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  1. Found mine at the small town public school in New Dundee Ontario. Worth a google earth view. Drop a pin while you’re there.😎
  2. It appears to have been struck with a modern day lawnmower.
  3. I would have to agree with Andy2640. I purchased a very similar case from Princess Auto. Although it is effective, it is not indestructible. Mine has a waterproof seal built in which when the case becomes compressed from baggage handlers (I curse you all!!) pillars no others suitcases on top of their”this will make a nice base for the rest of the luggage... when opened it sounded like a fresh bag of Nabob. That’s coffee that was compress sealed for you younger folk. My advice with the carry case is lay everything flat and take apart the elbow cuff completely. Have a baggy for storing spare bolts and nuts etc. Happy hunting.
  4. I too have a chuck cheese token.... I bet you were doin the chucks cheese boogie when you found it or at least rang in your head....”chunky cheese for my birthday “ Awesome....
  5. I have had the pleasure of hunting this property recently. Here are a few of the most notable finds. I’m hoping this is the forum to post pics. A Tshirt I made that I’ll wear on my hunts so you all can recognize me when I’m out there...The house itself... as it is today. My dog Draper. Would like help identifying this one. I can not make anything of it.... These twin coins were picked from the same hole in the front of the house. They are Canadian 60 year confederation coins given to each student attending schools in Ontario in 1927.
  6. Less expensive detectors can detect treasures. Google Boot of Cortez....I believe was found with a Radio Shack detector.
  7. I've put my earnings into hand sanitizer stocks.
  8. Hello everybody. I have come for all your gold. You can keep the pop tabs. Seriously.... I had a radio shack junk finder I bought with allowance money as a kid.... dint find squat.... which brings me here.... fast forward to today. I recently purchased the Minelab Equinox 800 from the Forest City metal detectors. Immediately I knew what I wanted.... a great machine that’s waterproof and produces positive results. I’m open to pointers or lessons from anyone...as I haven’t had a shovel in my hands since that kid era. I’m located in Waterloo Ontario Canada. There are miles of beaches within a two hour drive from here. I’m sure they’ve been pounded... but there is a goldmine out there as well as coins, jewelry, and who knows what else where the eyes can not see. If it is out there, it isn’t going to jump out at you and bite you like a snake... you need this technology to do the hard work... finding it. I understand the etiquettes in regards to laws and properties and will respect that. So, all in all, I’m getting back into this hobby. Thank you for having me in this group and I hope to run into a lot of you. I’ll be out there this spring sweeping away.
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