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  1. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Well, I've been out in the storm surf here. Not all storms are created equal. One afternoon I ventured out in the rain with the proper gear on and I was not bothered by the weather. I was 'bothered' by the lack of targets. These waves were at long intervals. This afternoon's front came in and I was not the first one on this particular beach although I did walk beyond the first person. They had left all their holes open. I found a few deeper targets than they were finding but both of us didn't have a real patch. The waves seemed to be too random to group things together. I found no jewelry today in my 2 hour hunt. Time to Saffordite hunt on Sunday ... no detector necessary ... just use the old eyes! Mitchel
  2. Julie, The 800 is a truly light and versatile machine. I've used it in all the areas of Southern California that you have mentioned. I've found some small gold with it using the standard coil and I've found many gold and silver pieces of jewelry on the beaches. It works! What have your results been with the Garrett Ace 250? Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    Tips For Buying A Minelab GPZ 7000 ?

    I would say you have some ideas there and I hope your hopes come true. It should not be for any of us to say it can't be done. There is still lots of gold out there. What I would say is that there is a 'difference' in exploring old mines and tailing piles and prospecting them. Research the present owner to know if you are on a claimed location. You want to go back again and again to that gold you do find so have someone help you file a claim. If there are going to be two of you prospecting you should consider a second detector in a VLF category. As a matter of fact you may want to get the second detector first when considering the areas you are working. You may not need the Zed power to find that gold. Wait for other replies and for the snow to melt and then you should be ready. Mitchel
  4. Thanks for your thoughtful post. Getting gold with the 6" Nox is an accomplishment I've yet to achieve. I've gotten many, many pesky shotgun pellets. I'm saddened by the passing of Mrs. JW's mom and touched by the picture you made in the church. My parents were married at a similar point in time in the middle of the last century. In too many ways those thoughts and pictures are from an era that is quickly slipping away. I was not part of the era but heard about it in my formative years but I can't pass it on in the way my parents lived it. Mitchel
  5. Newmont bought Goldcorp. Ok. They are big and we are not so ?? They have to divest properties. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-goldcorp-m-a-newmont-mining/newmont-to-become-largest-gold-producer-with-10-billion-goldcorp-buy-idUSKCN1P80UM Mitchel
  6. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    I have been out every night on pretty much the same beaches because I want to learn about this wave pattern. The pattern is not the point of my posting here so I'm going to make a point about a couple of things I've found. A couple of nights ago I got a solid 10 and that usually indicates something different. As it turns out it was. It is a stainless steel man's ring. I've found gold rings at 10 also. Of course I'm going to dig it just like I do the 13s which are just about always nickels. Fringe detection on the 800 is probably what I had been referring to when I spoke of 'lack of discrimination' in my first post. When I get a deep detection on the 11 or the 15 often times it doesn't have a good ID. I've found that multiple targets can be unidentified at depth but also chains and other jewelry. Corroded pennies can be from 12 to 22 in my most recent experience. I'm not swinging anything else right now so when it doubt, dig it out. Mitchel
  7. mn90403

    Do You Know Robert L. Tatham

    People had to hide their stuff somewhere!
  8. Here is a claim listed in New Zealand! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12188130 Mitchel
  9. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Tonight I went back out to the beach one more time with the 11 inch and results were dismal because I've hit it and not much has changed. I went to the SAME beach to understand that beach. I've never done that 3 days in a row. While working it tonight I remembered when I used my new 5000 on the beach back in 2011 and 2012. Now that is a pure detector but I was staying out of the water. (I'm thinking about using it again with the beach program and a Coiltek that I have.) I know a couple of guys that use beach PIs. I think they find a lot more than I do but they have to dig a lot but ... am I trading off too much to use a CTX or Equinox? What more would I find if I used a beach PI? What would I not find if I used a beach PI? Let's just limit this to Beach only and specifically tide beaches that have been under water at high tide. The way I think is a PI is pure detector. (I know you can hear shapes but it basically detects metals and you dig them.) The CTX, Explorer and Equinox is a detector with discrimination. The Equinox is very fast and can distinguish (discriminate if you will) between different types of metal nearby or sometimes within the same target (a sandwich coin). I need to understand the standard sounds and screens or program the detector better to get the most out of it. Clive's books are going to help. Mitchel
  10. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Let's do a little bit of thread combining here. Over on the main forum it was said on Page 3: Trashy mining sites hiding good gold have been waiting for a new effective multi frequency detector that excels at discrimination...... Hello NOX 800
  11. Yes, JW, I agree. But look at all the clues that were left behind from the era before metal detectors! My point was that we should and do seek out gold spots found WITHOUT a metal detector and we then try it WITH the 'easy find' tool as you describe. Mitchel
  12. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    The little rings are nice but they are not silver or gold. I got a couple of silver rings earlier in the week but they are not pictured.
  13. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Tonight I went back to the same beach. When I got there someone was detecting 'my area' so I leap frogged the detectorist and then worked my way back. Sure enough they came my way and I went back to my area to see what was left. (I wasn't overly concerned because they walked very fast and had a hand scoop!) The setup was exactly the same except I put on the 11 inch coil. I found I could run it at the same sensitivity (21) but I also bumped it up to 23 near the end of the session. Swinging the 11 is a delight after many sessions with the 15. The beach was similar to last night even tho some big waves were coming in at 15-17 second intervals. The hunt was about the same length of time and when I got back to the area I found an earring (the brass looking one). I slowed down and began finding hooks and bobby pins like the previous night and in the same level of sand. I was able to see it with the 11 and some targets were 10 inches. The little rings (3) were not negative but low tone. The most interesting thing was to find the matching earring from the previous hunt. When I got up this morning and looked at the cleaned first piece I noticed it still had the holder. I thought the second or matching earring would be around some place and I found it. Both coils work on the beach but the 11 is a bit clearer. Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Chase, When I say discrimination I mean accurate ID of a target. This would mean that gold would not be masked or confused with iron stones. It would mean that you could 'see' through can slaw that others could not. With the new and improved multi-frequency it would be hard to fool this detector. What I think I have now is a very good detector that needs quite a lot of interpretation to get everything out of it. (I just opened my package from Clive with the Advanced Guide in it.) For the last couple of months I have not used any other detector. As they say, results may vary. Mitchel
  15. Thanks GB_Amateur I have a specimen that is considered to have 8ozt of gold. When you shoot it with an RF gun the gold is somewhat less than pure. I've seen ranges from 85 to 95% so just as there is no pure quartz there is no pure gold in the field. Field testing and sampling requires an assay and then you find out what was in a rock/specimen after the fact. Then you could say you wish you had kept it in the original form. The large nuggets/specimens just found in Australia will have many ounces of 'impurities' in them that could affect their value but probably not much because they are unique and collector's items now. Mitchel