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    San Jose, CA
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    Metal detecting (duh), Pinewood derby cars, Chess, Cards, Making (questionable) songs about MD'ing
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    Equinox 800, Vanquish 440, Highly Modded HF9FMD, T-rex 9.5 scoop

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  1. I actually started in 2020, when I was 12, but got "serious" (well, as serious you can get with a 25$ shovel and 50$ detector). Josh
  2. TSA agent: That a Nox? CPT: It is! TSA: 800 or 600? CPT: 800 (I know this from the "gear used") TSA: (mysteriously) We are everywhere... (evil detectorist laugh) >:) Josh
  3. Like this. Badaboom, Badabay. 1: Foam. Adjustable to fit detector and pinpointer at least. 2: Soft Shell + Hard shell. Thieves know hard cases have the cream of the crop. Make it look like another chinese bag with thin plastic, nothing to look into. 3: Lock (pretty good, 4 combination prefered) Josh
  4. Not sure who Chase or Steve is at the moment, but on different forums I do get questioned about my identity... for the record, I truly am 13. Josh (and yes, I do have parent permission to be on forums like these)
  5. Oh this thread is at page four, The detectors I can't name, There just are so many, So much the stars would be in shame. I see some familiar, Vanquish, SImplex, the F22. Equinox seems dominant, Just as GPX TOOOOO~~~ And always remember, That I~~~ Don't have opinions as long as the detect metal. (you were expecting I, Love, YOUUU LOL) THANK YOU. *bows* Josh Song Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. Questionable songs, and about the guy I see with a Ctx on the beach. LOL (I evidently forsake my pride and scram...) I do want to film, but I think that stopping at every target, calling out the vdi's, digging, turning off the camera, etc (point said, it's kinda a lot for 13...) And guess what! There's other people in Korea, with much more experience (and a head start). I thought this was my ground... Will see. Josh
  7. I am also in Korea Right now, I was wondering why I wasn't getting coins... 😞 Nice tip! 😁 Josh
  8. Yup. 13 yr old! I started when I was 12, and I live in San Jose, Ca, but I am right now in Korea (with my Metal detector, of course.) Thank you in advanced for the welcomes! 🙂 (my detectors are in my gear-used) Josh
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