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    Detecting for meteorites, gold , and coins. Custom woodworker and Bee keeper. Mountain biker, snowboarder, and golfer.
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    GPX 5000 and GM 1000 and Nox 8oo Vanquish 540, Extreme surf scoop

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  1. It does not look like a meteorite, holes are not usually found in meteorites, it looks like scoria from the train tracks. In other words it's a volcanic cinder.
  2. cool hunting, i don't see threads on the sqaure metal piece, but it kinda looks like a wagon wheel nut. 🧐
  3. Great example, and your suggestions with polishing are just how i do it, simple but gets results.
  4. I don't think it is a meteorite, only rare achondrites have weak attraction to magnets, and your rock looks more like a regular chondrite on the outside, but it should have a stronger pull on the magnet. If you can grind a flat surface then we can see the internal make up better. Interesting find good luck!
  5. Amazing job, thanks for sharing your beach adventures ! 😁
  6. Hey Ghostminer, hope your eye is feeling better, i was wondering if you know the size of the buckets they were filling up? Maybe 5 gallons ?
  7. Nice piece, i have a small boulder opal from Victoria, i picked up some at a gem show here in Reno a few years ago. Where did you get your wild horse opal?
  8. If you can't melt it with a propane torch, then i say it's a good chance of being platinum. My only thought is from the size it looks like it should weigh a bit more, but pictures can fool me. Good luck! 🙂 ht
  9. Looks like magnetite, try a streak test and see if it is black, if so probably magnetite.
  10. Welcome to the mental i mean metal detector's best group of people online, for the most part all you will find here is good advice and great people, so welcome to the madness that is driving us all to dig one more ! My wife and i love to get out, we hope to run into you guys sometime. Happy Thanksgiving and happy hunting!! Ht 😉
  11. Super nice fish, and ring! did you found out if the sapphire is real?
  12. Well Simon, you know out here in the mountains we have a saying No friends on a powder day! I have hunted at a ski area and it was not to productive, lots of runoff making for swamp conditions, and the walk gets pretty steep fast. Hope you can get her some help, or good luck in the off season. ht
  13. Good going, i have found only one merc, 1916 s. There is just something i so attractive about the mercs. May you find many more with the new coil, i have one and they are so sweet.
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