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    Detecting for meteorites, gold , and coins. Custom woodworker and Bee keeper. Mountain biker, snowboarder, and golfer.
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  1. Good one, i too have only found a couple of Barber dimes that the old school guys left behind, makes for an exciting find imo! ht 👍
  2. Thanks Gerry and all of those who have served our country. This morning i hit the turf local park hunt before the wife got up, and i was rewarded with two pieces of gold! Swinging the 11" on my 800 all metal with 21 sensitivity, and recovery at 7. The earring is 14k and had an id between 9-10. The ring was a total surprise id was showing 14 but sounded good and it was, 23k 3.0 gram and the earring is 1.5g. Happy Memorial Day ! 🤩 ht
  3. Nice going Lunk, that chondrite has some pretty colors, looks like it's been out there for awhile. 👍 ht
  4. Awesome, once again dog you are putting the bite on some great coins. Happy hunting to you. 😁 ht oh yea the spoon ! 👍
  5. Killer cuff dog, and not too shabby of a ring! 👍 ht
  6. Yes i would crank the recovery up to at least 7 maybe 8. You will be surprised if you have not tried it.
  7. Grind or cut a window into your rock. If you can get a good look at the inside, it will tell us a lot more, good luck. ht
  8. Did someone say Canyon Diablo? This is 210g iron i found at the crater. Now before anyone gets the idea they can hunt for meteorites at the crater, you can NOT !!! I was lucky to be remodeling the kitchen on the ranch where the caretakers of the crater live. So this was a once in a lifetime chance, and i was very happy with my finds. I personally think Glorieta meteorite is a famous pallasite that is one of the most beautiful out there.
  9. Same here 10x5 came home yesterday, big thanks to Gerry up the road. Threw it on last night, and it feels great balance wise, it sounds good, and now look forward to first hunt. 😃 ht
  10. killer quarter, and good info. thanks! ht👍
  11. Congratulations, that's a pretty ring you found there!
  12. Sweet Silver man! nice going gotta love those last minute scores. ht
  13. Wow Mitch, at first from your title i was expecting the prices had dropped off, but it looks like i will hold on to my collection after all. I almost can't believe what some of those meteorites sold for, thanks for update. 👍 ht
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