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    Detecting for meteorites, gold , and coins.
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    GPX 5000 and GM 1000 and Nox 8oo

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  1. Way to go James, thanks for sharing and i hope you keep swinging and finding the goods.
  2. Nice finds kac, i have found a button made by the Waterbury company that looks like yours, except mine is a fire dept. button and i think yours is older. The Waterbury company used 24k gold in making of the buttons, try looking up Waterbury company. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yes indeed, dogodog, the Jefferson feels good in your hand weighing in at almost 20 grams, and the Gillette razor is real cool i love the patina on it. Thanks for your comments.
  4. Yea Gary good eye, i was wondering if anyone would notice. It's the second one i have found the first one was empty, but i will happily post if i find some nuggets in there.
  5. Time to share some finds i have been making with my Nox 800. From the Sierras to the streets of Reno i have been swinging as much as possible over the last couple weeks. I'm running in Park 1, sens. 19-23, manuel ground balance, 5 tone, and 5 recovery, but i also play with the settings some to learn the machine. Here are some coins and relics i just found over recent weeks. I'm new to coin hunting, only been hunting since the end of January, but i am falling for this hobby too much fun!šŸ˜ƒ
  6. That must so exciting to see the coin come alive, great work. ht
  7. Very educational geology JP, thanks for the pictures and info. I like the way you wrap your head around the bigger geologic picture and try to solve where and how the Au is coming from. šŸ¤  ht
  8. By the way the button was constructed, is why i thought Waterbury. but i didn't notice the backmark, any luck looking up Feine Qual?
  9. I think # 3 is from the Waterbury company, look them up. It's a real beauty, nice hunting.
  10. Thanks for the spelling lesson, all i know is i was talking to a friend on the phone the other day and he says, so you're off to wag your wand huh? and i thought the phrase was pretty funny even though i can't spell. So here's some of my recent cheating, and you are right monster, it does feel appealing. šŸ˜ƒ My first and second silver with the wand, dime was my first at 12 plus inches and half dollar at 2 inches. Both downtown finds. Also Indian head found in my front yard, half dollar backyard. ht
  11. I didn't know about the tokens, and the Panama coin is a cool find for me. My mother was born in Panama while her father was building the canal. How funny you found a Panama coin too, thanks for the info kac.
  12. Out waging the new wond around Reno, and finding out what the Equinox 800 is like. Thanks to so many of you veterans and just plain smart people my early days swinging the nox have been a pleasure. Here are some of my finds in my first two weeks.
  13. When i was living in Sedona AZ i was part of the local mountain bike crew that put Sedona on the map. We all had nicknames they was Amp, bogus dude, doc, trouble, dangerous dave, Rama, and the list goes on. I was hardtime and when i bought my first house in cottonwood it was on Hermits ln. So i just put one and one together.
  14. Looks like some chalcedony which is close to agate, they are all Sio2. Nice plate of rocks full of color.šŸ˜€
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