soxs under in hope of keeping my feet warm once the water drops below 40F. Right now water is 54F. Tides here are so different then NE.. There they can drop 8 feet, here they may go 1 or 2 feet and we still have get in the water to get out where they use to swim. the good is here..it keeps others out for not many go out during the fall/winter when tides are extreeme.
  11. Thank You! Many of the beaches here had these during the 50's and 60's, Metal token Stampers? I find a lot of them for they sure sound good....We also had Slot machines. Which were legal in AA County 40's to 1968.
  12. Thank you! Now that did cross my mind.. I'm not sure if I have enough Mojo to do both.. water chill could be the issue but there is a drive of about 40 minutes between the two, and the one I have to walk a mile to get to it.. Get warm and rest on the trip between the two..๐Ÿ˜ต
  13. Scored a couple keepers Tuesday's 3 hour hunt. Two 10k golds, just a little over 14.5 grams total and 4 more silvers for the pile. Water was a chilly 54F but the Sun was shining so it made for a Great day in the water. Going to be a interesting day Friday, super low tide all day.. Do I go recon a 2019 Hot spot (sanded in last trip there) or go back to the "Now" Hot spot?
  14. Thank You! Those were some Great times when things were so much more simpler. I missed all of the 50's characters since we lived in the Hills. We had very limited TV, and AM radio was a Big thing for us, not many stations during the day, maybe 3... but at night we could hear the big stations of NY and Illinois.
  15. Amen! Thanks RR! Little ruff but should bring a smile to my friend.
  16. Thank you! And Yes, Safety very important. Thanks You! Thank You! Cameo ring.... Let me know I'll send you some reading glasses, I'm at 2.75 now.. started with 1.25 about 10 years ago...at this rate I will have to wear two sets in the next 10 years. Thank you! Skull ring goes in the junk stuff I will give to a friend who seeds his yard for his grandson. Thanks Slim!
  17. Out for the first time in a couple weeks, Water was calm but up and it was good to get wet! After the big flood tides a week ago It was interesting to see the result. Not great but was able to score a couple keepers. One 14k Cameo ring and 4 Silvers.
  18. Thanks for taking us along! I will have to pay closer attention to this post. I was not aware it was on going. Continue the mission!! And Good Luck!!
  19. I think you Killed it! Two Gold from the land is a Great day out!!
  20. Same connector, I'm not sure if that is a typo or not on the 10. That is from the KellyCo catalog.
  21. Thats a Big chunk of silver! Love all of the hallmarks and stamps inside.
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