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  1. My guess if one found it in the year 2123........ a Cracker Jack Box toy... 😁
  2. I did a compare of the Whites Surfmaster TDI vs The AQ Limited, and the TDI had the 14.8 battery upgrade. The AQ was a good 3+ inches deeper on all targets tested. After using both you can tell the AQ is nothing more than a TDI on steroids. Now the TDI does run a lot smoother and I would say more adaptable to all locations.
  3. Those are beautiful! I would say your correct on the era and time. I have a few of those but not even close as the one diamond on the right, thats a big stone for those times.
  4. Thank you! Wish I knew you were going I would have walked around some.. I got there at 7am..unloaded and walked straight up to the north beach, hunted til about 10:30 and left. Seen a few dry sanders during, than leaving I seen Rodney and a friend hunting the next beach down. Than I noticed someone hunting one of the smaller beaches on the shoreline, one before you get to the small parking lot. . Could have been you?.. I figured my best chance at finding anything was at the northern beach since everyone hunts the bigger, and being they are only allowed 2 or 3 hours a day ..it had to be more targets. A friend and I several years ago, 2016, did very well at that northern beach, most was older stuff from the 60s? So I;ve always kept a eye on that spot and liked to see if anything has opened... All tuesday am was new..
  5. Thank You! Thanks Buddy! It is very strange doing fresh drops, everything one or two scoops. And got me change I could clean and spend..
  6. Thanks Joe! I have been very Blessed to have the right spots for the excalibur.
  7. That's just about what it sounds like, duck or dog. Luckily I can quickly go from the duck mod to All metal in a instant with the push button on the handle.... I dislike all the sounds the excal makes in that mod..disc. Thank You! I hate to say it but I picked the quarters and nickels out with the small gold and dumped the rest. The one ER may have been silver but to small to even save. I do save my silver coins and rings for melt when I find them, been a slow year on silver.
  8. Thank you! Yes, I still keep using the 25 year old dinosaur, so far other than being heavy I don't mind it. Good Luck if you get out soon, I see we have a nice storm headed up the coast maybe we can get some major sand movement every where. Tony, I got to confess I've hated earlies for 40 years...(4am to 12pm)..Been retired 10 years now ...Rarely will you see me up earlier than 9am .. Gold or no gold, I enjoy waking up next to my girl more. Wow!! That is Great! Sounds like your close to freedom! Congratulation's! Thanks Buddy! You do the same, Be Safe! PS.. Yea, I'm a rookie on fresh drop beaches...I was digging anything that gave me a "hint" of being good. I did stop after 7, more than likely number 8 was a gold chain..😲
  9. In Maryland we have the State parks where some have closed beaches, and others have limited hours (7am to 9am) to hunt during the summer. Than after labor day "all" let you in at 7am (til dark) to hunt all you want until June 1st or Memorial Day the following year. I hate getting up early but this spot is about 20 minutes away so I went for it (7am). In the 3.5 hours I did score a small 2.7 gram gold 14k with the excalibur. Only 6 hunters there during my time and the reason I found is, most went to the closed all summer beaches. It was fun and interesting for I rarely dig pull tabs and bottle caps where I hunt normally.
  10. That's a Good haul on the silver! I would be down for a few days with 8 hours and that many targets dug..🏴‍☠️
  11. Thanks VL! Yes! 800 is a nice machine, I'm betting it's wanting a vacation! Thanks buddy! Always enjoy reconning for open areas. Thank You! I'm just Blessed with several places around that once were the places to be in the summer. Thanks Mitchell!
  12. Thanks Mr KOB.. I know there is a Lot more there..I'm just not sure where it went. When I went there after the March 15th (2020 Storm) the bottom was devastated. Everything was gone and there was a hard bottom, sand had totally been wiped out, old Pilings were showing (under water) and there were several areas with drop offs. So like a fluid the sand that moved took everything with it. Now it's filled back in but with Zero targets. So did the gold get push over next to the rock jetty or did it get push out and around the end of the jetty? Or did someone come in and dredge out every thing? We did have a storm of 43 MPH SE winds that hit that weekend.. Places like this happen once in a life time, gold almost every trip, multiple golds found each hunt, big gold rings, most rings over 7 grams.. lots of dated rings. I was spoiled..
  13. Thank You! Thank You! And you have some sharp eyes! No one has ever asked or recognized them when I do post them. This place was famous for little trinkets like the tongs, lead cane ends and other things. I think I have a lead cane end up in the right hand corner of the picture.
  14. Thanks Jim..And this is the same beach you came down and spent sometimes with Mike and Me. This place has held so many surprises over the last 6 years.
  15. Thank You! It looks a little like one and I wish but it's a standing liberty quarter that is fairly eaten away.
  16. Back out saturday, good low tide........ wanted to check deep at this spot. Nothing out deep. Hard to believe I've got a 150 plus gold rings from a area that now has no targets. Did find 3 cuts in close, third cut held a few good target with lots of iron...Longest of all... 75 foot long opening about 100 feet off shore.... Second cut held deep targets (50 feet off shore) maybe 40 feet long, than first cut ..targets right on top..(20 feet off shore) ,, now to watch these close. All coins came from the first two cuts and the gold the first cut..one scoop. Excalibur this trip out.
  17. Thanks TVR, they do grow up fast for sure. Got some interesting weather coming everyone's way on the east coast.. Good Luck buddy! Thanks Bill! .... Kind of excited again about getting out. Watching all very close,,, Thank you Jim! It's good to have a back in the TDI, a very good machine.
  18. Thank You, Very Blessed both AQ's still work fine and do what I need. Yes, It was great to get wet again too! I had my oldest grandson for the summer, we did a lot of time together, him helping me with remodeling the home and just having fun times doing different things. Never got a chance to take him detecting but that is on the list for someday. He's back in school now so I can get all back to normal here.
  19. Been a busy summer.... finally back in the water, just starting to get out once a week . My 5th trip out for the year, been to this spot with the Excalibur last few weeks, bleak ..So I went in with the AQ and Eric Foster 10 inch coil as a last effort. Came across a small area on the slope that held some deeper targets........after a hour a small 10k came up, 3 scoops, maybe 12 to 13 inches down..hoping the open area moves or opens up a little more, not many heavy targets. Mostly wheat pennies and merc dimes, no quarters and only one nickel. I did dig a few pieces of crab pots only because they were deep faints.. I do skip all shallow targets since the target history of this beach with the excalibur told me it could be iron....
  20. I agree Steve. I've been purging the last couple of years, not only detectors but everything. My girls keep telling me, dad don't get rid of anything until we give you the approval.. to late for that. 🙄 Amen to these words..
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