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  1. I considered this mod in my first equinox 800, but finally I sold it and get a new one... Only for the warranty. Those who have the SeaghostMod, what can you say about the Equinox for diving? Anyone compared it with Excalibur? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Steveg and GKman! I'm going to test it in this config. It's a little longer than what I expected, but I think it should work. Steveg, special thanks for your help. For the moment I'm going just to test it, because I own an Excal, but if I feel that the Nox is better than Excal underwater, I might ask you for help. Thanks!
  3. Hi, does anyone tried this config for diving with the Nox? Is just the original stem only with the lower part of the rod. Is a little bit long, but I think it should work!
  4. Where i live we have some beaches with high mineral conditions. In that beaches i detect as its described here, high recovery speed, all metal, and slow with the coil parallel to beach surface. And it works. This with the Equinox. I also own an Excalibur, and the way to detect here is in pinpoint mode (all metal), and slow and parallel. Really works! 🥳
  5. Thanks 2Valen... Sometimes I've tried also gold mode... And it's incredible that it gets more depth than any other mode in that conditions, but I loose discrimination... And that is a must!
  6. I usually, detect in beach 1 because I do not run in water. Of course I do noise canceling, ground balancing, and play with recovery speed in order to get better discrimination and more depth. I use some FE2 and all metal. I'm not newby, some years detecting now 😎. What I tried to get with the photo was people involving to view differences in the way different people use different settings for the same scenario. About the question if I get the desired results, the answer is No 🤷‍♂️. I miss a little more depth, and it's impressive how using recovery speed from 4 to 6 (and proper oth
  7. I share an image of today. It is a beach, at low tide, and the sand is not too mineralized. I have always used the Beach1 mode, but I have doubts about using Beach2 (or other custom) Yes, I know that it is best to test - error, but some of you have a lot of experience, and that is why I would like to hear your comments and why. And if it's another way, I'm all ears. Thank you so much guys!
  8. Hi, this is from Bilbao, north Spain. I've been reading all you since 1year, but I dont sign up till now. Hope to learn and share a lot with you ;) Thanks!
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