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    Detecting for meteorites, gold , and coins. Custom woodworker and Bee keeper. Mountain biker, snowboarder, and golfer.
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  1. Wow Mitch, at first from your title i was expecting the prices had dropped off, but it looks like i will hold on to my collection after all. I almost can't believe what some of those meteorites sold for, thanks for update. πŸ‘ ht
  2. Yes your heart is in the right place, but remember no good deed goes unpunished, maybe let R.I.P.
  3. Yes Jeff, very good post most of yours have helped me out with detecting in downtown Reno, and in general. happy swinging! πŸ‘ ht
  4. Glad to see you are defrosting down there, and happy for you to get out and dig some targets. May some shiny metal pop out and warm your day next hunt! Thank for the report also well done. πŸ˜ƒht
  5. Your best off liking the wind, if you want to detect in northern Nevada. πŸ‘ ht
  6. I was 41 and looking for a new path after quitting alcoholic lifestyle that was most certainly going to kill me. Contractor i worked for bought a 5000 gpx and found a guy out of gold hill that would train us, so we went down and stayed over night on one of his claims. None of us had any experience with a detector so i was hooked the next morning when we found a 1 gram nugget in the wash. After that day the other guys were over it seeing we did not find an ounce, but i knew enough to know just to find a nugget first time out was impressive. Well then i found out you could find meteorites too, i
  7. Well that's impressive, what a great example your friend is, and thanks for sharing. πŸ‘ ht
  8. Actually the old cloths line ran 90 degrees to existing fence, because i have learned the lot next door was originally part of this property and i recall a old metal cloths line frame on the other side of the fence, so my problem with getting permission to hunt next door is just the fact the renter is building a tiny house, that's taken 2 years and counting so some day i will get a chance.
  9. Yea GB thanks for your comment. I will fill in some blanks in my report, first your right it seems most if not all silver is gone from public parks, after i hit some parks and sucked up the clad, sure does not seem to be replenishing very fast these days. I had not counted my wheaties till this morning, and looks like 27 no rare dates. The same with nickels most were new and no Jeffersons, nor war nickels. I wanted a war nickel so bad, i happened to dump a glass jar full of change and found one in there, not a rare date, but cool to have one. Finally my Walking Liberty was found in my backyard
  10. Seeing this was my first year hunting parks with a detector i was curious to see if you wiley veterans left any coins for some of us guys just getting started. I guess i did alright, but not quite as good as the guys before me. I found about $230 in clad, 5 silver coins and a group of unusual, or foreign coins.
  11. Wow, that is a monster of a ring, and it is awesome! Maybe banded agate as far as the stone not sure, but sweet find! htπŸ‘
  12. Looks like it could be, do you have a digital scale ? Knowing how much it weighs would help with identification. Cool find and good hunting there Mr. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  13. That's a piece of art right there! Nice going Calabash! ht 🀩
  14. Good man Joe, plus it was cool to hear about you swinging in a park, seems you usually hunt the beach. Hope that diamond karma is in your scoop soon. πŸ‘ ht
  15. Great start to the year, may the good finds keep coming, and i'm with dogodog, where's the beach? πŸ‘
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