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    Detecting for meteorites, gold , and coins.
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  1. Beautiful bakers dozen you have there Mr. 😉
  2. That's great Idaho Peg, i would be very happy with 12 grams and the good memories. Thanks for sharing 😀 ht
  3. This is a good mini documentary on the topic of sobriety.
  4. Well done Steve, i too have about 8 years without the bottle and then four years later i dropped the somkes too. Metal detecting has been one force keeping me on the right path of digging deep and living life. I just joined this forum recently and seems like a good decision this is a great place. Thanks Steve 😀 look forward to reading your book. ht
  5. Hey Mitchell, next time your in the area i would love to meet up and detect some ground with you, i know some spots around town. I meant to get to Chris's talk last night and join comstock prospectors. but life had other plans for me. Did you stay at the motel 6 off of Wells ave. ? that place is rough, next time let's meet up and you will find my wife and i are pretty good at letting friends stay with us we live right downtown off the freeway nothing special but a friendly free place is hard to beat. Happy hunting on the rest of your trip. ht
  6. Johnnyrox, most meteorites will attrack a magnet and they usually don't have holes, but i can't say for sure what you have there, good luck on your id. ht
  7. Welcome safspir, hey i would love to join up with you and wonder the patch, send me a p.m. when you are getting ready. ht
  8. phrunt, i had my monster with me in the truck. My wife and i had arrived at our spot on the river with only a bit of day light left, so i was had my creviseing tools with me and figured i would try my luck with my pan. The first little hole i started to work is where this guy popped out just swimming in some sand about an inch deep. lucky me 😀
  9. This summer i had a chance to camp and hunt for a day, and i had some luck when i turned up this little slab just hanging out in a small depression in the bedrock. .6gram
  10. Thanks for the chance to win, please throw my name in the hat! Chris
  11. Oh no big deal Fred, one thing is for sure the guy found a big meteorite. ht
  12. Well i still don't see H-5 in the article that Bear attached, and i didn't think anyone thought an H-5 is a rare meteorite, but thanks anyway Fred maybe you are reading a different article. Happy day to you either way.
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